The TV Doesn’t See the Movie on a USB Flash Drive

Hello, friends. It is very convenient to use information storage devices along with modern TVs. This allows you to enjoy viewing with great comfort. Unfortunately, sometimes it happens that the TV does not see the USB flash drive or external hard drive.

In this article, we will figure out how to fix this problem.

The TV does not see the flash drive because it is broken

I think it’s worth starting with this option. You can think for a long time what is wrong with our TV, read instructions, similarly burning a lot of time, and in the end understand that it was still a flash drive. Not the best situation.

To understand whether the flash drive is working, I recommend checking it on your computer. To do this, just connect the USB flash drive and see the properties. They should show the volume of the flash drive, the type of file system, as well as the amount of occupied and free space.
If this information is, go to the contents of the flash drive. If all the data is visible, you can view it (photo or), so there are no problems with the flash drive.

If there are problems, I recommend that you first format the USB flash drive, then check again. If it is not formatted or shows the type of the RAW file system, you should take another drive.
We move on.

TV age is important

As a rule, on modern TVs there are no problems with the visibility of flash drives or with their reading. If the drive is operational (as we checked above), practically nothing can prevent the TV from reading the contents. Although no, I’m lying. There may be a problem with the type of files (we’ll talk about this below). The rest cannot be affected in any way.
If the TV is an old generation, there may be the following problems:

  • TV system file type not supported
  • Drive is too large
  • File name is too long or contains invalid characters
  • The file type on the USB flash drive is not supported by the TV

Next, talk about each item in more detail.

The file system type of the flash drive is not supported by the TV. Drive is too large

The problem from this point is that the TV firmware does not work with large drives, the flash simply will not be detected in the system.

Information on limiting the maximum storage capacity should be spelled out in the TV manual. If there are no restrictions, you should look for the problem further.

File name is too long or contains invalid characters

This item implies a situation where the flash drive is visible on the TV menu, but it is as if empty, although you know for sure that there is something on it.

The TV Doesn’t See the Movie on a USB Flash Drive

The firmware of some TVs is not able to recognize special characters or Cyrillic letters in the file names. To avoid this kind of problem, you should name the files in Latin letters and do not use punctuation and spaces.

The file type on the USB flash drive is not supported by the TV

This item describes the problem in which the TV does not read from a flash drive (or some music formats as an option).

Televisions of the same manufacturer, but of different series are able to play a different number of file types. Here is an example:

  • TVs LG LH2000 or 3000 = Only usb service port for firmware upgrade;
  • LG LH4000 TVs = You can view photos and listen to music;
  • LG LH5000 or 7000 TVs = Allows you to play all major file formats

In order to find out the supported file types, you should refer to the instructions.

It also happens that the USB port is marked as Service port. In this case, it is worth connecting to another port, since this one is used exclusively for service activities.


Today we examined a fairly common problem that occurs when working with televisions. I hope you find the information helpful. Ask questions in the comments and, of course, rate the article.