The TV doesn’t turn on, the indicator light is blinking. Problem in the electronics


After turning on the TV using the button or joystick on the TV, the TV screen remains black, but the LED light is on. If the front LED is on (standby), the TV is still in standby mode. Turn on your TV with the standby button on the remote control.

Note: Many of the 2015 and 2016 TV models have the feature of a “pulsating” LED (standby mode) when you turn on the TV. This is a deliberate behavior of the TV to show that the TV is “booting up” (starting up). When the LED light stops pulsing, the TV is fully functional and can be operated with the TV remote control.

If the TV does not turn on, go to step 2.

Looking for a breakage

  • Carefully examine the wire and socket, looking for damage;
  • Inspect the TV for mechanical damage;
  • Inspect the board and all blocks to make sure there are no burned out parts or cracks in the chips;
  • If the channels start after a long pause, it means that there are problems with the Smart TV operating system.

If you have a problem with your new TV, carefully review the manual. For a company like Samsung defects are extremely rare.

TV does not turn on, light is blinking

If the indicator light is blinking, it is an error signal. To find out exactly what kind of malfunction has occurred in the settings of the device, you need to refer to the manual. Depending on the TV model, the set of light signals and their causes will be different.

The indicator light may blink when the TV set performs the function of a computer monitor. It is possible that the set just turned on in hibernation mode. The picture may be missing if the system unit fails to send the picture to the screen. In this case the TV does not need repair.

Sometimes the reason for no picture can be the selected mode. TV set goes into hibernation in PC or AV mode. At the same time the LED will blink in sync. To continue watching, you must put the unit into TV mode.

The TV receiver does not turn on: the main causes and their elimination

When you can’t get your TV to start with your handheld or remote control, take a look at the LED light just below the screen. With its help you can identify a damaged assembly or a defective component. If the TV doesn‘t turn on, but the LED is on, you need to determine what caused the problem.

It is not excluded that a failure has appeared as a result of a voltage drop. Even pets can provoke a breach of the integrity of the power cord. All these factors should be taken into account during the diagnostics.

Indicator pulses

The fact that the TV does not turn on, but the power indicator flickers, indicates that the technique is trying to identify the cause of the failure. Modern TV sets from popular manufacturers are equipped with a self-diagnostic system. The equipment detects the fault on its own and then informs the user about it. The number of flickers on the LED is the error code.

How to find out which component is out of order? Use the instruction manual of the equipment. There is a detailed description of the error codes that are reported by the indicator. This is the easiest way to diagnose. The user will be able to solve the problem without professional equipment and special skills.

Some users connect the TV to the system unit in order to use it as a first or second screen. Let’s simulate the situation: the computer is on, but it is not used for a long period of time, as a result it switches to “sleep”. All this leads to the fact that the TV set doesn‘t turn on and the LED indicator begins to flicker. To restore the equipment functionality you have just to bring it out of standby mode. To do this, press any button on the keyboard or use the mouse.

The indicator light is permanently lit

If display turns on, but TV set does not, it means that the voltage to the power adapter is correct. When the light turns red and you can not start the TV, assess the functionality of the remote control. You don’t rule out the possibility that the batteries in it are simply dead.

Try to turn on the TV from the control panel, i.e. manually. Most likely a key on the remote control is jammed. There is a second explanation to the fact that the indication is on, but the TV can not be started. The problem could be a motherboard or software malfunction. To determine the operability of the hardware components you need to disassemble the TV.

doesn, turn, indicator, light, blinking

Indicator light does not turn on

The fact that the TV indicator light does not light up at all, There is no power supply. Start with checking the power supply. Connect the TV to another outlet or extension cord and then try to turn the equipment on. Sometimes you can repair the equipment by replacing the wires or parts of them.

Check if the “Network” button is on. Most often it is located in the front, back or side of the TV. Unless this button is on, the user cannot start the TV with the remote control or the “Power” key.

Lack of indication may also indicate that the TV fuse is blown. This defect is mainly caused by regular voltage fluctuations. That’s why it is very important to use a voltage regulator, which prevents negative effects of power fluctuations.

Indicator changes color to green and then back to red

Very ambiguous situation, which can be a sign of several kinds of failures. If TV set doesn‘t turn on, the indicator light blinks red instead of green, check if the backlight elements are working. Try to change the channel: if there is sound but no picture, it means that the inverter or backlight power supply is not working.

The second reason for the green color indication is the system board blocking the signals to the matrix controller. In this case the picture will not appear on the screen. Be sure to check the T-con, the liquid crystal matrix. It is extremely important to make a thorough diagnosis.

Protective function

Thunderstorms and blackouts are the main catalysts for abnormal power surges. After such situations TV set switches on, but indicator light is red. But almost at once the TV screen goes blank and the picture disappears. All this indicates that the protection system of the equipment is activated.

If TV set was in standby mode when power surge occurred, it most likely won’t turn on again. To solve the problem, simply unplug the power cord from the outlet. Wait just a few minutes and then turn it on again.

Sooner or later power surges lead to burnout of hardware components. That’s why it is better to buy a stabilizer or surge protector. Unplug the power cord when you leave the house.

No Power

The easiest way to determine when there is no voltage to the power supply, because in such situations there is no indication at all. To be sure that the TV is in good working order, move the unit to another outlet. If it works after you change the power supply, the problem was in the outlet.

Wires are broken

Sometimes it happens that the socket is in good condition, but there is still no indication. Power is not coming on because of damaged power cord. The power cord might be broken. Visually inspect the cord. If no damage was found, try another cable anyway. After that you can try to power on the TV again. There is a high possibility that the internal wiring is damaged.

Incorrect mode selection

This topic was partially covered earlier. Indicator light glows red, And the TV still won’t turn on. To bring the TV out of sleep mode, unplug the power cord from the outlet, and then try plugging the equipment in again. The most radical way to restore the correct operation. rollback to the factory settings.

The indicator is not lit, the TV does not turn on

These symptoms often indicate that the cause of the problem is a lack of power. If just a “burned out bulb”, the TV would work normally, but without the indication. No need to worry and call a technician prematurely. Initially it is necessary to exclude all variants of failure, which are available for self-fixing. The more so that in a large number of cases the problem is caused by quite trivial causes, among which:

  • No power in the electrical outlet. The circuit breaker in the switchboard can turn off, but perhaps it is the socket that is faulty. Can be checked with an ordinary screwdriver or a tester. If there is no power, the machine is inspected. Even if it’s on, it’s better to “flick” it a few times. It didn’t help? You need to look for a problem in the outlet or wiring yourself or with the help of an electrician.
  • Extension cord malfunction (if connected via extension cord). When a direct connection to a wall outlet makes the TV work properly, but a power strip does not, then that’s the problem. If it is a surge protector, check the power button and fuse. In any case, to fix the problem you need a working device.
  • The power button on the TV is off. On almost all models of modern TV with the power button disabled (it can be located at the bottom, on the side or on the back wall of the TV) you can’t operate the device with the remote control. On/Off button on the control panel must be activated.
  • Incorrect mode selected. The TV set works absolutely fine in this case, but if you don’t use one of the modes, e.g. AV, PC or receiver, the screen dims and might go into “sleep mode. You need to select the TV function again and the picture will return.
  • Failure of a part. It could be a chip or capacitor, or maybe the power supply or control system (for example, a broken button). Testing the functionality of the various parts of the TV and make the necessary repairs are better left to the specialists of the service center.
  • blown fuse. For CRT televisions, this is a common cause of power failure. If it is in an accessible location, it can be replaced by yourself.

LG TV does not turn on the light is on

There are also cases when the indicator light constantly lights up, there may also be several causes of malfunction, but in most cases it is about the remote control. There is even a possibility that the remote control batteries are simply dead, to determine its functionality, try to turn on the device from the button on the housing. We have already written about how to disassemble the remote from the LG TV in the blog, as well as how to repair it.

If the TV does not turn on even with the button, the options may be in the details of the chip. Resistor more often than other parts fails, then it must be replaced, after which the performance of the device will be fine. The only thing that in order to install this malfunction will require some time. The TV will have to be disassembled, the TV board will have to be released from the fasteners and all working components will have to be tested, usually such work is entrusted to the masters.

In fact, LG TV can stop working for many reasons, but if its indicator light is functioning in one way or another, it is most likely one of the reasons described above.

You can ask a question our service center craftsmen by calling or writing your question on the feedback form.

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Reboot the TV

When the above solutions have not eliminated the problem on the unit, try the last method before requesting a professional service. Resetting TV will erase all settings, erase data, get rid of errors and malfunctions of the device. This will probably resolve the black screen error the user is experiencing on the Samsung Smart TV. To reset the TV, perform the following steps:

  • Press the menu button on the remote control.
  • In the main menu, press “Settings” and “Enter” on the remote.
  • Go to “Support” and press “Enter”.
  • Press support option, for example, “Samsung Black Screen.
  • Select the self-diagnostic option and press “Enter”.
  • Select “Reset” on the self-diagnosis page and press “Enter”.
  • After selecting “Reset” you will be prompted for the PIN code. If it was changed when setting up the TV, enter the correct one and press “Enter. Otherwise the manufacturer’s PIN code is “0000”.
  • After that TV will start booting up.
  • Follow on-screen instructions to set up the TV.
  • After this procedure, perhaps a solution to this black screen error will be found. However, if the problem persists, the user can seek technical assistance from the manufacturer’s dedicated website.

When it is necessary to apply to the service center

Hardware failure or master element replacement require a professional approach. Experienced users will be able to change the capacitor and solder the contact, but for more serious failures, such as malfunctions in the motherboard or broken processor, it is better to contact a professional.

doesn, turn, indicator, light, blinking
  • No reaction of the control panel in the absence of external damage;
  • A permanent change in the color of the indicator light, which means there is a problem with the power supply;
  • no image on the screen, despite the confirmation of the indicator that it is working.

If you are not confident in your own abilities or do not have significant experience in fixing such equipment, and the TV does not work, you should definitely seek help from qualified professionals.

Power indicator. one of the main keys to determine the cause of the TV malfunction. Modern TVs, equipped with additional functions of protection against failure, with the help of the indicator can independently determine the main problem. It is also worth paying attention to the sound emitted. Fixing some problems takes no more than five minutes and does not require technical skills. However, it is difficult for inexperienced users to cope with hardware failures on their own, and in this case the intervention of a competent specialist is required. What difficulties have you encountered while using your TV??