The Speaker Does Not Work On Iphone 5

In case the speaker does not work on your “Iphone“, he wheezes or rattles during a conversation, it is not necessary to instantly go to a service center. First you need to try to find the cause of the problem yourself and repair the damage at home.

Despite the fact that the entire Apple line is famous for its high quality and long service life, from time to time, difficulties still arise. None of them, including extremely reliable ones, are safe from various failures.

The Speaker Does Not Work On Iphone 5

Malfunctioning speakerIPhone 5 S”

Typically, device users complain of the following failures:

  • IN “Iphone” the speaker does not work. The speaker of the device does not play almost any sounds.
  • IN “IPhone 5 S” the sound level dropped markedly without any prerequisites for this.
  • The speaker does not work well on “Iphone”. At the time of the communication session, noise often appears, a characteristic hiss at high frequencies.

Even if the above problems rarely occur, they should not be ignored.

What is the essence of the malfunction?

Difficulties with the sound of conversational (high) and lower (polyphonic) speakers are quite common.

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The main causes of damage:

  • Moisture due to the phone falling in the snow or pouring liquid;
  • mechanical actions (impacts, falls on a hard surface), causing various damage to internal elements (loop, “ear sensor”, as well as a microphone, front camera, etc.);
  • dust, small debris getting into the speaker or into the headphone jack;
  • software outages (especially if you put “left” programs on the telephone);
  • the speaker volume is not set;
  • manufacturing defects.

Difficulties can be found in different ways: it is hard to hear when talking to the interlocutor, rattles, wheezes or the speaker does not work at all.

Eliminate the malfunction on our own

If you don’t hear the other person or he is talking very quietly, start by checking the equalizer options. First of all, adjust the volume at the time of the call, making sure that the indicator is visible on the screen. Later, make sure that no third-party devices are connected to the telephone jacks. Also try pulling out and inserting the headphone plug into the device several times. Turn off the bluetooth.

To eliminate the likelihood of a software problem, you must remove the fresh, not so long ago delivered software, and also reset all the settings.

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Hard reset method:

  • Press the Home and Power keys together
  • hold them for 10-15 seconds;
  • Wait for the device to reboot.

If the speaker is still not functioning (conversational or lower), you need to restore the saved copy of the system using “IT Tunes”. Do not forget to update iOS to the latest version in a timely manner. Often the usual cleaning of auditory, as well as polyphonic speakers from dust has helped. Before the procedure, remove the cover, films from the back, front panels. To clean, use a soft-brushed brush slightly moistened with alcohol or dipped in refined gasoline.

If you suspect a factory defect, bring the iPhone to a dedicated service center or Apple direct reseller. If the device is under warranty, a free speaker replacement will be made. Please note: when installing unlicensed software and inaccurate handling of the device, the warranty conditions are considered violated. Contact the service center. not the only way out of the situation. If you drop or flood the phone and ruin the speaker, you can not waste time traveling, but call an experienced master at home.

Call a specialist at home

If you have problems with the microphone (located in the lower left part), the speaker (upper, conversational), it is better to save time, effort and find a master who can come to you and fix the breakdown. As a rule, service centers provide a service “home trip”. Specialists as soon as possible go to the address. Typically, a wizard call is associated with the following problems:

  • the speaker does not work well. the interlocutor was not heard at the time of the conversation after water or an automatic defect;
  • rattling sound (during a conversation through the speakerphone);
  • the sound is completely absent.
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Benefits of Calling a Home Specialist

Service Center Specialists:

  • quickly arrive in any area;
  • work without days off;
  • use only high-quality factory parts;
  • repair faults in almost any model.

Employees of specialized service centers guarantee the quality of cleaning, soldering, installation of the latest components. If the speaker does not work in “Iphone” (for example, it broke due to mechanical damage), the master will bring spare parts to the device and quickly replace the failed element.

Thus, you learned how to fix a problem related to the idle state of your speaker. “IPhone”, both independently at home, and with the help of specialists.