The sound on the LG Smart TV TV is gone

There is no image on the LG TV: reasons, solutions

Thanks to their matrices, LG TVs are very popular among consumers. But even the highest quality technique after time can fail to fail. A malfunction may occur due to a breakdown of a module or due to a software failure. Some problems can be fixed independently: for this, visual diagnostics of the TV and its components should be carried out. Consider cases when LCD TV LG translates the sound, but at the same time there is no image, or the picture is transmitted incorrectly, or the color rendering is broken.

First of all, we will consider cases when a malfunction can be eliminated independently. With self.Elimination of problems and diagnostics, it is not recommended to disassemble the LG TV so as not to aggravate the problem:

  • Turn off the LG TV and turn it off from the power outlet for 15-20 minutes. Perhaps there was a system failure.
  • If the image constantly flashes and the level of brightness decreases, then deactivate the energy.Saving mode.
  • If the image is bifurcated or strongly blurred, then turn on the “Trumotion” function.
  • If the picture has become dim, then check and adjust the brightness parameters.
  • If the transmission of color is distorted, then try to set the default settings.
  • If a dashed fishing line for a trimmer appears along the screen, then change the ratio of sides 16: 9.

Another reason why the LG TV does not burn the screen and which does not belong to the breakdowns of the TV itself is the performance of the prefix of cable television and the wires connected with it. Check the antenna cable and HDMI cable. Perhaps the problem lies in the failures in the work on the side of the provider or breakdown of the prefix of cable television. Inspect the cable for excesses or creases, check the integrity of the connecting elements. Try turning off the TV, pull the plugs from the connectors and connect again.

If previous actions did not give a result, then, most likely, the breakdown is located inside the TV. It will be necessary to contact the LG service center, since you will need diagnostics of internal nodes and the analysis of the TV. The most likely malfunctions:

  • Damage of the power supply. As a result, the screen does not burn.
  • A burned capacitor. In this case, the screen lights up and quickly goes out.
  • The failure of the matrix. In this case there is a backlight, but the picture is incomplete.
  • The faulty train of the matrix will be displayed by the periodic loss of the picture.
  • If you notice that there is no image on the LG TV, but the sound works, then the inverter is faulty.
  • If the backlight breaks, the image will begin to blink or rush.
  • Damage to the video processor is accompanied by a delay in the picture and distortion of colors.
  • The malfunction of the decoder accompanies the appearance of wide strips on the screen.

We will analyze in more detail each case. If you notice that the LG TV has a sound, but there is no image or the picture twitches, then the power supply is faulty. The master will conduct diagnostics and eliminate problems by the next algorithm:

LG TV No Sound. How to FIX?

  • Will turn off the power of the TV, unscrew the back cover and check the cables and loops, replace the necessary.
  • Will test the button and fuses for the performance.
  • Replace charred or molten resistors if there are such.
  • Will measure the voltage of the output circuits of the power adapter.
  • Check the adhesion of the power supply elements, if necessary, will be redeemed.

If frequent voltage surges occur in the house, the capacitors may burn out. The main symptom is a extinguishing display, but there may be a double.Time double banging after a short time, and the loss of brightness. A specialist, after removing the rear cover of the LG TV, will find a swollen or blown up capacitor, which will replace with a new. Most likely, you will need to replace the capacitor along with the fuse.

If the matrix has failed, then the image can only be half the screen, the display can “crave” with all kinds of rainbow colors. The matrix may fail due to short circuits, but this happens extremely rarely, most often the breakdown is associated with moisture, with a strong blow or falling of the TV. In this case, only replacing the matrix is ​​possible, or buying a new LG TV.

sound, smart

In the event that the matrix train is damaged, the repair will cost an order of magnitude cheaper, especially if the problem is found at an early stage. It will be enough to solder the damaged sections of the train. In more complex cases, the train will be replaced completely. This malfunction will prove itself to be the periodic disappearance of the picture or the appearance of interference and rowan during the broadcast period, horizontal or vertical black and white and colored stripes may appear.

The damaged inverter has quite a few signs, but the main ones are the correct transmission of sound, but at the same time ripples on the screen, or the absence of an image completely. The picture can load for a very long time. The TV screen after turning on is dimmed and immediately goes out. Or there may be an image, but it will be very dark. Most often, malfunctions in the inverter are manifested in lamps, transformers or controllers on the board. Repair can only be carried out by a master from the LG service center.

The cause of the lack of an image may be faulty backlight. In this case, LEDs in LED backing are out of order. This malfunction is manifested by blinking or ripples of the image. In the LG service center, faulty LEDs will be replaced.

Damage to the video processor may not appear immediately, but gradually. Color distortions or incorrect display of colors will appear, one of the colors may completely disappear. The picture may begin to delay and the sound accompaniment will be ahead of it, the screen will glow blue. In this case, experts will replace the video processor with a new.

The appearance of wide stripes on the screen of the LG TV indicates a decoration of the decoder. Such a breakdown will entail the replacement of all the TV nodes and it will be easier and cheaper to buy a new device.

How to configure the sound on LG TV

High.Time LG brands have a very wide set of options and allow each user to configure the technique “for themselves”: choose the optimal sound settings, images, channels, etc.D. And first of all, this applies to sound, since, depending on the preferences and tastes of the viewer, you can adapt the sound for watching films, sports, listening to music or, conversely, news transfers.

In all models of LG TVs, the Web OS operating system is installed, thanks to which the options management become intuitively simple and understandable. All that is needed to optimally configure the sound on the TV is to activate the “Smart sound” function. This is what you need to do for this:

  • Press the Home button on the remote control (Pictogram “House”).
  • Select the “Settings” item in the menu (gear icon icon, and then click on the icon of three vertical points in the upper right corner of the monitor.
  • Find the item “Sound”, and in it select “Sound mode”. “Smart“. When activating this mode, the TV itself will analyze the frequency indicators of reproduced content and set the optimal sound track settings.

Please note that in this mode all settings are displayed automatically, and while it is active, you cannot change the sound settings manually.

How to set up sound in LG TV manually

You can change the automatic sound settings on TV yourself. Manufacturers have provided several popular modes.

  • Press the Home button on the remote control (Pictogram “House”).
  • Select the “Settings” item in the menu (gear icon icon, and then click on the icon of three vertical points in the top of the upper corner of the monitor.
  • Find the item “Sound”, select “Sound mode” in it and select one of the modes proposed in the menu to your taste:
  • “Standard”: suitable for all genres of programs and all types of sound paths.
  • “Cinema”: Designed for films and series with special effects.
  • “Sports / Football / Cryite” (the name of this item changes depending on the country): Designed to view the sports content of all kinds.
  • “Music”: In this mode, you can listen to the music of all genres: from classic concerts to channels with modern musical video clips and electronic music.
  • “Games”: a mode designed specifically for games is also suitable when the TV is used as a monitor.

In addition to the main sound settings in modern LG TVs, you can also configure sound effects. They are also in the “Sound” menu section.

  • Select in the “sound” menu (how to find it see. Above) point “Sound effects”.
  • Clear Voice II option will help to make the sound of the voice more legible.
  • Clear Surround option (virtual environment), as follows from its name, can create the effect of multi.Channel sound. It is active only in 2D mode.

When your LG TV operates in 3D mode, you will need an option “Three.Dimensional scaling” with the same functions as the “virtual environment”.

  • The equalizer option will help to set the sound manually, adjusting the frequencies.
  • Balance option is designed to configure the right and left speakers of the TV.
  • The discharge option will reset all the sound settings to factory.

The presence of sound effects can vary in different models of LG TVs.

Another convenient function is the sound volume setting. It’s no secret that on different digital channels, sound volume settings may vary. In order not to regulate the sound using the control panel every time, you can activate the “Auto Groundiness” option. You can do this in the “sound” menu (how to find it, see. Higher).

sound, smart

It is also worth paying attention to the function “The value of the volume”. You can choose a gradation “low”, “medium” or “high” and set a range in which you can add the volume of the TV as much as possible.

Typical situations

For an accurate understanding of the nature of the problem, the symptoms that accompanied the loss are taken into account. In many cases, actions are the same.

No sound when turning on

  • Turn off the TV and turn it on again. It is recommended to disconnect the cable from the outlet and wait until 5 minutes, while the system reboots.
  • Try to increase the volume using the remote control and buttons on the TV. Press the “Disable Sound” button several times on the remote control to make sure that the sound is constantly turned off.
  • Connect external speakers or other audio devices to the audio radiation. If playback resumes, the problem may consist in the speakers themselves or their contact with other parts of the TV. Repair or complete replacement of the columns is required.

Sound appears after time

When the TV is turned on, the sound may not be heard immediately. However, a few minutes later the operation resumes. There are two reasons for this behavior:

The last reason requires a small explanation. Suppose the contacts are damaged and there is a microseizer between them. During operation, the device gradually heats up, as a result of which metal contacts are expanded and contacted. The sound appears again, and this continues until the device is turned off and cools down. Contacts will disperse again. The problem is not critical, but gradually the fault will only worsen, and you will need to call a specialist.

Sound disappears while viewing

If your TV loses sound during work, there may be various reasons for the lack of sound in your TV. If you feel the smell of burning, this means that the signal amplifier or microprocessor responsible for the sound is burned out. In this case, immediately turn off the TV, remove it from the outlet and contact the service center.

If your TV periodically loses its sound, and then restores, this means that one of its electronic components overheats, and then, as soon as it cools, it turns on again. This component will completely or later completely burn out, and one way or another you will have to repair the sound of your TV.

If when playing from a computer, laptop or other device connected to the TV, you do not hear the sound on the TV, check if there is a sound on ordinary television channels. If there is, then this is the usual reason. It is the HDMI cable, or the HDMI port, it often fails partially, the picture remains, but the sound is lost. In this case, replace the cable or port HDMI.

No sound when connecting via HDMI cable

Most of these problems are due to the fact that users do not fully understand how to configure their LCD TV when connecting third-party devices using the HDMI cable. Make sure the plugs are inserted into the right nests. On the back of the TV, next to the port, there should be a sticker.

If when connecting an external device, the TV immediately loses the sound, select the corresponding input source. Press the Input button on the remote control, then select HDMI. Make sure the volume level on the device connected to the TV is quite high. This is a laptop or computer.

Low sound level

In some situations, the sound can be heard, but the volume level is very low. The reasons for this failure are approximately divided into 4 main groups:

  • Incorrect sound settings. Smart TV owners are mostly faced with this problem;
  • Dot in the operation of the equipment. Damaged speakers, boards, sockets and chips can also lead to the fact that the TV will not work or the sound will become too quiet;
  • Processor failure-problems with the performance of this module arise due to a short circuit caused by regular voltage fluctuations;
  • When using an additional playback device, such as a laptop or PC, check its volume setting.

If you cannot understand why the sound does not work on your TV yourself, seek help from a professional.

There is no sound in connected equipment to the TV

If in the headphones or speakers connected to the TV, no sound is heard, the reason may be as follows:

  • Incorrect connection, most often occurs using the HDMI or VGA cable.
  • The connectors are damaged, the contacts are weakened. In this situation, when correcting the inserted cable, the volume may decrease.
  • Faulty cable. This rarely happens, but everything needs to be checked.

Most often, the connectors are damaged. TV owners like to connect various additional devices to them. A flash drive with various films, a game console, a computer and much more. When this happens, the connector quickly becomes useless, which leads to the absence of a signal.

In addition, TV owners often complain of the minimum volume level on third.Party devices. In this case, there is a problem with the settings. Therefore, if the PC is connected, you need to go to the multimedia settings and send a signal to the TV.

What to do: simple step.By.Step actions

Before diagnostics, and even more so before you take the equipment for repair or call the master, you can try to restore the work of audio yourself. Act step by step according to the instructions below.

Instructions related to the description of the settings may differ from yours in reality. Each brand makes the television menu Inte Week, constantly changing it when updating and releasing new equipment.

  • Often, when the sound is disconnected on TV itself. On the remote control, try to increase the volume or press the on/disable button. On new models of TV technology, when the sound is disconnected specifically, the icon (or blinks) with a crossed out speaker is constantly on the screen.

If there is no icon, this does not mean that the volume is not turned off. Just in the TV program there is no such function. Therefore, without fail, you need to try to resume the sound through the remote control.

It may happen that the TV does not respond to pressing the buttons on the remote control, or TV is too old, where all switching is physically made on the equipment housing. Then the volume must be increased through the buttons on the technique, if there are such.

After, the reproduction of the melody will begin. If the sound is clearly heard, and without interruptions, then there are no problems from TVs. Click “Yes” if the melody plays well and close the dough window.

In the TV LG brand you need to open the settings menu through the remote control (button with the designation of the gear), select the sound menu, then click on the “sound check”.

The system will launch a test and play a system audio. If the sound is lost and its quality is satisfactory, you will agree with this on the screen.

If there is still no sound, but external equipment is not connected, then it will not be possible to fix it easily. The last option would be to reset the settings to factory.



And for LG models, the option is located along the path of “all settings”-“general”.

TV will request a PIN code to confirm the reset. If the code has not changed, then try the following: 1111, 0000, 1234.

During the reset, the condition of the TV is restored to factory. That is, you get the equipment in the initial state, how it has released from the manufacturer. Therefore, you will have to adjust the channels again, install the necessary applications, etc.D.

Instructions for Samsung:

The list of actions can be done at home.

If everything has been tried, but for some reason there is no sound on the TV, then the reason is physical/mechanical in nature. It is possible to fix TV only in the service on a paid basis or guarantee.

If the sound disappears while viewing

If the television of the lack of sound manifests itself only during use, then it is worth considering different reasons. If the user smell Gary, then the amplifier is most likely burned down. It is necessary to immediately deactivate the TV and extract the power plug from the outlet. With such cases they contact the service.

If the loss of sound occurs periodically, and then restores again, then this means that some component of the system is constantly overheated and is activated again during cooling. This component will fail sooner or later, which is why it is worth taking care of security in advance. If he turned on, this does not mean that he will also work properly.

If the sound disappears at a time when the connected devices are playing, then it is worth seeing whether there is a sound on ordinary channels. If there is, then a commonly common reason is the case in the cable that has failed. This often happens with cables.


The signal may disappear due to poor weather conditions. Strong wind, thunderstorm front, abundant precipitation to prevent the signal to the captive antenna. The picture on TV can often hang, fragments break up or not play at all when there is no signal from the antenna. You can turn off the TV and wait out bad weather.

Advice! The standard receiver is available with standard signal levels. You can strengthen the extremely weak level of admission by connecting the antenna through the TV signal amplifier. The device is purchased in specialized stores.

Lack of sound when connecting a TV to a computer

If you do not take into account any malfunctions of the TV itself, then in this work scheme the source of the problem may be a computer or connecting cable (usually HDMI). You can verify the performance or malfunction of the cable in two ways-either its replacement or by connecting another device to the computer that supports the reception of the HDMI signal (for example, monitor). If neither one nor the other is at hand, you should proceed to setting up the parameters of the PC operating system.

Drivers of the video card

First of all, you need to make sure that there is a video card driver-it is it that provides the transmission of digital data between the computer and any receiver of the HDMI signal. It may seem an illogical relationship between the driver of the video adapter and problems with sound on the TV, but this is not so. It should be understood that the sound signal is transmitted along with the video signal along the same HDMI cable, t.E. In modern video cards there is a built.In audio card. And the latter is required to work a separate driver, which is always included in the video adapter software kit.

In any case, it will not be superfluous to reinstall or update the video card driver. First of all, it should be determined which graphic card is installed on the computer. The easiest way to do this is to use any PC component identification utility. For example. AIDA64. With its help, it is easy to determine the driver:

Then it remains to go to the site of the manufacturer of the video adapter and download the latest version of the driver. You can also download drivers on nodevice. Once again, pay attention to the image above. The AIDA64 utility also provides a link (item “Driver loading”), according to which you can go to the download page on the video card. For example, to download the NVIDIA product driver:

Turn Off Screen Display New LG Smart TV. UPDATED. Sound Only

Sound settings Windows sound parameters

In any modern computer there is a built.In sound card and, at least one connector for connecting speakers or headphones. If the motherboard has a built-in HDMI output or it is present in a removable video card, then the PC has at least two audio outputs. Any of them can be involved in Windows as a default sound reproduction device. Through it, an audio signal will be concluded.

When connecting to the PC TV, the system usually automatically reassembles the HDMI port as a default playback device. But sometimes this may not happen. In such cases, an audio signal will not be transmitted through an HDMI output. The same thing happens when the sound reproduction function is turned off through an HDMI port. You can eliminate both problems as follows (using the example of Windows 10):

Installation of drivers

As mentioned above, problems with drivers can become another reason for the problem that is considered in this article. First you should understand how to establish the fact that the problem is precisely in the drivers.

If there is a question mark, then this means that the driver is not installed at all, and if exclaiming, then this means that the driver is, but it works incorrectly. For example, it can be damaged by viruses. In addition, the exclamation mark may indicate the need to update the driver. In any case, with problems with drivers, you should proceed to their installation. We will try to consider how to do this on Windows 7 and Windows 10.

For Windows 10

In Windows 10, the installation algorithm will be practically identical, with the exception of several points, because of which there is no point in repeating it again. But here it should be noted a number of nuances that can confuse the user. The first is that Windows 10 has a system of automatic loading or installing the most suitable drivers immediately after the computer connects to the Internet after its installation. Because of this, a problem often happens in which the system does not show any problems with the driver, but it is not fully installed. That is, the driver itself will be installed, but the manufacturer’s integration is not.

Another aspect applies to the fact that it often happens that when requesting a system for updating the drivers, it will argue that the installed driver is the last. But you can go to the website of the official manufacturer and make sure that this. So we advise you to download drivers only from the official website of the manufacturer and periodically check it yourself for the release of new versions of drivers.