The sound of the phone when you call you.

Standard ringtones

Standard ringtone is tired of your smartphone, and music in the settings is not suitable? We offer to find a new one on our website, where the sea of ​​pleasant and unique sounds for an alarm clock, SMS messages and calls. It is enough to choose the most suitable option among existing sound recordings and press the download button. Payment for the service will not be required, so you can stock up on your favorite melodies until the memory on the mobile device is filled.

  • one.On the page where the list of standard telephone signals is placed, listen to the proposed files to decide which of them you like.
  • 2.Click the download option and download the audio recording. Upon completion of loading on your device, you will receive a notification. If this information is not displayed, check the connection of this function in the settings.
  • 3.Listen to how ringtone now sounds on the device. If everything suits, then leave this option, otherwise. repeat the procedure again.

Undoubtedly, the standard ringtone on the phone is set based on personal preferences. However, it should be noted that the chosen melody will sound repeatedly, and so that it does not bless a couple of days after downloading, pay attention to the following criteria:

Attempts to find standard ringtones for a call for most users leave much to be desired. The reasons for discontent are often the low quality of uploaded files and outdated banal ringtones. The administration of our site did not ignore this problem and quickly solved the issue, doing everything possible to satisfy the requirements and wishes of users.

On the page we lay out many beautiful ringtones of different formats: MP3, MP4, MP4R, and for various mobile phones, including iPhone.

We always keep up with the times. We recommend that you go to our resource more often, because only we can download the best new products of 2022 for free, not only standard compositions, but also original, cool, or cuts of popular songs that occupy high lines of musical charts and hit parades.

Voice calls to phone

In the category “Voice Calls to the phone” there are MP3 realts designed to call the phone that are available for listening and downloading completely free. Voice calls. This is one of the most popular categories of ringtones. They are simple phrases that are often accompanied by musical design. Most of the voice calls allow you to easily determine who exactly calls you. The most popular are personal calls, voice calls from friends, work colleagues and relatives, for example, a call from mom, dad, husband, wife and others. In the category of “Voice Calls” you can always find a suitable ringtone for your mobile phone and install it on a call. Ringtons with voice calls can be listened for free and download without registration on the site.

On our site you can listen to and download ringtones for free and without registration. You can also share your favorite ringtones by downloading them to the site. The ability to add your melodies to our collection is available only for registered users.

How to change the melody of an incoming call to Android?

You are the owner of the new Android Smartphone and do not know how to change the melody of the incoming call? In this material we will tell you how to do it.

Not everyone may like the standard melody, and it would be nice to know how to change it. For this:

We go to the settings to the smartphone;

Click on the “Sound” section;

We go to the “Rington” section;

The menu with the choice of the melody of the incoming call will open. Sweeping to the very bottom, you can add your own ringtone, if you click on “add ringtone”;

To change the rest of the sounds, including notifications, you must click on “advanced settings”;

This is where the entire process of changing the melody of the incoming call ends. How simple everything is not true?

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Many smartphones (usually budget and mid.budget class) have a special slot for installing memory cards, which help expand the internal storage of the device. Usually users do not pay due attention to SD cards, which is why problems arise in their work (files disappear, or the drive is not recognized). In order not to face such difficulties, you need to find out how to set up a memory card. And we will help you with this.

Megafon: replace the beep

The function of replacing the beeps from the mobile operator Megafon provides customers with the opportunity to change the standard sound signal of a call signal not a musical composition or a humorous sketch with a specific name.

Service description and cost

The Budok replacement service has many subsections and additional options that the mobile user from the telecommunications company Megafon can connect to his phone number. It should be considered as in detail as possible each of the features of this proposal from the mobile operator.

You can replace the beep with the following types of compositions:

  • The melody from the hit parade is a proposal that corresponds to its name. During the voice call, the caller will listen to the popular musical composition or joke;
  • Name beep. a more individual approach to getting rid of standard sound support of the call. This function provides access to humorous sketches or songs in which the name of the client’s client is present;
  • Musical channel. in this sentence, instead of one melody, all kinds of compositions of a particular musical genre are provided to the user: classic, chanson, rap, rock, pop music. Only one music channel can be connected to one phone number;
  • Musical box. three random melodies that correspond to one genre chosen by the user;
  • A melody like a friend has a copy to its own device of any composition instead of beeps, which is connected on another phone number.
  • Service subscription fee. 3 rubles per day;
  • Melodies with daily payment. 1 per day;
  • compositions with one.time payment. 30;
  • melodies with a monthly subscription fee. from 30;
  • Name beep function. from 20 per month.

During the first connection of the service, replace the beeps, the user of the mobile operator Megafon is provided with a trial free period of using this function.

How to connect and disable

You can connect the beeps replace the function in the following ways:

  • Choosing the service of interest on a specialized site;
  • Having called the free number 0770;
  • Using the application, replace the beeps from the mobile operator Megafon;
  • Using a USSD command 551# to connect a name beeps function.

Disconnecting this proposal will also not be difficult. This can be done in the following ways:

  • in the personal account on the official website of the mobile operator Megafon;
  • By typing a special USSD team 77012#;
  • Using a free call to the operator by number 0770.

The function is also turned off automatically when the user’s phone number is blocking.

Beeline: Hello

The proposal from the telecommunications company Beeline Hi is a standard function to replace long.standing signals for a voice call not an original musical composition.

Service description and cost

Unlike analogues of the above competitors, the subscriber of the telecommunications company can independently choose up to 50 melodies he liked instead of standard unit bunses. However, in this function, unlike the operators already given as an example, there are no additional services, such as an individual beep or music box.

Despite this, a pleasant bonus for the offer hello is the opportunity to give the musical composition you like to another subscriber of this telecommunications company. There is also a service for recording your own melody.

On a specialized site, hello from Beeline there are all possible musical compositions that the user can connect to his mobile phone.

When choosing a melody, its cash value is indicated. There are also free compositions, however, pay users a subscription fee for the Beeline Said Proposal provided by the mobile operator will still have to have.

  • The cost of the melody is at least the overwhelming majority of musical compositions are currently free, there are sometimes such offers for which you have to pay extra;
  • Subscriber fee for the Hello function. from 3 50 kopecks to 4 per day, depending on the territory of the service;
  • daily payment for the service Hello is 4 rubles. From the standard version of the application, this function is distinguished by the fact that only with its help you can connect free musical compositions;
  • Recording your own melody will cost the user of mobile communications from Beeline at 10 per minute of the composition;

It is also worth noting that free melodies for one phone number can be connected no more than 110 at the same time.

How to connect and disable

Connect greetings to your tariff plan, a Beeline telecommunication company can be in the following ways:

This service is disconnected by absolutely identical methods, which is connected.

Resetting a smartphone to factory settings, if there is no sound when calling

Reset your phone to factory settings (Android), which will help in deleting malicious applications and other problem data. Before reset, be sure to make a backup copy of important data on your device. This can help eliminate the problem of lack of sound when calling.

If all of the above does not help, the reason may lie in the physical breakdown of your phone, in particular the dynamics or a sound amplifier board. In this case, you should contact the service center to repair your gadget.

Ringtons to the call

In the Ringtones for a call, there are free melodies and cuts of good and popular music, which are well suited for calling a mobile phone. For the convenience of the search, sorting is available, which allows you to display a list of the most popular or most downloaded ringtones, as well as get the best melodies in user estimates and the latest new products sorted by the date of adding to our site. Here you can listen to and download any ringtone for phone calls without registration and download for free and download. MP3 ringtones are suitable for most phones and smartphones on the Android operating system. Only melodies in M4R format, which you can also download from our site are suitable for a call to the iPhone. According to our data, ringtones in the form of beautiful and relatively loud music, standard melodic calls, funny melodies, as well as cuts from popular songs and music without words are the most popular for calling the phone. On New Year’s Eve, beautiful New Year ringtones become the most popular.

All ringtones on our website you can listen and download for free and without registration. To install the melody on the iPhone call, you need to download the ringtone in M4R format. For other phones, you can download any mp3 music and put it on a call, SMS or alarm clock.

Popular reasons for the disappearance of sound and their solution

The most common reason for the disappearance of the sound signal is errors in the settings due to the inattention of the user or the phone. Also, there may be malfunctions in the OS (operating system). It is with these problems that you need to deal with first of all.

If errors occur in the settings, you should pay attention to several factors: check the volume level and whether the subscriber is included in the “black list”.

Also, the user could accidentally install a mode in the settings, and after these manipulations on the phone, the sound disappeared during the call, which is not critical and fixable.

Volume level at minimum value

The most common mistake is the volume at a minimum. To eliminate the problem, you need to click on the volume increase and move the slider, reflecting the scale of the sound signal level to the right/up (depends on the phone model) to the maximum level.

If this is one of the new Samsung models, then there are all events in the sound settings: notifications, SMS, multimedia and calls. You should go into the phone settings and adjust all the sound sliders.

What to do if the sound of an incoming call disappears on the smartphone

If the sound of an incoming call is missing on the smartphone, do not rush to contact the service. The problem often manages to solve on its own. But to choose the right method of eliminating the problem, you need to find out the reason for its appearance.

Most often, the cause of the disappearance of sound is not malfunctions in the system or problems with the device, but banal errors in the settings.

Volume level at minimum value

Incorrect volume setting is the most common reason for the absence of sound when calling

To eliminate the problem, press the volume button and move the sliders to the right to the maximum value. Make sure the level of other signals is also normal. Click on the icon to the right of the slider. The volume levels of all signals (melodies, multimedia and alarm clock) will open. If there is no icon, then go into the phone settings to the “Sound” section and increase the volume of each of the signals.

The sound is in the “vibration” or “without sound” mode

Sound settings on Android are in the “device” tab

Sometimes the sound accidentally switches from the usual mode to the “vibration” or “without sound” mode (“quiet”). Go to the sound settings or system profiles and select another mode.

Gluck in Android software

Sound can also be an abyss in case of glitch in the software. You can try to eliminate it by rebooting the phone.

It is also recommended to turn off the phone, extract the battery and wait 1-2 minutes. Then insert back and turn on the phone.

The person calling you is in the “Black List”

The principle of deleting and entering a person on a black list on almost all smartphones with the Android system is identical

Sometimes, by mistake, you can bring a person on a “black list” (block all calls from this contact). As a result, the subscriber calls, but cannot get through. The sound of the incoming call will not be.

To make sure that the caller did not get into this list, go to the “Contacts” section, select the right person and open the menu of this contact. Select “Delete from the Black List” or “Unlock”.

The failure of the dynamics

In the absence of sound in all programs and applications, and not just with an incoming call, try to connect the headphones. If the sound appeared in them, then most likely the speaker is damaged. To replace it, it is better to contact the service center.

Other reasons for the absence of the sound of an incoming call

If, after checking all the settings and the dynamics, the problem with the sound did not solve, the problem should be sought deeper.

Incorrect version of the firmware or unsuccessful update

To return to the factory settings, in the off state, simultaneously press the power button and the volume increase button, then select the Hard Reset

If the sound disappeared after flashing or updating the phone, then the problem may be that the service responsible for the sound is turned off:

  • Go to “Settings” and open the “Appendix” and “Application Manager” tab.
  • Among the working applications and processes, find the sound service, open it and turn it on if necessary.

A more difficult case is when in the new firmware or update there are not enough necessary drivers for the dynamics of your phone. Then you will need to carry out the rollback of the firmware or reset the system to factory settings. This will lead to the removal of data from the memory of the phone, so it is recommended to first back up the data.

To return to the previous firmware, you need to download it from the Internet, and then reflash the phone again.

use this sound to call your cat ��

It’s easier to reset the phone settings and the Android version to the factory level. To do this, go to “Settings” and select the “Restoration and Reset” section. All data will be deleted from the internal memory (but not from the memory card), and you will receive the phone in a state when buying. Then, from a pre.created backup, move all the information to the phone, and all the data will recover.

Conflict of installed applications with smartphone software

Perhaps the sound of an incoming call disappeared after installing a new application. In this case, the problem can be solved by removing recently installed applications or rummaging in their settings. For example, in instant messengers, Skype, Viber, navigators there is a function of disconnecting notifications and sound. In this case, the sound of an incoming call may disappear.

Maroon 5. Payphone ft. Wiz Khalifa (Explicit) (Official Music Video)

Install programs on a smartphone only with proven resources, preferably with Play Market. It is also useful to install an antivirus that will block malicious files.

Sound amplifier problems

Когда плата усиления звука выходит из строя, в динамиках и наушниках звук полностью исчезает или остаётся на неизменном уровне громкости. Eliminate the problem of replacing the board in the service center.

Problems with a train

With the wear of the contacts of the train, the sound also disappears. Solving the problem. replacing the part. It is also better to entrust work to a professional.

The reasons for the disappearance of the sound of an incoming call on the smartphone can be many. If the above information did not help to deal with the problem, contact the service center.