The sound does not work on the phone when calling

What to do if the sound is missing on the phone

One of the most common problems is the lack of sound on the phone. At the same time, the sound is absent not only when calls, but also during the playback of videos and films. The nature of the problem can be different, but the essence is one-this must somehow be fixed.

If suddenly there are problems with sound while watching videos, then first of all you need to try to start another video. It may well be that the file itself was damaged or simply poured incorrectly. If after that the sound did not appear, then you need to see the settings of the mobile device.

The volume is turned off

The reason for the lack of sound may be that the sound on the mobile device is disconnected to a minimum. In this case, there is no sound notification at all, that is, the user does not hear calls and delivered messages. This can be because of the “quiet mode”, which is activated by one button or action. The algorithm of actions in this case is this:

  • First you need to try to increase the volume level by pressing the side control key. The lower part reduces the sound, and the upper increases. When pressed on the screen, the volume level in the form of strips should be displayed;
  • If in this way the situation cannot be corrected, then you need to try to increase the volume level through the settings. On different models of smartphones, menu items may differ slightly;
  • Here we move to the “Volume” section and see if the “without sound” mode is activated. If everything is fine in this section, then we return back and set the necessary sound level.

It is recommended to check the regulator in cases where the volume has not disappeared completely, but is absent only in some applications. The problem can be solved by adjusting the volume directly in the application itself or the musical player.

In some cases, the sound when playing a multimedia files is absent with inappropriate codecs. This can be fixed by downloading another player.

A soundless mode or the “do not bother” mode is included

It is necessary to check whether the mode of sound mode or the “do not disturb” mode is turned on on the smartphone. The sound is completely disconnected and when setting the mode “on the plane”. In this case, to correct the situation, it is enough to deactivate the switched control on and check the volume level.

You can do this in the settings. Go to the section “Volume and vibration”, here they check if one of the modes is activated.

Android software failure

Sometimes the sound disappears on the smartphone in itself, while the reason for this is problematic to find. This may be due to a failure in the software. In this case, it is recommended to simply restart the mobile device and try to start the video.

The reason may be installed applications from unverified sources. In this case, you should view all the programs that have been installed relatively recently and delete suspicious. If after that the sound on the mobile device has recovered, then the case was in the program. It is no longer recommended to install it on a smartphone.

To avoid problems with software, it is recommended to install different programs only from the Play Market.

The subscriber calls from the black list

Many users include a number of phones to the so.Called black list. Obsessive people who do not have a desire to communicate are usually included here. In addition, the numbers of various organizations that often call with their services are often included in the black list.

If one of the subscribers who has a black list calls, then there is no call as such at all. In extreme cases, the nickname of the subscriber may simply appear on the screen, as it is recorded in the phone book.

The speaker broke

Assume that it is possible in dynamics if the sound appears when the speakerphone or the use of various headsets is turned on. On smartphones, several speakers are installed, each of which is used to perform different tasks.

Most often, only one of them breaks, this leads to the fact that the user cannot listen to music or does not hear the interlocutor. The breakdowns can be different. It can be simple clogging with dust or failure of the reel on the dynamics.

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Problems with sound amplification

Sound control on a smartphone occurs using a separate board, which is displayed to the volume button. Quite often, it is she who is the reason for the breakdown. This happens in such cases:

In this case, it is impossible to do anything on your own. The smartphone must be carried to the service center, where they will conduct diagnostics and, if necessary, repair.

If the mobile phone has broken during the warranty period, then it should be carried to the store where it was purchased. You must definitely take a passport, a check and a complete set of the device, including the box with you. There are two options for events. With visible defects, the phone will be replaced immediately, otherwise the device will be sent for diagnostics, which may drag on for a month and a half. After that, the phone will either be repaired or replaced with a new. You can also return the cost of the phone in full and buy another device for yourself.

It is worth remembering that mobile devices for warranty should not be carried to the service center for repair. In case of opening, the guarantee is automatically canceled, and the seller removes all obligations from himself.

It is recommended to take a smartphone for repair in a proven service center, about which good reviews from friends and acquaintances.

Moisture and dust came into the body

The cause of the problem may be entering the phone or other liquid on the speaker. It happens that a person does not drop a smartphone into the water and does not fall with him in the rain, but at the same time he will stably go to the gym with him.

In addition to moisture, the cause of the breakdown is also dust. In this case, the sound usually does not disappear immediately. At first, the sound becomes quieter and quieter, and then the sound disappears completely.

How to return the “missing” sound in headphones: what to pay attention to

The first recommendation is banal and simple. Try to restart the phone and check the sound settings. Perhaps some kind of “quiet” mode in the parameters of the phone is turned on.

In addition, look at the volume level directly in the application that your mp3 file reproduces, or radio, or something else.

If you have wired headphones. Pay attention to the condition of the wire, especially near the plug

Very often in this place due to constant excesses-there is a break in copper veins, and contact becomes not stable. If you slightly move the wire (in this place). Perhaps you will have a sound for a moment (then the reason is obvious) !

In any case, it is recommended to double.Check the headphones on another (obviously serviceable) phone/PC/laptop.

Pay attention to the audio line, whether something has got into it? Often, dust, scruffy pieces of threads (from the in which you wear), and pr. Trash.

To clean it, the following can be recommended:

  • Take the usual toothpick and wrap its end with cotton wool;
  • Then moisten it in alcohol;
  • After that, carefully insert a toothpick into the audio connector and make several rotational movements;
  • As a rule, all dust and garbage settled on cotton wool. By the way, if after the first cleaning it was dirty. The procedure should be repeated.

On the upper panel, when connecting the plug from the headphones, the corresponding icon should light up. Over, in 98% of cases, regardless of whether the headphones or the wire themselves are working: the main thing is that the audio connector and the plug are in order.

If this does not happen, it is highly likely that the audio connector is faulty and it needs to be replaced.

If we are talking about wireless headphones, check if they are charged (usually when they turn on, the light indicator lights up).

By the way, new headphones always usually go discharged “to zero” (for security purposes).

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Is the headset enabled. Pay attention to the indicator

When using a headset, which previously auto, has been gathered to another phone via Bluetooth, can lead to the fact that the mating function will be disconnected immediately after turning on the devices.

Why are my AirPods not working for phone calls?

Try to run the conjugation manually: click the power button until the indicator begins to blink with blue-red color.

Check in the phone settings. Whether Bluetooth is turned on, and whether the headphones are visible in the list of connected devices (relevant for a wireless headset).

In general, I would recommend the following:

  • Remove Bluetooth from the list of devices: headphones, microphones, etc. Gadgets that you previously connected to the phone;
  • After, turn off the work of Bluetooth in the phone settings;
  • Reload the device;
  • Then turn on the Bluetooth again and perform the association procedure with headphones.

Settings. Connection of the device. Bluetooth

If you use adapters to connect headphones, pay close attention to them.

Not all of them are back-composed, and come up to all phone models. On the same Xiaomi, one often has to face the “chips” from the manufacturer, the devices of which are required by “native” adapters and adapters.

It will not be too superfluous to try to connect a deliberately serviceable headset to the phone (moreover, if you have previously stopped working, you should try wireless/and vice versa //-).

The main thing is to find out here: will the headset work with another integer work. If all “OK”. Then it can stop on it. Well, you can order a headset for cheap in Chinese online stores, links below.

In case of infection of the phone with viruses, the appearance of critical systemic errors, glitches, etc. “Good”. It is worth trying to drop the device to factory settings (it is important: in this case, the contacts and files from the phone’s memory will be erased and removed. Make them backup in advance).

To help!

How to reset Android settings to factory [Hard Reset] (T.E. Delete all data from the phone, tablet).

If you managed to somehow solve the issue differently. Let you know in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев (thank you in advance).

Activated battery saving mode

Some phones have special. The regime designed to save battery charge. With its activation. The functionality of the apparatus falls, including the sound can “disappear” (it will only be during telephone conversations). This is done in order to extend the life of the device as much as possible without recharging.

The energy.Saving regime is forced to

So, this mode can be launched automatically (sometimes forcibly) when the battery charge reaches some border (10%, 15%, etc.). For example, such a thing is in Bright Quick apparatus.

Solution: charge the phone and switch to normal operation. Check the volume settings again and sound operation.

Small system failure

Sometimes Android can give a small failure, which is manifested in violation of the work of some components. During such a malfunction, playing sound in the form and some applications on Android may well. You can fix the problem using the usual reloading of the device.

Squeeze the shutdown button for a few seconds. The inclusion menu will appear. There, select the “reboot” option. If you do not have such a menu, then just turn off the smartphone and turn it on in a few seconds, holding the power button for a few seconds.

Dynamics malfunction

This problem is quite serious, it is unlikely to solve it independently because only the replacement of the damaged part will help. In modern mobile devices, there are usually at least two speakers:

  • One is responsible for listening to music, notifications, other sound functions.
  • Another is used during calls so that you hear the interlocutor.

If the problem is that you do not hear anything during a conversation on the phone, then the second speaker may have broken down. As already mentioned above, to check this, just try to transfer the phone to the speakerphone mode.

Often the problem lies in the fact that the speaker is clogged. The interlocutor is heard worse than usual. You can try to clean yourself using a cotton wool, needle or old toothbrush. The main thing is to do it carefully so as not to accidentally damage the internal membrane.

Иногда в катушке динамика случается обрыв или замыкание. Then only the complete replacement of the failed part will help.

Damage to sound enlargement schemes

In this case, it becomes impossible to configure the sound on the device. By pressing the buttons to increase or decrease the volume, nothing happens. If you are an inexperienced master and you do not have a specialized tool, then you are unlikely to solve this problem yourself. Contact the service center.

The reasons for such a breakdown include:

  • Mechanical damage (for example, you accidentally hit or dropped your phone);
  • The liquid got inside;
  • Excessive overload of the device and, as a result, severe heating;
  • Manufacturing defects.
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Damage to the inner train

This is also a fairly common cause of sound problems. The main symptoms of such a malfunction are the loss of sound and breakdown of the volume controllers. This can happen with mechanical damage or when moisture enters the device.

Software failure

A huge number of applications for mobile devices appear daily. The problem is that not all of them are made quite high quality and are compatible with all gadgets. Plus, malicious programs may be present in them that can easily penetrate your mobile phone. This often happens with Android phones, since it is easier to install applications from third.Party sources on them. Problems with sound on the device can lead to:

  • Incorrectly installed programs;
  • Software from unreliable sources;
  • Hacked programs;
  • Incorrectly discharged the device to factory settings;
  • Viruses;
  • An attempt to independently update the firmware.

Quite often, such a problem can be solved by removing the latest installed programs. If this did not help, then try to drop the phone to factory settings. If this did not have the desired effect, then it is better to contact professionals.

Mechanical damage

Such breakdowns occur quite often. Not all modern gadgets so easily tolerate a blow or fall. Conditionally, such breakdowns can be divided into three different categories:

  • When hitting, the speaker or volume switch buttons came out of standing. All that is needed is to replace the failed phone elements.
  • When falling, a sound card, an internal train and other fragile components could fall. Not always such breakdowns are outwardly noticeable. For repair, it is necessary to disassemble the device in order to detect the problem and replace the broken part.
  • Cracks in the main board. Alas, in this case, it will be easier for you to purchase a new smartphone than to repair the old.

Gloring dirt

If small debris or dust gets into the internal contacts of the phone, boards or other parts may burn out. Also, this garbage can cause pollution of external elements. For example, grids of protecting speaker. If you remove it, then the problem can be solved. Try cleaning with a cotton wool or pin.

Why there is no sound during an incoming call

If the sound disappears on the phone with an incoming call, it is possible that the cause is damage to the multimedia file or the volume turned off. In this case, the problem is solved by replacing the rington or increasing the volume level. However, there are more serious reasons for the lack of sound:

Errors made when flashing the device

Not all firmware are safe. Many users are faced with various hardware problems (including the disappearance of sound) after flashing their smartphones. For example, an inexperienced user can download and install a firmware in which there are no drivers to play audio. To solve the problem, a rollback is necessary to the previous version, or repeated firmware. In this case, special software will require or entrance to the recovery mode.

Updating the OS is recommended only after careful familiarization with the instructions of the developers and user reviews.

Program failures

Sound may disappear due to software failures in the Android OS. The following factors provoke them:

  • Download applications from dubious sources;
  • Installation of utilities requiring Root-right;
  • Software conflict of applications with the operating system.

Iphone7,7Plus speaker not working during calls!Microphone,earspeaker not working fix.

Before proceeding to eliminate system failures, you need to check the current state of the device responsible for playing an audio flow. This is necessary:

  • Go to the system of system settings.
  • In the “Appendix” tab, select “Applications Manager”.
  • Sweep the screen from right to left to open the list of active processes.
  • Find the sound service in the list and check its condition.

If it is impossible to activate the service, you need to reset the device to factory installations.

Hardware malfunctions

About 20% of all cases of lack of sound are associated with hardware malfunctions. Most often they are observed due to voltage drops and short circuits, dust and moisture penetration into the body of a smartphone, falls and shocks.

Light cracking in dynamics is a sign of burnout or closing the coil. The complete disappearance of sound may indicate a break in the winding. To solve the problem, it is necessary to replace the broken spare part.

The most common reasons

In most cases, problems with sound occur due to the simplest errors in the software or banal inattention of the user. Therefore, these reasons should be paid to first of all.

There are frequent cases when we accidentally reduce the volume to zero and do not even notice this. Therefore, first of all, in the absence of a sound sound, you need to check whether the call volume is reduced to a minimum. To do this, click on the upper volume button, and then open the menu that appears on the screen. If you use one of the last Samsung Galaxy smartphones, you will see sound settings for all events: notifications, messages, multimedia and calls. Check if the volume is enough in the last point. If not, move the slider to the right.

Another frequent case: you turned off the sound on the phone while you were at work/study, and then just forgot about it. You can switch the call mode on the Samsung Galaxy phone right in the notifications curtain. Pull it down and click on the call switch. There are three of them: “sound”, “vibration” and “without sound”. To return the profile with the melody turned on, select “Sound” mode.

Many errors in modern smartphones can be caused by a banal failure in the software. As a rule, all of them are solved by ordinary reloading of the device. Squeeze the lock key for a few seconds, and then select the “reboot”.

It doesn’t matter which smartphone you use, because on all Android devices, the principle of entering the number in the black list is almost identical. Perhaps you made contact in the emergency by chance and do not even know about it. As a result, a person will not be able to get through to you, and the sound of an incoming call, of course, will not be.

This can be checked as follows: open contacts or call logs, click on the desired number, go to the additional information section and see if it is written there that this contact is blocked. Also, the black list can be called from the contact menu. If the desired number is there, just remove it from the emergency or click “Unlock”.

If the internal speaker of the phone is out of order, you will most likely not be able to fix it yourself. But you can check if the problem is really in it. This is done very simple: turn on any song, run the game or video in which there is a sound. If the speaker works, you will hear it. If not, then take the phone to the service center. But provided that you have already checked all the other reasons described above.

The failure of the dynamics

Why is the sound disappeared on the phone

There are a lot of reasons why on a mobile device with iOS and/or android can be abused, but all of them can be divided into three groups. User carelessness, software errors and malfunctions, hardware damage. Since the above mobile operating systems are very different, consider the solution to the existing problem separately for each of them.


Before starting to search for what the sound really disappeared on the smartphone, it is worth checking yourself and make sure that the volume on it is not reduced to a minimum, no sound mode is turned on or “do not bother”. Next, you should go through third.Party applications, or rather, on the permits provided to them. Some of them can “take too much” and simply block reproduction or intercept the audio signal. Serious problems should not be excluded. Possible damage to a wireless module (subject to Bluetooth), the dynamics (both main and conversational) or a connector for connecting headphones, as well as the most external accessory (speakers, headphones). You can detect and eliminate mechanical damage only in the service center, and the rest presented by the link below the article will help to fix everything else.


If you are the owner of an Apple smartphone, then as in the case of Android, you should first exclude yourself from the list of potential perpetrators of the problem with the lack of the ability to play audio. Check the volume level and make sure that the modes in which it is disabled (“soundless”, “do not bother” are not used). The next step should be the appeal to the “settings” iOS. The sound can be disconnected in them or it is reproduced to an external source (speakers, headphones. Both wired and Bluetooth). It also happens that the audio signal disappears after an unsuccessful update of the operating system. A particularly unpleasant case is a hardware malfunction, from which both the accessory and the responsible iPhone modules can suffer. Find out for sure what could cause the problem in question, and whether you can eliminate it yourself or you will need to contact the SC, the following leadership will help.

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