The Seven Most Hidden Features Of The Iphone X

The Seven Most Hidden Features Of The Iphone X

iPhone X flaunts an almost frameless screen of stunning quality. He knows how to unlock by reading the user’s face and even distinguish twins. Ten is more compact than the iPhone 8 Plus, but it is larger both in terms of display size and component density. Ten faster, more technologically advanced and more expensive. But what about the “daily” functions, often determining the sensation of owning a smartphone? Today’s article from the Seven Most series will try to answer this question, revealing the hidden features of the iPhone X that the owner of the “smartphone of the future” faces after some time of use.

Switching between applications with the “Arc” gesture

To quickly switch from one application to another on iPhone X, you no longer need to press the Home button, which isn’t, or go to the desktop. Apple has made life easier for Dozens by introducing a new gesture. the arc. Just swipe from the left corner of the smartphone to the right along the path of the semicircle, or vice versa. Thus, you can flip through running applications, taking a fresh look at multitasking in iOS 11.

The notification text is hidden if the owner is not looking at the screen of the iPhone X

The array of sensors that provide the True Depth camera, which is responsible for Face ID, is not only for unlocking the iPhone X or transforming it into a talking giraffe emoticon. Face recognition can also work for privacy purposes, in particular when viewing notifications, or rather, previewing them.

The bottom line is that when you look at the screen of the iPhone X, it automatically unlocks if the device recognizes the owner. It becomes available to preview alerts from applications, including an extended text block. If Face ID notices a stranger, then instead of informative notifications, only the application title and nothing else will be displayed on the screen. This is a serious difference from previous versions of iOS and iPhone, where absolutely any person from behind could read your messages, reminders and pieces of letters.

Just in case, note that the notification preview is regulated through: Settings. Notifications. Thumbnail display.

Swipe can be done immediately, without waiting for the unlock icon to give approval

Looking at the GIF-ku above, you might think that you need to wait until the phone using the unlock icon allows you to swipe in order to go to the iOS desktop. However, swiping is allowed almost immediately, unless, of course, you are familiar with Face ID;)

Turn off iPhone X using mechanical buttons

The ability to turn off an iOS device programmatically appeared even before the announcement of the iPhone X. it was enough to go to the “General” section, which is in the “Settings”, and click on “Shutdown” at the very bottom. This trick also works in the Top Ten, but we are interested in another, faster way. To de-energize the iPhone X, you must simultaneously press the power button and any volume button. The usual sliders for turning off and SOS mode will appear. What to do with them, we think, does not need to be explained 🙂

Reachability in iPhone X remains, only the gesture has changed

Reachability, a screen-pulling feature, appeared in iOS along with the arrival of the iPhone 6 Plus, the first Apple smartphone with a large display. In order to collapse the images closer to the big palm, you had to double-tap the “Home” button. But in conditions of a lack of “mechanics”, you should swipe down the bottom strip of the iPhone X.

iPhone X supports fast scrolling

Previously, when scrolling to the bottom, you could tap once on the clock (at the top, in the very center), to quickly return to the beginning. On iPhone X, a similar trick works differently: you need to click not on the center, but in the upper left corner, where the watch is located. In general, everywhere you need to aim for the clock.

You can turn off the mandatory look on the screen to make unlock faster, but there is a problem

By default, the iPhone X includes the Attention Aware Features function, which allows the camera, for example, to darken the display and reduce the sound of alerts when you are not looking at the screen. But if you want to adjust these settings yourself and, more importantly, make unlocking the iPhone X faster, then this function should be disabled through the Face ID settings. That’s just the device then it will be possible to unlock even the sleeping face of the owner. Very risky optimization.


Apple prefers not to particularly talk about the features described above from the scene, but in fact they can seriously save time for the owner of the iPhone X, and in some cases even speed up the device itself. Therefore, if you, dear readers, are armed with such life hacks, please write about them in the comments.