The sensor on the tablet after falling does not work

What to do if the tablet does not respond to touch

One of the main elements of the tablet is the screen. When the matrix breaks, the gadget ceases to function. This is why it is important to monitor the integrity of the display. But there are situations when the tablet does not respond to touch.

Most often, the breakdown occurs due to incorrect actions of the user. For example, non.Compliance with operating rules. But the reason may be different:

  • The tablet fell and crashed strongly, because of which the matrix was damaged;
  • There was a failure in the operating system;
  • When repairing, they put non.Native details;
  • The screen was polluted.

The last reason is one of the most common. After all, if you do not care for the tablet, it will quickly be covered with dust. To prevent this, you need to regularly clean the gadget from dirt. Over, abrasive agents cannot be used. Special cleaning napkins are needed.

The problem depends on the manufacturer. So, on cheap Chinese tablets, the display breakdown happens most often. Therefore, if the gadget is bought for a long time, it is worth taking a closer look at trusted manufacturers. Samsung, Sony, LG have proven themselves well. But these are not the only quality brands. To find the best gadget, it is worth studying reviews.

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Broken screen

What to do to eliminate the breakdown

In most cases, the user himself cannot restore the correct work if the tablet does not respond to touch. But there are measures that can prevent the occurrence of more serious problems:

  • When drowning, it is necessary to disassemble the device as much as possible (if the design allows) and dry each separate part in a towel that absorbs moisture well. For this you need to turn off the tablet and, if possible, remove the battery out of it;
  • Mechanical breakdown also requires disconnection from the network and deactivation of the battery. In such a situation, it is better not to use a tablet.

With software failures, everything is a little easier. The user can resort to reloading the system and “fix” the screen.

Correction of a malfunction in the system using Hard Reset

Forced reboot can be carried out on any device. Forced rebooting is provided by manufacturers in case the operating system stops responding to user requests. This is especially true for tablet devices that work mainly through the touch screen. If the OS does not find it or any settings responsible for interaction with this component are shot down, it is necessary to “drop” the failure and update the processes ongoing.

For forced rebooting, you need to pinch the Home key (or Power. Depends on the model) with one of the volume keys. Typically, in the technical documentation for the device there are combinations with their description, so you need to familiarize yourself with the information from the manufacturer.

After clamping the buttons on the device screen, the system logo will appear. Android or iOS. The reloading process can last longer than usual, but as a result it will be possible to restore the OS and the tablet will work normally.

If this method is not suitable, you need to contact a good service center, but do not try to solve the problem yourself. User intervention can lead to even greater failures.

How to fix a tablet. All ways

If the breakdown is insignificant or no mechanical damage and flooding preceded it, you can try:

  • Remove the protective film or glass, if any-sometimes the protective layer on the screen is too low-quality or wear out faster than the necessary, making access to the sensor, which is why it does not respond to touch;
  • Wipe the screen. Sometimes it is quite contaminated and the accumulated layer interferes with the normal feedback on user requests;
  • If the screen stops answering, it is necessary to try to charge the device-in the system there may be malfunctions, because of which the tablet does not distribute energy or does not perceive the end of the charge, continuing to work in standard mode.
sensor, tablet, does, work

Most often, it is possible to fix the tablet only in the service center, since the user himself, without special knowledge, can aggravate the problem.

Replacing a non.Working display

If your display is modular and easily removed, you can replace it yourself by ordering a new one via the Internet. But repairs should only be carried out if you are 100% sure that it is faulty. There is nothing super.Complex in the process of replacing the touch screen, if it does not work, but it is intact (not broken).

For replacement, special tools, plastic guitar mediators or similar items are suitable for removing a glass sensor, a plastic bank card is also suitable, as well as a set of special screwdrivers. Depending on the model, some details are attached with the help of cross.Shaped screws.

  • Before disassembling the device, carefully inspect the case.
  • Find all the fasteners that hold the lid, because if you miss at least one, the case can be broken when removing the screen. Newer models often do not have these fasteners at all.
  • Using a plastic tool, carefully give the tablet screen on all sides and squeeze it a little at a time.
  • It is important not to damage the flat cable, which is attached to the side of the device when you pull out the touch screen. You need to click on the latch and remove it.

Here are all the possible causes of the malfunction of the touch screen of your tablet and what can be done in such a situation. Take care of your devices to avoid such problems in the future.

The touchscreen hangs on a smartphone in one place

People face this problem quite often. When typing text, or numbers in one specified place, the screen does not want to work in normal mode. Letters can be pressed incorrectly. Instead of one letter “a”, the standing “P” and the like is pressed. Such cases are still characteristic if you have been using the device for several years. The reason may lie in the smartphone battery.

The surface of the battery can be swollen. After some time, this happens to them. Bloating should not be determined explicitly. It can be determined by pulling out and putting the battery on a flat surface. Press on two opposite angles of the battery to check whether the bulge will be determined. A proper battery should lie on a flat surface evenly and do not hang out. And so, as there are already bulges on it, with one side it presses on the sensor from the inside. Why there may be poor responsiveness of the screen.

Check also if the wire has come, an extra item under the battery. Any extra or interfering objects can put pressure on the screen from the inside. You cannot replace the battery right away. And for several days you can take a little trick. It consists in incomplete installation of the back cover. Burn it on the upper mounts. But do not crush the bottom. In order not to inflate a convex battery.

I hope our tips helped you. Try to perform a universal algorithm described above, or watch the video with the instructions below. See you on the pages of the site!

You had to find that the touch screen does not work on your tablet, and you do not know what to do? Only one thing can be said about this. Do not rush to run to the service, because the reason may be on the surface. And in the service, respectable specialists are not always served, who can give simple breakdown for serious repair to increase the price of service. This article will help you determine the cause of the breakdown and, possibly, its independent solution.

What to do

After analyzing the most popular reasons, we proceed to solving this problem. At the end of the list of the most effective solution methods, we will give a small table, which will show which method for which problem is most suitable. If some of the reasons cannot be attributed to any method, then their solution is described above.

Full reset of settings

If the problem did not damage the screen from the physical side, there is a high percentage of probability that the reset of settings to factory will be able to correct the current problem. But how to do this on a standard Android device?

  • Connect the mouse using OTG cable. Since the standard method for managing a smartphone or tablet is not suitable for us, we need to look for other methods to control the device.
  • We go to “Settings”.
  • Next. “Expanded settings”.
  • We go to the “Restoration and Reset” tab.
  • We look for the item “Reset of the settings”, which is most often located at the very bottom of the descent.
  • Select and confirm the changes.
  • If necessary, we make a backup copy of the data, however, if the problem is viral software, the reset of settings may not help.

The settings are reset can be done through the engineering menu. In order to get into it, you need to press a special combination of physical keys (volume and power buttons) at the time of launching the operating system). Since it will be too long to list all models and stamps here, use the Internet to find how to get into the engineering menu on your phone. After that, select the desired point using volume keys, confirming the choice using the power button. In the engineering menu, we are looking for a item with the name Factory Reset, which will drop all the settings to factory.

Cleaning the screen of a mobile phone

One of the simplest ways that can be done even with your own hands without the help of specialists. Everything you need to clean the mobile phone screen is special wet wipes that you can buy in technology stores. Despite the fact that they are a little more expensive than usual, they are much better cleaning the touch screens of dirt or something like that.

Windows tablet incorrect touchscreen fix

Cleaning should consist of two stages:

  • The main stage where you clean the screen of dirt using napkins, which were mentioned above
  • The second stage, during which you need to wipe the screen with disinfectant rags that are sold in the kit. This is necessary in order to remove moisture from your device. The screen cleaning can be useful not only during the pollution of the screen, but also after moisture has fallen on the screen.

Mobile phone screen repair

Before repairing a mobile phone, make sure that the cause of the non.Working touch screen lies precisely physical damage. Of course, if you replace the display or an element that you think is not working, nothing bad will happen, however, you will spend your funds for nothing, and the problem will not go away anywhere.

Be sure to use the services of a specialist who can qualitatively and reliably repair the screen. One of the most subtle and delicate details in the smartphone. Working with the matrix requires not only skills, but also experience, so before giving your device for repairs to the service center, make sure that its employees have received a certain certificate.

Mobile phone display replacement

The replacement of the display is a very expensive process that needs to be entrusted to real professionals in their field. Even if this is not the first time you repair the devices and with the equipment for “you”, official service centers from your brand will do everything qualitatively and take over the costs associated with the repair and replacement. This method is the most radical and expensive, so we recommend using it only if the problem cannot be solved by repair.

What are the reasons underlying the spontaneous operation of the touchscreen

Conventionally, the reasons that the sensor itself is pressed can be divided into two categories:

sensor, tablet, does, work
  • Software failure. Occurs due to errors in (software) of a smartphone;
  • Hardware failure. Errors associated with damage to the components of the device.
sensor, tablet, does, work

Depending on the model of your smartphone and the circumstances of the erroneous operation of the screen, it is possible to say with a greater or lesser one, due to which of the above failures this problem arose. So, in Chinese budget models (according to statistics, most often in Alcatel and Xiaomi), the improper functioning of the touchscreen occurs as a result of a low.Quality assembly of the device and a cheap resistive display, a vulnerable, as you know, to accumulate a static charge on its surface. The fall of a smartphone or a strong press on its screen can also serve as a reason for the occurrence of troubles with the operation of the touchscreen.

However, you should not despair. Before saying that the errors of the screen functioning arose due to the damage to the “iron”, you should try to eliminate this problem with programmatic methods. Consider them in more detail.

How can you solve a software failure?

If the tablet does not turn on from Samsung, Lenovo or other brand, but at the same time the user knows for sure that the device did not fall and did not suffer from another kind of damage. It is worth performing 3 procedures.

When working with a computer or laptop, it is the restart of the system that helps to get out of the technique from the “stupor”. The same technique is also effective for the tablet. To make its reboot, you need to hold a button for turning on 10-15 seconds, then try to start the tablet again.

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Nothing has changed? Then the second option:

  • Find a small button or hole with the inscription Reset on the case;
  • Take a thin object (pin or paper clip), and carefully press the button;
  • Stand up to 15 seconds.

Try to turn on the device. Perhaps it is after these actions that the tablet PC will start.

Important! Reset button is not on all tablet models. Often only state employees equip this element.

A new tablet is not turned on, but the options, what to do, a minimum? The same reboot will come to the rescue. The new device does not have a large amount of accumulated information, and therefore the whole process will take a couple of minutes.

Settlement failure

To reset all the tablet settings (for example, such as Huawei Mediapad T3 10) to factory, you need to activate the Recovery program. It is launched by a certain combination of buttons, but which exactly, each manufacturer decides at his discretion.

The most popular ciphers:

  • Turn on the volume (add);
  • Reduce the sound side button on;
  • Power Home reduce sound;
  • Sound start Home.

One of these configurations 100% will work and turn on the desired software. After the tool starts up, information like that in the picture below will appear on the screen. The sound adjustment button search is shown to the “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” line. To press it, Power is used.

Next, an inscription will be lit up, which will warn that due to such a “tough” reboot, all downloaded data, personal information, contacts, etc.D. Will be removed. You can save part of the information by previously removed the SIM card and flash drive.

Now press Yes and wait for the completion of the procedure. After resetting the settings, the tablet will turn on independently (checked on the Lenovo Tab 2 A10-70L model).

Using a safe mode

This technique will be effective if the tablet has been launched, but its work leaves much to be desired: permanent lags, hanging the system and more. To eliminate all interference for the normal functioning of the device, use safe mode.

You can go into it by opening the PC tablet settings menu. The “Disable power” button. To hold. The question will be about whether the user wants to go to a safe mode. We must confirm that yes. The following field will open, in which you can delete all unnecessary files, installed programs and applications that cause incorrect operation of the device. And to update the system you just need to restart the device.