The printer prints white pages inkjet. Inattention of the user

Why the printer prints white sheets

Each electronic device is subject to single malfunctions. This applies to both computers and printers. Therefore, when such a malfunction occurs, the printer may not print at all, not take tasks for printing, display various states in programs or issue empty sheets when printing.

To return the printer to normal and see printed information on the output sheet, reset both devices.

  • Press the button on the case to turn off the printer.
  • Disconnect the end of the USB connecting cable from a computer or laptop.
  • Also disconnect the power cable from the outlet. If there is a power adapter on the cable, remove the cable from the printer nest.
  • Leave the device in this position for 5-10 minutes so that the internal memory can drop.
  • At the same time, reboot the computer.
  • After time, connect the computer and printer, first connecting them via USB, and then connecting the cable to the electric outlet.
  • Run the printer by pressing the button on the panel. Wait until the mechanisms are ready to print, and try to print any non.empty document.

If you have completed the above procedure, and the printer still prints a completely empty page, the problem continues and will not be eliminated by itself.

Simple reasons

Simple factors are those that can be solved independently in 1-2 minutes without complex computer operations or machine manipulations.


The printer power cable can be accidentally disconnected during cleaning, or the connection can be damaged when rearranging furniture or playing with pets. It will be useful to check the integrity of the cable and the connection between the computing device and the printing device as a whole.

If you doubt the choice of a cable, use a cable from another printer. Do not connect it to the anterior USB-section and do not use extension cables or adapters.

Protective film

If the ink cartridge is new or refined in a specialized service center, a protective film can be applied to the cartridge to prevent the drying or flow of ink. If this film is not removed, then the device cannot “see” the cartridge, ink cannot be fed to the print head or ink cannot spray from the sopel of the cartridge. The problem can be solved by removing the sticker from the chips, the snot (if on the cartridge) or from the holes on the inkwell, where the SI nozzle is inserted (if on the carriage).

Clean sheets in the document

If you do not look at a large document and do not delete the pages without text, the printer will simply miss them without printing.

If there are no empty additional sheets, change the editor through which you print. For example, replace Word with Adobe Reader or Excel.

Incorrect type of paper

One of the unlikely, but still possible reasons that the printer prints white sheets is the inappropriate properties of the carrier inserted into the tray. Some models of office printing equipment can determine the characteristics of the paper placed inward. And when the characteristics do not correspond to the supportive, the seal is blocked by a program built into the printer brain. Thus, the sheet is captured by rollers, passes through the insides of the car, but the output is a blank sheet of paper, although there is ink on it.

In the second case, go to the equipment of “Devices and printers”. Click Windowsr together on the keyboard and execute the Control Printers command.

In the context menu of the selected printer, go to the properties or print settings (try both options).

Then go to the tab where the paper settings are located. It can be the paper tab, the multimedia tab, the main tab, the tab is additionally and so on. The name and location of the tab depends on the manufacturer and model year of your device.

Then select the corresponding type, quality and size of the paper, and then print something.

Why the printer prints empty white sheets

The printer was created to work in tandem with a computer. When transferring information from the digital format to the paper, the hardware and software are simultaneously involved. Therefore, if the printer gives out an empty sheet when printing, you can suspect both a breakdown of any detail and a failure in the program.

When diagnosing office equipment, they act on the principle of “from simple to complex”. That is, at first they exclude the possibility of minor malfunctions, and only then turn to the search for serious reasons.

  • The correct connection.
  • The condition of the cartridge.
  • Correspondence of the paper.
  • The correctness of the settings by.
  • Hanging the line of print.
  • File and driver condition.
  • The presence of computer viruses.
  • Printer compatibility with the operating system.
  • The serviceability of the hardware.

You need to start diagnostics by checking the connection of a printing device with a computer. Check whether the cable is connected to the corresponding port. Do not miss this step due to false confidence that everything is connected correctly. Teach that the cable can be accidentally pulled out when cleaning or rearranging furniture. It is also possible damage to the cable or connector with the connector.

If the connection is correct, restart the PC to exclude a crowded line and a systemic failure.

Next, we will tell you why the printer gives white sheets when printing, taking into account the features of its design and. But before proceeding with independent diagnosis and repair, objectively evaluate your strength. Errors often lead to a waste of money and aggravation of problems. In addition, you need to know safety precautions so as not to harm your health.

The jet printer gives out white sheets: what to do?

One of the common reasons for issuing a clean sheet when trying to print a document on a new jet printer is protective stickers and fuses. Protection usually covers chips, dozes and nozzles. Check, perhaps you overlooked this nuance when unpacking.

If the jet printer prints empty white sheets after refueling the cartridge, also check if there is a protective film on it. It could be installed by an employee of the service center in order to avoid leaks and drying out ink.

Be sure to check the print head. If possible, remove it and install it on another printer to verify the performance.

The printer prints an empty sheet, although there is a paint? Exclude the discrepancy of the paper format with the established settings. For this you need:

  • open on the PC “control panel”;
  • Select “Devices and Printers”;
  • Click on the desired printer with the right button;
  • In the menu that appears, click on the “print settings”.

In the window that opens, the default format is chosen, which should coincide with the format of paper tucked into the tray. To check the operation of the printer, use the “Printing Page Printing” function. Keep in mind that different PCs and versions of Windows have the names of the control elements of the control panel may differ.

Also, through the control panel, you can view the print queue and, if necessary, clean it.

Incorrect connection

Empty sheets come out of the printer, this indicates the wrong position of the cable in the computer or printed device. To exclude this malfunction, you need to tightly insert the cable into the intended place in each of the units.

printer, prints, white, pages

IMPORTANT! Various extension cords are not recommended for use, because they create additional electromagnetic interference for the good operation of the devices.

Protective film

On each cartridge. refueled or bought. there is a special film. She protects ink he dry out and flow.

In order for the printer to recognize this or that cartridge, the film must be removed. If the film is not removed, then the device will work incorrectly.

Magnetic shaft damage

It is with the help of this detail that the toner goes to the photo bank and the seal is obtained.

Toner from above is not as smooth as it seems, because the abrasive particles that make up its surface can scrape the magnetic shaft, slowly making it unusable.

The fact that the shaft has worn out is easy to determine by the following signs:

  • White voids with stripes or, conversely, ugly blots;
  • Too “transparent” print;
  • The text is poured crookedly and unevenly;
  • The appearance of wavy strips walking horizontally sheet.

What to do if the reason for poor print in the work of the shaft? Just buy a new one, because it is comparable to the purchase of another device.

Cartridge leakage

Vertical stripes when printing a laser printer. Located randomly indicate another common problem. the leature of the cartridge. Inspect the elastic bands of the seal that prevent toner from waking up. If you suddenly find a crack, then such a cartridge cannot be used and it is required to replace it. After refueling the cartridge, such damage is wrong very often a phenomenon.

Remember! The use of faulty cartridges can lead to a breakdown of much more expensive details, for example, a photo bank.

The waste hopper is overflowing

There is a special blade called a rocket in the cartridge.

It removes the toner that the printer did not have time to use. The toner is always thrown into a separate capsule so as not to clog the encoder tape and drum. Such a capsule is called waste hopper.

But sometimes there are a lot of waste, and excess toner can wake up. If this happens, then when printing a wide gray strip appears on the left or to the right of the center of the sheet.

note! The same strip will appear exactly the same, if the rocket itself is worn or deformed. Sometimes the same effect arises if a item accidentally fell under the rocket, for example, a clip that fell into the device.

To clean the bunker of waste, you need to disassemble the cartridge a little. Unscrew all the screws, pieces of 8-9, which will be located on both sides of your part, and remove the upper cover. Under it you will find a magnetic shaft and behind it is a waste bunker. Your task is to remove screws from the rocket and clean it with ordinary detergent without abrasive particles.

It is important that the blade remains smooth, without a zabrin, so you need to clean it with caution, including, because you can cut it elementary. To clean the most dangerous side is best with a wooden stick.

Behind the blade, shake out an extra toner from the waste bunker and wipe the bottom with a soft cloth.

Advice! Sometimes the blade is glued, and not screwed with screws, so do not be alarmed that you will break it. After cleaning, you just need to fix it in place with the help of ordinary glue “moment”.

Thus, a jet or laser printer prints with stripes for various reasons: from banal. the ink ended. to a serious malfunction, for example, a photo bus or magnetic shaft is damaged. The most important thing when eliminating the problem is to determine the nature of the bands and correct the situation depending on the type of printer.

What to do if problems are connected with the printer?

Ways to solve the problem differ depending on the type of device. In case of malfunctioning on a jet printer, start with the cleaning of the doz and the printing head. Go to the already familiar tab “Devices and Printers”, find the desired device and click on it with the right mouse key, after which, in the menu that opens, select the “Elimination of Calles”. If necessary, repeat the procedure a couple more times.

If the Cleaning of the DYUZ did not help, then the cause of the malfunction is most likely associated with the failure of the printing head of the apparatus. In this case, the only way out is to contact the service center.

Now briefly about what can break in a laser printer. Most often, the printer prints white sheets in case of malfunction of the laser scanning unit, which ensures the transfer of the image from the computer to the photo bank. Accordingly, during a breakdown of this element, the photo drum remains untouched, the hidden image is not formed and the sheets, passing under the photo bank, remain empty. The problem is solved by the replacement of a faulty element.

Another common problem is the breakdown of the high.voltage block (preliminary charge shaft). This part transfers an electric charge to the photo bank, creating the conditions for attracting the toner to the sections of the photosensitive layer lit by laser. Accordingly, with a non.working high.voltage block, the toner is not attracted anywhere, so the paper remains clean. There is only one way out. replace the failed element.

Less commonly, the problem under consideration occurs with a malfunction of the magnetic shaft. a hollow cylinder with a magnetic core and conductive coating. It is the magnetic shaft that provides the transfer of the toner to the hidden image formed by the laser on the surface of the photo bank. To restore the performance of the magnetic shaft, high.voltage contacts are cleaned or the Engine Controller Board board is replaced.

If the reason is in the cartridge

The printer works properly, and an empty run of paper sheets is associated with the cartridge ? Traditionally, the recommendations for eliminating the malfunction depend on the type of printing cassette.

First, we will talk about how to reanimate the cartridge for a jet printer. You can do this with your own hands.

If the printer was idle for a long time, it is possible that problems with the seal are caused by drying ink on the nozzle of the cartridge. In this case, try to soak the dried cassette. To do this, remove the cartridge from the printer and lower it into a container with flushing liquid (or distilled water) with nozzles down. There should be so much fluid so that it covers only the nozzle.

Depending on the degree of drying of ink, the oxide will take from several hours to a couple of days. Then, using a syringe with a rubber adapter, blow the nozzle, gently pour fresh ink into the container and insert the cartridge back into the device.

Soaking has an alternative. steaming. Boil a little water in an iron bowl and hold the cartridge with clogged nozzles above the steam. You can even lower the print head in boiling water for 2-3 minutes-so as not to burn, use pliers. When the dried paint soaks, thoroughly wipe the ink with napkins and return the cassette to the printer.

And if you literally just changed the cartridge, and the paint on its nozzles even theoretically would not have time to dry? Then make sure that you removed the protective tape from the printing head of the cassette. A bright color film covers most of the device connectors, protecting them from clogging before operation, which creates problems when printing.

Now let’s move on to malfunctions in the laser cartridge. Most often, the conclusion of white sheets without prints leads critical wear or breakdown of the photo bank. This element usually damages the contacts responsible for the transfer of images from the laser block. The problem is solved by the replacement of contacts or, if necessary, the entire photo bank.

Another reason is a malfunction of the magnetic shaft. You can encounter this problem only when using HP and Canon printers, since only these manufacturers have a magnetic shaft used to transfer toner to a photo bank. As in the previous case, upon failing of a magnetic shaft, you should contact the service center, where the worn part will be replaced with a new.

Printer prints a white sheet. Launch a means of eliminating a malfunction for your device

One of the remarkable features of Windows 10 is that it has means of eliminating problems to solve common technical problems. There is another mechanism specially designed to eliminate problems with the printer.

  • one. Launch the “Settings” application by pressing Windows I keys on the keyboard. In the “Settings” application, click “Update and Security”. Now go to the left panel menu and click “Elimination of problems”.
  • 2. Go to the right panel and select the “Printer”. Click on the remedy for eliminating problems.
  • 3. If there are problems with the printing device, they will be identified and corrected.
  • four. After the process is completed, try to print the document to check if there are empty pages.

Setting up the dispatcher service queue of print

Another reason why the printer prints white sheets. maybe in the dispatcher of the Print queue. In this case, you need to configure the service related to the dispatcher of the print line in order to get rid of the problem.

To continue, follow the instructions below:

Gantry Inkjet printer

  • one. On the keyboard, press the Windows R keys. The “Perform” dialog box opens. In the “Perform” dialog box, enter “Services.MSC ”(without quotes) and click“ OK ”. When the “Service” window opens, scroll down until you find the service dispatcher service. Twice twice on it, then click “Stop” in the new window. Click OK to save the changes made.
  • 2. Now open the conductor by pressing the Windows E keys on the keyboard. Go to this folder: C: \ Windows \ System32 \ Spool \ Printers and delete the entire contents of the folder. Open the “Service” window again, then the “Print Manager”. In the new window, click “Launch”. Do not forget to set the “automatically” value for the “start” parameter. Click OK to continue.
  • 3. After setting up the dispatcher service, try to print a few pages again to find out if the problem is solved.

To solve the problem why the printer prints empty sheets in most cases does not require special knowledge, skills, tools and experience. If you have fulfilled all our recommendations and the malfunction remains, you can use the comment block or leave an application for the repairs of the printer in the “Order” section.

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Launch a tool for eliminating the printer

Launching a malfunction for your printer in most cases should be able to determine and eliminate the problem. This is how to start the remedy for eliminating the printer disgrace:

Printing manufacturers often update their drivers. To maintain the printer in relevant condition, visit the web page of the driver of the manufacturer of your printer and find your model. Download and install the latest versions of the printer drivers and print a document to check if the problem is eliminated. How to update the drivers, you can learn from my article: “How to update the drivers correctly and quickly”.

Printing directly on the printer

Printer buffering usually allows you to perform printing tasks more quickly and in the background, so they do not use many resources at the same time. But sometimes it can also lead to printing empty or almost empty pages. Here’s how to turn off the printer buffering in Windows:

  • In the application control panel, go to devices and printers.
  • Click with the right mouse button to the printer icon and select the printer properties.
  • On the tab, additionally select the printing option directly on the printer.

Main reasons

All the reasons why the printer begins to print empty sheets can be divided into several groups.

  • Incorrect selection of paper. In this case, in the settings of the device, you should check which particular print format is by default. If paper of a different size is placed in the tray, which differs from the apparatus indicated in the settings, the device will not print the text.
  • The causes of malfunctions can be technical in nature. These include malfunctions in the work of the print head and cartridge, as well as the failure of some units of the device or clogging them.
  • Most often empty sheets appear if the paint in the cartridge is over. In this case, it should be seasoned as soon as possible if it belongs to the group of the reinforced, or replace.
  • If the printer has not been used for a long time, then it is possible to dry out ink inside the dozen of the print head. If this happens, you will need to be soaking the cartridge or its washing.

Due to the inattention of the user ink in the print head, they can completely dry out. For example, if the supply of electricity was unexpectedly disconnected during the device, then the carriage may not find its parking space and stop at some other section of the device. In this case, on the ink, which are located in the ines of the print head, the air has a long time and dries them. After the paint is completely dry, it will begin to clog the capillaries.

In the case of such an unforeseen situation, it is very important to inspect the carriage and, if necessary, wrap with a gauze cloth moistened with water for injection (saline in this case is not suitable). This napkin should be slightly “run” with a carriage, while the thickness of the fabric should be sufficient so that the print head with it is in contact with it. These measures will avoid the drying of ink, and after the supply of electricity resumes. just remove the napkin, insert the cable into the outlet, and then start the printer and wait until it performs self.diagnosis and parks the head in place.

Clean sheets without text can appear due to overheating of the print head in the case when the device operates for a long time and performs large print volumes.

Empty sheets can come out with an incorrect design of a document in a graphic or text editors. it happens that they already have missed pages in advance. To avoid problems before activating the printer in the file menu, you need to select the pre.viewing function. in the window that opens, each user can view the materials displayed for printing. If empty pages are detected, they need to be removed.

Incorrect settings are also a common cause of white sheets. The fact is that the vast majority of modern printers are connected to a stationary or portable computer through a USB port. However, software failures occur, and then the settings set earlier simply “fly”, and the device either produces white sheets, or stands and does not respond to commands, although information that the seal is being displayed in the print program window that the seal is being displayed.

As a rule, this happens if the file of information about the print queue is damaged.

Some malfunctions in the interaction of a computer with a printer can make flying drivers. If this happens, it is necessary to update the printer software, having previously removed the old.

The appearance of white sheets is also facilitated by banal user errors.

  • If you independently replaced the cartridge and at the same time forgot to remove the protective film from it, then it will prevent the ink from getting on paper. Because of this, the cartridge is not recognized by the system. To eliminate such a problem, you just need to remove the cartridge and remove the film.
  • Using unsuitable paper or low.quality paper. As a rule, the instructions for the printer necessarily prescribe what type of paper it is compatible with. sheets should have a certain thickness and density.
  • Cartridge and printer incompatibility. Another common situation is to study the user management before buying and make sure that both models can work with each other, especially often problems are with jet devices.
  • And finally, the reason may be incorrect connection. Any wires tend to fail over time or you could accidentally disconnect the connection during cleaning. in this case, the printer does not start.

How to eliminate the problem?

If you think that the printer gives out white sheets due to incompatibility of the cartridge and printer, you must perform certain actions.

  • Print any test page in autonomous mode. However, not all printers of the printers have such an option. As a rule, this is spelled out in the operating instructions that are attached to any device.
  • Try to restart the printer. This can be done not only by the power button and off, but also using the cable disconnection from the network. The same must be done with the computer itself, which sends the file to print. It is possible that there is a software failure.
  • If the printing head has overheated-she needs to give her a couple of hours to rest, during which time she will have time to completely cool down.
  • Try to remove the cartridge, and then insert it again. If you see that it is dirty, then carefully wipe it with a damp cloth, let it dry completely, and then install it in place. at the same time a characteristic click should be heard. Often these measures are quite enough for the printer to start working again.
  • While the cartridge dries, you can clean the printer itself from the inside. perhaps it remains dust, traces of paint and some other types of pollution. You can do this with a special liquid that is sold in the office equipment store.

In this case, it is very important to avoid contact of fluid with contacts.

Cleaning the Print line

Most often, failures of the print queue interfere with the sending of new files for printing, but sometimes it can lead to a situation with empty sheets. In order to clean it, you need to perform the following steps:

  • Enter the “control panel” (Winr. Control) and select “Devices and Printers”;
  • Click the right mouse button on the desired printer and select “View the Printing Queen”;
  • click “Clean the queue”.

If it still does not cleanse, then you can try to do this in another way:

  • Go to the “Service” item (Winr. Services. MSC) and run the “print manager”;
  • At the same time, press the Winr keys and write down%Windir%\ System32 \ Spool \ Printers, after which the folder will open, which stores all temporary files of the print queue. you just have to clean it.

Reinstalling the driver

In order to update the printer software, you need to download the drivers. You can do this from the disk that came with the printer, or from the official website of the manufacturer of the device, before starting work, the old driver should be removed. In general, the sequence of actions to reinstall the drivers is as follows:

  • Turn off the device, disconnect the wire from the computer and pull out the cord from the outlet;
  • Go to the “control panel” option, select the “Device Manager” from the proposed list;
  • Several printers will be listed in the pop.up window. select the right one, then click on it with the right mouse button and mark the “Delete” item;
  • After that, the OS will begin to install new drivers, everything is simple here. you just need to follow the instructions of the installation master;
  • The same action can be performed through the “Device Manager”, in this case, you need to select “Update the configuration of equipment” in the menu;
  • Do not forget to first connect the printer and turn it on, in a pop.up window you will see the unknown equipment that appears. you should click on it with the right mouse button and click the “install” item;
  • The system will automatically offer you to choose a driver from a personal computer disk or download from the Internet.

This method is used when downloaded drivers do not have an installation file.

other methods

It happens that after updating the operating system, the printer ceases to print documents from any application. In this situation, the following actions can be performed:

  • Try to print a document from any alternative application if there is one;
  • Make sure that the right printer is chosen by default.

It is possible that the format of the file you have chosen is incompatible with the work of the program. in this case, try using another.

To detect systemic errors in the printer, you can use the search. To do this, you should find your printer in the devices, click on it with the right mouse button and run the “Elimination of the problems”. At the end of the search, the system itself will detect and correct all the malfunctions that are diagnosed.

Hp LaserJet P1102 Printing Blank Pages

After that, you should use a special utility from the manufacturer of equipment. If you have not installed it with the drivers, you can find it yourself on the manufacturer’s website.

It is important to make sure that there is paper in the printer in advance, as some programs print several test pages at once.

Problems with cartridge

The answer to the question “Why the printer prints white sheets?»Could be associated with the malfunctions of the cartridge. For example, the most banal. it ended ink. True, before that, the printer had to print quite pale and at the same time “crawl”, warning about the minimum level of paint. However, the user could not notice this. In this case, the problem is solved promptly. replacing the cartridge or its refueling.

Another reason that the printer does not print, only gives empty sheets when printing, can serve as drying in the cartridge. This applies precisely inkjet printers. If they do not use them for a long time, then ink is drying out. You can try to get the cartridge and shock it a little. In some cases, this helps to return the printed capabilities of the device. However, most often you have to give the cartridge for repair or change to a new.

If the paint ends in the cartridge, then the printer can print empty sheets

It also happens that the printer still prints empty sheets, although there is a paint. over, you just took the cartridge from the service where you were filled. Then, with a greater degree of probability, we can say that the replaced block fails. Perhaps the fact that he was incorrectly seasoned. Even professionals are mistaken. there is nothing wrong with that.

Printer malfunction, PC or software

You were convinced that there are enough paint in the cartridge, it is correctly installed in the device and even the document sent to print has the correct format. However, white sheets continue to appear from the printer. In this case, the problem may be for the reasons described later.

Damage to the printer

A variety of devices can fail. For example, the HP printer often breaks a photo bus, in which contacts or magnetic shaft are damaged. Laser devices often have a problematic place. this is the block responsible for the transfer of the image. In any case, when breaking the printer, you will have to contact the service.

Problems with drivers

Usually they appear due to viruses, software failures, due to the installation of new equipment and MN. etc. You can go to the “control panel” and select the “Device Manager” section. Next. the “Printers” tab (or print queues). If the computer finds some problems with the driver, then there you will see the icons of red or yellow, similar to the exclamation mark. True, sometimes PC does not show errors, although the problem is precisely in “firewood”. In any case, it will not be superfluous to go to the printer manufacturer’s website and download the latest version of the drivers.

The printer settings were lost

Another frequency case in which empty sheets can be printed. You need to go into the printer settings and check all print parameters. Sometimes, due to various errors, color saturation is set at least or the ink saving mode is turned on. It is easy to solve this problem. just click the Restore Printer Settings button.

Little memory on PC

It cannot be ruled out that your computer has ended free space on a hard disk. He simply does not have enough resources to process information. Therefore, through the “My Computer”, check whether there is at least 2 GB of free space on the hard drive. This is enough for the eyes for high.quality printing.

Viruses or errors on PC

To get started, request printing a trial page. How to do this, you can look at the menu or in the instructions for the printer. If the trial page is printed, then the problem is clearly not in the printed device. It is worth checking the computer for viruses, update the OS, etc.

Printer malfunctions, PC or software may become the reasons for issuing empty sheets with a printer.

White sheets on Canon printers

It is worth noting separately that the appearance of empty sheets during printing is often found in Canon printer models. Especially for those that are equipped with a continuous supply system of ink. 2 white pages are periodically printed on such devices.

The reason is in a short train (flat wide wire). When a carriage with cartridges reaches one shaft, it touches a special sensor that sends her a signal to move the other way. However, due to the length of the train, this does not happen. As a result, the operation of the printer is violated. The user receives 2 clean sheets and jammed paper. Which exit? Contact the seller if the warranty period is not expired, or to the service, to replace a short train with a longer.