The phone charges quickly and discharges quickly

Smartphone battery discharges quickly: causes and ways to fix the battery performance

If the old “granny phones” could boast of battery life of a week, high-tech smartphones live away from the socket a maximum of two days. Increased performance has led to a reduction in life. it is now considered normal to buy a cell phone once a year. It affects all of its components.

Buying a phone I think the lottery. For example, the battery of my old Dexp Ixion ES 4.5 bloated after the expiration of the warranty period. And my mom’s Fly lives in good health for 4 years already.

In this article I will tell you what to do if even a new phone quickly runs out of battery. Often the fault is the wrong setting of the gadget, but there are 15 other reasons, which we will talk about in detail.

Why your smartphone takes so long to charge: 8 most popular reasons

There are many reasons that can affect the charging of your smartphone: from the use scenarios of the mobile device to hardware malfunctions. In this article, we will analyze all the cases, the consequence of which can be a slow charging of the battery, and try to correct the situation.

There are many reasons that can affect the charging of your smartphone, from the usage patterns of your mobile device to hardware malfunctions. It is really unpleasant when the smartphone was on charge all night, and the battery capacity is only half replenished. In this article we will consider all the cases that can result in slow battery charging, and try to correct the situation.

Turn GPS off when you don’t need it

GPS. takes a lot of battery power (I think you’ve noticed this by using Google Maps). In terms of energy consumption, it is second only to 4G. From here, if you don’t need it at the moment, it’s best to turn it off.

  • To do this, enter the “Settings” window, then the “Location” window. In the window where we find ourselves, turn off the slider access to the location. Below you need to follow the link to access from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth;
  • Both sliders off.

Ways to quickly charge your Windows Phone

Microsoft’s new models, such as the Lumia 950 XL, have a tweaked battery with a feature that allows you to charge your phone very quickly. In just half an hour, the battery was up 50 percent.

But the secrets of extremely fast charging will not be out of place for owners of smartphones of this brand.

  • Do not touch your phone while charging. This is how the remaining battery power is used to light up the screen and open applications.
  • It’s worth putting the gadget into “airplane mode”. It optimizes the work of all applications and reduces the functionality of the device. But the speed of recharging the battery increases.
  • Radical and effective method. switching off the phone. Nothing will distract your smartphone from the work of charging.
  • We have to give up wireless charging and the method through the USB port of the computer. They are too slow, so they are not suitable in an emergency situation.

It’s worth buying a powerbank. Then, if the drive is charged, you can connect your device to it and charge it, albeit slowly, right on the go if you need to rush on the road.

Which phones are prone to fast charging. discharging

Unfortunately, few modern mobile devices are capable of a long “hold” the battery charge. The fact that any expensive cell phone of any brand is stuffed with so many programs. In addition they are equipped with a very powerful processor and a large bright screen. Therefore, the unit simply does not have enough battery capacity and it quickly runs down. That’s why the old type of gadgets could keep a high charge for literally weeks, but the new ones have to be charged daily, if not several times.

It turns out that the question of what phones are prone to rapid charging, discharging can be confidently stated. units of any brand, which have complex software, and hence the high power consumption. First of all this includes any smartphone that runs on Windows Mobile, Android, iOS brand: Honor, Samsung, Lenovo, iPhone, HTC, Xiaomi, Asus, Meizu, Sony, LG, Nokia and Huawei.

In general, any modern smartphone, characterized by high functionality and not very big battery, very soon in the process of operation will quickly begin to lose battery capacity and bring a lot of inconvenience to the owner. However, according to experts, if you approach the problem in the right way and do something about it, the problem can be brightened up a bit.

Decrease the brightness, resolution and refresh rate of the screen

One of the main reasons why the battery drains quickly on your phone is the high brightness of the screen. It is the display that consumes the most energy, and the higher the resolution and brightness the more the smartphone will drain the battery.

To save power, set the automatic brightness detection this function is available on all modern smartphones and tablets. You can also select the “smart resolution” option in the device settings, or you can manually set a lower resolution to save power. If you are using a device with an AMOLED screen, activate the dark theme: these matrices do not waste energy on backlighting black pixels.

Also on some new models you can adjust the refresh rate of the screen: for example, 120 Hz or 60 Hz. The higher it is the faster will be discharging the smartphone. Why do you need a high hertz display on the phone, we told in a separate article. So, at 120 Hz it is much more convenient to play and work with the interaction of applications, but if you want to prolong the life time of your smartphone, it is better to choose a low refresh rate.

You can also disable all kinds of animations and visual effects in Android. But it will save a little bit of charge, so it does not always make sense to give up the beautiful visuals. All settings for disabling animations and other “ornaments” are located in the “Special features” “Additional visual effects” settings.

A virus that makes the phone work without shutting down

Another reason why your phone can run down quickly is a virus program. You don’t even notice it, but a malicious code prevents your smartphone from “fully” sleeping. To get on the phone a virus could be different ways: for example, together with updates of already installed programs or with a new application. And while you sleep peacefully, your phone along with a million similar devices hack the pentagon or work in a mining farm of an intruder.

What to do?

Install a modern antivirus and check your phone. Remove the latest updates and installed applications and see if the situation changes.

What to do if your Android smartphone runs down quickly

Battery life is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a smartphone model. With the increase in the diagonal of smartphones, the use of energy-intensive applications, increased power consumption of “iron”, reduces the battery life of the smartphone. One of the steps manufacturers are taking to solve this problem is to increase the capacity of batteries installed in smartphones. Nowadays you rarely see a smartphone from a “serious” manufacturer, which comes with a battery of 3000 mAh or less. The figure of 4000 mAh today is the minimum-standard. Batteries of such capacity, when using a smartphone in the mode of average activity, allow you to charge it no more than once a day.

phone, charges, quickly, discharges

But if right after the purchase of the smartphone its battery life without recharging meets expectations, then after a certain period of use, battery life is reduced. It’s a natural process that can’t be avoided. Yes, if the battery life is noticeably reduced in a year and a half or two after purchase. This seems to be normal and does not cause much question. After all, over time there is “wear and tear” of the battery. The capacity of the battery drops, it can no longer “absorb and hold” the charge corresponding to the original capacity. Completely stop this process, unfortunately, it is impossible, but to slow the aging of the battery. it is possible (if you are interested in this topic. read the article “How to correctly charge your smartphone to prolong the life of his battery”).

But if the “process” of reducing the battery life has become noticeable after a month or two after the start of use, or the battery life has decreased dramatically at once. here we need to look for the cause, which leads to a rapid discharge of the battery. There can be several reasons for this, but you can “affect” only one. If your smartphone starts discharging battery faster than usual. the problem may be in the “power-consuming” programs and applications that are running even in the background mode, actively “eating” the battery of your smartphone, and in the settings of energy-saving smartphone.

Increase the battery life of your smartphone is possible with the special built-in tools for optimizing and saving the battery of your Android phone by removing or stopping unused programs and applications, with the help of special applications.

Let’s look at an example of Xiaomi smartphone with the tenth version of Android (smartphones of other manufacturers and smartphones with other versions of Anroid visualization may be slightly different, but the “general sense” of the choice of actions is the same).

Built-in tools

Enter the query “battery” into the search box and select the line.

You will be taken to the “Battery Power Savings” section.

It displays the approximate remaining battery life of the smartphone, there is an option to enable the modes “Energy Saving” and “Ultra Energy Saving”, suggestions to fix energy consumption problems (if any) and a list (rating) of the most energy consuming programs and applications.

In the “power consumption problems” you can enable or disable the suggested components and see how a particular action will affect the battery.

If you turn on the “power saving” mode, the battery life of the smartphone should increase by 54%, which is very good.

Enabling “ultra-saving time” mode should increase battery life by almost ten times, but at the same time the power-consuming functions will be limited and the performance of the smartphone will be reduced, which with a large degree of probability will not suit the average user. In fact, in this mode you get only the functions of an ordinary push-button dialer. outgoing and incoming calls plus the ability to send and receive SMS. Although in a force majeure situation the inclusion of this mode may be justified.

Deleting or stopping unused programs and applications

Over time your smartphone accumulates a lot of programs and applications that you do not use, but which constantly “consume energy”, draining the battery. Such applications can be preinstalled (t.е. Already installed on your smartphone when you purchase it), or can be installed by the user, and then simply forgotten for lack of use and not uninstalled (not removed). Most often it is the presence of a large number of installed and completely unnecessary applications that cause a sharp decrease in battery life of the smartphone.

  • To see all the applications installed on your phone, go to “Settings”,
  • find and select “Applications”,
  • go to “All applications”.

And then it’s up to you. In the long list of applications you select the applications you do not use or do not need. Remove them without regret. As a result of this operation, deleted applications will no longer consume energy and drain the smartphone battery. Battery life will definitely increase!

Applications to analyze and reduce battery consumption

There are many third-party applications that analyze the possibility of increasing the battery life of your smartphone, estimate the rate of battery drain and limit the work of the most “voracious” programs and applications.

The battery life depends initially on the capacity of the battery. But in addition to this, a number of other factors affect the battery life. Sometimes the causes are simple enough, and no effort is required to eliminate them. First of all, it is worth analyzing whether the battery discharge too fast has the following reasons:

  • Working too intensively. If you use the smartphone only for calling and sending messages, without intensive conversations, and mostly keep the gadget in standby mode, the battery will last longer than when you watch movies or play games.
  • The activation of wireless modules can also reduce the level of charge. Mobile internet, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi work simultaneously, the battery drains quickly. It is worth checking the settings and, if not necessary, disable the modules that are not needed at the moment.
  • Unstable network signal. If the device is constantly forced to search for a connection, this also causes a rapid discharge of the battery.


Some mobile devices have an imbalance between the installed battery and the iron, when the battery capacity is not enough. In this case it is recommended to use a powerbank.

In addition, there are a number of other factors that affect the operating time of the smartphone. Sometimes if the phone is charging for a long time and quickly discharges, the reason can not be understood immediately. It is worth sorting out the most common cases.

High brightness of backlight

This reason is one of the most common. Often users set the maximum brightness settings in the display settings. This makes it possible to comfortably read the screen even on a sunny day, but the battery drains considerably faster.


Experienced users advise to reset the brightness to 50-60%, which on Android is easy to do, even without going into settings. All you have to do is to roll down the notification curtain and move the slider to the right position.

My phone Battery draining Fast / Dies so fast


Malicious software, constantly running in the background, can significantly affect the battery level, discreetly consuming it. Check for viruses is easy, if at least temporarily install special software. After downloading, you should run an antivirus program in scanner mode, check the memory for threats and neutralize them.

After that, you can uninstall the application if you want. But in order to stay safe it is not bad to leave anti-virus on the device and regularly check the smartphone.

Open applications running in the background

Not only malware can stealthily “eat” the battery. To check whether the reason that the battery quickly runs down, too many open applications, you must: go to “Settings” and proceed as follows:

All running programs consuming resources will be shown. It is better to disable those that are not needed at the moment by clicking on “Stop”.

Bugs of the operating system

If you noticed active “voracious” charge after the update, the reason may be the defects of the new firmware version. In Android-based phones, such as Samsung and Xiaomi, you can check this from the menu “Settings”. To do this go to the “Battery” section and see which applications are most actively consuming the battery. In the case that these are system programs, rolling back the device to a previous version will help. You can do it yourself or with the help of the specialists from the service center.

Processor overheated

If the temperature of the device rises above 45°C, the battery performance decreases. You should make sure that your smartphone does not overheat. You should not leave the gadget in the sun. for example, on the dashboard of a car or on a window sill with the heating turned on.

Unstable firmware version

Such a problem is typical for smartphones of older models, if a newer version of Android is installed on them. As in the case with bugs, rolling back to the factory settings and installing the correct firmware, supported by the device, will help.


Also installing the latest update can improve the performance of your smartphone.

Power controller fails

Quite an unpleasant situation, because in this case the system gets incorrect readings, resulting in the battery is not charged fully or not used the entire battery capacity. You can not do without a visit to the service center for chip repair or replacement.

Reboot your device

Sometimes the calibration of the battery helps to prevent excessive energy consumption. This requires a complete reboot of the smartphone. It is necessary to discharge the device to 0%, then connect it to power and wait for a full charge to 100% without turning on the gadget.

Mechanical damage to the phone

Accidentally dropping the phone doesn’t always cause visible damage, but it can lead to internal defects. For example the contact between the battery and the processor breaks. This can cause energy loss of up to 50%.

Damaged or dirty power connector, oxidation of contacts due to moisture, are even more common reasons for the phone to be difficult to charge. In this case, the smartphone not only charges longer than usual, but also gets excessively warm when you connect the power.

Battery wear and tear

The battery is the most exploited part of a mobile device, so it is not surprising that over time there is a natural degradation. As a rule, the life of a modern battery is designed for 5-6 thousand hours. charge cycles. But if used improperly, it can significantly shorten. To prevent this from happening, you should follow a few simple rules:

  • do not use cheap analogues of the charger;
  • Do not store your phone in a discharged state;
  • Not exposing the device to temperature extremes;
  • try not to use your smartphone while it is on charge.

The signal of battery wear and tear is the fact that the gadget not only discharges quickly, but also replenishes its energy just as rapidly. So, already in a couple of hours after the device was fully charged, the indicator shows a critical value. But as soon as you plug in the power supply, after half an hour it shows 100% again.


It is not possible to restore a worn out battery. The only way is to change the battery.