The mouse does not work on the computer what to do

Why is a wireless mouse doesn’t work

If your mouse suddenly breaks, do not worry! Consider what can be done to fix it yourself. There may be 2 fault options:

  • Hardware. The mouse does not charge or does not connect.
  • Software. The problem is related to the settings of the operating system. The product will not function.

The algorithm of actions to eliminate problems can be easily found on the Internet: for this it is worth briefly described your problem, think what, in your opinion, affects its performance.

If you turn the mouse and see that the LED does not burn, it is safe to say that it is broken and the case here is not at all in the operating system. Lack of connection when using the USB pipeline also indicates mechanical damage. If work disorders are programmatic in nature, the only way to revive your mouse is to install a new program.

Hardware problems

If the reboot did not help and the mouse does not work on the laptop, make sure that the hardware components are in good condition. First of all, try connecting a mouse to another USB port, and even better to another computer. If there is such an opportunity.

If you have a mobile device, connect it by the same USB. To which the mouse was connected and check whether it will work. Also check the integrity of the cable, especially in the joints with the USB-sterler and the mouse body.

Keyboard or Mouse not working in Windows 10

This is the easiest way to verify the serviceability of a USB port and the mouse itself. You can also open Control /Name Microsoft Device Manager Device Manager. Expand the item “Mouse and other indicating devices” and see if your mouse has in the list of devices.

If it is absent or marked with a red icon, this may indicate a hardware problem.

How to connect a wireless mouse to a computer

Compared to its “tailing fellow”, a wireless mouse for a computer provides the user with more control freedom. For example, you can sit on the couch and switch photos, films, etc. D. On the default Windows OS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technologies are used by default. The stationary computer is not always, but they install a wireless module. Check its presence in your system unit using the “Device Manager”. In the absence of a module, buy a special adapter.

Bluetooth mash

Bluetooth mash today is used very often. She gained popularity due to a small delay and increased response rate. To connect the manipulator, in the control panel Open “View devices” and click “Adding a device”. Turn on the mouse and press the conjugation button (if any, see the instructions for your model). When the name of the manipulator appears in the window, click on it and “next”. At the end of the process, complete it with activation of the “Ready” button. Now the mouse will be connected immediately after starting the system.

Radio frequency mouse

A radio frequency receiver, going in a set with a mouse, allows you to use a manipulator with new and outdated models. To connect the device, insert the receiver into the USB port. Windows itself will install suitable software. Turn on the manipulator and the connection button (if any).

So that the wireless mice do not in vain discharge, turn them off at the end of the work of PC.

The mouse does not work on the computer

Today, almost every person has a computer. This multifunctional device is designed to perform many various tasks. To cope with this, it is necessary to use several tools at once, which include the keyboard, monitor, printer, power supply, mouse It so happens that with long operation, the operation of these devices is disturbed, in this case, urgent repair or replacement of equipment is required. In our article, we will figure out the possible reasons for the lack of a computer mouse and tell us ways to eliminate them.

Depending on the quality of the purchased mouse with different frequency, situations may arise when its index simply freezes in place. Manufacturers try to create modern versions of improved type and correct this drawback. But so far, many users have this.

mouse, does, work, computer

The problem is mainly that in the absence of a reaction to the movement of the cursor, the user simply cannot perform further actions. Most users are used to opening all windows with a mouse, other methods are little known and practically not used.

In order to understand the reasons why the mouse stopped working and solving the problem, we suggest referring to the following scheme for eliminating problems. Let’s start with the main parameter.

mouse, does, work, computer

IMPORTANT! Sometimes the poor quality of functioning is due to the version of the equipment, and not its breakdown. For quick and convenient interaction, it is better to purchase a quality model.

Checking power sources

First of all, you need to check the power source:

  • In the case of a wireless system, open the mouse body and check the presence of batteries. Try to replace.
  • If you have a wired option, inspect the presence and integrity of all wires.
  • Check the correct connection of the cable in the computer body.
  • Then turn off and re.Enable equipment to the network.

If the reason was faulty or connecting, then you are lucky and similar manipulations are enough to restore the normal functioning of the device. If this did not help, then it is worth looking for a problem in violation of software.

IMPORTANT! Carefully check all the wires and the case of the product, it was possible a mechanical effect that led to a breakdown.

Mouse functionality restoration of Windows means

If the previous point did not help solve the problem and the mouse is still connected, glows, but it does not work, then you have to contact the Windows assistant. Each system has a special program responsible for the diagnosis, identification and elimination of possible problems. To activate it, use the following scheme:

How to Fix Mouse Not Working Problem in Windows PC (Windows 7/8.1/10)

mouse, does, work, computer
  • By pressing the Win key (or the Winr combination is possible) go to the “Perform” item.
  • In the input line, write the word CONTROL, press the entry of the Enter key.
  • Using the indicators of the shooter or Tab button, select the “Equipment and Sound” section. Enter button, enter this section.
  • In the same method, you need to go to the “Device and Prinaters” item.
  • From the proposed list, select your device and go to the point of elimination of malfunctions using the SHIFTF10 key
  • Activate it by pressing the input button.
  • Within a few minutes, diagnostics and solution to the problem will be made.

IMPORTANT! When diagnosing, tips can pop up, perform all actions according to the instructions on the screen, then restart the computer. If the cause of the problem was correctly detected, then everything should earn.

Checking and updating the driver

Sometimes it happens that the reason for the failure in the work lies in the incorrect recognition of the mouse by a computer. This may occur if the drivers are incorrectly connected, or their settings are lost (for example, as a result of connecting additional equipment). Sequencing:

ATTENTION! You can also try to remove and reinstall the drivers to the device.

Mouse check on another computer

In extreme cases, if none of the above solved the problem and the mouse does not function, you can resort to the option of connecting another computer or laptop. If there its functioning is normal, then it makes sense to try again to change its settings and reinstall the drivers. You need to do this until the work is getting along. In the case when nothing changes on another technique, most likely, the mouse has finally broken, you need to buy a new.

Mouse settings

Movements: this is a way to “set the speed of the pointer”: or change it. Most often, it is the speed of movement of the mouse, that affects accuracy; “Enable the increased accuracy of the installation of the pointer”: opposite this point you need to put or remove the box. Now you need to check the condition of the mouse, since it is the presence of a box that may be a problem;

Visibility: “display the trace of the mouse pointer”: when this function is turned on (using a checkmark), you can observe how the trace remains after the mouse cursor. Now you have a choice, evaluate the use of this function and establish a convenient option for yourself.

Also, the mouse can freeze if connected to the USB port. In this case, the computer has a PS/2 port in a simple language (wire in the form of a slingshot). The wire responsible for connecting the mouse and keyboard. In this case, you can use the adapter and connect USB through it.


The activities of viral utilities that are on a laptop from the network or removable media can harm the software components of the system. If the reason that the cursor does not move on a laptop is a malicious application, then in our other article you can find out what to do in such a situation.

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It is recommended to establish regular protection on the laptop to avoid problems in the system and not lose important data.

Freezing during interaction

During operation at the computer, when moving the cursor, perches may appear, which often means incorrect operation of the device sensor or failure in the operating system. To solve the problem, you will need to make edits in the configuration of equipment within the framework of Windows or repair components. Two articles are devoted to this on our website with a detailed description of all actions.

Elimination of hardware problems

The most unpleasant, but quite common cause of such behavior of the manipulator is hardware breakdown.

  • The first thing that needs to be done if you suspect a physical malfunction is to connect the mouse to another port, preferably going directly to the motherboard.

It is also worth excluding adapters for the type of converter from PS/2 on USB and USB hubs.

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