The monitor does not work but the light is on fire. Preparation and diagnostics

What to do if a black screen is turned on when the laptop is turned on, but the bulb burns and the cooler works?

In this article, we will talk about such an unpleasant symptom for any laptop as a black screen when turning on. over, light bulbs can burn and even cooler will spin. But there will be no image on the screen.

Now you will learn what to do when it gets into a similar situation in order to try to return the laptop to life yourself at home.

Laptop settings reset and inclusion without a battery

First of all, in such a situation, you need to turn off the laptop from the network and then remove the battery.

Now without connecting it to the network and without inserting the battery, click on the power button and hold it for about 30 seconds.

Button for turning on the laptop to keep

After that, connect the laptop to the network without a battery and try to turn on.

Why the PC monitor does not turn on

Computer monitors do not use separately. They are part of the system where each device is associated with the rest. Therefore, the work of the monitor depends not only on himself. It is affected by the equipment of the PC system unit. primarily a video card, and software.

Consider the reasons why monitors cease to turn on or perform their functions. For convenience, we will divide them into groups: related to the device itself and arose due to problems in other parts of the computer.

First Group: Happing in the monitor.

  • The device is not connected to the energy source (the fork is not inserted into the outlet, there is no voltage in the household power supply).
  • Damaged electric cable or connector connector.
  • The monitor power supply is faulty.
  • Electronics board (Scaler) is faulty.
  • The screen backlight system has failed (with this breakdown, the monitor turns on, but it may look like non.working).

Second group: Calm clock in the computer.


  • The video cable has creases or other damage. If it is connected through an adapter-adapter-a malfunction of the latter.
  • The video cable is connected to the wrong nest of the system unit.
  • The video card does not display the signal to the monitor due to a malfunction, overheating, lack of power, installation in a faulty slot, and t. D.
  • The video card does not support the current screen resolution.
  • The motherboard of the computer is incompatible with the video card (the problem is found on some PC factory assemblies when the user attempt to prosphise).
  • Videraiter completed the work with an error.

Localize the source of the problem

The following symptoms are more likely to indicate a malfunction of the monitor:

  • When the computer is turned on, the monitor does not show any signs of life: the screen remains black, the indicator on the front panel does not burn, the case and display do not heat up.
  • The device begins to work only after repeated attempts to turn on. Sometimes. with a significant delay.
  • It turns on, but after a while spontaneously turns off.
  • He reacts to the power button, but after that they immediately turn off with the computer. When checking with another PC monitor, it works fine.

And this speaks more about external problems associated with the video card and other system units, as well as with software:

  • The monitor turns on, but instead of the image on the screen, “Power Saving Mode”, “No signal”, etc. P.
  • The screen goes out after loading Windows in normal mode, in a safe image there is. The bulb of the inclusion on the front panel of the device continues to glow.
  • The screen goes out during the game and at another intensive load on the video card. The indicator also shines.

By the way, the monitor connected to the laptop can not display the picture immediately, but only when starting the operating system. This is fine. But if the latter does not start for some reason, the image never appears. Because of this, it may seem that the external monitor does not work.

Reason: Nutrition does not enter the monitor

To solve this problem, first check how valid is the screen of the screen from the electric network. If problems are not associated with food, but with drivers, then the monitor does not turn on, the light flashes. Suppose that the power is coming from the network, but the monitor is still turned off. Then you can try to connect it using another wire, if it is in stock. This problem. Just the case when the monitor turns on, but there is no image on it.

Users sometimes wonder why the monitor does not turn on, without even suspecting that the problem lies in ordinary neglect, in ordinary negligence and inaccuration. In this case, it is necessary to carefully check how reliably the mounting of the connecting cable to the adapter or network, as well as to the power supply. The cable can be damaged, so the signal can break through.

If two video cards are installed on the computer. discrete and integrated. then connect the cable coming from the monitor, it is necessary to discrete. In personal computers, discretting connector is usually lower than an integrated card. If the monitor turns on and goes out, it can also be an indicator of a bad connection. Sometimes you can cut off the signal, just touching, moving the cable.

It is worth checking how securely the cable was connected to the connector. You can pull it out and insert it again. over, this procedure is done in double-sided: both from the side of the power supply and from the VGA-adaptor of the monitor. There are special spinning. If one of them is untwisted, the connection may be interrupted. Needless to say, when both are poorly fixed. In that case, do not be surprised that the monitor does not turn on, there is no signal.

Perhaps the last step that can get rid of this problem will be the replacement of the cable. However, if the signal arrives stably, the indicator burns constantly, without turning it off, buying a new cable is inappropriate. Most likely, in this case, the cause of the emergency is incorrectly established software. Or incorrect debugging the device. Actually, then we will analyze the solution of these problems.

Reason: incorrect settings

The failure that appears in the image settings can also cause that the monitor is squealing and does not turn on. The settings, as you know, edit the resolution of the monitor, its frequency and other parameters. If they were exposed incorrectly, then the monitor will simply not display the image on the screen. Check if this is the case, you can simply. If you have a second personal computer or a laptop (and in most cases in families two or more similar devices) in working condition, then we connect a monitor with suspected breakdown to this very device. If it displays the image on the screen, then the problem is clearly in the settings.

The option with the conflict of two video cards is quite possible if they are installed in PC, as well as in the laptop. To solve you, you can go to BIOS and find a item that is responsible for the operation of an integrated video card. There we turn it off, because it is much weaker and the entire load still goes to a discrete video card.

Conflict of cards. This is often why the monitor does not turn on when starting. This is especially pronounced in the case of laptops. The fact is that in the case of a PC, the monitor is directly connected to the map using VGA-adapter. But in laptops the principle is slightly different. There are also their reasons related to the incorrect work of the drivers, but more on that further.

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Reason 4. black screen and problems with BIOS

Когда ноутбук не включается и явно видно, что горит черный экран, а видеокарт исправна, о могут быть проблемы с прогрузкой команд BIOS. Often this is due to the sowing battery or bios glitches. To get started, reset the BIOS with Clear BIOS Pinins or take out the battery (often it is CR2032) and close the contacts to which it connected. Sometimes a battery is placed in laptops. But they also lose the container over time. After the scurry of BIOS, you may have to adjust it again. Most often, default settings work.

It happens that the eeprom chip. in which BIOS is sewn out of order. Here you will need a programmer. to confirm this by reading pobyatno and a new ROM chip for repair. Before repair, you need to find the firmware file on the official website of the laptop manufacturer. How to drop a BIOS chip in the video.

Reason 5. malfunction of the motherboard

The last and rare cause of the appearance of the black screen when the laptop is turned on may be a malfunction of the motherboard. Here I include: a malfunction of the secondary power system, microcracks in the soldering or fluid entering the board and connectors, the burnout of the paths and violation of the integrity of the motherboard.

If the circuit for the formation of secondary power voltages can still be fixed by replacing transistors and drivers, then the burnout of the paths and chips of the board is a direct path to disassembly. But the motherboards flooded with liquids are restored depending on the level of damage and the available equipment in the service.

On this I complete my top 5 reasons when the laptop screen does not turn on. I hope that now it has become more clear to you what to do if you see a black screen when you turn on your laptop. Unfortunately, the good video instructions of the black screen when I turn on the laptop without harmful tips, I have not found yet. Someone advises to shake and blow on the battery, someone takes out a construction hair dryer and begins to fry the motherboard right in the case. Don’t have to do this. So we read the article and ask questions in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, on the forum.

No image on the monitor, and the computer works

A fairly common problem that many users of personal computers are faced with is the lack of an image on the monitor screen, while the system unit functions at first glance absolutely normal. The article will discuss how to diagnose without the help of specialists, what components of the device must be checked and how to solve the problem that has arisen.

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The article discusses a specific situation when the processor starts standardly: all indicators are burning, all fans work, a characteristic post-signal has passed, after which the operating system starts, but the monitor does not give out any image. The check must be carried out in a certain sequence, since there are more common causes of malfunctions and vice versa.

  • First of all, it is necessary to check whether the cables are connected correctly. Naturally, at first it is worth checking the cable that feeds the electric energy for the functioning of the display. If it is not damaged and connected correctly, the outlet with which it is connected is also working and in the connector on the monitor (if the cable is not soldered) there are no defects, then you should go to the video cable. Most often, the VGA cable is used to transfer the video signal, and the HDMI standard has become popular, but the connectors for it are exclusively in the newest models of monitors. The stages of checking this component are not much different from the previous. If the cause of the problem was found, and it was in one of the cables, then it can be solved quite simply. replace or fix a defective cord.
  • Since the stage of feeding the image on the screen occurs even when the BIOS is launched, the problem may well hide there. Naturally, in the absence of an image, changing any settings will be problematic, but you can drop them. To do this, you will need to open a system unit and pull out a battery on the motherboard. Many do not even know about its existence, but in fact, such a “baby” stores the most important BIOS settings and, in the absence of its absence, the computer is launched each time with the default values. You need to get it for only a few minutes and then return to its place. Perhaps the problem will be solved.
  • Next, it is necessary to check the performance and correctness of the installation of RAM. It will not be possible to get boards from the system unit, and their functionality in the computer is so extensive that it is quite possible that the monitor does not receive images precisely due to a malfunction in this component. You can combine this action with the extraction of the battery, since it will take everything no more than 5 minutes. RAM boards must not only be pulled out, but also cleaned from dust (not with your hands!). It is better to use a napkin that will not leave the fibers on contacts. It is also worthwhile to clean the nests for installing boards.
  • Next, it is necessary to check the performance of the video card, since this is the most important device that is responsible for filing a video signal to the monitor, for the quality of the image, as well as for the performance of everything that operates in direct contact with the video image. First of all, it is necessary to disconnect this device and clean it of dust. Next, check the plate on which all contacts, resistors, transistors, etc. are applied.D., If there are dark spots on it, then this indicates a repeated overheating of the device, which could lead to malfunctions. The problem can quickly be solved by replacing the video card or connecting the cable to another connector if the computer has a discrete video adapter (built into the motherboard). The repair of non.working devices can only be performed in the service center. In the end, in order to return to the computer, complete functionality will have to get a new video card after a while, possibly with the best technical characteristics, which will also be a new thing for a computer.
  • A problem may also hide in the power supply (PSU), since this device supplies an electric current, previously converting it, to all devices in the computer. Accordingly, the malfunction of the PSU can lead to the fact that the computer will be visually launched, but the current will only be enough for the promotion of the coolers and flashing indicators. At the same time, the video card simply will not start its work synchronously with the rest of the components. The problem is also solved by replacement or repair in the service center.
  • The problem may be the problem caused by the dusting of the main functional parts of the computer. It is recommended to clean the computer and it is recommended regularly, since dusty contacts may not work when starting, dusty coolers will not effectively cool the devices, and the dusty video card at a certain moment may completely burn out. Cleaning can be performed using a conventional brush and vacuum cleaner at weak power, or using a compressor or spray can with compressed air.
  • If all of the above methods did not give the expected result, then the last stage of verification should be an assessment of the working capacity of the motherboard and (extremely rarely) processor. Independently, a person who does not have a certain set of knowledge in electrical engineering can hardly solve the problem and perform diagnostics. Of course, you can weave the failed capacitors, but nothing more. If the malfunction is hidden in one of the specified components, then you will have to contact the service center.

Typically, all the procedures described in this article, with their sequential conduct, help to cope with this problem. The main thing is to follow the instructions, since any little thing can actually block the filing of the video signal to the monitor. If the problem is not solved, then you should contact the service center, Specialists should carry out repair work. Naturally, if this does not apply to the repair of an electric cable, which can be performed by any technically savvy owner.

Why the monitor does not turn on when the computer is turned on?

This situation is very common. Everything happens approximately as follows. You, as usual, turn on the computer and monitor. The fans spun, the system unit was in the standard mode, and there is nothing on the monitor or there is an inscription on the transition to the waiting mode. What to do in this situation? You will find the answer in this article.

First you need to figure out what exactly is the problem. Or with a monitor or all the same with the system unit. It is done very simple. You just need to turn off the wire coming from the monitor to the system unit. Can be turned off both from the side of the monitor and from the side of the system.

Cable disconnection by the system unit

If when this wire is turned off on the monitor screen, some kind of sign with a message about the cable disconnected, then everything is in order with the monitor and the monitor does not turn on due to the malfunction in the system unit.

In this case, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with these articles:

If, having turned off the cable from the monitor, no messages or images appear on it, or they appear and quickly go out when the monitor is turned off and re.turn on, then with a high probability you can say about the malfunction of the monitor, which is extremely difficult to eliminate at home and in this case you are a direct road to the service center.

In the presence of a laptop, the operability of the monitor can be checked very easily by connecting it to the corresponding connector of the first.

In very rare cases, a black screen when the computer is turned on occurs due to a faulty cable from the monitor to the system unit. (The one that you need to try to turn off in the item above).

Monitor cable to computer system unit

To check this option, one of the friends or acquaintances needs to take such a knowingly working cable from the monitor to the system unit and try to connect it to yourself.

Problems with the operation of the operating system

Problem. If you still do not know why the monitor is not turned on, then the problem is possible in the operating system. There are times when the computer turns on normally, information about BIOS is displayed on the screen, and after that a black screen appears and the picture disappears. At the same time, even an option is possible that the sound of Windows launches is played.

This is possible in cases where any systemic failure occurs if you have installed any programs that change the visual style or when infected with viruses that can interfere with the work of the OS and lead to malfunctions in the drivers.

Solution. The solution in this case is quite simple. Run the computer in safe mode and conduct the restoration of the system to the early state. After that, be sure to scan the system with good antivirus.

If the computer does not enter the safe mode and the restoration of the system is impossible, then the problem is in the operating system and it is required to reinstall it.

The monitor does not turn on because it is broken

Problem. If the monitor has ceased to turn on completely unexpectedly, and you have already checked all the previous methods, then perhaps it has broken down. Maybe burned from a jump in the voltage, and maybe the cause of the inoperability is any other. In any case, the broken monitor does not display the image, and you need to repair it.

Solution. It is quite difficult to independently diagnose the monitor in order to determine a specific malfunction for its further elimination, especially for an ordinary user who does not understand electronics. If you are guaranteed to be convinced that the monitor does not turn on, because it is broken, you need to contact a specialist. How to find out that the problem in the monitor itself we will recall below.

How to make sure that the monitor is broken:

  • Check/replace the power cable
  • Check/replace the connecting cable
  • We connect the monitor to the TV, DVD to the player or laptop

Reasons, which is why the monitor is most often not launched along with the computer

Let’s get to the matter from words and consider the phased steps that will help you remove the defect. In this case, it is necessary to look closely at the nuances with all attention, which will help us to more accurately understand the cause of the breakdown. In this case, any sounds made by your PC will help. So, we begin to consider the reasons.

Analysis and repair

The bottom line is what sometimes happens, Windows does not start loading immediately, but after a certain time (usually if your PC is closed with systemic garbage). In two minutes or a little more. After this time, the image on the screen may begin to appear. The system is loaded. From here, you need to wait a little. But, if the inscription “There is no signal” remains on the display and the screen does not react to anything and nothing happens in his life, then more decisive actions need to be started.

Do not immediately run and start to spin the system unit and carefully view the boards. First, we must try to reduce the list of reasons:

  • Remove the screen from the suspects is the possibility of an elementary method: we connect the monitor to another PC. If the picture appears, in this case you need to find the cause in the system case;
  • The same can be done with the system unit. Connect another monitor to it and check if everything works?
  • You need to press the power supply button. After pressing the button, you heard the corresponding sound, which before that arose at the usual launch of the computer? If there is no sound, it turns out, the problem is inside the system unit;
  • It is necessary to check the train, thanks to which the railway is connected to the chipset. 2 the end of the train must be tightly inserted into the slots. In addition, you need to check the power cable connected to the hard drive;
  • Listen to how the cooler is noisy, which was installed on the power supply. No noise or not? If he does not make noise, it turns out, the power supply was broken. But, quite possibly, you accidentally hooked the power cable and pulled out the connection with the BP. Also, on the block there is a switch, check it just in case;
  • If your system board is built in the video card, turn it on, not the main. If the screen earns, the conclusion is one. The problem in the main video card. But, before that, look if the fan works on the main video card. Move it (PC should be turned off). Check if it is tightly inserted into your slot. Maybe she has a little departed. She should sit tightly in its place. The monitor still doesn’t work? Then you need to take it out and clean it with the contacts with a school eraser or cotton wool that you moistened with alcohol. The computer works from a video card, and the main thing does not show itself? Then we carry it to the master or buy a new. If the PC does not work for one of them, then the matter is in the other;
  • Very often the screen does not function due to the RAM boards that are installed on the system board. It may very well be that one of them has deteriorated or does not sit tight. In addition, she could have contacts (or her slots clogged). We pull out each of them in turn, clean contacts, slots. Change them in places. For example, I did not start PC precisely because of the operations. I cleaned them, changed places, and the computer earned.

So, your monitor is already working, since you have found a mistake? Not? Then you need to give PC to the master. He can definitely find a breakdown. Although, it is better to first try to fix the situation yourself. Suddenly will work? My computer most often refused to start precisely due to RAM boards.

Clean from dust.

If the discharge of BIOS settings and the correct connection of iron did not help solve the problem when the monitor does not turn on, then look carefully your computer, just clogged with dust, try to remove the modules of RAM and clean both modules and RAMs (operational storage device).

This is what the modules of RAM look like:

This is what the slots look like when the RAM has already been removed:

The slots can be cleaned carefully with a brush to get inside or just blow dust from there, and the contacts of the modules of the RAM can simply be wiped with an eraser. After this procedure, we insert it back into place, just as they stood.

It is necessary to clean the cooling system from dust, especially in laptops, the cooler is greatly clogged with dust.

Then look at the video card, or rather, the slot on the motherboard, where the video card cable is inserted, in the same way as with the RAM, we clean the contacts of the video adapter cable and the nests on the motherboard.

Check the power supply.

Indeed, the inoperability of the power supply can be the reason that the computer does not turn on or it is more correct to say it, but perhaps it does not have enough power and due to this only the light bulbs flashes, and the monitor does not turn on. Therefore, it is necessary to check the power supply for performance, fortunately, your very useful post was written by Dmitry Shemyakin on his IT blog, which will help you check the power supply unit.

It’s a shame, of course, but such a situation happens quite often, it seems to have checked the contacts and cleaned it from dust and threw off the BIOS, but does not plow anything. The fact is that the motherboard or video card itself could be out of order. Here, even before the breakdown, it was necessary to diagnose a video card for serviceability, when it only gave hints for a breakdown.

As I said above, not all computers know how to warn about the fault of the video card and here you need to take measures, first to check their video card on another computer, or put another one and check whether to turn on whether the monitor. And if it’s not a video adapter, then there is nothing left but to change the motherboard.

That’s all for today, I told you about how to solve the issue if the monitor does not turn on when starting a computer, be sure to subscribe to the blog updates so as not to miss the next materials.