The lenovo laptop does not turn on, just a splash screen

What to do if your notebook hangs on the manufacturer’s splash screen?

This is a situation often encountered by owners of laptops and computers. The motherboard manufacturer’s logo is displayed at startup and nothing happens. Then, if you wait a few minutes, the error “Boot device not found” often appears.

In this article we will tell why this happens and what you can try to do yourself to fix the problem.

How to choose a battery for your notebook?

From this article you will learn:What batteries are used in laptops?What are their advantages and disadvantages?How to Use?How to store?What does the time of operation depend on?

Your laptop is broken, and you have an urgent trip planned? You need to urgently repair your notebook?

It means you need urgent diagnostics out of turn. In most cases, the results of diagnostics after 1-2 hours.

How to fix: Laptop hangs on the screen LENOVO LOGO.

Important: Before you troubleshoot your computer, disconnect all peripheral devices to ensure that the problem is not related to a connected device.

Reset your BIOS to default settings.

The first step to fix your laptop hanging on the Lenovo logo is to reset the BIOS settings to their defaults. To do this:

Turn OFF your notebook by continually pressing the power button for 5-7 seconds.2. Now follow the instructions below according to your model to enter the BIOS:

  • If your system is a ThinkPad, press the power button and then press (Fn) F2 or (Fn) F1 quickly and repeatedly.
  • If your ideapad laptop system, locate and press the NEW button, which is usually next to the power button, then select Enter BIOS Menu.

At Exit Select Load Default Settings or “Load Optimized Settings”.4. Save and exit from BIOSs and see if you can boot into Windows.5. If your notebook still hangs on the screen with the Lenovo logo on it, go to the next step.

Disable Lenovo Service Module.

On some Lenovo laptops (and desktops), the system hangs on the “Lenovo Logo” during bootup when the “Lenovo Service Engine” is on. To disable the service:

Enter the BIOS menu.2. In Security, highlight and disable “Lenovo Service Engine”.

Save and Exit from the BIOS menu.4. If the laptop still hangs on the splash screen with the Lenovo logo, go to the next step.

Perform a power reset.

The next way to solve the “Stuck Lenovo logo” problem is to perform a power reset. To do this:

Disconnect all connected peripherals.2. Remove from the AC Adapter.3. Remove in Battery.

Note. If you can’t remove the battery, leave the laptop open until the battery runs out.

Press and hold down at Power for at least 50-60 seconds, then release the power button.5. Connect only the AC adapter and turn on the laptop.6. If Windows starts up normally, shut down the laptop and reconnect the battery and peripherals.

lenovo, laptop, does, turn, just

Remove the CMOS battery.

Remove to Battery and AC adapter.2. Turn the notebook upside down and remove it to the back cover.

Note. The method of removing the back cover varies depending on the laptop model. So, do a Google search on how to disassemble your own Lenovo laptop model.

Find and remove the CMOS battery.

Note. The CMOS battery is shaped like a circle and you can remove it by gently prying it out with a small flathead screwdriver.

Press and hold down in Power for at least 50-60 seconds and then release it.

Connect First AC adapter and then reinsert the CMOS battery.5. Turn the laptop on.

Note. If the problem persists, remove the CMOS battery and leave it disconnected for at least 30 minutes. Then reinsert the CMOS battery, plug in the AC adapter and turn on your notebook.

lenovo, laptop, does, turn, just

Remove the DVD box.

Turn off your computer and disconnect the power adapter before adding or removing components.

If you have a laptop with a DVD drive, remove it and turn the laptop back on. (Sounds strange, but in some cases it works.)

Remove and reinstall the RAM and hard drive.

When a computer (desktop or laptop) hangs on the LOGO (POST) screen, it usually means a problem with the hard disk drive (HDD) or memory (RAM). So, proceed as follows:

Turn off your computer and remove the power adapter before adding or removing parts.

Remove and reinstall the RAM module(s).2. Turn on the laptop and check if the problem persists. If so3. Switch off your notebook and remove (disconnect) the hard disk drive (HDD).4. After removing the HDD, power the notebook back on.5. If the hard drive is the cause of the problem, the Lenovo LOGO screensaver will disappear and you will get a “No bootable device found” or something like that. If this happens:

а. Turn off your notebook computer.б. Clean the contacts on the hard disk and the hard disk connector with contact spray.в. Reconnect the hard drive and continue reading below (6).

Note. If it does not, it indicates a BIOS problem or a motherboard problem that only a computer technician can fix.

Switch the notebook computer back on and see if the problem is resolved. If not, back up your files and then perform a clean Windows installation by

а. Remove and connect the hard drive to another running computer (for example, using a USB-SATA hard drive adapter).б. If you can read the contents of your drive, continue and backup your files.

Note. If the hard disk is not recognized by the secondary computer, then the hard disk is defective and must be replaced.

в. After backing up your files, continue and diagnose the hard drive for problems and depending on the results, replace the hard drive (if faulty) or (if okay) continue and delete all partitions on the hard drive.

After clearing the partitions, insert the HDD back into the laptop and proceed with a clean Windows installation.

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Why Lenovo g580, g50, g500, b500, b590, g505, b560, g585, b570e, Ideapad 100 laptop does not turn on, black screen on Lenovo laptop, no lights on, does not boot

Lenovo G580 laptop does not turn on. Disassembly and Repair

If you find that your Lenovo laptop stopped turning on, does not boot the operating system, any problem with the LEDs, then before you go in for repair, eliminate the most obvious causes, which you, depending on your skills, can eliminate yourself.

Problems that can cause your Lenovo laptop not to turn on:

  • Power button;
  • battery pack;
  • Power;
  • wire;
  • connectors;
  • cooler;
  • video card;
  • RAM;
  • hard disk;
  • motherboard;
  • screen;
  • BIOS and operating system.

Serviceability of power supply, cords, connectors, power button

Faced with the problem that your laptop Lenovo g580, g50, g500, b590, g505, b560, g585, b570e, Ideapad 100 does not turn on, the first thing to check the serviceability of the power supply, cord and connectors. The power button can also be the reason that the technique does not respond to turn on.

Visually inspect these items. they should not have any external damage. If possible, conduct a functional test on another device or connect a similar power supply.

Negative external impact

Black screen when turning on your Lenovo laptop or no response at all to turn on. no indicators light up. this could be due to your machine being dropped/shocked or getting liquid on it. Both of these factors are extremely detrimental to its ability to continue working.

It is best to immediately contact a Lenovo laptop repair specialist, especially in the case of liquid intrusion, where they will carry out corrective measures and conduct diagnostics.

Constant restart, operating system problem, BIOS failure

Depending on the fault, which occurred with your device, differently and manifests itself defect “Lenovo does not turn on your laptop.

So, if it still reacts to turn on, but immediately shuts down. it is a problem with the cooling system. How long ago did you clean and replace the thermal paste? Thus the system prevents the failure of more serious components from overheating.

If the machine turns on, but does not boot. it is a problem with the operating system Windows or the base system BIOS.

Failure of the latter happens very rarely and in this case it is not recommended to reinstall it yourself. And here the Windows operating system could fail if you shut down incorrectly or use an unlicensed version. Having the installation file, you can easily reinstall it yourself.

Lenovo laptop does not turn on, black screen and lights are not lit

serious problems that led to the fact that the laptop does not turn on Lenovo g580, g50, g500, b590, g505, b560, g585, b570e, Ideapad 100 or other models. is a failure of vital for its card elements, RAM, hard drive, motherboard or screen.

If when you turn on your gadget you hear the reaction (start the cooler, the characteristic sound of starting the OS), but there is no image on the screen. the problem with the graphics card or screen (matrix).

Hard drive problem is detected by the system with a corresponding message on a black or blue screen about a critical error in the work.

HDD itself is rarely broken. This is often preceded by a fall or intense shaking of the device.

If the RAM unit fails, the notebook will notify the user with a special sound signal. Then it needs to be replaced.

The most brutal, as far as the owner is concerned, failure of the motherboard. As a rule, repairs often do not yield lasting results and in the end all comes down to the fact that the board needs to be replaced with a new one. In most cases it is an expensive component and replacement will not be cheap.

Recommendations for Maintaining the Vitality of a Lenovo Notebook

Careful and tidy attitude towards technology significantly prolongs the term of operation, declared by the manufacturer.

Avoid mechanical influences on the laptop: intensive or violent shaking, dropping or bumping lead to the failure of the internal components of the device.

Avoid contact with liquids or high humidity in the air. Oxidized contacts can lead to short circuits and costly repairs.

Carry out regular mechanical, thermal paste and system cleaning. In this way you prevent the device from overheating and the operating system from working incorrectly.

It keeps rebooting or shuts down

The notebook may restart infinitely before Windows boots. It is a serious hardware problem, maybe the South Bridge is overheated, usually because of a short circuit in it. Most often it happens because of USB breakdown (remember what you put in the USB connectors).

Or processor overheating due to clogged cooler or loose fit of radiator. But it happens seldom and is usually accompanied by high fan speeds. Your notebook may shut down or restart at different moments.

In the absence or poor power supply the following picture can be observed: the device turns on, but quickly fades because of the dead battery.

How to reset the hardware

To perform a hardware reset, follow these steps.

  • Disconnect your notebook from the mains or other power supply. This includes disconnecting the notebook from the charger, as well as removing the battery.
  • Press and hold the power button for approx. 20 seconds

Why do this? It is very simple. The notebook stores the remaining charge in the capacitors to keep the settings. When you turn on the laptop without power supply. this charge disappears and all the settings are lost.

If this does not work go to the next step.

Turns on, displays a splash screen or writes something and hangs

It is possible that the start screen saver appears or information about the laptop is displayed, but then nothing happens, also something beeps or writes about errors. The likely cause is a problem with the BIOS settings. on the laptop I described in my article. You just need to enter BIOS and reset to defaults.

In different versions this item may be in different places, but it is called roughly the same “Load BIOS Defaults”. the key word is “defaults”. Then exit with “Save Settings and Exit”.

Please note that the system may report a problem but you can continue booting if you press the button. For example, it can write “Press F1 to continue” which means you press F1 to continue booting. Usually happens when the battery on the motherboard is dead (not to be confused with the large battery), disrupted time and bios settings. The battery has to be replaced in the service center.

This is the easiest thing you can do yourself.к. The problem may be more serious, for example a hard drive or RAM failure.

with a certain skill problems with the hard drive blindly can be diagnosed by listening to your laptop When you turn on the working drive spins the engine and crackles for a couple of seconds, reading the information. If there are problems, the motor may try unsuccessfully to start several times, or the heads cyclically crackle while trying to read something from the plates, while everything hangs on the screen.

lenovo, laptop, does, turn, just

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