The left headphone Airpods does not turn on. The reasons for which when connecting AirPods…

What to do if one AirPods headphone does not work?

A malfunction can happen to any, even the most high.quality mobile device. For example, you found that one headphone does not work on Airpods. It is important to correctly and timely diagnose a malfunction or failure in work and eliminate it qualitatively. There may be several options for solving problems, the most optimal is to consult our service center in Nizhny Novgorod.

  • Insufficient level of battery charge is the real reason why AirPods Pro does not work one headphone.
  • The speaker is polluted, the membrane was clogged, so one headphone became quieter.
  • The activation of the Bluetooth module has disappeared, as a result of which the device is turned off in a minute.
  • The firmware of the device is outdated. Due to this, only 1 wireless headphone is connected or both are not activated. The problem is solved by the upgrade of the system.
  • The system hung on the iPhone or iPad, as a result of the iPhone, the right.wing headphones of Airpods do not see.
  • The headphones liners are filled as a result. Do not connect the left headphone Airpods.

How Li-Ion Battery works?

The batteries used in modern smartphones have a lot of advantages over their predecessors, although they have their own characteristics. Among the advantages, their high performance, low weight, a fairly long period of use and the lack of “memory effect” (there are exceptions, but rarely someone faces them) can be noted.

However, after prolonged use, the battery sometimes begins to sit faster than we want it. As a rule, if the device is operated for several years, this is the wear of the battery. In this case, it is better to replace it. Also, it is worth replacing the battery if it has stopped working, but you understand exactly that the problem is in it. For example, you charged her several times a day, overheated or she swelled.

Charged case is a real headphone find and not only for AirPods.

There is another reason why the battery may begin to give up positions. Even Apple itself on her website says that the battery must be periodically calibrated. True, such information is only according to laptops, but this applies to accumulators of another technique is also applicable. It is not difficult to find the relevant information, including on thematic portals and forums.

What to do if AirPods is not charged

I am also asked what to do if one of the headphones is right, left or both at once. does not charge.

  • If you have new Redmi Airdots or Xiaomi Earbuds and you just unpacked them, then first check if the film wireless headphones are on contacts. It is glued at the factory so that during the shipment there is no connection with the battery. Such transport safety rules. Very often, people do not notice them and do not peel them off, and then they wonder why the headphones in the case do not charge
  • The next thing you need to check is how reliably the headphone sits in its cell. As I said, the construction of the case is such that they are easy to move off. Because of what is lost contact with the antennae that comes from the battery, and as a result, the headphone does not charge.
  • Also check that the contacts are clean. During operation, they can clog or oxidize, and energy ceases to enter the battery. You can also wipe them with cotton with an alcohol solution
  • Another problem arising from the use of Redmi Airdots or Xiaomi Earbuds is the sinking of the contact “mustache” in the case itself due to the breakdown of the spring or stuck from mud. Make sure they are returning to the starting position when the headphones are withdrawn

If these tips did not help you, then there are three solutions to the problem with charging headphones and cases.

  • Take the service center
  • Buy a case separately
  • Purchase a special site for charging the right or left headphones separately. These can also be found in Chinese online stores

As you can see, you can get out of the situation, and it’s enough budget. If you have questions, leave them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев!

Charge the case with another cable

This was just my case. In appearance, the normal original Lightning cable, but in fact it turned out to be a non.working. Where did he get on my head?

This generally often happens. Very flimsy cable makes Apple. It looks like they are just self.destructive after a certain time.

I have already advised Lightning Cable from Ugreen several times in other articles. The quality is cool, the official chip and no complaints about work in three years. Chinese brands have already learned how to do things no worse than Apple.

Reset to factory settings

If you remember, AirPods headphones are not just a miniature speaker with a battery. There is its own W1 chip, and the charging controller, and the brains in the case. Naturally, all this works under the control of software, which can be buggy or completely freeze.

Perhaps this is your option, so let’s try to just drop AirPods according to the instructions below.

Step 2. On the back of the case in the lower part, find a round setting button.

Step 4. Click and hold a round button for at least 15 seconds, until the LED indicator inside the case blinks 3 times with orange, and then lights up with continuous white.

This is all your Airpods were thrown off to factory settings. Now bring Airpods to any of your devices, open the headphone lid and re.configure Bluetooth connection. After the AirPods reset to the factory settings, you will have to re.connect them to each device with which you used them earlier.

One headphone Airpods falls off. What to do?

AirPods are beautiful, except when one or both headphones do not work. Fortunately, most problems with Apple’s set have a universal solution. if it does not help, then you need to go to the service. By the way, support in SC is one of the reasons why we advise you to buy an accessory from official retailers (but more on that).

The situation. you inserted both headphones into your ears, launched playback, but one of the Eyrdov does not work. What to do?

First of all, check the charging level. Remove the headphones, place it back in the case and open the smartphone. Information about the charge will appear either in a pop.up window, or you can see it at the iPhone widget. It often happens that one headphone is charged, and the second at zero. This happens for two reasons: either you forgot to put the headphone in the case, or because of problems with contacts or internal malfunction, it stopped charging. Chargers of the case wear out over time and begin to “pick up” the contacts of the headphones through time.

It also happens that the contacts of the headphones are very clogged. then they just need to be cleaned. How to do this, we told here.

Repair Airpods will be considered later-now we believe that some kind of software error has occurred. First of all, we put the headphones back to the case, then we take out and check the battery charge. We insert Airpods into the ears, turn on the music-if everything is in order, then because of a programmatic error, the smartphone picked up only one headphone. Sometimes it happens.

If the headphone refuses to work or falls off in the course of work, try to untie it from our smartphone. We put headphones and cases and temporarily put them aside. Then we open the Bluetooth settings, find our headset, click on button I, then. “Forget this device”. Having untied the headphones, open the case cover, bring the case to the smartphone, observe the appearance of the pairing window, connect to the headset.

Usually a simple reconnecting through the Bluetooth settings solves the problem. But sometimes it happens that the headphones either refuse to work, or begin to disconnect from time to time or unleash from the sound source.

Imagine that we didn’t succeed. We try the last way to reset Airpods. To do this, we return the headphones to the case, wait for at least 30 seconds, and then open the lid and unleash the headset from the smartphone (as was described in the pair of previous paragraphs).

After that, take the case, press and hold the settings button on the rear panel for 15 seconds. the indicator first blows yellow, and then becomes white. Then we bring the untied Airpods to the smartphone and repeat the conjugation.

Fixed: Right/Left AirPods Pro Not Working!

From personal experience, AirPods reset solved 90% of the set of set. She began to connect normally, extraneous sounds disappeared, even charging stopped dulling.

If the reset did not help, and the headphones continue to fall off from time to time, try updating your smartphone. As a rule, in iOS, the AirPods Airpods correcting the problems of Airpods, and through Android updates, you can also get relevant Bluetooth settings and correct errors. By the way, an Apple technical support employee will ask for updating the system.

The final situation. nothing helped, the headphones continue to dull. Apparently, the problem is not in software: probably, the battery or some kind of iron in the headset has worn out over time. Maybe it’s a marriage-you can’t imagine how often AirPods are produced with some constructive problem. If you have white headphones (not in the sense of color, but in terms of guarantee), then we remember when you bought them. If over the past two years, you can contact the service center for diagnostics. The guarantee also applies to the gray Airpods, but it, as a rule, is valid for a year, not two. We check the support of the headphones on the Apple website by introducing the serial number of the device.

In some cases, the Apple website may write that the AirPods purchase date is not confirmed. This can talk about the fact that the guarantee for the headset does not apply, and that Apple did not receive from the store in which you bought them, Pruf about the purchase of headphones. It is better to go to the authorized service center here and check the device guarantee on the spot.

SC experts are not very bothering with diagnostics (AirPods do not repair in principle). The master will confirm the presence of a problem and give a new one instead of an old headphone. We repeat, if the headphones under warranty are marriage, then the replacement will be free. If the headphone suffered because of the owner, then you will be offered to buy a new one instead of the old. Any replacement will cost less than a new set of headset.

One headphone does not work

It often happens that the right or left headphone Airpods does not work. Sometimes the headphone just doesn’t want to connect. In this case, it is also worth returning both headphones in the case for 10 seconds, and then get them and place them in the ears.

Did not work out? Then turn off and turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone or tablet before getting headphones from a case.

Still nothing? Then your option is to reset Airpods.

Sometimes it happens that one headphone is constantly turned off or does not work at all. In this case, steps below can help.

  • Open the settings application on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Select the Bluetooth section, and then press the I icon next to your ‌airpods‌ in the list.
  • Click forget this device.
  • Place both headphones ‌airpods‌ in the case and make sure it is charged.
  • Find a small button on a case.
  • Open the case cover.
  • Close the case button for at least 15 seconds. If you have first.generation headphones without wireless charging, the light bulb is blurred by white, and then yellow. This means that you made a reset. If you have ‌airpods 2 or a case with wireless charging, the light will be in front.
  • Close the case cover from ‌airpods‌ and open it again.
  • Bring the case from ‌airpods‌ with an open cover to your ‌iphone‌ or ‌ipad‌. Your device will find ‌airPods and you can connect them.‌

If this does not help, try to drop the network settings on ‌iphone‌. To do this, go to the settings and select the main reset reset the network settings. After that, re.connect ‌airpods‌ to the device.

If one AirPods headphone plays quieter than another, this article will help you.

Headphones are not connected to a computer

This problem rarely arises on the new Macs, but it can be difficult to save connection with old computers. Firstly, you need to take the same steps as in the case of a problematic connection to a smartphone. Put the headphones in the case for 10 seconds, and then get and place them in the ears.

If this did not help, you need to untie the headphones from the computer, and then tie them again. To do this, turn off and turn on Bluetooth on a computer. This can be problematic if you have a Bluetooth mash. In this case, go to the Bluetooth settings (through the menu icon or Bluetooth system settings), find your AirPods and turn them off. After that, connect the headphones to the computer, as for the first time.

What should not be forgotten about.

The following details should also be remembered:

  • Each headphone Airpods Pro takes a different amount of electric charge. And therefore, the problem may lie in that one of them is unapitted. If questions arise in determining the charger of each PRO, then it is necessary to check the charger indicator. If it is lemon color, then it will be enough for a single recharge of Air subs until final discharge. If the indicator is green, then the diagnosis of a specialist will be required.
  • The phenomenon is also frequent when one Air subs headphone works quieter than the other. The connection may disappear during their work. In this case, the volume level should be checked both on Air subs and on the phone. If the level is correct, then to eliminate the problem, the conjugation of the conjugation between the devices should be disconnected. If this did not help, then it is better to contact a specialist.
  • To check the failures in the operation of AirPods, you need to regularly check the sound balance in the phone. To do this, in the Options section, the main settings and go to the universal access section. There you can adjust the sound of the device. If the music will play well, then the problem is successfully eliminated.

If you regularly comply with these rules, then AirPods Pro will be much less likely to puzzle its owner with minor troubles.

Hygiene is always appropriate.

Another of the common causes of sound defects on Air subs can be banal pollution of the ear gray membranes of headphones. In this case, pollution will be visible to the naked eye and you can easily get rid of them yourself.

This will require an ordinary hygienic stick with a cotton end or a brush with a pile. Thanks to these items, it is easy to remove pollution on Airpods Pro membranes. You can also additionally wipe the headphones with alcohol solution. But this should be done very carefully so that there is no excess moisture that can cause additional harm to the device.

If the damage to the device occurred due to its inaccurate use, then the owner will have to pay for repairs and replacement on his own. If the failed Air subs has a warranty period and the owner of the device is not involved in its breakdown, then repair service or replacement with a new one occurs free.

How to fix that one of Airpods does not work?

Why only one of my headphones Airpod works? If you have problems with your Airpods, then it’s time to try solutions to eliminate this problem. We mentioned all the possible ways that you may try to solve this problem. Let’s take a look at them so that you can better understand what to do.

Check AirPods charging condition

The first solution that we have. This is a check of the state of the charger of your Airpods. If your Airpod battery is discharged, this means that you need to charge it as soon as possible. You can easily check the status of the charge of your device by performing a few simple steps.

  • First, open the cover of your case where your AirPods is stored.
  • Now keep the case next to the iPhone or iPad.
  • Do not disconnect it, since you need to wait a few seconds to see Airpods status.

That is how you can easily get an idea of ​​the charge of the AirPods battery. If it is low, we recommend charging them, because otherwise it will be too late.

Check if your Airpods are clean

If your Airpods do not work properly, this means that you have not cleaned them for a long time. So, in order to remove all the dust, all you need to do is clean them in time, in order to avoid any problems. Apple recommends a method that works 100 %. Let’s see what this solution is.

  • Firstly, you must place your ear inserts under water and rinse them with water.
  • Then wipe them with a dry cloth.
  • Wait until AirPods is completely dry.
  • After that they can be attached again.

Note. You can also use Clorox napkins to clean Airpods.

Cancel and re.fractions with iPhone/iPad

Sometimes the fact that only one AirPod headphone is connected can be associated with the problem of connecting. So, the best way to solve this problem. break a pair with a device. For this, everything you need. This is disconnected by the AirPods connection from your iPhone Bluetooth. You can do this in the iPhone settings. After opening the settings, find the “i” icon and click the “Forget this device” option, which you can find at the end of the list. Wait a few seconds and connect it again to your iPhone or iPad. If this does not work for you, try the fourth method that we will mention below.

Check if the balance sheet is in order

Another common problem why your left or right Airpods do not work. This is the balance of stereo. To solve this problem, you can try the following steps.

  • Go to the settings and find the “Accessibility” option.
  • Scroll a little down and click “Listen”, and then select “Audio/Video”. From there you can check the balance of stereo.
  • If necessary, slightly move the balance to the side
  • In the end, turn off the monophonic sound so that both Airpods can work the same way.

Airpods settings

If nothing works for you, we recommend that you reset the settings from your AirPods. This will change all the settings, but will undoubtedly correct your problem in a few seconds. This is how it can be done.

  • Put your AirPods in a charging cover.
  • Now press and hold the settings button for several minutes until the status indicator appears. First, the indicator blinks in yellow three times, and then shows white color.
  • After that, again, the conjugation of your Airpods. Now check your Airpods again to find out whether they work or not.

Reset the network parameters on the iPhone

The sixth solution that we have for you. This is a reset of network settings on iPhone. This is a fairly simple process, and anyone can fulfill it. However, keep in mind that after performing this procedure you will lose all the saved Bluetooth settings.

After that, click the “Reset all settings” button so that you can drop the settings.

We hope that this method will solve your problem; if not, you can try the last solution that we will mention below.

Update the iPhone to the latest version

Sometimes AirPods do not work due to problems with software, so the best way to solve this problem. Update your iPhone to the latest version. You can easily update your iPhone by going into the settings general software update.

How to fix the wrong work iPhone?

We hope that all of the above methods will help to solve the problem with AirPods. If you are still faced with problems, we recommend trying a application, since it helps to solve serious problems with the iPhone, iPad and iPod. In this case, you can use Reiboot, this is an amazing application created by Tenorshare. It is simple and convenient to use. In addition, it is equipped with many amazing functions. Let’s see how it works.

Install the application on the PC and run it. After that, press the Start button and wait a while. Make sure your iPhone is connected to PC.

Click on the “Standard Repair” option because it is safe to use it. If the device is not connected, this problem can be solved by steps of the recovery mode.

Download the firmware package and for this click the “Download” button. In case of failure of the download process, you can do it manually.

As soon as the package is loaded, select the option “Start the standard recovery” and wait a while until the recovery process is completed.

Now check your iPhone and see if it works or not.

Why is one AirPod headphone louder than another

Being not a techie, we cannot be sure of the reasons for the problem with the sound of Airpod. This may be due to either the equipment malfunction or the software problem. Failed AirPod, sound imbalance or connection failure can be possible problems, due to which one AirPod sounds louder than the other.

The most common cause of AirPod sound is to deploy dirt in AirPod’s headphone. Most of the time of time is the ear sulfur. If you do not carefully take care of AirPods, dust particles are immersed in the ear sulfur and cover the holes of the speakers Airpods. Periodic cleaning can increase the service life of AirPods.

Next, we describe the general methods for eliminating the problem with the software or repair of broken Airpods.

Fix the problem one Airpod louder than another. 5 ways

Some AirPod users complain why my right AirPod sounds louder than the left. Here are some solutions of this problem.

Cleaning Airpod

Airpods from Apple is not protected from water and dust. Therefore, dust, garbage and ear sulfur can be assembled on Airpods, and dust can settle on AirPods, as they are stored in a charging case. Try cleaning Airpods with a soft brush, and then gently wipe it with the speakers. When cleaning the speakers, wipe the speaker with a clean soft cloth. Also clean the charging cover.

To clean the speakers, you can also use a damp cloth or a cotton swab moistened in alcohol or water. Quickly moisten the fabric or swab with water or alcohol. If more fluid is absorbed, it can penetrate inside and damage the speaker. Thus, you can solve the problem “Why is one of my AirPods sounds quieter than the other”.

Set up the sound balance on iPhone/iPad/iPod

If you feel that both Airpods sound differently, try to configure the sound. The sound balance of the new AirPods is tuned in the center by default. But sometimes by mistake, the sound balance is configured either on the right or on the left. Because of this imbalance in the sound setting, one of the Airpods will sound louder than the other. This is why some users complain that one of my Airpods sounds quieter than the other. If so, try adjusting the settings until the same sound is played by both AirPods.

This correction often works, and Apple users can try this correction to solve their problems. To configure the sound, perform the following actions.

  • Open the settings in the iPhone. Go to accessibility.
  • In the “Audio/Video” parameter, scroll down and adjust the balance, moving the audio slider between the left and right headphone.

If you want both Airpods to sound the same, always keep the slider in the middle.

Use the function to forget Airpods on your device

To solve the problem why my right AirPod is louder than the left, try to forget, and then re.connect AirPods to your iPhone. If you “forget” and then connect Airpods again, this will give them a new start that can solve the problem. This will allow AirPods to install a new connection. To act according to this method, follow the following actions:

Confirm that you want to forget the device. In a few minutes, try connecting them.

Reset Airpods

Airpods reset can also solve the problem “Why is one of my Airpods louder than the other” and other problems, such as connecting problems or problems with the battery. When you drop your Airpods, you return the default configuration to them. To reset Airpods settings, follow the following steps:

“Setting button” is located on the back of the charger. Hold it after pressing.

Ways to Replace AirPods (3 Methods). I Lost my Airpods

Go to the Apple service center

If all the above solutions do not solve the problem why one AirPod is louder than another, you should find out if your AirPods are broken or failed. You should visit the Apple service center and ask for a replacement.

At the Apple service center, your AirPods will first examine to find any malfunctions. If faults are detected, you can replace broken Airpods for free. You can also contact them on the Internet and solve your problem after talking with them.

The right or left headphone does not work

We will deal with the main ways to eliminate the problem if one Apple’s headphone does not work:

  • Put AirPods in the basic case, wait a bit. Dress the headphones, activate them, they will instantly connect to the nearest device and you can check whether you managed to eliminate the problem.
  • If one headphone does not play, turn off the Bluetooth on your smartphone, and re.turn on to reconnect the headset.
  • There are malfunctions when smartphones do not “see” one of the headphones, due to its replacement. Settings allow you to remove the previous connection and synchronize the device with headphones again.

If these methods do not help, the breakdown can be mechanical, which will require professional repairs.


If Apple’s right.wing headphone does not work, you can try the reloading of the headset. There is no complexity in this, the procedure is quite simple and makes it possible to solve many problems that are related to the correct functioning of the accessory. How to do it:

  • We place Airpods in the basic case;
  • The cover panel is equipped with a button, which must be clamped for 30 seconds;
  • As soon as the indicator begins to flash orange, the operation is performed;
  • Carry out the re.connection of the accessory.

It is not recommended to reload too often.

We update AirPods firmware

In the case of a certain malfunction of the headset, for example, 1 headphone stopped working, you can try the option with installing a new firmware. Headphones can be automatically updated to the required version, you should simply comply with certain conditions:

  • Make sure that the headphones are inside the basic case;
  • Connect the case to charging using a complete cable;
  • Connect the headset to the iPhone.

Manufacturers do not recommend making adjustments to the firmware on their own, this can lead to more significant problems with the accessory. Thanks to their efforts, the headphones themselves can be updated, but today it is difficult to say that Apple regularly provides updates for headsets. Observing simple rules, you can avoid problems with the firmware of the accessory.

Check the volume balance

If the calamus does not play synchronously, it is worth paying attention to this situation. Perhaps they broke down, while the right headphone plays better than the left. Violation of the volume balance, the problem that many owners of this accessory are faced with. Consider the reasons for what happened, we will figure out how to act:

  • Perhaps the headphone is discharged, it should be placed in the case for additional recharging;
  • Inspect the nets of the headphones, perhaps they are littered with pile;
  • Drink in the volume settings;
  • With problems with sound quality, contact the master.

In situations where these methods are not effective, you should buy a new headset.

Clear AirPods

If a working headphone began to sound poorly, be sure to inspect it for additional contaminants. Small garbage often accumulates on the headphone grid, which leads to a significantly deterioration in the sound. Small soft brush, brush or cotton wool allow you to eliminate all found contaminants.

What to do if the microphone does not work?

The EarPods microphone can stop working at any time, many headser owners face this problem. We will deal with the key causes of the malfunction:

  • Falf in the heading of headphones. It is simply checked, we turn on the music. if it plays, then problems should be sought in other nodes;
  • The presence of a factory marriage or small mechanical damage. It is best to use the services of a service center;
  • Inspection of settings, perhaps you yourself turned off the microphone.

Masters are ready to quickly eliminate the breakdown found, so do not delay the repair of headphones.

We remove Airpods headphones from the Bluetooth device list

If only 1 AirPods headphone still connects, you need to remove the headphones from the Bluetooth device list.

  • On iOS (iPhone): Settings. Bluetooth. click ‘I’ in the line Airpods. forget the device, confirm.
  • On Android everything is similar: open the Bluetooth devices in the settings, select AirPods and delete.

First we try to do without resetting headphones, sometimes this is not necessary. We just remove the headphones in the case, after removing them from memory.

If one headphone does not connect, then you need to use the “heavy” artillery.

Pollution of headphones

This is the most common problem that can be solved independently at home. The fact is that, unlike many budgetary models of headphones, AirPods (Airpods Pro) do not have silicone linings that prevent the ear sulfur from entering the grates of speakers, as a result of which the filters are gradually lose the throughput, and the quality and volume of the sound fall.

To clean the gratings of the speakers of Airpods from ear sulfur and other particles, you can use the same cotton rod that you had to clean your ears. Having moistened a little cotton wool in clean alcohol or a special tool for cleaning electronics, you should get rid of the main blockage in the center of the lattice, and the perimeter can be with a toothpick, clicking on it with minimal force. At the same time, it is not necessary to achieve one hundred percent purity, it is enough to remove the most massive “traffic jams”.

Balance settings

A more rare case when the user accidentally creates an imbalance in the sound of AirPods headphones (AirPods Pro) in the parental settings (iPhone, iPad, etc.D.). You should go to the IOS settings → Universal access → audiovisualization and install the slider in the center in the section settings of the volume balance between the left and right channel.

Firmware update

Immediately after the second generation of AirPods, it turned out that when working with Android smartphones in headphones, synchronism is violated (one headphone does not see the other), disconects arise and impressive in sound volume.

All this can be fixed by installing a new firmware. Do this manually by connecting the case to the computer, it is impossible.

You will definitely need a device from Apple. To update software to the new version 10.3 is necessary:

  • Put headphones in the case for charging.
  • Connect the case to the charger, and make sure by the indicator that the charging is.
  • Connect Head Set to the iPhone via Bluetooth.

Since flashing occurs automatically, it remains only to wait.

Find out that the update has occurred as follows:

  • Enter the “Settings” menu on the device with iOS, to which the headphones are connected.
  • In “Basic” they choose “about this device”.
  • Make scrolling to Airpods, where below in the software you can see the version number.

Problems with infrared sensor.

Infrared sensors are located on the device case. They give a signal to the device that are in the ears. When pulling one headphone from the ears, you can stop playback. The technology is very useful and deserves great praise to developers. With an incoming call, it is enough to tap the sensor slightly and you can proceed to the conversation. The connection is turned off is also carried out by a light blow to the sensor.

How to find AirPods headphones how to find wireless AirPods if you have lost them? The program “Find iPhone” will help in this. Use.