The laptop turns on but the screen black fan makes noise

What to do if the laptop does not turn on?

Almost each of us has a laptop, and if it is not, then most likely you have a regular desktop at home. Today we decided to make out a fairly common problem that can cause panic in many of us. This problem is that at one point, we decide to turn on our laptop, and he refuses to start. There can be a huge number of possible options, but here are the most common of them.

  • We turn on our laptop, but it does not show any signs of life, the indicators do not light up, the screen remains black, coolers and other components are not turned on.
  • It also happens that we click the power button, the indicators light up, but nothing happens. The operating system does not load, the components, including cooling fans, are also silent.
  • It may be that after turning on, the indicators lit up and even the coolers began their work, but the operating system does not load.

Let’s analyze the most common ways to solve this problem.

The laptop does not turn on and does not show signs of life

In most cases, we have nutrition problems. The first thing to do is connect the laptop to the power supply and check that there is a voltage in the outlet :). Typically, there is a light bulb on its power adapters, indicating its performance. And on the laptop there is an indicator signaling about the inclusion in the network and/or battery charge.

Most often, the power supply does not work, or it operates in defense (only try a similar worker), poor contacts in the connectors, broken or broken wires. Look at the whole thing and conclude. At what stage the food disappears.

So that there are no problems with the power connector, I advise you to insert the power plug into the laptop first, and then only the power cord into the outlet. This excludes the possibility of a short.Term appearance of the spark at the time of connecting the plug, which spoils the contacts.

laptop, turns, screen, black, makes, noise

If everything “burns”, and the laptop does not turn on, then the problem may not be in the power supply. Try to pull out the battery and turn on the device again without it, then put the battery back after 10 minutes. Also disable all the connected external devices (you can turn off the Wi-Fi adapter if the design allows).

Fan Sound Black Screen | Fall Asleep and Remain Sleeping | Dark Screen White Noise 10 Hours

Try to turn on, and if you work, then return the devices in turn, and so you can determine what was the case.

If your laptop does not turn on and there is still a guarantee, then immediately contact the service center!

laptop, turns, screen, black, makes, noise

Perhaps this is all that you can do without disassembling a laptop, if it does not show signs of life at all or shows a black screen. Among more serious reasons, there may be a non.Working motherboard, broken internal power control, southern/north bridge, cliff of contacts inside the device, bios firmware failure and others.

Reason 3. Overheating of the video card

When the laptop loads, but the black screen does not turn on, we can also sin for overheating and faults of the video card. In the laptops of the video card are implemented in two ways-built into the processor or into the southern bridge, or in the form of a discrete video card, which is connected to a separate Mini PCI-E slot. Most often, discrete video cards are out of order due to a decrease in the effectiveness of the cooling system, clogged with dust. Also, the cause may be a deterioration in the properties of the thermointease. Thermal conductive or thermal paste.

Diagnosis of such a malfunction in the service is usually carried out using a laptop POST card or a deliberately serviceable processor or video card. At home, you can only focus on the signals from BIOS if they are.

When you have a built.In video card to the southern bridge or in the processor, the malfunction can be determined by excessive heating. Rebolling of the southern bridge or chip built into the motherboard of the video card was previously a frequent phenomenon and just a disaster of Acer, MSI and even ASUS laptops. Currently, this problem by manufacturers is almost removed with the exception of defective batches of electronics.

Emergency inclusion of a laptop: an algorithm of action

  • First of all, turn off the laptop from the network.
  • Remove the battery from a special compartment at the bottom of the case.
  • Without inserting the battery into place, hold the button for several seconds, which is responsible for turning on the laptop. In this case, the previously accumulated residual charge is removed from the body.
  • Collect the laptop in the reverse order and connect the power supply to it.
  • Click on the inclusion key.
  • When a window is displayed with offers of launch options, select “Conventional Windows Launch”.

How to remove the black laptop screen after turning on

Before moving on to more serious actions, you should make sure the integrity of some PC elements:

  • We examine the cable and power plug. Is there a violation of insulation or serious scuffs.
  • We check the operability of the battery, as it is able to discharge or fail. To do this, we connect the laptop to the network and see if the charge and power indicators lit up.
  • If the backlight does not work, we remove the battery. We look at the contacts of the element and the laptop itself for the light (gray, green) or clogging. Debaid defects are removed with a conventional eraser.

Important! In some models, to get to the element, you need to unscrew the back of the body. Before installing the battery in place, press and hold the power key (to remove the residual charge).

If problems are detected, replace the wire, charge the battery or buy a new.

We drop the settings

If all indicators operate, the computer parameters can help:

  • Disconnect the device from the network, remove the battery and press the start button for 15–20 seconds.
  • Then we act in the reverse order. Install the battery, activate the power.
  • Turn on the device and select the standard loading mode in the menu.
  • Click “Entering”. The process of zeroing the settings is completed.

Check the display for performance

If the monitor does not work, but you can hear that the system is loaded. For example, the fan makes noise, this indicates a malfunction in the hardware.

We will become convinced of the activity of the cable of the video card (system board) connected to the screen matrix. This can be done by connecting a laptop to another monitor (TV or stationary PC) through the corresponding connector. This connection is supported by HDMI, DVI ports in modern devices, in older models. VGA.

After connecting to the screen, restart the device.

The image that appears signals about a layout with a laptop display (problems with backlight or a train).

Important! High.Quality work: buy a suitable component, replace the part correctly, without harming the equipment only an experienced user. Therefore, we recommend contacting a service workshop.

Check the BIOS settings

Errors in the parameters can be corrected by reversing all menu indicators.

During the loading of the system, press the corresponding key many times. It is indicated in the instructions for the device, it can be Del, F1, F12, various combinations of buttons.

Attention! In order not to act blindly, we recommend connecting another, working screen to the laptop.

After the BIOS window appears, click the F9 button (resetting the configuration) or go to the Exit section and activate the Load Setup Defaults line.

To confirm the operation, click Enter.

Use F10 and Y sequentially, thereby maintaining changes and closing the integration. Reload the device.

Check the RAM planks

Problems can be associated with violation of the density of contacts (due to moisture penetration, temperature changes, etc. D.). Procedure:

  • Disconnect the supply wire, remove the battery, press and hold the power key.
  • Memory board can be located in a special compartment or in the common space. In the first case, unscrew the bolts on a separate cover, in the second we remove the back of the case. The screws have different lengths, so each in the process of reverse assembly should be installed in the same nest.
  • The module planks are kept by latch. To extract the component, pushing the mechanisms in the opposite directions.
  • Clean the contact surfaces with the help of an eraser.
  • If there are additional slots, we try to set a fee in one of them. When processing contacts, act carefully to avoid damage.
  • We set the fee in place (at an angle of 45 degrees), fix it.
  • Twist the screws in the reverse order and connect the power.

We determine the presence of harmful applications

Often the problem lies in the viruses entered in the system. If, in addition to the black screen, the laptop shuts off independently, this indicates a virus damage.

Reference! If necessary, use an additional screen (see the description above).

We activate the safe mode: in the process of rebooting, click F8 (or another key) for a few seconds. In the window that opened, select the corresponding option.

After starting Windows, start the antivirus program, activate the full check of the laptop.

Upon completion of the process, the application will either automatically destroy the detected threats, or offer the user the choice (“treatment” of files, their full deletion).

Reference! Safe mode allows you to set an antivirus in its absence.

laptop, turns, screen, black, makes, noise

We use loading external media

Serious system failures can be eliminated by reinstalling the OS. The algorithm of actions:

  • Connect the drive into the USB connector or load the disk drive with a distribution disk;
  • Restart the laptop, enter the BIOS integration (in the above method);
  • Select the loading option from the external device (specify the corresponding disk number);
  • Save changes and leave the menu;
  • Re.Upload the device. Now the external medium is involved;
  • In the opening window, activate the “restoration of the system”, press “Next”;
  • To restore loading elements, apply the “Restoration of launch”.

At the end of the process, the corrected system is launched, the display should be in working condition.

The laptop screen does not turn on the cause of malfunctions and repair

Problems with a compact computer screen are usually divided into several types, acting approximately one algorithm.

Basically, these problems arise due to poor operation or malfunction of the video card, exit from the working condition of the matrix, damage to the screen matrix or due to improper operation of the backlight lamp.

There is also a bunch of small and great causes of breakdown. Let’s start solving the first problem, perhaps the most popular among users of a portable computer.

Check the laptop on button:

Often it is with the help of this method that it turns out to reanimate the laptop screen. Initially, you need to turn off the device, that is, disconnect the power cable, if at the moment it is still connected. After that, turn your gadget and remove the battery from the panel from the back.

Then it will be necessary to return the device to the original classical position, that is, turn it over. The most important thing is to make sure one hundred percent that the power cable is disconnected.

This HP Notebook makes way to much noise!!

After all these operations, try to stick the inclusion key, hold it for about 30 seconds, you can slightly less, you can slightly. Then connect the power cable, but do not insert the battery back. Now back up the laptop on again.

If the device turns on, but the monitor shines in black again, try to carry out the procedure again, only now hold the power key for more than one minute, you can keep it even 2 minutes.

Connection of an external monitor or TV:

If the first method has not helped you, perhaps the second will help. In this case, when the laptop continues to turn on and work, and only the screen lights up, you need to make sure that the problem is not in it, but in the system or anywhere else.

Try connecting a laptop to another monitor, it can be a TV or a monitor of a main computer. You can make a connection using the HDMI or VGA port cable.

After you have connected a laptop to one of the monitors, hold the F8, F3 or F11 key, it all depends on the manufacturer of the compact computer. You can try to add different keys, everything is individual.

If everything works out, then you will see a picture of a laptop on another screen. This will say that the problem is precisely in the monitor, the screen of the screen or in the video system as a whole.

Most likely, the problem in the inverter inverting. In such a situation, the best solution will be to contact the service where they can start repairing the monitor.

Reinstalling the RAM module:

Now let’s check the RAM, unless, of course, you checked the monitor and the case was completely wrong.

laptop, turns, screen, black, makes, noise

In order to extract RAM from a portable computer, you need to turn the device again and find the module into which RAM is inserted. When extracting the RAM, try not to touch the metal part.

The RAM module will need to be rearranged in another connector or slot. If the laptop turned on, but there are no changes, you can try to insert the RAM into another connector and perform the same operation again to check the operation of the compact computer.

Checking level check:

This method is extremely funny, but it also has the right to life, we can all be inattentive.

If your gadget turned on, but allegedly only the monitor did not turn on, see what brightness you have. Perhaps brightness is minimal. In such a situation, try to squeeze two keys: F1 and F12 or a FN and F5 key combination

There is an approximately similar problem when the brightness button accidentally. This can happen due to contamination of the keyboard, for example, something sweet fell on the brightness adjustment key, and it is flooded.

If all, indeed, the brightness key simply stuck and cannot return to its original position, you can solve this problem in two ways.

Resetting the hardware settings of the laptop:

Perhaps you should try a critical way, namely, drop hardware settings. Setting the hardware settings just.

  • You need to turn off the laptop and remove the battery;
  • Then fill the switching and off key, it must be kept for twenty seconds;
  • Insert the battery back into the system, then turn on the laptop;
  • Когда появится картинка параметров выбора операционной системы, выберите обычную загрузку.

After resetting hardware settings, the laptop screen can earn, but if it does not help, then move on, there are some more ways to resolve this problem.

Laptop system restoration:

If the black screen when the laptop is turned on is also accompanied by a black invisible cursor, most likely there is a problem in the work of the Explorer file.EXE.

This file is responsible for turning on important elements, for example, desktop, toolbar and file manager.

There may be a thousand reasons for a malfunction, but the most important ones are as follows: a virus or an unsuccessful unsuccessful update of the system.


Hardware reset of settings helps in most situations where the screen does not work. To fulfill it:

  • Disconnect the charger from the laptop.
  • Get the battery from the laptop.
  • Remove the residual charge and drop the hardware settings by holding the power button for 20-25 seconds.
  • Install the battery back into the portable computer and connect the charger.

When a window appears with the choice of download mode after an incorrect shutdown of the device, select the usual Windows launch.

You need to install the working version of BIOS

If your second screen operates perfectly, and your computer refuses to work, also turning off the settings and return to the BIOS factory settings, in this case it is desirable to reflash the BIOS.

Bios update is possible in different options:

The easiest to update BIOS is the use of third.Party software. But, more correctly, manually go to the main resource of the creators of your system board and just download updates from this site.

The main thing is to create a backup copy of the OS or at least the recovery point before installing the BIOS. When you start installing BIOS without an access point, your system can go astray and you will lose all settings.