The keyboard is not working black screen. The keyboard does not work when choosing an OS

What to do if the keyboard does not work in the BIOS?

Hello dear readers. Today’s article is devoted to the topic “The keyboard does not work in the BIOS”.

This problem arises quite often for many computers users. There are even moments when people with the 10th experience with a computer with this problem are faced for the first time and do not know how to solve it.

The keyboard is the necessary part of the “output input devices” and therefore any work with a computer where the mouse is not supported is produced using the keyboard. There are several of the most common reasons for which these problems arise.

What to do if the keyboard does not work

  • Check the correct connection of the keyboard, the USB connector is difficult (probably not possible) correctly, but when connecting the keyboard with the PS/2 connector, you must properly observe colors.
  • Check the keyboard wire for damage, especially if you have pets in your house.
  • Disconnect and connect the keyboard. This must be done when the computer is turned off.
  • Connect the keyboard to another computer or laptop and will be convinced of its performance.
  • To check PS/2 of the connectors, you must use another keyboard.

If you were inaccurate, you could bend the legs at the keyboard connector PS/2. The connector itself is usually purple.

Windows download in safe mode

Initially, you should try to make a safe loading of the system.

Disconnect external devices from the computer, as well as flash carriers, which could also be the cause of the conflict.

Turn off the computer to stop all the processes that cause a black screen.

Then again make its launch, at the very beginning of which be sure to click on the keyboard button F8 (Delete, Shift F8. depending on the installed operating system).

In the window of additional loading parameters, select the necessary option.

In this case, a safe regime.

If the computer in this mode starts without any problems, then you can assume the settings of the system itself.

This additionally includes the appearance of an error after the next update in the OS register, and the wrong work of the drivers.

Here the activation of the operating system is the first step towards correcting the problem.

Many use an unlicensed copy of the operating room, the next update of which sometimes ends with the appearance of a black screen.

This arises due to the impossibility of passing the “pirate copy” of identification on the website of the Microsoft Corporation.

If so, then after loading in safe mode, you will see a warning on the screen about the use of an unofficial version, which should be licensed.

To get rid of the problem. activate your copy of the operating system.

Equipment malfunctions

The cause of the black screen may be the presence of problems with the equipment.

For example, due to the poor contact of the monitor with the system unit, when it does not receive a signal from the video card.

Lack of normal contact of the network cable of the monitor with a socket

In this case, check the quality of all connections, and the presence of external screen damage, due to which the image may be absent.

If such a problem arose on a laptop, then the reason is almost always related to the display, since in order to damage it, a strong mechanical effect, for example, fall or hit should have a strong mechanical effect on it.

At the same time, the deformation of the monitor will be visible to the naked look: colored stripes, areas with beaten pixels, scratches, and t will be traced.P.

On the computer, a black screen at the entrance to the system can cause a breakdown of one of the components of the system unit, so it will need to be studied in detail.

First of all, attention should be paid to the video card, namely the reliability and density of its attachment in the slot of the motherboard, as well as the stability of the applied voltage and cooling (if it is not passive).

I turn on the laptop. On the dark screen only the cursor arrow, which reacts to the mouse. The laptop does not respond to the keys. HELP!

On the dark screen only the cursor arrow, which reacts to the mouse. The laptop does not respond to the keys.

I had exactly the same problem.I found a solution.

Turn off the computer.2. Disconnect the Internet access. (I have the Internet over the cable, so I just pull out the cable) 3. Turn on the computer.

The thing is that if you turn on the computer without access to the Internet, then the computer is loaded absolutely normal. After loading, the entrance screen appears, and then the desktop. After the desktop appeared, you can connect the Internet.And the black screen with a cursor has only for the Internet connected.

This recommendation was found in the internet. Everything worked.

After downloading Windows, black screen and cursor.

Sometimes Microsoft OS users are faced with a problem when after downloading Windows only a black screen and a mouse cursor. The symptom is quite famous. the system process of “Explorer.exe “. There may be several reasons: a virus or vice versa. antivirus (avast), problems with a hard disk, etc.P. Quite often, you can fix the black screen when starting up for a minute without any utilities.As already mentioned in the heading. the reason for this behavior is the error of launching the process that is, among other things, for displaying the desktop, its elements and panel with the “Start” button. In this instructions for restoring the work, we will consider two popular reasons why when loading Windows shows a black screen and a cursor instead of a desktop. One of the reasons in some cases is the popular Avast antivirus, which for reasons known only by it is blocked by Explorer.exe “. In the second case, you will have to edit the system register a little. In both situations, Windows work is restored easily.

Avast is the culprit of the black screen when loading Windows.

So, after Windows loaded, but on the screen there is only a black “Malevich square”, along which the “abstract cockroach” is running. the mouse cursor, perform the following:

O1. Click the world.famous combination of the CtrLaltDel buttons and in the list select “Stop the Task Manager”.O2. After the show of the task dispatcher appears, find in the list of “AVAST” processes (“processes” tab) and from the context menu (with the right button on the process), select “Open the Location of the File”.O3. Before you appeared a window with a folder where the Avast antivirus was installed. Find the Avastui file in it and run it (double click or “Enter”). The main antivirus window should open.O4. Go from above to the Safety tab, select Antivirus in the list on the left, and among the menu items, click on the “behavior screen”.O5. Open the screen settings and add to reliable processes “C: \ Windows \ Explorer.exe “(use the” Review “button). We confirm our actions with the “OK” button.O6. Reload the computer: Press the CtrLaltDel again and find the corresponding icon on the screen that appears.

If the Avast antivirus was the culprit, then after performing actions from the instructions to solve the problem of the black screen and the mouse cursor when starting Windows, the next loading of the operating system should be successfully passed. It is possible that the problem has already been solved by Avast’a developers, but the process of adding a program to the “trusted” can still be useful. over, it is not known. how the antivirus will react to the outputwindows 10.In the event that you use another antivirus, then try to find in its settings a similar item to create a list of “entrusted”, “reliable”, “ignored”, etc.P. applications that should not be checked by this antivirus. If the antivirus is to blame, the accurate screen with the cursor when loading should not bother you anymore. Defender, so inadequately responding to popular programs, most likely in the next few days (and maybe hours) will receive an appropriate update. It is possible that it will be obtained automatically if there is a connection to the Internet and a configured function to update the antivirus on the Internet. Otherwise. it is recommended to download the updated version from the official website.Not always errors and similar situations when starting Windows are caused by antivirus. There may be problems with equipment. Review of computer check programs has recently been published. But then we will consider the decision when in the current situation (on the screen only the mouse cursor) the wrong parameters of the Windows system registry are to blame for.

What to do if only the black screen and the mouse is visible when starting Windows? Right System Register.

The first step is exactly the same as in the case of antivirus: you need to open the tasks manager, use the registry editor with it and check/fix the pair of values ​​of the Windows System Register.

O1. In the state of the black screen, click the world.famous combination of the CtrLaltDel buttons and in the list, select “Stop the Task Manager”.O2. After the window of the task dispatcher appears in the upper menu “File”, select “New task (execute)”. The window “Create a new task” will appear. In the “Open” field, enter the Rededit command (without quotation marks). The register editor window opens.O3. On the left side of the window, go to the section (something type of “folder” in the conductor) with the name “Hkey_Local_machine”. Expand it and go to the Software subsection. Similarly, get to the section “Hkey_Local_machine \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrentVERSION \ WINLOGON”.O4. On the right side of the window you will see a list of parameters. Find a parameter with the name “Shell”. Its value should be the line “Explorer.exe “. If this is not the case, then after a double click on it set the specified value. In the event that the “Shell” parameter is completely absent, pioneer, selecting it from the context menu “Logon” item “Create”. “string parameter”. Indicate the name of the new parameter (“Shell”) and then set the meaning by double click (“Explorer.exe “).O5. How in paragraph 3 go to the section “Hkey_current_user \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrentVERSION \ WINLOGON. Here the right side should not contain the “Shell” parameter. If any, then you should remove it through the context menu or the “Delete” button on the keyboard.

Two of the above methods will help you restore Windows if the black screen and the mouse cursor are loaded when loading. Changing the “Shell” parameter often indicates that the computer has been infected with the virus. It is possible that it is already neutralized by the antivirus established by the antivirus, but traces of its activity could remain in the system (change “Shell”).

There is no reaction

If you are trying to turn on the computer, but there is no reaction at all, that is: it does not buzz, the screen does not glow and does not squeak anything, then there may be several problems at once. First of all, check that the system unit itself is connected to the outlet. We also look so that the network filter is turned on if the computer is connected via it.

Look behind the block itself and see that the power supply is active, and the toggle switch stands in the “inclusive” position (wand).

Remove the side cover of the system and check the power chains from the most important block. See that the motherboard is enabled. Maybe the problem is related to the power button. Then you can try to turn on the computer through the closure on the motherboard. On the “mother” find in the lower right corner such a block. On it you need to find two contacts that go to the front cover of the system. It is here that the button is connected. If it is not turned on, connect.

If it is connected, you can try to activate it using a conventional screwdriver. Look for contacts with the name: PSW, PWRSW, PWR, PWR BTN, On/OFF or Power SW. Just touch these contacts with a screwdriver. If the fans do not begin to buzz and nothing happens, then most likely the problem is in the motherboard or in the power supply. they will need to be changed.

How to understand what is the problem?

If when starting you hear that the system is squealing, then know these are special signs that your motherboard wants to submit to you. The decryption of signs can be viewed in the manual for your motherboard. There is a lot of information on the Internet, therefore, but it is indicated that the BIOS version is indicated. But how to understand what version you have if the computer does not turn on? But that’s exactly what, and therefore it makes no sense to watch all these meaningless tables. Therefore, you can do this.

If he does not squeak at all, but turns on, buzzes and noisy (or you hear one short squeak), then the motherboard cannot identify problems. Check the monitor again and its connection.

Reinstalling the RAM module

The image may also not be derived due to the incorrect installation of the memory module or problems with contacts (very often this method helps to get rid of the problem “the laptop does not turn on and the black screen appears” after water or moisture falls on it, but before that, make sure your laptop completely dry and in no case do not perform any actions if it is not dry).

To do this, it is necessary to extract the module of RAM, blow the connectors.

Now let’s figure out how to extract RAM.

    When analyzing the laptop, the very first action must be disconnected from power, as well as extract the battery, and then only proceed to the disassembly itself.

Little advice until you started to disassemble the laptop. Bolts have different heights, so group them and put them in different boxes.

The figure shows how the compartment for RAM looks like.

RAM is kept with the help of 2 fixers from the right and left side, according to this, from the beginning it is necessary to bend these latches, and only after that it is extracted.

The figure under the number 1 shows where it is necessary to extend the fixers.

RAM is inserted at an angle of 45 degrees and it must be tightly fixed in grooves.

Galaxy A11: Black Screen or Screen Won’t On? 6 Fixes!

After that, it is necessary to press on top of RAM so that the latches work and they snap. After that, you can start assembling the laptop.

To do this, you need to go to the manufacturer’s website, find and download the latest version of BIOS. The archive will have a Readme file in it detailed installation instructions.

Reinstalling BIOS must be performed in the very last case, but in general it will be better to contact the service center, t.The problem may not be in BIOS at all, but for example, in the northern or southern bridges, a video card, etc.D.

P.S, if you notice that your laptop is systematically turned off and a black screen appears, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the “5th causes of a sudden shutdown of the laptop”.

That’s all, I hope our article helped you cope with the problem “Why the laptop does not turn on and the black screen appears”. You can ask unknown points in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев and we will help you solve your problem.

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Good afternoon! When connecting an external drive DVD, or rather, when receiving a power supply 4.8 in 250 m. Apists went out the monitor. The laptop itself turns on. I previously connected an external NDD 2.5 and there were no problems. Maibenbin laptop.


Change the RAM or if the worker bar put it in different slots


Sharply stopped, the cooler and the screen on the laptop, what it means and how to solve? Indicators burn when turned on.

keyboard, working, black, screen, does


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Kerdyk Vidyukha thought spamibo, and in the end helped 1 option

He cured the Acer Aspire 7535G laptop about/s Win7 64 The screen did not turn on, but the light bulbs flashed, the cooler was noisy. The screen stopped turning on after a jump in voltage (sudden shutdown) in the village. I pressed the button, took out the memory, etc.D., unwound and pulled out the battery from the board. The image was displayed on the external monitor after pulling out the battery, but this attempt was already with another monitor and cable, therefore, you should not immediately spin. After starting on an external monitor, he installed the CSC drivers, but in the end received only the inclusion of the monitor backlight without an image. No settings of the second monitor, or duplication of desktoped desktop. Which helped. Changed AHCI parameter to IDE in Bios. After that, the image appeared, but Windows could not start and issued a request to restore the system. Repeated replacement of the parameter in BIOS IDE on AHCI launched a laptop. Everything worked.


Good evening. I tried all the possible ways that you have on the network, nothing helped. But my mouse does not work, does not shine. When turning on, it flashes for a split second and all. The phone connected, so it is charged like. Something bad and only for repair?


I had a black screen on a laptop, a power button burns and coolers spinning periodically. Nothing helped, tried everything. I came to the service, there the laptop turned on. Very strange, returned home. does not work again. As a result, I connected the laptop to another outlet and everything worked. Perhaps this is a false solution in my case, but so far everything works.

Monitor, keyboard and mouse do not work

Yesterday I turned off the computer “as expected”. In the morning, the brother turns on, connects the Internet, turns on the browser and. The computer is rebooted. At lunch, when I came home, I saw that the computer turned on, but the monitor light is blinking, as if the wire is not connected to the computer. But the monitor seems to be in order, when the menu is pressed, a sign comes out.

Checked and retrained all the wires, then almost completely dismantled PC. He learked everything and pulled out a round battery (to restart BIOS). PC in the same state, but I noticed that the mouse and keyboard are also not working. On the monitor since turning on, not a single record was visible. What to do, I don’t know at all.

Alisher asked this question on October 1, 2014


Bogdan | August 31, 2016, 21:48 Thank you for the advice, pulled out the operation and the monitor earned))

Sanya | May 28, 2016, 03:40 The case is 100% in the apparatus, I have several gloets, pulled everything out and began to stick in turn, the computer earned, inserted all the rest of the norms works! )

Zheka | January 29, 2016, 00:52 Disable the wire consisting of 5 4 wires from the hard drive. Try to stretch the rest. Wipe the contact standing back. If it does not help, then stick out the rest and turn on the computer, he will begin to pick up “long bunts”, and then cut down the computer. Insert the RAM back and turn on the computer then the screen should turn on. In the performance of all the actions of the coat, all wires except the monitor. This helped me, today I did with introduction who rummages in this decided to help someone help. In the end when the monitor earns, well, it earned it, then restart it to make sure the monitor robot. There will be a gray background on the manor. turn on the hard drive and then turn on the computer. I don’t know how you have it but I did it. I even sewed the video card wiped the contact there. Protse the contact with the elastic “School” once do not crush much. Good luck.

Olena | December 23, 2015, 18:57 Operations, or Port for RAM is faulty.

Seroz | October 1, 2014, 21:14 I list what you can try if the computer does not squeak when turning on (iron errors). Procedure: 1. Check the memory line. one by one. 2. If there are several disks on PC. Leave only systemic (you can also).

If the monitor breathes: 3. Check the BIOS settings (just in case), does BIOS see all the connected iron. Reset the settings for the default (there is a button). four. Perhaps OS was covered. try to load from any life or from OS on a flash drive. 5. try to restore OS from the installation disk (there are options. Update \ Restoration).

Why could a black screen appear. Analysis of causes and solution

Under this option, I mean the complete absence of any image on the screen: T.e. There are no inscriptions, errors, nor immediately when turned on, nor after. no logo appears (for example, Acer, Lenovo, etc. manufacturers).

1) Check if the computer and monitor are turned on at all, how the LEDs behave?

How to Fix Keyboard Not Working Issue in Windows 10/8.1 (Easy)

keyboard, working, black, screen, does

The first thing to note: whether the LEDs burn on the body of the system unit and monitor. Often, when the network cable from the outlet accidentally departs. Also, do not forget that there is another power switch on the system unit (it could accidentally turn it off, for example, when cleaning dust or when moving the unit).

For laptop users: check if the battery sat down. Try connecting the charger and after a while turn on the device.

I also recommend turning off everything that can be from the computer. Leave the very minimum: monitor, keyboard (TV, speakers, printer, etc. For testing and searching for a malfunction. Disconnect!).

I do not want to generalize, but for such banal reasons there are about half of the problems with the absence of an image on the screen.

keyboard, working, black, screen, does

2) Check if the cable is tightly inserted from the video card to the monitor, whether it is interrupted?

It also often happens that the picture is absent on the screen due to the fact that the plug is not tightly inserted or the cable is completely interrupted, with which the monitor connects to the system unit. Disconnect the cable from the monitor and the system unit, carefully view it and connect it again. If there is another similar cable. It is recommended to try it.

Spoiled USB cable // Interrupted by transporting the device

Also, when a signal is not supplied to the monitor (for example, with problems with the cable), the error “no signal” (no signal, Check Signal Cable and pr. derivatives).

CHECK SIGNAL Cable not connected)

3) Try to shine on the screen with a flashlight (perhaps the backlight is out of order)

On the screens sometimes gets out of order. If it is true. then you will not see anything on its surface: the image will become too dull. Try to shine with an ordinary flashlight (table lamp) perpendicular to the screen. If the problem is with the screen. should see part of the image where the rays of the flashlight fall.

The backlight burned out. the image is visible only when the table lamp is glowing to the monitor surface

4) the problem may be associated with the second (external) monitor

There are special laptops on some laptops. Screenshot keys. They are necessary to display the image to the external monitor. If you have connected an external monitor before, it is quite possible that the laptop “remembered” this and transfers the image to an unleashed monitor (while you are turned off).

ASUS laptop. shutdown of the screen (functional key)

5) failed a video card or monitor

If you hear how the fan works, you see blinking LEDs after turning on the computer, but there is no image on the screen. It may well be that you have burned a video card (or the monitor itself has become unusable).

Pay attention to sounds: according to the POST standard (T.e. BIOS self.testing system) if the video card has burned down and does not respond to matches. fees, one long and two short signals should sound (.: A speaker (speaker) is installed in the system unit, which will “buzz”).

In general, I highly recommend connecting another monitor to your PC as a test and see if the picture will be on it. If the picture is. then the problem lies in your monitor, if not. Probably the problem with the video card (or mat. board).

The screen shows the logo, some inscriptions, and then everything disappears (Windows loading did not start)

If something shows on the screen, and then disappears or you see some inscriptions (error). Most likely, the problem lies in the fact that the laptop (computer) cannot find loading data (for example, Windows bootloader was damaged on the disk, or the disc is generally disconnected thanks to the legged train).

I will analyze the main reasons for this behavior below, and that it is better to undertake.

1) Check if you have a CD/DVD disk, if the flash drive is forgotten, etc. carriers

By default, the BIOS of a computer, first tries to find boot recordings on flash drives, disketts, CDs, and only then on a hard drive.

Therefore, if you forget to take out, say, a musical cd disk. then the computer after turning off (rebooting) will begin to look for loading records on it (will not find them, Disk with music) and will give you a “black” screen with an error of 1-2 sentences (for example, “Press Any Key to Boot From CD. “).

To avoid such a simple, it would seem, thing, be sure to check and remove all the wheels, disks, flash drives from PC.

2) look carefully at the error (inscriptions) if they are. Often they contain the cause of the problem.

If you have some kind of error on your screen, even a small inscription in the corner of the screen. Be sure to take a picture (write down) it. Often such a simple message contains a solution.

Error “Reboot and Select Proper Boot Device or Boot Media in Selected Boot Device and Press a Key” // Covered as an example

3) Is Windows OS bootloader damaged. An attempt to recover

Windows bootloader can be damaged as a result of viral infection PC, due to the incorrect operation of the antivirus, not accurate actions of the user, when updating OS, etc.D. Even in the case of emergency completion of Windows (for example, when turning off the electricity). it may become so that after turning on, you will face a similar problem.

Most often, if the bootloader is damaged, an error should seem like: “No bootable dials found. “,” An Operating System Wasn’t Found “,” Reboot and Select Proper. ” and etc. But it happens that just nothing shows at all.

Whatever it is, I recommend that you try to restore the bootloader (for this you will need an installation flash drive with Windows).

4) go to BIOS/UEFI and check if the hard drive, RAM, etc. is determined. devices. Try to also reset BIOS settings into optimal

When malfunctioning in the BIOS settings. The computer may stop loading. It is also possible that the hard drive has ceased to be determined (for example, due to its breakdown or a departed train). To find out if the computer sees the disk itself, whether its model determines its. you need to go to BIOS and see for your own.

Laptop BIOS settings (main page) / as an example

5) if you have 2 video cards (integrated and discrete).

If your computer (laptop) has two video cards (integrated and discrete). then try to disable one of them (most often this can be done with a discrete video card. By the way, with which there are most problems with overheating).

You can disable one of the video cards in the BIOS settings (I note that this can not be done in all versions). It is necessary to find the Configuration section: it should have a parameter called something like “Graphic Device Settings”.

A discrete video card is recommended to turn off when you want to save a battery charge (relevant for laptops), with its malfunctions, with a strong noise of the cooling system.

6) problem with RAM. It is necessary to test the bar.

In general, with problems with memory strips, you can often see not “black”, but “blue” screen, the computer is often rebooted, various errors jump out, etc.D. Nevertheless, I recommend “to check” before the heap and the RAM too.

In addition to the dough, it is recommended to remove the strips from the slots, clean their contacts with an ordinary eraser, brush off dust and the remains of the eraser with a brush. This must be done carefully, on a clean, flat and dry surface. Do not forget to blow out from dust and the slots themselves for the mat. board.

If you have several dicks of RAM. then, while searching for a fault, connect only one of them. Try to run the computer only with this one dick (then turn off the PC and connect the other dick, and run the PC with it).

Black screen when turning on: what to do if the computer does not load

A terrible remoter’s dream is when you already need to join the work, and the computer does not load. At the same time, you seem to hear the sound of a working fan, and it seems like indicator bulbs talk about loading, but the screen still does not display anything. The black screen of the monitor is a sign of a variety of problems, so we will gradually consider all possible cases in our post.

Let’s start our instructions with simple techniques to detect the problem.

#1 Checking the monitor and other connected devices

If there are no signatures on the black screen, and the monitor itself does not radiate light, then perhaps the problem is in a non.working monitor. And here’s what you can do:

  • Check the indicators of the monitor and the system, and if they do not burn, then this is a sure sign of the problem with them. If the indicators are burning, then the problem is different.
  • Check the cables that connect the monitor and the system unit, as well as the power supply. Perhaps one of them has leaned or snack. Also check whether the connection is reliably and whether the latches are tightened.
  • Disconnect the monitor from the computer and connect again. Perhaps you turned off the monitor with a button, and therefore it did not turn on when loading.
  • If you have a second computer, then try to connect the monitor that exactly works to exclude the malfunction in the monitor.
  • Check if the screen is highlighted. If you have a LCD monitor, then the black screen can be explained by the fact that the backlight broke or turned off. To check the screen, load the system, and then direct it with a bright flashlight to the monitor. If the desktop is visible, then the problem is in the backlight. Perhaps it must be adjusted in the settings. If nothing comes out, then the monitor will have to be repaired.

#2 System loading check

Sometimes the cause of the black screen may be that the system has not yet been completely loaded. Due to any errors, loading can take more time. Even if the computer was not turned off, but was in sleep mode or gibbernation, the loading period should not exceed more than a minute.

keyboard, working, black, screen, does

Try the “hard” method of forced rebooting:

  • Press and hold the power button for a few seconds until you hear a short jerky signal.
  • Completely turn off the computer from the network, and if you have a laptop, additionally remove the battery.
  • Try the body of the system unit or laptop: if it is hot, then wait a bit to cool, and only then turn on.
  • A black screen should appear in front of you, where the system will ask: how do you plan to reload? If you do not have versions, why the load does not work, then select the “normal mode”; If you suspect that there may be viruses, then click on a “safe mode”; Well, if you set some updates and think that they could cause braking in work, try to “recover”. All these options will be indicated on the screen, and use: Navigation arrows for control, Enter for selection.

Testing internal components of the system

During the start of the computer, the diagnosis of all POST systems (Power on Self-Test), which is initiated by BIOS, is automatically turned on. The test results are issued in two ways:

If the computer is loading and you have an internal speaker, then you will definitely hear a signal. Such sounds can be talked about the problem (an example for one of the BIOS versions):

  • 1 short. problems with components of the system have not been identified
  • 1 signal and black backlight. a video card problem
  • Long and then short. problems with the RAM
  • Long and then 2 short, the screen does not “burn”. there is no contact with the monitor
  • Long and then 3 short. the keyboard is faulty
  • Long and then many short. a bios error in the work
  • 3 long. problems with the motherboard

If you do not hear any signals, nothing is displayed on the monitor, and the screen is still black, then in the diagnosis the post-card will help you. It will connect to testing, and then display an error number to its screen. Such a test card can be bought even on ozone. But if you are an ordinary user, then it is unlikely that it will be at your fingertips.

To check the hardware component of a computer or laptop for performance, it is better to contact the service center. If you do not have enough experience, you should not climb under the lid yourself, reconnect the devices, clean the locks and so on, as advised in many blogs. Firstly, you can break the seal and lose warfare. Secondly, this can take a lot of time, and also require the use of replaceable components to find exactly the place that does not work.

Solution of problems

Here are a few common problems that you can solve yourself.

An error in the drivers

If some messages flash during the load on the screen, but then the monitor stops working, then the problem may be in the damaged drivers of your video card, which is responsible for the image of the image on the screen.

For Windows series 7 and below, while starting, you need to click on the F8 keyboard to run the starting menu. Here you will need to choose a recovery tool to run the system from an earlier version that worked without failures.

For Windows 10 and higher, the recovery will begin automatically if several attempts to start were unsuccessful.

If the Windows recovery does not occur, then you will need a boot disk with which you can restore the work of the computer.

BIOS configuration error

BIOS is the program that controls the launch of your computer and regulates basic configurations. If you have tried all the methods, but the screen still does not reflect anything, then you should return to the factory settings. You will reset all the settings of the system and applications installed on the computer, however, user files are saved. And here’s how to do it:

  • When starting the system, go to the BIOS integration. For different versions, the entrance can be carried out through different keys. Try to click on F1, F2, F10 or Delete immediately after pressing the inclusion key. Click the entrance key to the BIOS Setup several times so that you do not miss the moment when the computer can accept this request.
  • Find the Exit tab on the screen, and then a string containing the following words: Load Defaults (different versions of BIOS differ in the intense). This option will drop the settings to preinstalled.

If you fail to go to the BIOS integration, because the screen does not react in any way, then you can make a discharge with a special button on the CLR CMOS maternal board. However, we advise you only to advanced users.

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In order for your car to work without any emergency situations, it needs to be taken care of: update the drivers, applications and the operating system itself in time; Clean regularly from dust; Do not allow overheating; Do not install dubious software and do not experiment; And, of course, be sure to use the antivirus. Then you will not face the problem of “black screen when loading” and other difficulties.

How to check it?

  • Carefully disconnect the monitor cable from the system unit. If the inscription “No signal” appeared on the screen-this means that the monitor itself is in order, and the problem is somewhere in another part.
  • If, after turning on the computer, you saw a burning indicator of the monitor, but the image itself is absent. try to bring the flanker closely and shine. the image can be, but very poorly distinguishable. If you saw it, this indicates a malfunction of the backlight lamps or the monitor inverter. This problem can only be eliminated by an experienced master in the service center.

If you have committed all the above actions, having studied the causes of possible mechanical external inconsistencies, but still did not establish the cause of the appearance of the black screen, it is possible that the problem lies inside the system “iron”.

How to check what happened

  • One of the lightest and simplest options for the appearance of a black screen is overheating of the video card. This situation is possible on a game computer overloaded with a voluminous game that consumes the maximum amount of its resources. In this case, just wait until the system cools down, and then start it again.
  • The black screen can appear as a result of contact loss between the monitor and the video card. It is necessary to check. how reliably the video card is fixed in the motherboard: turn off the computer power, remove the side wall of the system unit and slightly move the video card.
  • An unpleasant option when the video card has burned down, this can be checked by replacing it or connecting the monitor to an integrated video card, if it is in your configuration. If after these operations and the start of the computer you saw the loading of the long.awaited Windows screensaver, then the study is over, and you can be congratulated on the quick acquisition of a new video card.
  • If, after these manipulations, the monitor screen remains black, suppose another unpleasant option: the motherboard or processor is faulty. The motherboard is the basis to which all the components of the system unit are attached, and a small shift or scratch may be enough to break the loading process. Most of the motherboards have an LED sunken when starting a computer. It is enough to remove the side cover of the system unit and you will see it. If the light does not glow, and when loading you hear an intermittent sound signal, while the keyboard and the mouse are not active, then this indicates a malfunction of the motherboard or the presence of other serious problems in the system.
  • Another probable malfunction is failure of RAM. Perhaps you will have to replace it with a new one, but before starting to do it, we recommend that you clean the system from dust, this procedure often restores the stalled process of work, because dust promotes the loss of contact between the elements of the system. To do this, completely turn off the system unit from the power, open the lid and examine the internal space and elements of the system for the presence of dust. If the dust covers the details with a thick layer, then you need to carefully remove all components from the block, clean them from dust with a compact vacuum cleaner, brush or cloth with alcohol, blow all the slots, replace thermal paved, clean the dirt if necessary and lubricate the fans.
  • The problem can be associated with a discharged round CMOS battery on the motherboard, we recommend that you clean or replace it.

If you have done all the above actions, but when you turn on, the computer still refuses to work and upload Windows, demonstrating a black screen with a cursor flickering on it, and maybe some kind of text. This means that the failure occurred somewhere in the software.