The Keyboard Does Not Work On The Laptop What To Do

The Keyboard Does Not Work On The Laptop What To Do

Do not panic if the keyboard does not work on the laptop. What to do in this case? In many situations, getting rid of this problem can be quite simple. In this case, the brand of the device used does not matter. The reason that provoked this breakdown can be completely different: the most elementary or quite serious.

Reason 1: microcircuit burned out

The main reason that is difficult to predict in advance. this is when the chip burned out. First of all, you should check the touchpad, as well as the ports that are located around the perimeter of the device. It is important to pay particular attention to the USB connector and RJ-45 (for cable). When they are inoperative, you will need to contact the service center. If the warranty has not yet expired, a replacement must be requested. Only a person who has relevant experience in this field can get rid of such a problem.

If the ports have a working state, one can hope for a positive outcome. The most common reason may still be a loop, which provides the connection of the motherboard to the keyboard. In such a situation, in order to open access to the jack, it will be necessary to disassemble the laptop. The keyboard is fastened using latches, which should be a little pry off with a plastic card, and then get the necessary module.

In disassembled position:

Reason 2: inattention

This item will be useful for owners of a separate digital unit.

His appearance:

Some of them, due to their carelessness, often press the Num Lock button, which ensures the operation of this unit. turns it on and off.

Reason 3: viruses and driver failure

When the breakdown is not related to the hardware, then it should be searched in the software area. Some viruses act in such a way that they can “destroy” the keyboard driver. To verify the correctness of this assumption, you should scan the system for the possibility of introducing spyware. After the reboot process, you need to put the driver in place. In many situations, these actions bring a positive result.

For these purposes, it is necessary to reboot as a result of periodic pressing F8. With its help, you can call up the menu for choosing additional boot methods. It is necessary to select the usual “safe mode” in it. When the OS starts, you must follow the steps below.

You need to try to remove the problematic utility or click on “Roll back”. The last action can bring results in a situation when a driver update was made before, which affected the performance of this device. After that, the version of the software in force before this should be restored.

Actions to delete:

Open “My Computer” and then click on “Properties”.

We go to the “Dispatcher” and select a special section with the keyboard.

It has a specific view in the screenshot:

Right-click on the keyboard and open the item “properties”.

Reason 4: features of some models prevention

When releasing devices, some manufacturers are trying to ensure the ideal quality of their work. As a result of this, when the battery is low, certain elements, including the keyboard, may stop working. To restore its full action, you need to connect the laptop to the network.

Users who prefer to eat food at the time of work should be sure to clean the keyboard from crumbs. To do this, you can use a can with the presence of compressed air inside. Due to the high pressure, small pieces of food that have fallen into slots and grooves will be quickly removed. It should be remembered that in order to get rid of them you should never use a damp rag or screwdriver.

In order to get rid of a problem with a non-working keyboard, you need to carefully read the instructions described above. Initially, you can try to find a way out as a result of checking the software system for viruses, etc. Quite often, spyware hides behind system files and disrupts the full operation of the device.

In addition, a combination of keys such as Fn NumLock, which bring the digital unit into operation, can also help. As a reason for failure, you can still consider installing additional drivers taken from unknown sources. With caution, you should also install software utilities such as MKey, which provide reassignment of buttons. In some situations, the system can take them for a threat and exit the working state.

In any case, if these problems occur, you should not despair and immediately buy a new laptop. If necessary, you can find a way out of this situation as a result of connecting via a USB connector of a stationary keyboard.