The Internet does not work on a computer via a router

Internet connected but browser not working windows 10 || LAN showing internet access but not working

The Internet does not work on a network cable from a router

Recently, we have described a lot of solutions to different problems associated with connecting Wi-Fi wireless networks. Now it’s time to pay a little attention to the problems that you can encounter when using a cable connection to the Internet. Although there are different mistakes and difficulties much less often here, but still sometimes you have to deal with incomprehensible problems.

In today’s article, we will get acquainted with the main problems and ways of solving them that appear when the computer is cable to connect to the Internet through the router. We will consider the case precisely when connecting through this device. If you are connected via a cable network directly from the provider, then this is a little different and today we do not affect such a topic.

This type of connection is often used if you need to organize a Wi-Fi network, but at the same time, there are stationary computers, you need to conduct the Internet for them. And such computers usually do not have a wireless adapter. Of course, there is a way out of such a situation without exceeding the wires-you need to purchase a special Wi-Fi adapter connected via USB.

The router does not connect to the Internet, which is why Wi-Fi does not work on a computer

Often, the cause of errors with the inaccessibility of the Internet via Wi-Fi is the incorrect setting of the router to connect to the provider. A characteristic feature of the wrong network parameters will be an exclamation mark on the yellow background in the Windows panel next to the Internet icon. Plus, the text “limited” will be displayed in Windows 8 or 10, and in the connection status “without access to the Internet”.

If there is an Internet when installing a cable on a WAN port on a computer, but Wi-Fi does not work, then the problem is not with the connection itself, but in the configuration of the network in the settings of the router. To fix it, first of all, I recommend that you complete the full dropping of the router to the factory state. Most likely, a simple reboot will not help here, although you can try and just turn off the outlet router for a few seconds.

After reset by default, the router will begin to distribute a Wi-Fi signal. And you can even give up to it using SSID and password from the sticker on the case, but the network without access to the Internet.

This is logical. Wi-Fi is just needed for the primary setup of the router and the Internet, access to which the computer, laptop or smartphone has no yet. The wireless network indicator on the router will burn green, and the Internet light (WAN) will be red or orange.

Over, if you take out the cable and insert it back into the computer, then the Internet will appear on it. After all, the computer was previously connected to it, which means that the settings were still preserved.

In general, it is now necessary to go to the route administration panel and re.Enter all the parameters from the Internet.

Forced Internet access restriction

Manual purpose IP addresses

If you connect to the Internet in the office or other public space, then you cannot exclude the use of additional settings on the router that limit the Internet access for users.

internet, does, work, computer, router

One of the filtration methods is the manual purpose of IP addresses for computers. In normal mode, the router automatically distributes IP to all connecting devices through the so.Called DHCP server. But it can be disconnected in the settings. And the addresses manually are prescribed by the network administrator for each client.

If you have access to the router, then you need to register for your computer, laptop or smartphone IP address manually. Or turn on the DHCP server

If there is no password from the router, then contact the system administrator to add you to the number of users.

Guest network and customer filters

Also, so that everyone who gets on the Internet does not go on the Internet, several different stages of access to content can be configured through the router. For example, a guest network without access to the Internet or with an allowed access to a network only for certain users.

Also in some models it is possible to give out the world network only for manually registered devices. And for all new ones connected to Wi-Fi, limit the Internet.

For this, “parental control” or filtering by MAC addresses is often used. It can be tuned in such a way that the Internet access is allowed only to devices that are in a pre.Compiled “White List”.

internet, does, work, computer, router

It is necessary to add your computer to it or ask this to do a person responsible for the operation of the local network in your office.


It often helps, especially if the Internet goes through Wi-Fi and it is sharply gone. If you have a large family or a large office, with a large number of customers, ordinary stationary routers can overheat and simply disconnect. This is a protective function that prevents the apparatus from burning out.

Just go to the router and turn it off with a button. You can also simply pull it out of the outlet. Do not rush to turn it on right away. Wait at least 5 minutes while it cools down.

It happens that the installed router hangs corny. In this case, its reboot helps. To do this, just turn off his power and connect after a few seconds again. It will not hurt to restart the computer at the same time. If it happens that such freezes of the router occur with irritating regularity, think about buying a new device. You also need to try connecting an Internet cable directly to a PC or laptop. In the absence of a result, we will deal with the computer first.

It is possible that the problem arose “out of the blue”, then there should not be any questions with settings on the computer, much more often the problem arises with the initial configuration or making any changes to the already working network. First of all, it is necessary to check the correct IP address of the computer, for which click on the keyboard at the same time Winr. The “Perform” window opens. Enter NCPA in its line.CPL and click OK. A network connection window will appear. It may happen that there are several of them, but the necessary will not be crossed by a red cross and its name is similar to the “connection by local network” or “wireless connection” (in the case of Wi-Fi). Click on the right connection with the right mouse button and go to the properties where lines with IPV4 and IPV6 records will be on the list. Check the presence of a checkmark opposite IPV6, and click on IPV4 twice. Mark the points of automatic receipt of settings and save changes. If access to Internet does not appear, let’s go further.

Setting up a local network connection in Windows 7

Perhaps in the previous window I did not have to do anything, the settings for receiving the addresses of the protocols IPV4 and IPV6 are automatic and everything was originally as it should. Then you just need to configure the router, for which you need to know its address. Again make the right click on the connection and select the “condition”, and then click “Information”. There will be several lines in the window that appears, we are interested in the IPV4 address. If you see a view 192.168.X.X, remember or write down what is indicated opposite the “IPV4 DHCP server”-this will be its address. It may be that the computer is not able to get settings automatically, then the recording will have the form 169.254.X.X. You can find out the IP of the router from the documentation for it, or it is indicated on the device case, and most often it is or 192.168.One.One. Open your browser and enter the installed IP in the address bar, and if it is correct, a request will appear to enter the login and password.

Wireless Network Connection doesn’t have a valid IP configuration-Fixed Easily

Properties of the “Internet protocol version 4 (TCP/IPV4)

After the correct entry of accounting data, you will get into the control panel of the router, and further actions depend on the model of the device and its firmware. You need to find control of the DHCP server, which is responsible for automatic receipt by devices of IP addresses and other parameters necessary for the network to function normally. Look for blocks in the name of which DHCP Settings, DHCP server or similar. The block will contain a switch with Enable values ​​(allow) or Disable (prohibit). Most often, these settings are in the LAN section (network). Turn on the DHCP server, save the changes and reboot the router. Field of this, an Internet connection will appear on the computer.

internet, does, work, computer, router

You should not make hasty conclusions if the previous actions did not help you configure the connection. Since the network still does not work normally, check the connection with the provider, for which go to the corresponding section in the route control panel. In almost all manufacturers, these options are called WAN or Internet. There are quite a lot of settings in this section. What are intended for you, you can learn from the contract or in the technical support of your service provider.

It makes sense to do this when you are sure that all previous settings are correct, the connection with the provider has been installed, but the network cannot be adjusted normally. The best option would be to download the latest version of the driver from the manufacturer’s website, for which it seems that you will have to go to a friend or neighbor. In the absence of such an opportunity, the driver that is attached on the installation disk is quite suitable. After reinstallation, be sure to reboot your computer. Here it is also necessary to note malfunctions in drivers arising due to the installed software that makes changes to the operation of network protocols on the computer. The most common representatives are antiviruses and network screens. Make sure that such programs are not installed, and if there are, then turn off or delete them during the audit, since they can block the connection.

Problems with MAC addresses sometimes arise in cases where the network is very large, but it is still worth excluding it. On your computer, go to the device manager, for which press the Winr keys, enter DEVMGMT.MSC and click on OK. The device manager will start, where you need to find the section “Network Adapters”, expand it and select a network card with which PC is connected. After a double click on it, in the new window, on the “Additionally” tab, select the Network Address parameter (network address) and enter any twelve digits into the empty field on the right. After that, reboot and look at the result

Subsequent actions will drop all network settings for IPV6 and V4, so you need to perform them. If you are ready for this, and you have information about all the settings (somewhere recorded, for example), find the command line in the “Start” menu and run it with the rights of the administrator. Enter the command below in the window that appears, confirming the entry of Enter by pressure. After working out each command, reboot the computer and check the result.

Why the Internet may not work

In general, in general, an article of such a plan must be divided into two possible cases:

    In the first version: you have a red cross on the network icon and it is reported that the network cable is not connected (or no available connections). T.E. The computer does not at all respond to the connection/disconnection of the cable from the router (and it should respond if the router is turned on and works (even if the cable is not connected from the Internet provider));

The network cable is not connected (no available connections) / as an example

Then this article will break into 2 parts according to, just these two options.

Causes. What you need to check

First. And the most banal: check whether your laptop (computer) is connected to Wi-Fi router?!

It is enough to pay attention even to the network icon in the TEA (next to the clock). Or open network connections (combination of Winr. And the NCPA team.CPL) and see the status of a network adapter.

Approx.: just many have auto-dedication to the old Wi-Fi network. By the way, for this very reason, they cannot open a web-integer (personal account) of the router.

Problems with the Internet connection via Wi-Fi

In general, problems with the connection through Wi-Fi practically repeat the previous. It can be damage to the cable, freezing the router or the need to install the driver on PC. But also you need to take into account a number of nuances associated with the very nature of the connection. For example, stability and signal range. Perhaps you are just outside the Wi-Fi radius zone.

If when connecting via a router, the Internet does not work on a computer, as well as other devices, probably the difficulties consist of incorrectly configured parameters of your router. See the system notifications on the monitor of your computer or laptop: icons on the taskbar, which may be as follows:

First of all, check if the adapter is working and whether Wi-Fi drivers are installed. Perhaps a problem due to the Wi-Fi function disconnected on a laptop.

Typically, the problem is related to blocked access. It is required to enter a password from Wi-Fi. Even if you used the Internet with this PC earlier, enter the data again and try to repeat the attempt, the connection should work. In case of failure, the reason should be sought in a router or assignment of an IP address.

Problems in receiving IP addresses

The entire catch may be as follows: PC is difficult to get IP addresses. Often a certain address has already been set on it, or the automatic determination of the network settings is simply disabled. Is it so, will show identification. What is it?

Your router, when it works as usual, should be the main router of the local network. This suggests that its built-in DHCP server is active and assigns IP address to all devices. So, it may turn out that this server is inactive.

To find out all this, we must go to the settings. By clicking with the right mouse button, you will get into the “Networks and General Access Management Center”. Next, we do this:

  • Select “Changing the parameters of the adapter”;
  • We pay attention to the “Ethernet” or “Local network connection” icon. With a cable turned off or problems with it, a red cross will appear under the icon with the image of computers;
  • We achieve that the cross disappears, which means that the cable is connected;
  • Click on the field with the right button and find the “properties” in the falling menu;
  • We highlight the “IP version 4 (TCP/IPV4)” field, click on the “properties”;
  • In the new window, we note “get IP.Adures automatically”.

It remains to click in this window “OK” and restart PC. Internet distribution problems are resolved.