The headphones were filled with what to do wireless. Why is the sound behind our Namniki

Reset to factory settings and synchronization of wireless headphones on Bluetooth

If you do not need this information, you can immediately go to the solutions (below in this article).

Most TWS headphones work as follows: there is a main headphone leading (depending on the model, it can be left or right) and there is a second headphone led by. When we get headphones from the case, the headphones are synchronized by Bluetooth among themselves. The second headphone (which is the driven) is connected to the main (leading). After which we are already connecting the main headphone to the phone, computer, etc. D. There are models of headphones, where both the right headphone or the left can act as the main one.

Susynchronization very often occurs in the process of improper connection of headphones. When we are not a main headphone to the phone, or other device, but the driven. For example, when we want to use only one headphone. After that, the headphones cannot interconnect and only one works. And on the device, in the list of Bluetooth devices, two headphones can be displayed. Sometimes a letter may be indicated in the name that indicates the right and left headphones (for example, “Name_R”, “Name_L”). Screenshot for example (you may have another situation):

After that you can connect one headphone, but not both together. precisely, both can be connected, but you will play one. That of course we are not satisfied.

It happens that the TWS headphone lights are due to some kind of failure when we do not put headphones in the charging box after use, use one headphone, or after complete discharge. The problem with resinchronization, as a rule, is in no way related to the device. Whether it is a computer on Windows, a phone on Android, or iPhone.

Resetting TWS headphones allows you to perform repeated synchronization. We delete them on the devices to which we connected, we discharge settings, turn on, and the headphones are synchronized and begin to work in pairs. This, as a rule, solves all problems with synchronization and connection. This method can also be applied when the headphone just fell off, the indicator does not burn and does not respond to the pressing of the button.

How to drop wireless TWS headphones to factory settings?

That’s right, you must first drop the TWS headphones to factory settings. So that they forgot that they once worked in solitary mode. To do this, remove the headphones from the phone button “Forget the device”

After that, at the same time, clamp the functional buttons on them or hold the finger on the sensor for about 5 seconds. The headphones will first be caught up most often with red bulbs, after which they will turn off.

Next, repeat the action, but already clamp the buttons for 10-15 seconds. At first they will turn on with a characteristic sound of speakers. We do not let go and continue to keep your fingers on the sensor or clamp the buttons until the moment when two double sound signals work with a small break. You can also pay attention to the light indication. As a rule, at this moment light bulbs flash. red and blue or red white or only one color depending on the model.

Further, the entire indication will go out, and the headphones will turn off again. put them back in the case. This is enough for the settings to be erased and return to factory values.

Step 1

Open the Bluetooth settings on the phone, tablet, laptop or other device and delete headphones from the list of conjugated devices (forget this device). I show with the example of iPhone. On Android devices it looks like the same.

You can delete headphones on computers in Bluetooth parameters.

Remove headphones on all devices that are nearby and to which they were connected. If both headphones are displayed on the list (for example, with “_l” or “_r” in the name), then delete both.

Step 2

If you have an instruction specifically for your headphones, then the process reset process is most likely described there. Even if the instruction in the language of which you do not know, you can translate it with the help of a phone (just enter a camera, through the same translator from Google). You do not have to try different options and look for the necessary combinations.

Universal decision

This solution is suitable for most such headphones. I show with the example of Xiaomi Redmi Airdots and Earbuds Basic.

  • Charge the headphones.
  • We get both headphones from the case and take them in our hands.
  • Clamp the buttons (mechanical or sensory, it depends on the model) for about 5 seconds. The red indicator usually lights up and goes out. Let the buttons let go. We turned off the headphones. Sound signal “Power Off”. On some models, this step can be skipped.
  • Again clamp the buttons on the headphones and hold them for about 20-50 seconds. The time through which the discharge will occur and how the indicators will behave at this moment depends on the specific model. It’s not always the same. But as a rule, the white indicator flashes first, and then several times a blue/red (white/red) indicator several times flashes several times. For confidence, hold the buttons pressed for about a minute.
  • Put the headphones in the case for 10 seconds.
  • We take out the headphones from the case and wait for them to synchronize with each other (as a rule, the indicator begins to blink (white, blue/red, blue. it depends on the specific model) on only one headphone, on the main one). This means that the headphones are ready to connect. If the indicators on the headphones do not flash, then click the buttons for 5 seconds to enable them.
  • We re.connect the headphones to our phone, or another device. Photo for example. You may have a different name of the headphones and another phone.
  • If the first time did not work, be sure to try it a few more times.

We reset the buttons in the case

On the same Xiaomi Earbuds (on an updated or more old version, I don’t know) that I have, the discharge occurs only when we clamp the buttons on the headphones and at the same time they are in the case. Without extracting headphones from the case! If the universal method has not worked for you, and the design allows you to clamp the buttons when the right and left headphone in the case, then try this method.

  • Charge the headphones.
  • Without removing the headphones from the case, click the buttons and keep them for about 30 seconds. At this moment, look at the indicators. On my Xiaomi Earbuds, for somewhere about 5 indicators burn red, then flashed with white, then they are actively blinking white/red, light up again red, go out and burn again in red. In time it takes 15-20 seconds.
  • Eliminate the headphones from the case and wait for the synchronization of the left and right headphones among yourself.
  • Follow the Bluetooth device.

button on the case

On some TWS headphones, reset should be done with a button on the case. On the same Airpods, or Xiaomi Mi Airdots Pro. As I understand it, this method is most often found on expensive models.

  • Call the headphones by at least 10-20%.
  • Put both headphones in the case.
  • Click the button on the case and keep it for 20-40 seconds. Pay attention to the indicator. On AirPods, for example, the discharge occurs after the indicator flashes several times with orange color. But do not forget that on different headphones-differently.

How the synchronization of wireless headphones works

TWS headphones (True Wireless Stereo) are structurally deprived of connecting wires. The gadget elements inserted into the auditory pass are found and associated with the Bluetooth smartphone. The power of the “ears” is provided by batteries.

The procedure for synchronization of headphones with a sound source at the first inclusion is as follows:

Audio-Technica’s CKR7 true wireless earphones: Excellent sound, archaic design

  • Activated liners first of all through Bluetooth.signals are calculated by time for the data transfer cycle among themselves. Indicators at this time flash a certain color.
  • Когда “ушки” готовы к работе и определились смартфоном, при участии владельца гаджета осуществляется сопряжение устройств.

In the future, connection is automatically.

Important. In a pair of inserts, as a rule, the right element (marked with the symbol R) leading. Through it, the device is connected with a smartphone. He receives a sound signal from the sound source and instantly directs to the left headphone (L), and also provides synchronous sound production.

Reasons for the lack of conjugation

Sometimes it happens that the headphones are not related to each other or a smartphone. There may be several reasons for the problem:

  • one or both liners are discharged;
  • On one wireless headphone or both elements, a Bluetooth module can be disconnected, buttons are provided for some models;
  • Sound.reck up is caused by incorrectly conducted synchronization;
  • Elements are located far from each other;
  • obstacles from the side of the powerful Wi-Fi-router;
  • obstacle from the settings curves remaining from the previous failure.

The right or left wireless headphone does not work in Bluetooth. what to do?

Any owner of the Bluetooth headset sooner or later had to face the question. what to do if one right or left wireless headphone stopped working on the phone or they play separately? over, a similar problem happens both with budget models, such as Xiaomi Redmi Airdots, Huawei Freebuds, Honor Earbuds, QCY, HAYLOU, and with more expensive JBL and Apple AirPods. And also the problem happens on any operating system, whether it is on iPhone or Android. Today I will show how to connect one headphone to another headphone again so that they work in pairs with smartphones Samsung, iPhone, Honor, Huawei, LG, Meizu and others.

First, we will figure out the reasons why the right or left headphone stopped working. We list the main of them, and then we will go through each in more detail.

  • The headset works in solitary mode, while one of the headphones is completely turned off
  • The headphones stopped seeing each other, that is, there was a lighting between TWS modules
  • In the right or left headphone, the battery was completely sat down, which is why it does not turn on
  • Bluetooth headset failed. for example, water fell into one “ear”, it fell or just broke from time

Mono mode

Most modern wireless sets have a single (mon) operating mode. Even the budget Chinese TWS i9S, I10, I11 and I12 can be connected to the smartphone separately without the second module. This is convenient if you want to listen to music or talk on the phone and at the same time be aware of what is happening around, for example, when you are driving behind the wheel. This is especially true for headphones that completely block the auditory passage from the penetration of extraneous sounds.

Wireless Camera Headphones! No more Cables!

So, the transition to the mode of operation one at a time happens automatically if you take your headphones from the cover at the same time, but after a short period of time-even 15-20 seconds are enough. The fact is that immediately after taking out their case, TWS headphones begin to look for a pair of Bluetooth for themselves. And not finding her, they go into mono mode. This often happens by chance-they took out the first, thought about something, then take out the second-and it no longer works. As a result, the sound goes only “in one ear”.


Another common reason when one of the headphones does not work is the right.wing and left modules. This is when headphones lose touch with each other and work only separately. A characteristic feature will be the presence of two stereo warecs in the Bluetooth list of devices available for connecting on a smartphone. Or their names will differ by the letters “r” and “l” by their location (right. right or left. left).

Susynchron may occur during use in modules of any type and budget level.

Headphones connect to the phone separately. reasons

As you know, the process of conjugation (synchronization) of wireless headphones with each other occurs according to the template scheme for most of these devices. When they are removed from the case, headphones through Bluetooth are looking for a friend’s friend, after which they are synchronized. After its completion, only the right headphone remains accessible to connect with the phone (usually at the end of its name there is a letter “R”). It connects to the phone via Bluetooth, then both headphones begin to work synchronously, providing a stereo sound.

But there are times when the headphones are not synchronized, and are available for connecting to the phone only separately. This happens for the following reasons:

  • Random failure in the work of headphones. This does not happen so rarely, and more applies to cheap models of liners;
  • The headphones are too far from each other. To ensure reliable synchronization after removing from boxing, they must be put next to each other;
  • One of the headphones is discharged. In this case, one charged headphone is connected to the phone;
  • In the headphones, the detection mode is not activated. In some models of wireless headphones, after their seizure of their case, click on their sensory keys to activate the detection mode (Discoverable Mode);
  • Headphones were previously connected to another phone. Usually headphones are trying to connect to the previous phone with which they were previously associated. If you are trying to connect them to a new phone, they may not be synchronized normally, and try to connect to the old device;
  • Headphones are next to Wi-Fi router. Another potential obstacle to successful interfacing is interference from devices using the same spectrum, for example, Wi-Fi router. Avoid to carry out headphones next to this device;
  • Headphones are located next to the devices of a smart house. Some of these devices use Zigbee technology, which uses the same spectrum as Bluetooth devices. Move away from the devices of a smart house when you like your headphones.

Let’s figure out how to fix the problem that has arisen, in which the headphones are connected to the phone separately.

Make sure the headphones are charged

First of all, make sure your headphones are charged. This applies to both the headphones themselves and the case that contains the battery.

Having dismantled the reasons why the headphones are connected separately to the phone, consider the main way to eliminate this dysfunction, which is to discharge headphone settings. To do this, it will be necessary to get charged and off headphones from the case, and perform simultaneous prolonged pressing on the sensory (functional) button of each headphones.

In this state, you need to keep them for about 15-20 seconds. Red LEDs will begin to flash, which means that the headphones are ready to discharge. The sound signal will be heard in the headphones.

After the settings of the headphones are reset, they need to be placed back in the case for a couple of seconds, and then get it again. The LEDs blink again, synchronization will occur, after which only one LED on the right headphone will remain to blink. This will mean that the headphones connected to each other. It remains to join the headphones via Bluetooth to the phone (the name of the headphones in the Bluetooth list will contain the letter R at the end).

If there is a button on the headphones on the headphones, put the headphones in the case, and click this button for 20 seconds. Wait for the indicator blinking. After that, remove the headphones again, and try synchronization and connection to Bluetooth.

One headphone Xiaomi does not work

The headphones began to work one at a time? This is fixable

Yes, this is not a too common failure, because manufacturers have learned to cope with this. But, if you remember, in 2016, Apple was forced to postpone the launch of Airpods precisely because she could not force them to work in unison with each other. Xiaomi products were also subject to this problem. In any case, if you read the thematic forums dedicated to the brand devices, you will find that from time to time users complain about the Susinchron of their headphones.

Redmi Airdots headphones worked normally, and now for some reason they started working one at a time. I did nothing, it happened by itself. Tell me what needs to be done so that they start working again in pairs?

I will never buy Xiaomi TWS hobby again, because they are constantly filled, starting to work one at a time. This has already happened, but it went by itself, and after the last update they simply stopped working as a whole.

I don’t know who to turn to, they do not answer in support. Both headphones work on one phone, and when connecting to another. only one. When I put a working headphone in the case, the one that did not work is turned on.

I can’t say that every second or even third faces this problem. But to argue with the fact that the failure takes place is practically useless. And if so, she should have some kind of solution developed either by the manufacturer or users themselves. The way it is. Fortunately for us all, you can eliminate this problem and, moreover, quite easy.

How to drop Xiaomi headphones

First you have to turn off the headphones from the smartphone

headphones, filled, wireless, sound

At the next stage, we will need to drop Bluetooth nashens. This is necessary in order to drop them to factory settings and force them to apply the basic version of the firmware with a reproduction configuration preinstalled by the manufacturer. Depending on the model of headphones, the reset method may vary, but, as a rule, the same manufacturers (and we are talking about Xiaomi) are quite similar.

  • Charge the headphones and remove them from the case;
  • Close the touch control panels on the arches or the back;
  • Hold them for about 30-40 seconds;
  • During this time, their indicator first blows white, then begins to change from white to red, and then go out (this means that the headphones are dropped);

All TWS Holly reset the plus or minus the same

  • Place them back in a complete case for 5-10 seconds;
  • Remove the headphones from the case and wait for their synchronization with each other (will happen automatically);
  • After the headphones make a short sound signal, set the conjugation with a smartphone.

Despite the apparent complexity of the procedure, it is quite simple. Therefore, nothing can go wrong. Unless you by chance, you will not fulfill all the provisions from the above instructions. Because if you skip at least one stage and connect the headphones to the smartphone back, they will continue to work independently of each other. And, if something did not work out, just try to repeat the whole procedure first. I’m sure you will succeed.

First, we will analyze the work of the sound tract.

Three veins come from the headings coming from the headphones, which are paths indicated by red lines, go to two legs of a variable resistor. From the other two legs of the resistor, already in black lines, the paths go towards the plug.

The micro.transcript interferes a little, as it closes the visibility of the passage of the paths, but I did not fall out, and I do not advise you. Just take a multimeter and call them from beginning to end. The path of the “minus” or “general” passes through the entire fee, without breaking off anywhere.

Now, if you give a sound signal to the headset, then it comes to the resistor, and two red lines, leaving the resistor, go to the headphones. A double resistor is used here so that you can hear a stereo sound, so it has five legs: two. input, two. output, and one. general (minus).

Although there are six of them, but for the purpose of miniaturizing and saving the material, one leg from each resistor is combined into one, since according to the scheme they are still connected together. To make it more clear to you, I bring the principle diagram of the sound tract in compliance with all colors used in the figure above.

As you can see, three of the five veins, the leaving cable to the plug (Jack), we identified without difficulty, and we will figure out the next two steps.

We carefully look at the fee, and we see that two paths pass through the microsenger legs passing through two capacitors and a microphone. It turns out that all four elements are turned on in parallel, and if you press the microwter button, then the entire circuit will be closed accurately and turn off the microphone from work.

From this it turns out that at the time of the conversation, if you want to hear the interlocutor, you must turn off the microphone by pressing the button. I bring the circuit diagram of the tract of the microphone and microswitch.

Now I think you will definitely figure it out when there is a problem with your favorite headphones. The described method can be repaired by headphones of any sulfilliness and complexity.

Other causes of such a problem

What to do if one headphone does not work? Frequent breakdown. rupture of internal wiring. In most cases, this is due to the low quality of the assembly of headphones. To solve this problem, special skills are not required.

Many users are wondering: what to do if one headphone does not work? That is, during listening, a sound failure from one headphone is clearly expressed. Or it is heard every other time. In this case, you need to deal with this issue immediately, it is better not to delay. With timely repair, it will be possible to avoid a complete breakdown of the headphones. This reason is one of the most common. And it occurs due to sloppy use of headphones: the user often exacerbates the wire. If the gap arises near the base of the wire, then there can be only one way out of this situation. cut the wires.

Then check and connect to the gadget. Now you should carefully study the sound. If there are problems, including intermittent noise, then you should disassemble and study everything in detail again.

Many buy expensive headphones, thereby risk being deceived. When choosing a device, it is worth considering its type and technical parameters. Wireless headphones are very popular today. But the demand for models with wires does not even think to fall. For the wireless ones have a huge minus: a large weight and a limited action signal.

What other answers to the question: “What to do if one headphone does not work?»Perhaps there was a gap in the headphone itself. The problem can be solved using a screwdriver or a small knife.

We examine the internal contents. There is a special membrane in the headphone, it can be curved or polluted. If there is a curvature, then you should try to straighten it yourself. And when contaminated, the cause is eradicated by the usual alcohol solution: wipe the membrane with smooth movements.

If the headphone does not work on the phone, do not immediately throw away the device or carry it for repair. You can carefully examine the headphones and try to fix it at home. During the repair, it is worth paying attention to all the nuances of the analysis and assembly of the product.

If the wire is damaged, then it can be carefully soldered. The simplest reason for problems with headphones is, of course, an incorrectly connected plug. It is necessary to repeat this procedure again, and the effect will be without any repair. Often there is a problem due to software. To eliminate it, you just need to go to the official website and follow all the necessary instructions. Also, headphones can clog with ear gray. In this case, they should simply be carefully cleaned.

Connection of QCY headphones to the phone

To connect QCY wireless headphones to the phone, we make the following (relevant for the QCY T1 and QCY T1 Pro models):

Only one QCY headphone is connected, and the second does not work

Often they ask what to do if the connection occurs in different ways-only one headphone is connected to the phone, and the second does not work?

This really happens if, for example, you accidentally pressed the button on one of the modules, and the headphones are filled. That is, they lose each other. When using the TWS headset, it should be borne in mind that, as well as with a smartphone, they are connected by bluetooth bonds. And if one of them does not work or the LEDs do not burn on it, then they will turn off from each other. And they will work separately.

Cettleing QCY settings to factory

To fix the error, first, reset the settings to the factory according to our universal instructions.

  • Remove the headphones from the case and turn on the power, holding multifunction buttons pressed for 1 second.
  • After turning on twice, press multifunctional buttons. The conjugation between the right and left headphone will be automatically established. You can understand this by the LED indicator. He will blink alternately blue and red for 1 second.

After that, you can already connect them to the smartphone, as described above.

How to charge QCY headphones?

Also, QCY headphones are faced with the problem of Susynchron of headphones in cases where one of them is discharged. This could have happened due to poor adjustment of connectors on wireless modules to the contact “antennae” inside the case. Due to the shape of the nests of some models, this is quite likely with frequent production and their placement in the case. In this case, it is necessary to fully charge the headphones. Be sure to make sure that:

  • Both contacts were dry,
  • There were no protective films on them,
  • They were precisely located opposite the landing sites

Usually, the full charge of QCY headphones takes no more than an hour and a half. Then they can again be used with a phone or laptop.

How to remove the delay in Bluetooth headphones

There are several ways to get rid of headlight delays

For the delay to be less noticeable, you can try to reduce it software. To do this, you can try to change one codec to another.

  • Check which codec is used by your headphones: in the connection settings, it will be displayed next to your accessory.
  • Check if your headphones support more modern codecs, for example, APTX or LDAC.
  • After that, activate the developer mode and change it in the settings.

Modern headphones have separate tuning applications, so you can change the codec right there without using the developer mode. Carefully study the instructions for them and try to set up the parameters manually. If suddenly the problem has not disappeared, try to do the following:

  • Connect the headphones to another device and check if the sound delay remains. If there is no problem, then the whole thing is in the smartphone, if it remains. in the headphones.
  • Include in the connections the option “Visible to all”.
  • Try to leave “only audio” in the settings so that the calls do not redirect her.

If everything was set up correctly, but there is no visible effect, try to restart the smartphone and close unnecessary applications.

What is the difference between Bluetooth versions

The quality of the Bluetooth work depends on the module version

In our articles, we always recommend checking the version of the Bluetooth module. It is desirable that a version of at least 5 is installed in the device.0. That’s why it is so important.

  • Previous versions (Bluetooth 4.0 and 4.2) came out in 2010-2014, but you may notice that such devices are synchronized extremely slowly. modern modules are connected many times faster.
  • Newer Bluetooth versions allow you to more accurately determine geolocation.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 and above allows you to connect some headphones to several devices, and the process of switching automatic. In addition, it was previously possible to use only one data transfer application, and the rest were blocked.
  • In new versions of Bluetooth, the data transfer speed and the distance have increased, and energy consumers are reduced. This is especially noticeable when comparing Bluetooth 4.2.

No less important is the LC3 codec. a new work standard for audio devices. Its peculiarity is to reduce energy consumption and improve sound quality. That is, the sound quality of the same track with the same bitrate is strikingly different: for example, a cod and “swimming” sound with low quality is not heard.

So, it was for this that LC3 was created to replace the SBC codec, which we have been using for a long time. This is also a great way to save a battery charge, so the autonomy of the headphones should grow in the near future. But in order to feel it for all 100, it is necessary that both headphones and smartphone support Bluetooth 5.2.

Bluetooth canes are not ideal: in our article we made out the most serious shortcomings that should be corrected in the near future.

What characteristics do you pay attention to if you want to buy a powerful smartphone? Most likely, this is a processor, but far from the performance of the device depends not only on it. The memory also affects the speed, or rather, its type. And in this regard, we witnessed a real revolution, because in the coming months smartphones with UFS 4 drives will go on sale.0. We will figure out how this standard differs from its predecessor, and whether the new models really will be faster than the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X game consoles.

Autonomy is the main criterion for choosing a smartphone for those who want to get a device that can perform the tasks for a long time without recharging. However, the gadget’s operating time depends not only on the battery capacity. Of course, she also plays an important role, showing how much energy can be available to the device. But even smartphones with a large battery are often subject to quick discharge. And the fault of this is not the lies of the manufacturer relative to the real capacity, but many other factors affecting the time of operation of the phone.

Probably everyone who uses government services via the Internet saw that an electronic digital signature is required to perform most actions. If there is no signature. Be kind to your reception with a passport at the MFC or a stateganese with whom you interact, and this, as you know, is not very convenient. After all, whoever wants to ask for from work, because the working hours with you and they coincide, and then stand a long queue, only so that the aunt has accepted your application after the glass. Well, is it idiocy? Perhaps so. But if you have a signature, all this could be done online only a few presses.

The article is generally fire. It’s really good that I do not have such a problem in BQ headphones, although they are generally budgetary.