The folder recently deleted in the iPhone where to find. How to restore video via iTunes

How to find a basket in a smartphone and iPhone and clean it

On any device, the user is always looking for a “basket” folder by deleting unnecessary files, and iPhone is no exception. In this article we will tell you what a basket is in the iPhone and how to clean it.

Apple has a high level of responsibility to the safety of personal data of its users. Apple. iOS operating system. a closed system that has an impressive series of restrictions.

It will not work just to throw any data from the computer to the gadget and vice versa. Many do not like such inconvenience. Each type of files in the iPhone requires its own program, and the data is usually loaded into it, and not into the device.

And all file operations are carried out only in the installed program.

PDF files are opened using Adobe Reader or iBooks programs. After loading files to the applications, then you delete them.

But in fact, there is no basket in the iPhone. There is only one exception, and it refers to photographs.

The “Photo” application contains the section “Recently deleted photos”.

After deleting a photo or video, these files are in this section. While the files are there, they can be restored, or finally deleted.

If your device does not have enough space, then we advise you to clean the section “Recent remote photos” more often. Video files in the iPhone weigh quite a lot, so if you want to delete the video, and you are sure that you no longer need it, then feel free to clean this section.

As a conclusion: the basket on the iPhone has partial, so to speak. Now you know how to clean it. We hope that in the following models this situation will be solved.

This procedure works on all Apple mobile devices, namely: iPhone (first generation), iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S PLUS, IPhone 6S iPhone Se, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro, iPod Touch.

Method 4, delete photos via mac

I think many are not aware that any Mac computer can quickly and conveniently delete photos from the iPhone.

How to Recover Deleted Videos on iPhone | 100% Working Ways

Connect the smartphone to the MacBook, open the Image Capture program (“image capture). Choose unnecessary photos (to delete all photos we use the standard combination of the Command a) keys). Then, at the bottom of the screen, click on the deletion icon. Image Capture will ask you to confirm the removal.

Similar actions can be made using the photo program. The difference is that the program will offer to delete photos after importing data on Mac.

How to restore video on the iPhone if you removed from remote

You can restore the remote videos on the iPhone even after complete deletion, and even if you did not save a backup either in iCloud, in iTunes, or anywhere else. The Tenorshare Ultdata utility will help you with this. It allows you to restore data on the iPhone, which have already been deleted using FingerPrints. These are the so.called evidence that the same files left behind. The result. do not hesitate. you will be truly surprised:

Ultdata allows you to restore even long.remote files

The utility restores not only photos and videos, but even correspondence in WhatsApp

Select files and confirm their restoration

Tenorshare Ultdata allows you to restore the photo on the iPhone, which have been deleted for a long time. For example, in my case, the utility found among other things photos and videos removed more than six months ago. However, Ultdata capabilities are not limited to. It also allows you to restore the history of calls, the history of the browser, correspondence in WhatsApp, voice notes, contacts, etc.D. And if necessary, you can use Ultdata as a means of restoring data from iCloud or iTunes.

How to return a video from recently remote

Despite the fact that the system basket in iOS is absent, for photo and video, such a section still exists. This is a kind of separate album where all deleted files are temporarily unloaded before being finally erased from memory. They are stored there for 30 days from the moment you first pressed the “Delete” button. During this time, they continue to occupy a place in the storage and they can still be returned. It is enough to perform a couple of simple actions:

Album with recently deleted photos and videos allows you to restore them within 30 days

Photos, as soon as you delete them, do not disappear from the memory of your iPhone. After removal, they are stored on the device for another 30 days, during which they can be restored.

Restored photos and videos that you return from remote ones return to the same album where they were originally, and will be marked by the initial date of creation. So you definitely won’t lose them. And so that henceforth, the images and videos that you shoot yourself do not occupy most of the space in the memory of your iPhone, use the “Google Photo”. it provides 15 GB of free storage in the cloud, where photos and videos are automatically unloaded in high or initial quality.

How to restore data in the application files on iOS

The “Files” application contains a separate folder with recently deleted files. But they are stored only 30 days

  • Select the files that you want to return from the storage of remote data, and click “Restore”;
  • Go to the ICLOUD DRIVE section in the Files application. restored data should appear there.

It is important to understand that it is possible to restore remote data from the iCloud Drive only if you or one of your loved ones removed them forcibly. If the removal occurred automatically due to a bug in iOS 13, which was reported earlier, you most likely fail to return the missing data yourself. Therefore, the only way to restore will be an appeal to Apple, which will conduct a check and will return your data to you if possible. True, no one will probably give you a guarantee of success.

How to Recover Permanently Deleted Photos & Videos from iPhone

How to restore photos from icloud

Those who use the icloud storage will be a little simpler. The cloud stores any types of photos and other files without limiting terms. Therefore, if you delete all the pictures from your iPhone, even in a few years you can find them in ICLOUD as intact and unharmed. Another thing is that by default, almost everyone retains their data there. Apple insists on this. but, how to restore them from there, many do not know.

Thus, you can restore the photo both one at a time, and all at once in a lip

If you want to download files not one at a time, but immediately in a lot, they must be highlighted. It is easiest to do this from the computer, holding the CMD key and clicking on the necessary photos of the mouse cursor. Then you can note the necessary pictures and download only them without touching all the rest. True, in order for you to have the opportunity to upload files from the cloud, you need to enable synchronization with iCloud, and some, as practice shows, neglect.

How to enable icloud photo

To enable synchronization of photos from iCloud, you need to do the following:

You can restore photos from iCloud only if you have a function iCloud photo

Keep in mind that the ICLOUD photo function does not save all files, but only photos and videos that you make with your iPhone or download from somewhere. That is, all other data, including various files, documents, application cache or, say, correspondence in WhatsApp, are simply not saved. All of them are included in the backup, which the iPhone creates itself every day, and then uses in the event of any problems and setting up again.

How to restore iPhone through itunes

For those who do not really trust the clouds, there is an opportunity to save backups directly to the computer. The Apple’s standard utility, which allows this procedure, is iTunes, or Finder, depending on the version of the MacOS that you use. However, here and there the principle of work is almost no different:

If you saved a backup on the computer, this button will be active

How to restore data on iPhone without itunes

The ITUNES utility is good for everyone, if you do not take into account the fact that sometimes it just refuses to work. Then the utility in principle does not start, then the iPhone does not recognize. In general, there are enough problems with her. In this case, refer to alternatives. Here, Ultdata will help us, which can do the same and even more:

Through Ultdata you can restore backups of iTunes

  • Select “Restore data from Backup” if the copy is stored on the computer;
  • Give the utility permission to read the backups of ITUNES;

The utility needs to give permission to read backup copies

Similarly, through Ultdata, you can restore copies from iCloud. Suppose if the phone has a bad connection to the Internet or there is no SIM card, you can use this utility. It will be enough to log in to your Apple ID account, choose a copy and confirm its restoration.

How to restore photos from icloud

After you turn on the synchronization of photos with iCloud, they will remain in the cloud, and you can remove them from the device without the risk of irrevocable loss. Just when you need them, you can quickly and at ease to restore the photo on the iPhone from iCloud, uploading yourself to the device again.

To restore photos from iCloud, Tenorshare Ultdata utility will also be useful to us:

Restoring data from iCloud through Ultdata is much more convenient than directly

After the load ends, all photos will appear in this window

How to restore photos via iTunes

Apple devices are synchronized not only with the cloud, but also with iTunes. Yes, many neglect in this way to preserve backup copies, because for this you need to connect a smartphone on a cable to a computer. However, this is one of the most reliable and also the only free way to return the remote photos on the iPhone. Therefore, do not neglect them.

Suppose you have already synchronized photos from iTunes. This is what you need to do:

I do not like to restore photos through iTunes more than anything else

By the way, if for some reason you don’t like iTunes or Finder (in new versions of MacOS), you can use Tenorshare Ultdata to restore the backup. Just open the “Restore from Backup” tab, give the utility permission to read backups and restore the necessary with its help.

Album “recently remote”

Apple took into account the fact that the user can delete some photos and videos by negligence, and therefore implemented a special album “Recently removed”. As it becomes clear from the name, files deleted from the iPhone photographic film automatically fall into it.

    Open the standard photo application. At the bottom of the window, go to the Album tab. Scroll at the end of the page, and then select the “Recently deleted” section.


This method of video recording will help only if you previously activated automatic copying photos and videos on the iCloud media.

If you yourself have encountered the situation we consider and were able to restore the video in another way, tell us about it in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

We are glad that we were able to help you in solving the problem.

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Describe what you didn’t succeed. Our experts will try to answer as quickly as possible.

We are looking for hidden files

Before taking measures to restore deleted data, you need to find out if they were in the folder of hidden files. On the iPhone 6, users rarely use this function and may well forget that they hid part of the pictures, thinking that the photos were deleted.

  • Open the “gallery”;
  • Next, find a folder called “hidden”;
  • See if there are the necessary pictures in it;
  • If the photo is found, mark them and click on the “display” option.

After that, the pictures will appear in the albums.

How to restore recently remote photos on the iPhone using standard tools

The pictures deleted by the user, fortunately, are stored on the device for another month in case the photo is needed to be returned. After this period, they are removed.

The place where the recently remote photos on the iPhone are located

Basket recovery

Restore recently remote pictures on the iPhone 6, on the iPhone 7, 8 or on the iPhone 11 can be very easily:

  • Open the “Photo” section and find the “album” at the bottom of the display;
  • Scroll down the screen down to the album “Recent remote” and open it;
  • click on the option “choose” and mark the pictures that need to be restored;
  • click on “restore” to confirm the action.

Photos after recovery can be found in the albums where they were before removal.

Tip: if you need to restore several photos, click one of them and pull up or down.

Remember that using the method described above, you can restore on the iPhone 7 and other models of photographs that were deleted no more than a month ago. If 30 days have passed since the removal, standard funds will not help. The system after the deadline reserved for recovery is erasing the pictures forever.

If you need help

If access to the iCloud Drive files in the file “Files” is not required, you can download and add only cloud services.

Information about products manufactured not by Apple, or about independent websites, not controlled and not tested by Apple, is not a recommendatory or approving nature. Apple does not bear any responsibility for the choice, functionality and use of websites or third-party products. Apple also is not responsible for the accuracy or reliability of the data placed on the websites of third-party manufacturers. Contact the supplier for additional information.

Restoration through icloud service

ICLOUD cloud service stores most of the information from your device, and if you also have a separate tariff for expanding volume, for example, 50 GB, then it can even accommodate all photos, programs and other information. We advise you to check if there is a copy in this service or not. You can do this right from your iPhone.

  • Go to the “Settings” of the smartphone and click on the “Accounts and passwords” item;
  • Go to the ICLOD tab and select the “Storage” item;
  • In this menu you need to click on the “Management” tab and go to the “Reserve Copies” section. A list of all copies that have ever been created in automatic mode will be displayed here. Also, the system will display the last dates of copies so that you can understand whether the photos you need can be in it or not;
  • If there is the right one among the backups, go into “settings”, select the “Basic” item and click on the “reset”;
  • You will drop all the settings, as a result of which all data will be deleted from the phone! Remember this, so be sure to create a backup before the start of the operation;
  • As soon as the information is erased, a master of setting the initial state of the iPhone will appear. Here you will need to select “Restore from a copy of iCloud”;
  • Connect to Wi-Fi, get back under your account and select a backup for recovery. As soon as all the information is uploaded, the device will restart and you can view all the photos.

Attention! This method is similar to the previous one, where the entire process is carried out through iTunes, only here everything is done from the smartphone, and the data is loaded directly from the iCloud service.

How to restore recently remote photos on Mac (from iPhotos)

When you delete photos or images from other folders, and not from iPhotos on Mac, you can find them directly from the basket.

Nevertheless, if you suffer from a problem such as Apple, discussion:

I deleted repeated photos (another question another time) from my IMAC (27 inches, the end of 2009., OS X Yosemite 10.ten.5). When I do this, sometimes a window jumps out with an indicator of execution. The window says the movement to the recently remote. I can’t find this folder “recently remote”. It is not in “Finder”. I tried to open the basket, but it is not there. Where could it be. I need to restore several accidentally remote images of neofler

Then you need to find where to find the “recently deleted” folder on the Mac.

Go to the iPhotos on the Mac, click the “file” on the menu and select “Show the recently deleted”.

Then you will see all your remote photos with the number of days left before they are removed.

To restore the photo or photo, select the choice and click the “Restore” button in the upper right corner. They will be added to your photo library with the original date.

What to do if you don’t need these remote photos

Sometimes, after you find where the album “recently removed” on the iPhone is located, you may want to delete these photos forever. If this is so, in addition to removing them in the album “recently remote”, you better use a more professional tool to completely get rid of them. In this case, you can try the iPhone cleaner from Aiseesoft. This is the best shit cleaner designed for iPhone. Thus, you do not need to face the risk of leakage of your personal data.

After you finish downloading and installing the iPhone Cleaner on your computer, open the program and connect the iPhone to the computer. And don’t forget to entrust this computer on your iPhone. In addition, you need to make sure that your computer is installed on the latest version of iTunes.

Click a quick scan to find these photos on your iPhone. After that, you can see the option to remove photos at the end of the list. Hit the button in the back.

Press export and deletion button. Then you can choose photos you want to delete. After choosing, click remove directly if you do not need a backup copy. Photos will be completely erased.

It should be concluded that when you recently deleted photos on the iPhone or Mac. The first thing to do is restore their recently remote folder within 30 days. If your photos or images have been deleted for more than 30 days, just visit the second part to use the software to restore photos that will help you achieve the goal.

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