The Flashlight On The Phone Stopped Working

Flash or flashlight not working on Android phone or tablet.

What to do and how to treat. Flash or flashlight does not work on my Android phone or tablet. What to do and how to treat.

The Flashlight On The Phone Stopped Working

Many users face a problem when an Android phone or tablet starts to act up. It seems that nothing like this happened that could cause a malfunction, but it does not work as it should.

For example, the device has problems with the system having stopped supplying power to the flash LEDs. This could be due to:

1st: Software failure i.E. The problem is a software failure

2nd: Hardware failure i.E. The problem lies in the hardware (that is, it requires replacement or restoration of spare parts for the gadget)

However, do not rush to get upset in 90% of cases with the problems of turning on / off the flash of a smartphone or tablet based on Android, a software glitch is to blame, which you can easily fix on your own.

Fixing a software glitch:

Method 1. Quite simple go to the settings, find there backup and reset, in which you select a complete reset with the deletion of all data. Be careful, this method is often effective, but it entails the deletion of all photos, contacts, passwords, music, games, and in general, all information stored on your smartphone or tablet. Therefore, first save everything that you need by connecting the gadget to your computer. If this method does not suit you, or if the problem persists after it, see Method 2.

Method 2.

It is based on solving problems with communication and reception of a network of phones and tablets based on Android by introducing additional software. Utilities that control all processes inside gadgets. Today, there are quite a few of them, however, the fewer functions an application contains, the more, as a rule, it is effective. Best of all, it controls system functions, corrects and fixes all possible settings and synchronization errors. A small, easy-to-use, free utility for devices based on Android Multi Cleaner. You can download the application from Google Play and see its additional options in the description HERE. After installing the application, all that remains is to launch it. Further, from you, in principle, nothing else is required. The application will completely take over the control of the device’s functions. (By the way, among other things, the gadget will start charging 20% ​​faster, and its performance will also significantly increase, which will affect the loading speed and operation of all applications, games, and the system as a whole. On average, after scanning, the system works on 50% faster.)

  • In addition, it is worth cleaning the system with NORMAL antivirus. Best of all, Kaspersky Anti-Virus copes with this task, which can be downloaded HERE. Unlike the multi-cleaner, Kaspersky Lab software is paid, therefore, if you do not have the opportunity to install such protection, you can skip this step

Method 3.

Changing the device software, or, as it is also called, flashing. This method, as a rule, requires certain skills and is solved by contacting the Service Center. For the independent implementation of this task, you need to contact the manufacturer of your device, download the necessary utilities and the firmware itself for the firmware, and then reinstall it on your gadget.

If none of the methods brought results, unfortunately, you will have to contact the Service Center to repair your tablet or smartphone.

Flashlight problems: signs

Rarely does a technique stop working on its own. So it is with a flashlight in a mobile phone: before it completely stops shining, you can notice various failures in its work. Such breakdown signals can be:

  • Flash work every other time;
  • Significant decrease in brightness;
  • Backlight delay when shooting;
  • Complete refusal of work.

How to fix the problem

Before you take the phone to the service center, you can independently perform actions that exclude a breakdown in the software part.

  1. For starters, you should reboot your smartphone.
  2. If the problem persists, leave the device to charge for a few hours and use the flash function again.
  3. If the flashlight worked well before, but after downloading certain applications it stopped working, try uninstalling them.
  4. It’s worth re-examining the photo mode settings, as some people just forget to turn on the flash before shooting.

If all the above tips did not help, it remains to do a full reset or reflash the device.

However, even this step will not help if the problem is inside the machine. Here it is better to contact the masters who will identify flashlight problems by opening the phone and checking the contacts.

Why does the flashlight not work?

Many people know that smartphones are equipped with LED flash.

At such moments, additional flashes can be real saviors, which are attached to the phone and run on batteries or separately charged from the outlet.

If we talk about the phone’s native flash, then the problem may arise due to:

  • Errors in the software part;
  • Applications that disable the flash;
  • Breakdown due to moisture entering the motherboard (corrosion, which can lead to critical failures in the device);
  • Low battery level (most devices turn off the flash function when the battery is low to conserve charge);
  • Burnt out flashlight diodes (low-quality parts or voltage drop when charging).

Flashlight on mobile phone does not work

Smartphones, which almost every person now has, perform hundreds of different functions, without which we cannot imagine modern life.

The telephone has long ceased to be just a means of communication; now it is: miniature laptop computers, sources of information, an entertainment center placed in the hand.

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One of the main advantages of smart phones is the ability to take photos and, in terms of quality, they can compete even with the material captured by professional cameras.

For this, the phone has a lot of auxiliary effects and a flash, which allows you to achieve the best quality photos even at night.

The problem of a non-working flash, which is often used as a flashlight, is often encountered even in flagship devices. Let’s try to figure out why the flashlight on the phone does not work, and how to fix this breakdown.

  1. Flashlight problems: signs
  2. Why does the flashlight not work?
  3. How to fix the problem
  4. Conclusion


If the flash has stopped working in your smartphone, you should not immediately take the phone to the service center, because, most often, the problem lies in the phone software.

It is also worth noting that it is highly discouraged to use an LED flash as a light for a long time, because it heats up noticeably during operation, and it will not bring the same illumination as a real flashlight. But for a short period of time, to illuminate a road or a room is quite enough.

Manual network configuration

With manual adjustment, everything is somewhat more complicated. An example of finding access point settings on Android phones can be seen below.

Step 1. Go to the settings, then select the item, which is shown in Figure 3.A, then select the Mobile network (Figure 3.B).

Step 2. In the menu that opens, open the Access Point (APN) item, as shown in Figure 4. A.

Step 3. Click on the button for adding a new access point. Usually it consists of a simple sign, as shown in Figure 4.B.

Step 4. Fill in the fields Name, APN, Username, Password, which are highlighted in Figure 4. C.

No. 4. Menu items for setting up a new access point

As for the values ​​of these fields, you should also find out about them from the operator, for each network they are completely different.

For the most popular operators, the values ​​of these fields can be seen in Table 2.

These menu items can be completely different depending on the phone. There are other reasons why the Internet does not work well or does not work at all.

But if all of the above does not help, it is best to just send the phone for repair or contact the service center of your operator.

A visual aid for setting up the Internet on Android can be seen below.

Why the Internet does not work on the phone: The main reasons for solving the problem

Einoperative access to the worldwide network today is a very common problem, so many today are looking on the Internet why the Internet does not work on the phone.

over, this is relevant for all, without exception, operators that only exist on the territory of the Russian Federation MTS, Megafon, Tele2, Beeline and others.

Although, the problem may not be in the operator, but in the smartphone itself.

On devices running on the Android platform, this is a very common problem.

In any case, it would be useful to understand what are the reasons and solutions to this phenomenon.

Banal reasons

Let’s start with some of the most commonplace reasons why mobile internet might not work.

Their list is as follows:

  • Negative balance on the phone. To exclude this option, you should check how much money you have in your account. The method may differ depending on the operator.
    To find out how to check your account status on your phone, you should contact your operator. Most often, the SIM card has both a balance number and an operator number.

# 1. Checking account balance

  • The subscriber is out of the network coverage area. Another very simple and common reason. To exclude this option, you should look at the network indicator on your smartphone. An example of this can be seen in Figure 2.
    To eliminate such a problem, there is only one way out to go to where the device can normally pick up the signal. By the way, a weak network can cause the Internet to simply work very slowly.

# 2. Network indicator on iPhone

  • The Data transfer option is not enabled in the settings. All modern smartphones have this option. It can be easily disabled in the settings.
    However, depending on the specific smartphone model, the location of this item will be completely different. For example, in phones with the Android platform, it can be found this way:
  • Go to settings;
  • Select the item (Figure No. 3.A);
  • Go to the Mobile network menu (Figure 3.B);
  • Check the box next to Mobile data transfer (Figure 3.C).

Number 3. Item Data transfer in phones on Android

As mentioned above, in different operating systems this item will be in different places, but its name will always be approximately the same.

  • There was no automatic registration in the network after it was not there for some time. Such a phenomenon can occur after the subscriber leaves the metro or simply returns from places where the Internet did not work.
    This is especially true for 3G networks. In this case, there is also one and only way to fix everything, and it consists in rebooting your device, that is, turning it off and on again.
    This process is different depending on the phone model, see the instructions.

Useful information:

Pay attention to the Wireshark program. It is used to analyze network traffic and parse data packets using the pcap library. This significantly reduces the number of packages available for parsing, since only those packages that are supported by this library can be parsed.

Lost settings

To exclude this option, you should go to the Internet settings on your phone and find there items related to APN, that is, an access point.

Depending on the model, the location of this item may also differ, but the APN will remain APN in any case.

There are two ways to fix this problem:

  1. Request settings from the operator.
  2. Manually set up the network connection.

The easier, of course, is the first option. To find out how to request such settings, you should contact the operator or go to the website of your mobile operator.

Information on the most common of them can be seen in table 1.

Table 1. Request numbers for obtaining Internet settings for the most popular mobile operators

Operator nameAct
BeelineCall to number 06503
MTSEmpty message to number 1234
MegaphoneSMS with text 1 to number 5049
Tele 2Call to number 679
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As for the rest of the operators, you will need to call the operator and ask him how to get automatic Internet settings.

In most cases, the settings will be installed automatically and the user will not even notice it.

Only at the end he will receive a message with something like this: Congratulations! Internet settings on your phone are set successfully.

It happens that an SMS comes in, when you read it, the Install button appears.

Accordingly, you must click on it and the settings will be installed.

How to set up internet on android

How to set up the Internet on Android and how to use a smartphone as a modem?

In this review, together with you, we figured out what should be done first of all if the Internet on your smartphone is lost. Here are the so-called “first aid” steps, which you will most likely reanimate the Internet on your phone.

Flashlight app from smallte.Ch: maximum flexibility, customizable brightness and lockout

Free must have app for Android. Allows you to adjust not only the brightness of the flashlight, but also adjust other parameters directly related to the lighting functions. For phone screen and photo flash. The developers have added features to the widget that are missing in other mobile flashlights.

After downloading from Google Play and installing a portable flashlight on Android, go to the settings and see the following parameters:

  • Lighting at startup: you can enable or disable the option to turn on the light at startup (we advise you to disable it to avoid accidental activation)
  • Auto power off: accordingly, the interval for turning off the flashlight on the phone / tablet (we recommend enabling the option)
  • Sound: beep when the flashlight is activated
  • Flash-to-ringer and ringer-flashlight use
  • Flashlight control via widget from Android home screen
  • Smooth brightness adjustment
  • Change screen orientation with active flash / flashlight
  • Root Mode (Use Rooted Mode): If Android OS is blocking developer options, activate Android extended rights.
  • App Button Lock: Prevent accidental button presses while the flash is on (the flashlight will not turn off at an important moment).

Although the flashlight works stably, when a white screen appears, a false impression is formed: it is not clear whether the problem is in the device or in the application. However, this is just the background of the screen in floor lamp mode, customizable in “Flashlight” for taste and color.

In “Flashlight” ads are traditionally displayed, as an option, on Google Play there is an ad-free version of the same program for Android. However, the application is worthy of installation on a smartphone and a symbolic payment. We advise you to download this particular flashlight for Android from the Market (apk size 1 Mb).

Super Bright: a bright flashlight for every day

Super Bright is indispensable when you need to highlight something while walking along the street or at home, for household needs. The software has all the basic features that are present in other lighting applications on the phone. The main attraction is the screen is made in the form of an analog lamp with a convenient power button.

How to turn on the flashlight:

  1. Download Super Bright for Android from the Play Market,
  2. Install the apk file,
  3. Agree with access rights (they are minimal),
  4. Use a flashlight by pressing the power button.

What are the settings:

  • Turn on, turn off;
  • Power on sound;
  • Screen off operation.

The application conscientiously fulfills its functions, but the developers overwhelmed it with ads: it appears when you click on the AD link, and a banner is also displayed at the bottom of the window. In the settings, other products of the same developer are mentioned to others, which can also be called advertising.

Flashlight # 2. Android flashlight without ads

The Flashlight program of the same name is very simple, even a primitive flashlight for an Android phone with a single button to turn the camera flash on and off.

Alas, the brightness setting is not available in Flashlight, which may not suit the user who downloaded the application. Installing a flashlight on the bell and other functions are also not intended. However, Flashlight has a big plus: there are no ads or marketing chips.

In other words, both the advantage and the disadvantage of Flashlight are the lack of controls, sheer minimalism. The widget does not “eat up” the memory of the mobile device, performing the assigned functions. To turn off the flashlight, just press one button. The light will go out, turn it on. Similar action.

You can download Flashlight for free on a smartphone or tablet in apk-format both through Google Play and here.

Another free android flashlight called Flashlight

Download free flashlights for Android: best apps. 2020

Short description: An overview of free flashlights for the mobile platform. How to download and install applications on Android (smartphone, tablet), what settings to pay attention to.

  1. If you want an unobtrusive yet ad-free free flashlight, use Flashlight for Android, Pony Mobile Flashlight or FreeApps.Mobi.
  2. For older phones, the Flashlight app is fine. LED Torch Light. It is compatible with Android version 2 and above.
  3. In the Frequently Asked Questions, you will find answers to questions about using a flashlight on a mobile device, as well as other recommendations.

List of all applications:

applicationdeveloperappraisaladvertisingAndroid version
Flashlight for AndroidArtLine4.7noDepends on the device
Flashlight 2smallte.Ch4.4there isDepends on the device
“Flashlight” Pony MobilePony mobile4.7no4.3 and up
Bright flashlightAbc Apps4.4there is4.0 and up
FreeApps.MobiFreeApps.Mobi4.6no4.0.3 and up
Sane flashlightLexaUA4.8there is4.1 and up
Flashlight. LED TorchGOMO Limited4.4there is2.2 and up
Just flashlightSvitlana dev4.8there is4.0 and up
Flashlight FlashlightSplend Apps4.7there is4.1 and up

Bright flashlight Pony Mobile for smartphone

Perhaps one of the brightest and most versatile flashlights for Android with support for strobe mode and SOS distress signals. It will be useful for fishermen, hunters, sportsmen.

Also, this program will be useful for ordinary users if they cannot turn on the flashlight on Samsung, Lenovo or another Android phone due to software restrictions or on an outdated device.

The flashlight can also be turned on through a widget added to the desktop. When it is activated, the light comes on, and the user does not understand where the light on / off button is, where is the brightness setting, and so on. Fortunately, there is a menu with settings, and here you can adjust the sound, timer.

  • No ads
  • Quick start and no lags
  • Works when the screen is off
  • SOS indicators
  • Work in stroboscope mode (10 blinking modes)
  • Low battery consumption
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Svitlana Dev flashlight: off by default

There are 3 key positions in the Flashlight mobile app by Svitlana Dev:

  • Activation of the flashlight via the on / off button;
  • Turning on the strobe;
  • Setting the flashing frequency.

The advantage is that the app is disabled by default and does not consume battery without your knowledge (while other android flashlights have to be turned off at startup). You will not turn on the light by accident by touching the button on the phone, it will not discharge your smartphone, will not overheat the rear camera, even if the program is launched in your pocket when you accidentally press the Power button.

The only drawback of this small applet at the bottom of the window is an ad block (although for using the simplest functionality you least want to view banners).

What to do if the flashlight disappears from the curtain on top

The reasons why the shortcuts on the top panel (curtain) may stop appearing are very different. Many users notice similar problems immediately after updating the firmware.

Most often, the problem looks like a complete absence of a curtain, in other words, the user simply cannot call this panel. Usually the following factors are the reasons:

  • A third-party application prevents the function from working properly. Solution: roll back the system to a previous state or uninstall the program;
  • The screen sensor has faults that prevent the sliding panel from being activated;
  • A failure occurred during the firmware update;
  • Device freeze or due to a small amount of memory, or system congestion. You can clean up or close some background programs.

Note! A solution to this situation is to restart the phone. Perhaps there was a short-term failure in the system, and this will help correct the situation.

Why does the flashlight not work on android

If the flashlight does not work on the android, of course, there is a specific reason for this. As you can understand, the technique does not stop functioning just like that. You can prevent serious damage if you pay attention to indirect signs.

Flashlight on android phone

What to look for:

  • If the flash does not fire the first time;
  • The brightness of the flashlight has decreased significantly;
  • There was a delay in the backlight.

Why does the flashlight on android not turn on if modern phones have LED flashes? There are enough options.

Note! On cheap mobile phones, the build quality is significantly lower, so this element very often fails.

In addition, the problem could be caused by:

  • The occurrence of an error in the software component of the device;
  • The lantern on the android has fallen into disrepair;
  • Water got on the motherboard, as a result of corrosion and failure of some elements;
  • The phone‘s battery is very discharged, so the protection turned on, and the device independently blocked some functions;
  • Burnt out diode, poor quality parts, etc.

The flashlight may not work for many reasons

Through hotkeys

Few people know, but on devices with an android system, you can activate the so-called hot keys, which help to simplify the use of a mobile phone. These can be buttons for switching volume, power and Home (if it is placed in a separate one).

You can also use separate applications to significantly expand the functionality of hotkeys. If we talk about turning on the flashlight function, then this cannot be done without additional expansion. If necessary, the user can take a screenshot of the desktop by simultaneously pressing the power and volume down buttons.

For your information! A busy user during an incoming call can easily mute the sound by simultaneously pressing the sound buttons. In this case, the call will simply be missed.

Through the curtain

The pull-out panel at the top has a different name for the shutter. This function is a kind of replacement for hot keys. Using the shutter, you can get quick access to information about the battery charge, turn on and off the sound of an incoming call, and also activate the flashlight.

There are several options for calling the so-called curtain, which depend on the mobile phone model. For example:

  • On androids this is always done by swiping down from the top of the screen. During normal operation, the device manifests itself without any problems;
  • The curtain on Apple products extends from the opposite side, that is, from bottom to top.

Important! You can slide the field at any time, even if an application is open or the screen is locked.

Shutter activation

After the curtain is pulled out, the user will need to click on a specific icon depending on which function needs to be activated. In this case, the icon looks like a flashlight.

What to do if the flashlight or flash won’t turn on

If the flash or flashlight on the android device does not turn on, you can carry out the initial diagnostics yourself. If this does not work, you will most likely have to return the device to a specialist. What is recommended to do:

  • Restart the phone. Perhaps the reason lies in a common system failure that can be easily resolved;
  • Put the device on charge for at least 2 hours. After that, you can check the functionality by pressing the flash;
  • Checking for recently installed applications and programs will help determine the cause. If before that the flashlight worked without any complaints, most likely the reason is in the new program. You can try to simply delete it;
  • If it is the flash that does not work, it is recommended to check the device settings. Perhaps the user simply forgot to enable this feature.

Through the camera app

There are also a wide variety of applications available to help you operate a phone function such as a flashlight. A few examples:

  • Lantern;
  • Tiny Flashlight;
  • Super bright flashlight.

Important! Despite the fact that the applications are different, their functionality is approximately the same. Key features enable, disable external light, adjust brightness, etc.

Enabling via applications

For greater convenience, the user can put a specific application widget on the desktop screen. In this case, there will be no need to open the common panel or lower the curtain each time to activate the external light.