The difference between Sony PlayStation 4 and 4 Slim

PlayStation 4 Slim and PlayStation 4 Pro: the difference in games

The most interesting thing is how the differences in hardware affected the difference that we see in games. PlayStation 4 Pro was the first among PlayStation consoles to learn how to somehow handle games in 4K resolution, but gamers who have regular Full HD screens have not been forgotten either. One of the first advantages of the Pro was recently revealed by a high-profile Sony exclusive. Horizon Zero Dawn:

For previously released games, their developers have prepared special patches for the PlayStation 4 Pro. Some of the authors preferred to double the frame rate in those projects where it did not exceed 30 FPS or exceeded, but was unstable.

Others have improved detail and visuals. This is how one of the main Sony hits of recent times, The Last of Us, is changing on PS3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro.

By the way, some individual developers were able to pull out both FPS and effects at new capacities. However, to be honest, there are few such examples.

Therefore, if “kill two birds with one stone” did not work, the developers give Pro users a choice. For example, the creators of Rise of the Tomb Raider provide players with separate modes. One can achieve standard graphics and 60 FPS. In the other. the maximum visual effects for Full HD, but only with 30 frames instead of 60.

The current Tomb Raider also has a mode for 4K TVs (it is also added along with the patch). There is no maximum FPS and effects cranked up to the maximum, but the user will receive high detail of the picture.

However, other developers make their games look better on PlayStation 4 Pro without any default modes. For example, The Witcher 3 players will see such differences on the enhanced Sony console:

The general list of games that received a special patch for PS Pro or, in the case of new projects, initially support the reinforced hardware of the updated console, is already quite large. Here is just a small part of it:

The difference between Sony PlayStation 4 and 4 Slim

Old games, for which the developers have not released any special patches, will work as usual on the powerful PlayStation. To make them look better, Sony itself came up with the trick here, but we’ll talk about this below, in the section about PlayStation OS.

PlayStation 4 OS

Every spring and autumn Sony releases a major update for the operating system that controls all PlayStation 4 models. We will not retell their entire extensive list of changes here, especially since Sony itself does this perfectly in its Russian-language blog.

Instead, we want to focus on specific features that are important to PlayStation 4 Pro users. They began to appear in the OS since version 4.0 when the enhanced console entered the market.

  • 4.0 (Fall 2016): Full HD Remote Play streaming to PC / Mac. Streaming via Share Play in Full HD. Full HD streaming on YouTube at 60 FPS and Twitch at 30 FPS;
  • 4.5 (Spring 2017): Boosted mode for PlayStation 4 Pro. Can raise FPS even in games for which the developers have not submitted a patch;
  • 5.0 (Fall 2017): Full HD streaming on Twitch 60 FPS;
  • 5.5 (Spring 2018, not yet out): Supersampling mode on PlayStation 4 Pro. Can improve picture clarity and picture quality on non-4K TVs.

The most interesting is the forced mode. It adds frame rate where it is not fixed at 30. Or it provides stable 30 without drawdowns where there is such a fix.

PlayStation 4 Slim and PlayStation 4 Pro: features and differences

A year and a half ago, Sony completed the release of the basic version of the PlayStation 4 console and introduced instead the new PlayStation 4 Slim and PlayStation 4 Pro game consoles, at the same time debuting on the market with the PlayStation VR virtual reality headset. In this article, we have collected all the basic information about devices that you need to know.

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Looking ahead: the main difference between the PlayStation 4 Pro and the regular PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Slim is more than double the GPU performance. The rest of the characteristics have also been slightly improved, although not so significantly.

Differences between PlayStation 4 Pro and PlayStation 4

The PlayStation 4 Pro, formerly rumored as the PlayStation 4 Neo and PlayStation 4K, also went on sale at the end of 2016, three years after the base PlayStation 4. The Pro version of the PlayStation 4 differs in a significant increase in key hardware characteristics compared to other models.

As we said at the beginning, first of all, the PlayStation 4 Pro differs from the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Slim in the power of the GPU.

If the original PlayStation 4 (and Slim) has this figure at 1.84 teraflops, then the PlayStation 4 Pro uses a much more powerful GPU with a performance of 4.2 teraflops. Other characteristics of the PlayStation 4 Pro have also grown, albeit not as seriously as the graphics.

In particular, the CPU still has eight cores, but they now operate at 2.1 GHz versus 1.6 GHz in the regular PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Slim. It’s 30% faster. The amount of GDDR5 memory has not changed. it’s still the same 8 GB, but their bandwidth has increased from 176 GB / s to 218 GB / s. That is about 24%.

The hard drive remains the same, but, unlike the simpler versions of the PlayStation 4, the Pro comes with a HDD of at least 1 TB, and it simply does not have a 500 GB version.

Most importantly, the increased power required is that the PlayStation 4 Pro can run games in huge 4K resolution on TVs that support it.

Alas, even more than four teraflops of GPU performance for this resolution is often not enough. Therefore, most Pro projects do not run in native (native) 4K, but using the so-called checkerboard rendering, which is somewhat worse. However, 1.8 teraflops in a regular PlayStation 4 and Slim was not enough even for this.

The ps4 pro has other differences from the usual ps4:

  • It has not 2, but three USB ports, with USB 3.1, not 3.0;
  • The advantages in terms of wireless networks that the Slim described above has over the base PlayStation 4 remain with the Pro;
  • Due to the powerful hardware and cooling system, the Pro has slightly larger dimensions and weight (3.3 kg versus 2.8 for the initial PlayStation 4 and 2.1 kg for Slim);
  • Amplification of iron allows this PlayStation 4 model to broadcast the game to the Internet, to another device, or simply record a video in Full HD resolution (in other models. only HD);
  • Screenshots can even be shot in 4K if you have an appropriate TV.

Talking about the PlayStation 4 Pro, Sony immediately clarified that this is not a new generation of its consoles, but only a more powerful version of the original console. Therefore, Pro will not have any exclusives that would only work on it. All future games will work great on PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 4 Slim.

In turn, already released projects, of course, will be able to run on the PlayStation 4 Pro. The user just needs to log into his account on the new console and he will have at his disposal all the old games he purchased for the original PlayStation 4. Only some of them will work better.

The PlayStation Pro went on sale on November 10, 2016. Sony has set a price tag of 400.

PlayStation VR

In addition to enhanced Full HD gaming and the first opportunity to run 4K games, the new hardware capabilities of the PlayStation 4 Pro are important for the PlayStation VR headset.

PlayStation VR can be connected to both PlayStation 4 Pro and PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 4 Slim. The difference, as is the case with regular games, is only that on a more powerful console, VR games will run with better frame rates, more effects, and better detail. DualShock 4 or PS Move can be used as a controller.

To date, the helmet has dropped slightly from the original 400. In addition, Sony has recently added a PS Camera accessory to all PS VR kits for free, without which it does not work. Previously, users had to separately purchase PS Camera for about 60, but now that’s a thing of the past.

From a technical point of view, PlayStation VR, at first glance, looks very similar to its competitors (Oculus Rift and HTC Vive). It is slightly inferior to them in resolution and viewing angle, but it surpasses the display refresh rate, which is important for VR.

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In addition to being more affordable and no need for an expensive PC, Sony’s VR is attractive because of its line of exclusive games. There was a place in it for horror, racing, shooters, Star Wars and even dating simulators.

Note Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, Batman: Arkham VR from Rocksteady, VR versions of Driveclub and Gran Turismo Sport, Robinson: The Journey from the creators of Crysis, and especially the VR mode in Resident Evil 7 from Capcom. But the latter is not for the faint of heart.

Despite the later launch and somewhat simpler characteristics in some parameters than the competitors, PS VR is currently the most successful VR headset commercially.

PlayStation 4 Slim: specifications

The PlayStation 4 Slim was launched in 2016. In terms of hardware performance, this console should be completely identical to the original PlayStation 4, which began selling worldwide in late 2013. PlayStation 4 Slim specifications: it’s still the same eight-core processor with a frequency of 1.6 GHz, 8 GB of GDDR5 memory and a GPU with a performance of 1.84 teraflops.

The difference between Slim and the simple PlayStation 4 lies in the dimensions: the new console is 30% smaller and more than 16% lighter. In addition, the PlayStation 4 Slim uses 28% less power and is less noisy, according to Sony. Digital Foundry enthusiasts tested the last two points in practice and found that they are really close to the truth.

In the table above, the CUH-1000 is the very first version of the PlayStation 4, released in 2013. The CUH-1200 is a slightly updated model with minimal differences in design (the glossy part of the case was replaced with a matte one) and almost the same body dimensions. It was released in the summer of 2015 without any announcement or noise in the press. Finally, the CUH-2000 is the new PlayStation 4 Slim.

All three versions have been tested for power consumption (first three columns) and noise in both idle and gaming. As a result, in all tests, the PlayStation 4 Slim, with one or another advantage, bypassed the old revisions of the PlayStation 4 in quality. Digital Foundry additionally noted that in Assassin’s Creed Unity, the new compact version of the PlayStation 4 also heats up 6-7 degrees lower than previous models.

By the way, additionally Slim differs from the usual PlayStation 4 by two ports USB 3.1 versus USB 3.0, as well as Wi-Fi a / b / g / n / ac and support for Bluetooth 4.0 versus Wi-Fi b / g / n and Bluetooth 2.1 in the original version. And, of course, there is a nice difference in Slim‘s price. If the original PlayStation 4 started in the world with a price tag of 400 and then fell in price to 350, then the PlayStation 4 Slim started its journey from 300.

Official sales of this new PlayStation 4 modification began on September 15, 2016 in the countries of the so-called first wave. To other markets, including Russia, the updated PlayStation 4 reached a little later. The Russian division of Sony then announced the price of 26,999 rubles.

What is the difference between the characteristics of the PlayStation 4 Slim and the PlayStation 4 Pro

If you still haven’t decided which PlayStation is better, then here is a quick visual comparison of the characteristics of the PlayStation 4 / Slim with the Pro version in the form of a table:

PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Slim PlayStation 4 Pro
CPU: 8 cores; 1.6 GHz 8 cores; 2.1 GHz
Graphic arts: 1.84 TFLOPS 4.2 TFLOPS
Main memory: 8 GB; 176.0 GB / s 8 GB; 217.6 GB / s
Additional memory: 256 MB 1 GB
HDD: 500 GB or 1 TB 1 TB
Max. game resolution: Full HD 4K

New DualShock 4 and PS Camera

Finally, along with the new game consoles in Fall 2016, Sony also launched an updated line of key accessories for them. So, in particular, the main controller of the console, DualShock 4, was updated.

The updated version has a new light indicator on the front panel, and in addition to Bluetooth it also supports USB communication. This slightly redesigned DualShock 4 comes with both the PlayStation 4 Pro and PlayStation 4 Slim. It is also compatible with the very first model of the fourth PlayStation.

In turn, the PlayStation Camera accessory is now presented in a much more compact body and equipped with a convenient mount. The PlayStation Camera can be used in some individual PlayStation 4 games like Until Dawn, as well as for PlayStation VR, where it is a necessary device for work.

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The first difference that immediately catches your eye is of course the new design of the console. Just look at this monster, it looks like an extra “pancake” was put on the original PlayStation 4. But no matter how comical it looks, the Playstation 4 pro photo on them seems awkward, too large, and resembles Xbox one in its size. But do not rush to conclusions, in reality the console is not much larger than the original, in height it is more

4 cm. The width has increased slightly, but the length, on the contrary, has become a little less, because of this, it became more convenient to place the console vertically, and in general the form factor looks more confident. But how cool it looks compared to its predecessor. The touch-sensitive power and drive buttons were replaced by mechanical ones. The backlight strip from the power button to the end of the console body has disappeared. The material itself has become a little more glossy and pleasant to the touch. Sony has never been particularly different in the design of its devices, they were just good and did not cause disgust, but the PlayStation 4 (Pro) is just plain to watch.

PlayStation 4 vs PlayStation 4 Pro comparison

Progress in the console market does not stand still. Much has been said for and against such a leap from one console to another. Sony showed everyone their new game, the Playstation 4 (Pro). After the announcement, a dispute erupted, and there were many reasons for that, one of which is: what is the significant difference between PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 pro? If you look at a simple ad, you can understand that the main advantage of Sony is the presence of 4K. But you need to immediately make a reservation that there is no real 4K resolution on the consoles. It can produce such a resolution when watching movies, but in games, only programmatically stretched 1080p, alas. So which one to choose? Buy a new console now or wait for the real new PS5? I propose together with me to understand the new generation of consoles, I will consider all the changes that have occurred with this “modification”, I will also touch on such a topic as: the difference between PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Slim.

Video card

With the video adapter, everything is more interesting. It remains the same AMD Radeon Jaguar, but now it is overclocked to 2.1 GHz, versus 1.6 GHz in the original. This means that the increase in power will be 1.3 times. Improved the software part. Here, by the way, you need to dwell in more detail. What’s the point in talking about numbers if you can’t feel them? In many games, the graphics selection menu began to appear, albeit not the same as on the usual PC. You can play in regular 1080p and 60 FPS, or you can play in 4K and 30FPS. Even if such a menu item is available so far only in some recent releases, the developers are gradually updating their products by adding this option. In general, the picture in absolutely all games improved, no matter how powerful the consoles were, they still could not give a picture of the level that a good computer gives. But now everything has changed, and the graphics have become truly beautiful.


A lot of technical information will follow, but I have to write this so that the differences are better noticeable, this will be the smallest section. The change in the processor did not affect, it is still the same AMD “Jaguar”, 8 cores, a good processor that proved itself in the original. With eight threads, high menu response and overall console performance are achieved. It’s enough for games.

General useful information

Some interesting differences. The console’s power consumption is slightly above 310W. The console only comes with a 1TB hard drive.