The computer began to work for a long time and slowly. When working in a browser

Strongly slows down the computer causes and ways to speed up work

And so hello everyone today will talk about why the computer is very slow. If you began to notice the fact that the computer is very slow. So your system requires your intervention. Most users do not know how to revive the system. Therefore, the operating system is most often reinstalled. Of course, after that everything will work as before and will not slow down the computer.

But this is not always convenient because over time each of us accumulates information on the computer. We put a lot of different programs, and simply, set the computer to our needs. And after reinstalling, everything will have to be done again, and the time spent on reinstalling the operating system and the PC configuration will take more. Therefore, I will tell you how to extend the life of a computer without resorting to reinstallation. What to do if the computer is loaded for a long time and why the computer is brake?

And so let’s start, you began to notice that the computer began to slow down. It is slowly loaded and starts various applications for a very long time, and sometimes it doesn’t freeze in general. There are several simple methods with which you can restore the performance of your computer.

Three simple ways to speed up the computer

The first thing to do if the computer is very slow down is to check the hard drive for errors and damaged sectors. To do this, go to my computer click on the hard disk of the right button and press the properties.

In the menu that appears, select the Service tab and click the check. In the next menu, it should be noted with checkmarks to automatically correct systemic errors and check and restore damaged sectors and press the launch. Then a message will appear.

Press the schedule of the disk check and reboot the computer. In the process of rebooting, the operating system check the hard drive for errors and automatically fix them. This can take a lot of time depending on the state of your hard drive. Very often a computer to slow down precisely because of problems with a hard drive.

The second after your hard drive has checked and the computer turned on, you need to do disk defragmentation. Defragmentation helps a lot. It combines scattered hard drive files. Defragmentation is recommended to do at least once a month. If you do not do it, then the computer can highly slow down. To do this, we also go to my computer click on the right button on the hard drive, select the properties. In the appeared service, we go to the service and click on the defragmentation.

In the window that appears, click the defragmentation of the disk and wait for the completion of the process. If someone wants to learn more about whether the computer can slow down and hang out of this, and what is the disk defragmentation click here.

Search for the causes of the brakes and their elimination

In some cases, you can almost accurately determine where to look for the cause of the slow work of the disk. Therefore, the very first thing I want to start is with observation and analysis. I will give a number of questions below, from which it will become clear where I am glooming:

computer, began, work, long, time, slowly

1) The hard drive during the brakes makes rattle, clicks, whether the knocks are heard? Are there any suspicious sounds that there were not before (it should warn that many working hard drives emit “light” rattle. I am talking here about those sounds that did not occur before when working) ?

Such sounds that have appeared can indicate a problem with disk mechanics. In this case, the cheapest option is to replace the disk with a new one (how to choose a disk);

keyboard working very slowly when typing || keyboard lagging or slowly responding in windows 10

2) Do you happen that the files become “beaten”, do you have errors about the integrity of files when they are opened?

How long is the process of copying, reading files? For a long time, Windows loads? Positive answers to these questions may indicate the appearance of BED blocks (you can try to cure, more on this below). on the fact that the disk was dropped (hit), for errors of the file system;

3) Did you try to start the tasks dispatcher and see if there are programs that “grow up” your hard drive, loading it 100% (for example, it can be utorrent)? To call the task manager. Click the Ctrlshiftesc buttons.

It happens that the task dispatcher shows a load of 50-100%, and the programs that do this are not displayed. In this case, try using a monitor, for example, from Advanced Systemcare.

Performance monitor. What loads the disk // Advanced Systemcare 10

4) how strong you have the brakes: it is just a light delay of 0.5 ÷ 1 second. In the game, as if short.freeing (every 15 ÷ 20 minutes.), or they are so strong that you cannot even launch that very game. wait for 3 ÷ 4 minutes. While it loads and the first menu appears? Simply, in the first case, the case is often in the power supply settings, in the second. the range of problems is much wider;

5) Was there an emergency shutdown of electricity? The fact is that after such a “sharp” shutdown of PC (laptops usually saves the battery). you need to run the Chkdsk utility (more than below), and check the disk for the file system errors (which, by the way, often does Windows itself).

❷ Checking a disk for errors, BED blocks. Smart testimony

Perhaps one of the main actions, where you should start the fight with freezes and slow operation of the disk is to check if there are errors of the file system on the disk (and if there is, then fix them), and whether it started to crumble. whether the BED has appeared.Bloks.

computer, began, work, long, time, slowly

These topics are quite extensive and in detail in this article I will not disassemble (good that there are separate instructions, here I will give links to them).

How to check the hard drive for errors. see. Instructions

How to check HDD for BED blocks-see. Step instructions

Many users often neglect the testing of the fur. component of the disk, and meanwhile in vain. If the disk is very slow down, then I recommend that you check if everything is in order with it.

In many cases, the problem manages to identify almost immediately, as soon as the readings s are viewed.M.A.R.T. (Self-diagnostic system of a hard drive).

By the way, readings s.M.A.R.T. You can find out in more “simple” utilities than Victoria (which is discussed in the article on links above). For example, in the same utility Crystaldiskinfo (I talked about it in this article).

To find out s.M.A.R.T. and evaluate the condition of the disk. you just need to start the Crystaldiskinfo utility. Further, within a few seconds, the utility will independently evaluate your disk and issue a verdict. an example on the screen below (both good and bad).

Other ways to speed up your laptop

Increase the speed of loading

First of all, you need to find out what is the problem. Launch a means of viewing events to see which programs are loaded at the start of the system and how long it takes. The event viewing tool is included in the standard Windows tools. you can call it from the line “execute” (Windows R key). In the field of the dialog box, type Eventvwr.MSC and click OK.

Find an event with code 100. It indicates the load time in seconds. Then look for events with codes starting with 101. They indicate which applications slow down the computer.

It is very likely that some of these programs is not at all required to launch at the start of the system. For example, the following programs do not need to be launched automatically. you can always start them manually when there is a need:

If you find other problematic programs, look for information about them in Google to find out if they are critical for Windows, or if they can be safely removed from the auto load.

After finding out which programs are launched at the start of the system, open the “execute” line again and this time dial “Msconfig” to launch the system configuration utility. Go to the “Automobile” tab “. Disconnect all programs that do not need to be launched at the start of the system. But be careful. do not get rid of the programs really necessary for the computer. If you are not sure, it is better to be reinsured and do not forget to create a backup copy of all data on the external hard drive in advance.

When you finish, reboot the computer and check whether the download time has changed in the event viewing tool. Now the system should load much faster. Removing unnecessary applications from automatic loading automatically reduces the number of running programs. this should positively affect the speed of the computer.

Deal with digital garbage

Now that the computer began to load faster, let’s see how to increase its performance and speed up the work of programs.

First you need to get rid of unnecessary. Open the control panel and go to the “Program” section. Open “Programs and Components”. Surely there is something that you have not been using for a long time. Perhaps this will be a game that you have not played for a year, or a program for editing photos that you have stopped using because you have found something better or easier, or applications like Xbox or the weather that were automatically installed together with Windows, but you do not need at all.

Some programs could become useless, as they have not been updated too long. For example, the Quicktime player has not been supported in Windows since 2016, and it contains vulnerabilities that make it a light target for hackers. Shockwave Player, designed to play Adobe Flash content and Microsoft Silverlight, which ensured a special web content at the time when special software was required for this, you can also delete it. Modern browsers do not work with this software, so you no longer need it.

Now let’s clean the cache. Kesh is a kind of landfill on your computer. All programs in the process create temporary files: Internet files, sketches, dumps of memory with system errors, magazine files and error reports. This is a short.term program memory. When updating the Ops, many temporary files are also created, so if, for example, you recently switched from Windows 7 to a more modern operating system, now is the time for cleaning.

Go to the “Parameters” and select the “System” section. Then go to the “Memory” section and select “Temporary Files”. Delete temporary files, and at the same time clean the basket.

Surely your computer is full of files that you no longer need. Viewing all the contents of the hard drive will take a lot of time, so we will focus on large files. deleting them, we will achieve the maximum result with a minimum of effort.

Windows conductor will easily find them. Open the conductor, click in the search field and select “Giant (100 MB) in the“ size ”drop.down list. If in the navigator on the left you are displayed “my computer”, in the search window all large files will be shown, regardless of which folders they are located in.

If your computer worked slower only because there was almost no room left and too many programs were launched at the same time, now it will become much more agile. But we have many more ways to help him.

Conduct optimization and update

Now that your computer is cleaned of garbage, it’s time to tinker with the settings. Let’s start with the defragmentation of the hard drive. To do it is very simple. Open the Start menu, select the “Defragmentation” item and then “optimize”. This can take a lot of time, so it makes sense to leave the computer on at night.

What is defragmentation? The new hard drive is completely clean, but every time you use files. change, copy or move them. it clutches. As a result, parts of one file may be in completely different places. During defragmentation, the data on the disk is redistributed so that the files are recorded continuously, and the interconnected data are grouped in one place. this significantly reduces the load on the hard drive. So defragmentation can significantly accelerate the work of your laptop.

Next, update the drivers. Drivers are special files that ensure the interaction of computer components and peripheral devices. On the laptop there are drivers of a video adapter, a sound card, a chipset, a touchpad, Ethernet or a wireless network, etc. D. This process may not be fast, because first you need to find all these drivers. They can be in one of three places:

  • in Windows updates;
  • on the laptop manufacturer’s website (for example, Dell);
  • On the manufacturer’s website of the corresponding component (for example, Creative Technology or ASUS).

You will need drivers of the latest version. Download the driver and install it by pressing the Windows X key and selecting the Device Manager. Select a device whose driver you want to update, click on it with a right button and select “Update the driver”. Next, click “Find the drivers on this computer” and indicate the folder where the driver is located. Further Windows will do everything herself.

Clean the “insides” of the laptop

Remove the lid of the laptop and blow all the dust using a blower (do not use the vacuum cleaner. this will lead to the accumulation of static electricity that is dangerous for electronic components). You will be surprised when you see how much dust can accumulate inside the laptop. You need to get rid of it not only for aesthetic reasons. Dust clogs radiators and blocks the fans of the cooling system, so the computer can overheat. This negatively affects the speed and accelerates the discharge of the battery.

Consider upgrade

You may want to improve the work of the laptop a little more. Think over the different upgrade options.

  • If you are still working in Windows 7, go to Windows 10. Firstly, this will speed up the loading of the system, and secondly, the computer will receive relevant security corrections and updates of the OS.
  • If you have only 4 GB of RAM, increase its volume. The Chrome browser with several open tabs can use almost 3 GB. there are very few resources left for other programs.
  • Think about replacing a hard drive (HDD) with a solid.state drive (SSD). This will significantly reduce the load time and increase the performance in general. In addition, SSD drives consume less energy, so the replacement will have a beneficial effect on the duration of autonomous work.

Store files in other places

If the laptop hard drive is almost filled, it makes sense to transfer the largest files to another storage.

Of course, the files necessary for everyday work should remain on the laptop, but old projects, favorite films and other content with which you do not work every day can be safely transferred by freeing up a place for more necessary things.

Power supply settings

Several schemes are available in the parameters of the laptop power supply. If you have not created your plan, then there will be three:

The name of the schemes directly speaks of their purpose. If you have a regime of energy saving, then there can be no talk of good speed. the laptop will try to consume a minimum of resources. To fix this, it is necessary to establish another power plan.

First try to put a balanced circuit so that the laptop is quite productive, but does not discharge in half an hour. If some program or the whole system still works very slowly, set the high performance mode.

Cleaning and updating components

If neither the optimization of the system, nor even the complete reinstall of Windows helps, then you should pay attention to the physical condition of the laptop. Perhaps it slows down and freezes because the cooling system is clogged. How to fix it? Disassemble the laptop and clean it from dust, as well as replace thermal grease. You can do this yourself, having previously found a laptop analysis scheme, but it’s safer to contact the service center.

Do not forget that the “smart” technique quickly becomes obsolete morally. Therefore, if you use an old laptop, then do not be surprised that Windows 8 slows down on it, and some programs do not start at all. You can try to update individual components (processor, motherboard, hard drive, RAM), but in the case of a laptop it is easier to buy a new model.

Excessive loading of the processor and memory in a state of “rest

We notice that the computer is intensively used when we do not work for it. What to do in such a situation? First, go to the “Processes” tab and click on the sorting in the CPU column or memory to identify “anomalies”. If you find that some process loads 100%, this is most likely the culprit of a sharp slowdown in PC.

Then look for the process of the process on the Internet, and you should also start the computer check for viruses. Maybe remember the sensational Bitcoin virus, which got into the computer loaded the processor 100%. Other viruses can act in the same way. In general, the ingress of the virus into the system is the most common cause of a sudden slowdown in PC.

The next situation is more difficult if all or most processes consume many resources, especially CPU. You must first check that the processor speed has not decreased. Why the processor speed may decrease? Some hardware configurations can automatically reduce the processor frequency in case of overheating, so as not to bring it to burning.

If we do not find something similar, then we switch our search for reasons for the cooling system.

Malfunctions of the cooling system

Inspection of the cooling system may seem more complicated and depends on the type and design of the computer. What the user needs to do is to listen to the fans (it should not produce extraneous sounds, only air noise) and evaluate the degree of dust of visible components. You should also check the state of thermal paste, for this, carefully remove the fan from the processor.

computer, began, work, long, time, slowly

Remember! The problems of the cooling system can quickly lead to extensive injuries of the equipment, so do not ignore their verification.

Classification of causes

The system can slow down at least due to a series of problems of hardware nature:

This is far from a complete list of problems. We will talk about all the nuances below.

The list of prerequisites of a programmatic nature has the following view:

Finally, we also mention the BIOS as a small but extremely important PC operation element. If you look for problems, then here:

So, you received a preliminary history of a potential patient. Now let’s treat it.

Problems of hardware

For some reason, many do not consider the problem of moral obsolescence of components as such, preferring to use the standard Windows reinstallation, considering this method to solve all troubles.

We understand that many do not really understand the basic principles of the work of a computer or laptop, and therefore we will try to debunk many classic myths that have been going on forums, sites and are transmitted by sundressed radio for more than a dozen years.

Inside the system unit (case), equipment is installed that is responsible for the launch and performance of PC. These components have an approximate service life in the region of 5–7 years, after which they are morally obsolete and no longer have time to process the increased flow of software data. Also note that software developers regularly update their product (program, operating system), adding new functionality that requires more and more memory and computing resources. Roughly speaking, it is like shoes: beautiful, comfortable, functional and meets all the requirements. But over time, he loses the look, is erased, requires repair and trifles out of fashion. We hope that you caught the message.

So, if the PC is loaded for a long time, it is worth checking these components:

Maternal board (MP)

Let’s not start with the most obvious, but global reason. It mainly lies in the capacitors, broken around the perimeter of MP in order to stabilize currents from the power supply. Capacitors play the role of batteries, t. e. regularly accumulate and give the charge. The only difference is that the process is very fast. But we will not delve into the nature of the process, but simply say that the capacitors have the properties to swell, refer and explode.

Such an element on the board as a cylindrical barrel with a cross.shaped lid looks like. If you notice the minimum deformation on it. try to weave it on an analogue with an identical capacity. As an alternative, use the services of professionals who additionally diagnose all the connectors and slots of equipment connection.

If your computer is more than 10 years (or maybe more), then the motherboard is probably morally obsolete and does not support the further upgrade of equipment (processor, RAM, periphery). We recommend replacing such a “rarity”, or try to install the most powerful components that are suitable for it. Look for all the necessary information about support on the Internet.

You can find out the MP model using the MSINFO32 command:

  • Press the combination of Winr keys;
  • Enter the MSINFO32 command;
  • Select the “Information about the system” in the left column;
  • Find the line “Model” (8 according to the account, immediately after the “manufacturer”).


The processor affects the load in the most direct way, as well as the performance of the OS as a whole. If Windows loads longer than usual, look for one of the following three reasons.

Reason: the processor overheats and drops the frequencies

With the first point, everything is clear-cooling suffers due to strong dusting of the case, wrecking of the cooler or dried thermal paste between the processor cover and the radiator of the cooler. It is enough to remove all the dust and carry out thoroughly cleaning the system unit, simultaneously replacing the thermointease.

Reason: the processor is morally outdated

The second case partially repeats the fate of the motherboard. the processor has exhausted the resource, and its computing power is not enough for normal operation. The effect is most manifested after the installation of modern Windows 10 OS with the latest updates and auxiliary applications (antiviruses, messengers). There is not enough nuclear nuclei, or their frequency is too low. We’ll have to look for the option more powerful, but for this you need to know:

Also with a list of supported processors for your MP, so as not to buy a “left” chip.

Reason: not all nuclei are used in the work

The third reason is programmatic in nature and is hidden in the msconfig settings (click Winr to call the command). You may need to do the following:

  • go to the “loading” tab;
  • Select the item “Additional parameters”;
  • in the section “Number of processors” select the maximum possible option (first put a box);
  • In the “Maximum Memory” section, delete all values ​​and remove the checkmark.

Do not touch the rest. Click OK and apply changes that will work after rebooting.


The main problem of RAM is its total shortage in modern computers. Today, for a relatively comfortable launch of Windows and full operation of the OS, at least 4 GB of RAM is necessary. To check the amount of memory, press the right button on the icon “My computer (computer/this computer) and select” Properties “.

In the column “set memory (RAM) you will see the necessary figure, from which it is worth dancing. And then we act as follows:

  • We find out the model of the motherboard and the RAM standards supported by it (DDR2/DDR3/DDR4/DDR5);
  • We look at the manufacturer of the installed board (number of memory planks, frequency);
  • Build similar in characteristics of the bar.

If two slots are provided on the MP and both are occupied by 1 GB strips, we advise you to replace them with one module with a volume of 4-8 GB if possible. In critical cases, a cardinal change in the platform will be required. Expensive, but where to go.


Disk, aka HDD. He is Winchester. a key container for data storage. A operating system, applications, drivers have been installed on it. antiviruses and other useful and not very software for comfortable work. Due to the design features in the disk, mechanical components are used to wear. If you intensively (often, in a large volume) record and delete data, the magnetic surface of the disk loses its properties over time. The OS is slowly loading (not loaded at all) for the following reasons:

The computer slows down due to lack of place on the system disk

Problem. Very often, users do not notice how quickly the system disk is filled (disk C: \). This problem is especially relevant for those whose hard drive is divided into several logical discs, and the systemic of them is the smallest. Disk C: \ Over time, it is clogged with a large number of updates, programs, temporary files.

Solution. There is not enough space. free him. We will use this simple principle to solve the problem. We recommend that you conduct the following operations:

  • Clean the disk of temporary files (CCleaner can do this perfectly).
  • We delete programs that we have not been using for a long time.
  • We clean the desktop from garbage (yes, all files on the desktop take a place on the disk C: \).
  • Clean the basket (many delete extra files from the desktop and disk with: \ and with a “pure soul” continue to work on the cleaning of the basket).

The computer slows down due to viruses

Problem. So we got to harmful programs, which very often become an unexpected answer to the question why the computer slows down. Viruses are very different. There are quite “harmless” ones who quietly pursue your passwords to an attacker and self-display, but there are real villains who will excite the sections of your computer, which will lead to the appearance of brakes, hangs and other completely predictable consequences.

The first signs of infection and the reason to think about urgent antivirus measures:

Your Old PC is Your New Server

  • Hanging the computer in an “even” place (with the simultaneous opening of 10 programs and 3 browsers, do not count).
  • Inability to delete files or folders
  • The appearance of strange error messages
  • Obsessive advertising in browsers
  • Increase in the full.inclusion time of the computer
  • Inability to launch some programs
  • It is not possible to open the task manager (the combination of Altctrldel does not help)
  • In a simple processor, up to 100% loaded

Solution. With viral infection, the computer should be checked by the antivirus utility Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool. It will scan your computer quite effectively and remove all malicious programs. If an antivirus was not installed before infection, it’s time to think about its installation. If you had an antivirus, it’s time to change it (if the computer worked on the last sigh, then it does not protect very well).

A good way to protect a computer from viruses is to install a firewall. Svirus Antivirus Plus Faurol demonstrates excellent results in terms of security from viruses. A lot of users themselves, without noticing, infect their computer visiting adult subjects. If you have already decided to give your eyes to rest, then you should not press all kinds of tempting ads (upgrade Windows, download antivirus, renew the flash player). Such advertising on adult sites is just an attempt to install a malicious program on your computer.

Slow work Windows, poor responsiveness

Perhaps this is the most common complaint: it seems that after reinstalling Windows-the computer flies, but over time it begins to react more slowly and slower, and now the applications are opened somehow with reluctance, for a long time, etc.

This happens mainly due to the fact that a large amount of “garbage” accumulates in Windows, which from time to time must be cleaned.

Add erroneous lines to this in the system register, non.working labels, an overgrown browser cache, “tails” left from old long.remote programs.

To help!

1) the best utilities for complex cleaning of a laptop, computer

2) cleaning the computer from garbage files in manual and auto-mode

After the hard drive is cleaned of everything superfluous, I recommend that you defragment (if you do not have HDD, and SSD does not need to defragment the drive!).

This operation will increase the speed of access to files on the disk.

For maximum acceleration of Windows OS. it is recommended to optimize it. The topic is quite extensive, below is a link to one of my articles (relevant for Windows 10, 8, 7).

When loading Windows

Every fifth program that you install (or maybe more). prescribes itself in a bus load (t.e. starts and loads into PC memory with your Windows loading).

For example, ICQ, Skype, Utorrent, pictures editors, and t.D. As a rule, most users do not even pay attention to this (for the time being, until the time).

Take the same uTorrent. if you have a couple of hundred torrents in it, then not a single minute may be required to check all of them and the program will be required (besides, there will be a high load on the hard drive, which will affect the responsiveness of your PC).

Note! View what you have in the Windows 10 Automatic load. you can in the task dispatcher (CtrLaltDel, see. screenshot below).

    ☝, control it (from time to time, remove applications from it that you do not need);

  • The brakes, by the way, can be associated with drivers (for example, if there is a conflict of drivers for different equipment). I recommend checking and updating the drivers ☝ using special. utility, either from the official website of the manufacturer of your equipment.
  • Buy and start using the SSD-disk Truth, there are minuses here: they are expensive than HDD (Windows OS will need to be transferred from HDD to SSD so as not to lose their data).
  • And last, pay attention to your antivirus. Often, when loading Windows, they begin to check all auto-loaded programs, which is the “hang” PC.

After reinstalling Windows

Often that the computer begins to slow down after Windows was reinstalled. If the old OS did not slow down so much and behaved differently, I recommend paying attention to a few of the following things.

After installing Windows, it begins to look for and download updates by default. This search and loading often have a strong influence on the loading of CPU (which, of course, affects performance). Is responsible for this Windows Update service, and if you turn it off, then Windows will stop updated.

To help!

How to disable updates in Windows. see. Instructions

Note: However, I do not recommend not to update the system at all. I am only a supporter of the shutdown of the auto-renewal of the system so that it does not interfere with working. But once a month, in my opinion, it is worth turning on the service and manually check the update (when it will not interfere with your work).

As a rule, after reinstalling the OS, the old workers of the drivers are lost (time.tested). In addition, Windows often puts its drivers in the process of installation. And it is not uncommon that they work out of hand.

Therefore, I recommend going to the site of your laptop manufacturer (computer), download the driver from there and manually install them. Or use special utilities for auto-renewal and search for drivers. I bring links below.

Not that discharge of Windows (sees not all memory)

If you have 4 GB of RAM (and more), and you installed the Windows 32 Bit version, then it will only see 3 GB, which in turn will affect performance! In addition, part of the programs (video editors, count. editors, etc.) Better and faster work in Windows 64 Bit systems.

Problem in Windows OS (assembly. evil)

If you installed all kinds of Windows OS assemblies, the brakes could appear due to the quality of the assembly itself. The fact is that it is quite possible in it that some important services are disabled, something needed is removed, etc.

And if on one computer such an assembly can work quite normally, then on the other, errors, freezing, etc. may begin to pour in.

In the end, not a single collector checks his product as much as the official developer does.

After some time of work (after 15-30 minutes.)

High temperature, overheating

Personally, with this, in the first place, I would first recommend paying attention to the temperature. The fact is that if the cooling system does not cope, the temperature begins to grow when it reaches certain values, the computer begins to slow down.

How to find out the temperature of the components PC? Very simple. use one of the utilities: Speccy, aida, etc.

Note: in AIDA (on the screen below), to see the temperature of the main components, it is necessary to open the “Computer/sensors” section.

AIDA64. The temperature of the CPU, the hard disk, etc.

Next, look if there are any indicators exceeding the permissible values ​​for your iron. You can give numbers here only approximate, pay attention to the temperature if:

By the way, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the article, which is lower (in it I examined in detail issues on temperature).

How to find out the temperature of the processor, video card and hard drive, which is considered the norm? Ways to reduce the temperature of the components of the computer/laptop. https: //

By the way, the temperature usually begins to grow because of:

  • Cooling system (dust (about how to clean PC from it. cm. below). unsuccessfully delivered furniture covering the ventilation holes);
  • the stopped cooler (for example, he could just stop spinning due to the departed contact);
  • In the summer hot season, when the temperature in the room and outside becomes much higher than the rest of the time.

As a rule, with a significant dusting of the device. the temperature in it begins to grow (whether it is a regular system unit, or laptop). Therefore, a couple of times a year it is advisable to clean the system unit from dust. About how to do this is described in a separate article, a link to it below.

To help!

Computer cleaning from dust: monitor, system unit, keyboard. see. Note.-

How to clean a laptop from dust. see. Instructions.-

“Crooked” software (for example, game). Gamens: Pay attention to Steam