The causes of the blue screen on the laptop. Blue Screen occurs during the application of the application

What is the “blue death screen of Windows 10” and what are the methods of solving the problem?

The so.called “blue death screen” in Windows 10 has changed in comparison with the earlier releases of the operating system. However, the reasons for its appearance and the principles of solving the problem (with the exception of some points) remained the same.

The blue screens of death (Blue Screen or BSOD) is a window with a notification for users and IT specialists with information about the critical error that has arisen. As in past editions, in the tenth version of the OS from Microsoft BSOD, it accompanies serious systemic problems, hardware conflicts and fatal failures.

At the same time, a message appears that the computer is experiencing problems and will be rebooted, as well as a brief description of a critical error. In the latest editions of Windows 10, QR-Code was additionally appeared, scanning which the user can learn more about a specific error and study the recommendations for its correction.

causes, blue, screen, laptop, occurs, application

The digital-letter Stop code, which was present in Microsoft operating systems with Windows 95 on Windows 7, is no longer relevant.

Why Blue Screen appears?

A window with Blue Screen in Windows 10 can arise as during the loading of the system before the appearance of the greeting screen or the desktop and after entering the account, and after a certain time interval after starting work, as well as during the launch of any application or game and in many other situations.

The main possible reasons for the appearance of BSOD are:

  • viral attacks;
  • the use of two or more antivirus applications (utilities) at the same time;
  • incompatible drivers that cause hardware conflict;
  • Drivers work incorrectly;
  • damaged drivers and other system files of the operating system;
  • problems in the update of Windows 10 (especially the latest modern “updates”);
  • incorrect BIOS settings;
  • inadequate acceleration of the computer;
  • overheating of PC components (often associated with the previous paragraph);
  • conflict of hardware components (for example, due to the incompatibility of the components of the “iron”);
  • Various hardware malfunctions of computer elements (for example, BAD sectors on a hard disk).

Critical errors

To begin to act, first of all, you should understand the description of a specific critical error. It is sometimes problematic to do this for the reason that the PC is rebooted immediately after the appearance of the blue screen. If after the failure the system works in normal mode for at least some time, you need to turn off the reboot manually:

  • To do this, wait for the system to restart after the failure.
  • After the desktop appears, go to the “Start” menu. Activate the “control panel”, which is located in the “service. Windows” folder.

Deciphering stop codes

The procedure considered above allows you to calmly investigate the contents of the console. Information is deciphered as follows:

  • 1. error name;
  • 2. recommended actions to eliminate it;
  • 3-STOP code in hexadecimal form.

The so-called stop codes require a more detailed study, because they are an accurate designation of a specific error. Some of them as an example are considered in the table:

Stop code The name of the error Description
0x00000002 Device_Queue_not_busy The line of the device was supposed to be busy, but this did not happen. Probably, the malfunction depends on the state of hardware or devices drivers.
0x00000004 Invalid_data_access_trap An unacceptable mistake of access to data. Perhaps problems are associated with the state of hardware or devices drivers.
0x0000000b No_exception_Handling_Support Exception processing is not supported. Often associated with software errors of OS drivers.
0x00000019 Bad_Pool_HEADER Unacceptable heading of the pool. Most likely, there are serious violations in systemic NTFS files.
0x0000001a Memory_management Memory management problem. There are probably serious system management errors.
0x00000022 File_SYSTEM File system problem. There may be problems in the functioning of the file system.
0x00000026 CDFS_File_SYSTEM CDFS file system error. The probable reason is a malfunction of the hard disk. There is also a chance of overflowing memory.
0x00000029 Security_System Safety problems. As a rule, this indicates violations of the corresponding processes.
0x0000004C Fatal_unhandled_hard_error Unidentified fatal state error. Register or system DLLs may be damaged.
0x00000051 Registry_error System registry error. There may be problems with equipment or damage to system files.

BSOD reasons and practical guidelines to solve the problem

The blue death screen is a consequence of the code level at the nucleus level. Most often, Blue Screen of Death occurs as a result of the following factors:

  • The failure of one or more PC hardware units (this can be. a hard drive, RAM, graphic accelerator, power supply, etc.);
  • conflict of components of a computer;
  • incompatibility of one or more hardware elements with OS;
  • overheating of the parts of the computer (most often it is a central processor, a video card chip, a hard drive);
  • incorrectly established, conflicting or inappropriate drivers;
  • incorrect BIOS settings;
  • lack of free space on the disk;
  • infection PC with a viral code;
  • Inadequate acceleration of the CPU and the graphic map.

The blue screen can cause drivers to video cards, printers, webcams, etc. D. Some programs (antivirus utilities, virtual discs, etc. P.), working at the nucleus level and using their drivers can provoke Blue Screen of Death.

Search for the cause of BSOD and their elimination is sometimes difficult to implement, since Windows goes into a reboot after a short operation in the standard mode or immediately after the launch of any program. In such a situation, try starting the system using a safe mode. To activate it, do the following:

    Launch the program “execute” through the “Start” menu or by pressing the “hot” keys of Win R.


Typically, the component associated with the failure is quite easily determined by the appropriate message in the system tray. In the device manager, such an element will be accompanied by a warning icon. Search and reinstalling drivers for the problem part is carried out according to the following scheme:

causes, blue, screen, laptop, occurs, application

    Open the Start menu. Launch the “control panel”.

Errors and damage to the hard disk

In the event of a blue death screen, scanning a hard disk for errors and damage is carried out in priority after checking the drivers. Before that, it is recommended to copy all important files to another medium. Windows 7 has the ability to scan and automatically fix errors and damaged blocks on the disk with regular tools:

    To do this, open the conductor. Click on the system disk with the right mouse button and select the “properties” in the drop.down list.

Total check of the hard disk for errors and damage can be performed using utilities, the most powerful of which is the Victoria HDD/SSD program. The application also knows how to correct damaged sectors and has many other useful functions.

Lack of disk space

Sometimes a blue death screen occurs simply with a lack of space on a system disk. You can fix the situation as follows:

    Open the properties of the system disk of your computer. Information about the carrier busy and free space is available on the “General” tab. If the value of the free space is close to critical, do the disk cleaning by activating the appropriate tool.


Blue Windows or Dump memory. a reflection of the working (or not) state of the operating system in a certain period of time. Since immediately after the appearance of a critical error, after which a sharp shutdown of the device can follow, Windows displays all the necessary information to the famous blue screen, then for further diagnosis it must be remembered: rewritten or photographed.

The main trouble is that the blue screen shows a strictly limited time. After which the reboot mechanism starts. Therefore, an unprepared user who does not know where to look, it may be difficult to have time to rewrite the necessary information.

To turn off the auto.procurement of the device, that is, when a computer or laptop immediately begins to reboot, immediately after the blue screen of death has appeared, it is necessary to activate the recording of small dumps of memory, that is, part of its important contents. This requires the following actions:

  • Open the start and press the right button to the computer item.
  • In the drop.down list that appears and select the string of “Properties”.
  • Move to the “Additional parameters of the system” located on the left in the upper part of the window.
  • Now go to the “Additionally” tab.
  • The next window will open, where, in addition to other information available to change, the “Download and restoration of the system” will appear. If necessary, you can create a control point here in order to make a system rollback in case. In this section, click the parameter button.
  • Here you will find the section “System Refusal”.In the paragraph “Perform automatic reboot”, just remove the checkmark. Having done this, a computer or laptop will no longer immediately reboot. To happen, you need to press the Enter key. Now in the section “Record of the debug information” in the drop.down list you need to find and select “Small Dump memory”. This must be done so that all data on the system failure are automatically recorded and stored on the device for a certain time. Save the changes just made by pressing the OK button.

Now the blue death screen when loading Windows 7 will not immediately disappear, so you will have time to rewrite the necessary information.

Deciphering error

Since any malfunction can cause the blue screen of death, it is necessary to identify it to correct the error.

As soon as it was possible to photograph the blue screen when loading Windows or write down the information that appears on it, you can proceed to deciphering the error that caused its occurrence:

Why blue screen error in my dell laptop? Sometimes my laptop gets blue screen | Dell Laptop Repair

  • The first line in English politely notifies that a critical completion of Windows.
  • The following says what exactly caused the problem. This can be the name of the file or driver, audio card, tcpip.SYS, SpmDCon.SYS, DXGKRNLL.SYS, NTKRNLPA.EXE, Netio.SYS and so on. If this line is absent, then the cause of the error should be sought in a computer gland.
  • The name of the error, understandable to the user, for example, driver_irql_not_less_or_equal, indicates that an error occurred when installing the driver.
  • After this follows a large array of text in which Windows offers a possible solution to the problem. For example, check the correct installation of drivers, launch a disk check, carry out the restoration of the system, and so on.
  • After the word Stop, the technical error code for a more accurate identification and elimination is indicated. Can wear type 0x1000007E, 0x00000116 and the like.
  • Below the system may re.indicate the names of files or drivers, such as tcpip.SYS, SpmDCon.SYS, NTKRNLPA.EXE, NTOSKRNL.SYS, Netio.SYS and the like that could provoke a blue screen.
  • Additionally, depending on the type of problem, Windows can give the address of RAM, according to which a critical error occurred. By analogy with the Stop code, it will be possible to have a format type Address 0x00000116.

Knowing this information, it becomes clear how to remove the blue screen of death.

Result. Data recovery on Windows computer

The aforementioned 18 solutions are enough to help you solve the blue death screen on your computer with Windows.

However, when you solve the problem and delete some data unconsciously, just use data recovery to restore your data.

  • Restore data from the hard drive and internal disk on your computer.
  • Data restoration due to a disk accident, condemnation, improper cloning, reinstalling the system, viral attack, etc. D.
  • Return lost or remote PDF, Excel, TXT, XML, LOG, HTML, RTF, DAT, etc. D.
  • Restore photos, videos, music, emails and other files.
  • Compatible with Windows 10/8.1 / 8/7 / vista / xp (SP2 or new) and Mac.

Step 1 Free download this software on your computer. Install and run it immediately.

Step 2 in the main integration you need to select a data type and a hard drive for scanning.

Support for almost all data types such as video, photos, music, system files, emails, etc. D., Allows you to quickly scan when you click “scan”.

Step 3 When the scanning process is completed, you can find all the data presented on the panel. Click on it to view and mark the data, and then click “Restore” to save missing or lost files on your computer.

You can also check this video chief-breeding in order to easily restore data from your computer.

Here we approach the last part today.

This page contains the 18 best solutions that will help you fix the blue death screen on a computer with Windows. You can turn to the total 10 solutions to solve the problem if you are not sure what mistake you experience. Fast solutions are given to you if you understand exactly what mistake have you encountered. Finally, which is even more important, you should get data restoration if your data is lost when the problem is eliminated.

Any proposal can improve this open page to help more people.

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If an error appears in the game

1) reinstall the drivers (especially to the video card). Download them from the official site of the manufacturer of your device.

If possible, try using another OS with a more old/new version of the video Diver.

2) Check the game files with antivirus, try to reinstall it. Change graphic settings (turn off the fog, small particles, vertical synchronization, various filters, etc.D.).

3) conduct a stress test of the video card, view its temperatures, check for it not overheat.

4) Disconnect (delete) various utilities to accelerate games, view FPS and T.D.

CPU temperatures, video cards

In games, editors (and others. resource.intensive programs) The temperature of the CPU and video card can increase significantly. Of course, if the temperature goes beyond certain limits. this can lead to various errors (in t.h. and a blue screen).

Note: CPU has a certain temperature threshold, reaching which. The computer just turn off/reboots (protection from failure will work).

For viewing temperature, special. utilities (for example, AIDA 64). Of course, you need to watch the temperature in the dynamics: T.e. Run the utility immediately after loading Windows, and then proceed to your usual work for PC (from time to time looking after the sensors, especially when you hear the growing rumble of coolers).

AIDA64. Temperature viewing (sensors tab)

Note: AIDA 64 Temperature sensors can be taken to the tray (next to the clock) Windows. Thus, you do not have to turn off/turn the utility window every time.

If the temperature goes beyond the boundaries of the optimal. Try to perform a number of measures: clean the device from dust, configure power parameters, replace thermal grease, and t.D.

In general, of course, it is more efficient to check the state of iron iron allows a stress test (this is when special. The program “Artificially” creates a high load). About this below.

To help!

Intel processor temperature: how to find it out; which one is considered normal, and what overheating. https: //

Stress test (as equipment behaves under load)

Stress test allows you to find out the real frequency of the CP and video card, their temperature, check the stability of the system, learn about all the weak PC/laptop places. Often, a stress test-is the only way to get to the bottom of the cause of the unstable operation of the device.

You can perform a stress test in various programs and utilities (depending on what you test). I have an instruction on the blog, how to perform a similar test in AIDA 64. I recommend!


How to perform a stress test of the processor and the system as a whole, whether it holds frequencies, is there any overheating (AIDA 64)-[see. Instructions]

As for the video card directly, for its testing in addition to AIDA 64, OCCT and Furmark utilities can be recommended (by the way, they will also help evaluate its real performance). How to work with them. cm. instructions for which below.

Real time test results / OCCT utility

To help!

Stress test of video cards: check for reliability and stability-https: //

Testing of RAM planks

If the blue screen occurs spontaneously, regardless of advanced and installed programs, some actions for PC. It is possible that the reason for this by the RAM bar. And if the reason for critical errors is not clear, it is recommended to test them.

You can do this as using Windows (click Winr. and use the MDSched command). and independent utility (Memtest 86). Of course, I would recommend using the second option.

With memory there are problems / utility Memtest 86

By the way, I would also recommend cleaning the contacts of the planks with the help of elastic bands and brushes (the connectors on the motherboard would not be superfluous to blow). If you use several planks-try to start the computer with one (it is possible that because of one of the strips (or slot) and the blue screen pops up. ).

Contacts of memory contacts with an elastic band and a brush

Reset the BIOS settings

There are a number of settings in BIOS, when changing which the computer can stop working stably. For example, one of the options is a change in the operating mode of the drive (AHCI, IDE) or a change in the boot priority.

It is worth noting that such parameters do not always change manually-a change can occur due to the sowing battery or jump in power circuits (in this case, the BIOS firmware can “perish” (you will immediately understand this, The device will stop turning on altogether!) and it can only be restored in the service on the programmer).

We find out the reason BSOD

As you can see, there are quite a lot of reasons and it makes no sense to guess. Fortunately, the blue death screen contains tips about where it suddenly started to fail Windows. Among the incomprehensible text there will be codes of errors containing a direct indication of what caused a failure.

Most often BSOD you will not see, since the default Windows settings includes a reboot of the computer with critical errors.

You can turn off the automatic Windows reboot: the control panel. the system. additional system parameters. parameters. put/remove the dumplings as in the screenshot below:

Pay attention to the item “Small Dump memory”. put it too.

Google the error code from Windows magazine

Galka “Writing an event in a system journal” is set by default, which means that error codes will be in Windows magazine.

Go to the control panel. administration. viewing events. system. and look for a line in the list that coincides with the appearance of a blue screen or rebooting a computer:

In most cases, you will find the desired line. Exception. if the failure occurs due to the fault of the driver, while the record is blocked to the disk.

Look for an error code (in the screenshot above it is 0x00009F) in Google and read the first few sites in the issuance, follow the recommendations that helped others. If the driver is indicated (the word with the end of SYS, then generally wonderful. the probable culprit was found immediately, you need to install the driver for this device with a more old/new version. If the Internet does not have a clear and clear indication of the reason BSOD for the indicated error code, read my instructions further.

If there is nothing in Windows magazine, wait for the appearance of the blue screen and see the error there:

Just look for error code information in Google and follow the recommendations.

Analyze the minidamp

Unfortunately, if the problem is in a flexible driver, this is not always displayed on the blue screen. Error code is also not always informative. You need to analyze the Minidump file created during the appearance of BSOD and containing information about failure, in particular about which drivers reported an error. There are two programs for the analysis of the miniDamp: Windows Debuging Tools and Bluescreenview. Unfortunately, the first is too complicated for beginner users, although it gives a more informative result. In 99% of cases, the second, simple and free BluescreenView is enough.

BluescreenView installer is available at this link.

After starting the program, you will see a window in which there will be a minidamps created by the system, information about them, below. a list of drivers. The yellow will indicate the chopped drivers.

An example. a video card is to blame

A blue screen appears with the text attempted_write_to_readonly_memory. We look at the minidamp:

Error Attempted_write_to_Readonly_Memory, judging by the googling, is called by some driver. The likely culprit in this case is NV4_DISP.SYS. There are others, but this is part of the system, it is unlikely that the reason is in them. Google Search showed that nv4_disp.SYS. NVIDIA video card driver. Three steps:

Installation of an older video card driver (new, if it stands old). This is done with any drivers, not only video cards.

Installation of a video card on another computer.

If the blue screen appears on another computer, bring the video card to the service center. If the warranty is still valid, you can replace free.

The blue screen does not appear on the other computer? Try to install another power supply on your own. the reason may be in it.

causes, blue, screen, laptop, occurs, application

Does not help? Reinstall Windows.

If this does not help, bring to the service center for diagnostics.

Example. not at all what was expected

Blue screen with the inscription page_fault_in_nonpage_area accompanies many problems:

If a probable failure driver was NTFS.SYS, I would recommend checking the hard drive for errors, as well as replace the train coming from the hard drive to the motherboard. In this case, BluescreenView points to the USB port driver and this could be true, but where I got a dump for an example, a person’s motherboard is to blame-capacitors swelled on it. Solution-a system unit in our hands and stomp into the service center.

Example. Antivirus is to blame

I found such a minidamp on the Internet on the Internet:

The culprit was SRTSP.SYS. Antivirus component from Norton. It is decided by its removal.

Example. “broken” RAM

Blue screen with Memory_management. a sign that RAM is unsuitable for use:

BluescreenView indicates a probable culprit. NTOSKRNL.EXE. This is the Windows core, it cannot be the cause of BSOD. In 99% of cases, the cause of the blue screen with the Memory_management error is “broken” RAM. We’ll have to change it.

The results of analysis of examples

BluescreenView indicates a malfunction in the driver, while the iron can be guilty with which the driver interacts.

Usually critical malfunctions occur due to problems with the drivers of components and disappear after their reinstall. The installation package of drivers is recommended to download from the official site of the manufacturer.

In addition to the methods of resolving the problem described in the article, it is also necessary to clean the system unit from dust and move all the cords by checking the contacts of the connectors. At first glance, this may seem strange, but due to contamination of the system unit, critical errors may also occur.

Most likely, the cause of this error is the hardware breakdown of some component of the computer. Which one, it can be difficult to determine independently. it is better to use the services of experienced craftsmen.

The reasons

Blue screen on a laptop with an error message appears if the code mode is incorrectly executed.

Consider what reasons can cause a problem leading to the appearance of BSOD:

It is easy to notice that the reasons why the blue screen of death jumps out a lot. Based on its own statistics, Microsoft reports that about 70% of cases of the appearance of BSOD are associated with problem drivers.

A certain percentage of errors arises due to applications that execute their own code in the nucleus mode. With incorrect operation of such programs, a blue death screen also occurs.

The main types of applications that require the execution of your own code in the nucleus mode:


Very often the appearance of BSOD indicates serious problems with the hardware part of the laptop or drivers. Therefore, it will not work to postpone the decision.

You can try to solve the problem yourself by fulfilling the following tips:

  • If the bug appeared after installing or updating the drivers and programs, then you can roll back Windows to the previous recovery point;
  • If BSOD appears after connecting a new device, you must make sure of its compatibility with the Windows version and install the latest drivers from the manufacturer’s website;

Conducting these procedures in most cases will help to solve the problem with arising blue death screens. If they continue to appear, then you should pay attention to error codes. It is they that allow you to determine what it means that it appeared BSOD.

What is BSOD (blue death screen) and how to deal with it

BSOD. This is the name of the message that appears in the Windows operating system, with a critical system error, translated into Russian. blue screen of death. This screen has appeared in Windows NT and, since then, is present in all versions of this operating system, and it is so ominous because after its appearance the OS really “dies” (goes into rebooting), dropping the dump and losing all disguised data.

Why does BSOD arise? This error is waiting for you if any driver tries to perform an unacceptable operation, it does not matter whether it is a hard drive driver, without which it is really impossible to work, or whether the network/sound card driver, which does not affect the operation of the main functionality of the system. Bottom line: BSOD and emergency reboot.

Problems with drivers, causing a blue death screen, can conditionally be divided into two types:

  • Equipment problems (RAM, motherboard, hard drive, non.standard devices. ),
  • software drivers conflict (antiviruses, emulators, fireworms. ).

There is an indirect feature by which it is possible to determine the cause of BSOD.

If the blue screen appears with different errors (in random drivers). Most likely the reason is the problems with the hardware of the computer. To check this version, it is necessary to begin to explore the equipment for possible overheating: a processor, a accompaniment, a video card, a hard drive, etc. The temperature of the devices can be viewed in BIOS or specialized programs that are easy to find on the network. The temperature above 65-70 ° C is a cause for concern.If overheating is not observed, it is worth visually inspecting the motherboard and the power supply for the bloating of capacitors (leaked electrolyte). It is also necessary to check the BIOS settings, it is advisable to reset them to the default settings. It will not be superfluous updating the BIOS version from the site of the manufacturer of the motherboard, or at least remove the battery from the motherboard and, having waited about a minute, insert it back.Try to carry out various tests on the computer (memory, video cards, processor) with special utilities.If you have several RAM modules on your computer, try to leave one of them and check the operation of the system.The last verification method is to completely remove all the boards from the connectors, blow the computer with compressed air, clean the contacts on the boards with cotton wool moistened in an alcohol solution, dry and collect everything back.

If a critical error occurs constantly with the same error code (the name of the driver). then the problem with the conflict of drivers or an incorrectly written driver is more likely. In this case, the priority of verification should not be given to system drivers, adravers of software operating in nucleus mode.First, you should make sure that your operating systems save memory sections with errors to miniidamp files. In Windows, such files are saved by default in the Systemroot %\ Minidump folder (C: \ Windows \ Minidump). If there are no files in this catalog (there is no catalog itself), you need to enable this option at the address: for Windows XP control panel. System. Additionally. Loading and recovery. Options. For Windows 7 control panel. system and safety. System. Additional system parameters. Loading and recovery. Options. Under the heading “Finding information”, it is necessary to set a small dump memory (64 KB for Windows XP, 256 KB for Windows 7).

After that, the miniidamp files will appear in the default folder after each collapse of the system. In the names of the files will indicate the date of saving and the serial number of the saved file for this date. You can open such files with special programs that are easy to find on the Internet for a search query. By opening a miniidamp file for your date you can see which driver caused an emergency completion of work, after which it will be possible to roll back/update this driver, reinstall the conflict software, perform other actions to restore computer performance. The blue death screen is a message from the operating system about a critical error. In this way, Windows makes us understand that there are serious problems in the computer that require urgent attention of the user. Let’s try to figure out what can cause the blue screen of death, how to prevent its appearance and how you can fight it.

causes, blue, screen, laptop, occurs, application

What is a blue death screen?In order to identify the causes of the appearance of a blue death screen, it is necessary to understand what it is. Blue Screen of Death or BSOD. this is what the Windows developers themselves call this type of error. Blue. because the message from the system is displayed against a blue background. The death screen. since the further work of Windows after such an error is impossible, it is necessary to reload the operating system, while all disguised data are lost. If you saw BSOD on your computer 1 or 2 times, do not worry, occasionally the failure of the operating system occurs in all. If the appearance of a blue death screen has become regular, you should think about the causes of its occurrence and ways to eliminate.

The blue screen of death, the possible causes of its occurrence.

The main causes of the blue screen of death are:

  • Software failure in the driver of a device. This is the most common cause of BSOD.
  • The conflict in the application of applications, as a rule, happens if you installed two antivirus packages or two firewalls on your computer.
  • Installation of drivers from an unknown developer. often driver from developers may contain errors leading to interruptions in the operation of the operating system.
  • Errors in the operation of the equipment. overheating of the processor or video card, poor contact in the connectors, defective surgical memory chips.

The most common BSOD. Blue death screen errors codes

Kmode_exception_not_handled. causes a blue screen as a result of the error of the nucleus mode, which is trying to perform unknown instructions. May be associated with incompatibility or equipment malfunction, as well as errors in drivers or system services.

NTFS_File_SYSTEM. This error appears as a result of failure to execute the NTFS file driver driver code.SYS. The main reason may be a violation of data integrity on the disk or in memory, as well as damage to SCSI or IDE drivers.

Blue screen error critical process died windows 10/8/11 Solution

Data_bus_error. the blue screen of death appears as a result of the appearance of a charter of RAM. The main reason may lie in incompatible or faulty equipment. Also, the problem may be associated with an incorrect driver, as well as a failure of the disk.

IRQL_NOT_less_or_EQUAL. the blue death screen in this case appears as a result of the process of processing the nucleus regime to the memory area, while using an unacceptably high level of IRQL for it. This error can be caused by the incorrect work of drivers, system services, or incompatible software, such as a software emulator or antivirus application.

Page_fault_in_nonpageed_area. an error appears as a result of not being a system of necessary data, for example, when Windows is looking for the necessary information in the swing file, but cannot find it. Often the appearance of a blue death screen in this case is caused by malfunctions in equipment, disorders in the operation of file systems or a service error or software, such as antivirus.

Kernel_stack_inpage_error. this error appears as a result of the appearance of reading errors from the pumping file to physical memory. The main reason for the appearance of a blue death screen is the spoiled sector of the virtual memory file, incorrect work or a failure of the controller of hard drives, insufficient amount of free space on the disk, incorrect connection of the hard drive, conflict in interruptions, defect in RAM, viruses in the operating system.

Basically, the appearance of the blue screen of “death” is caused by: software (drivers), sometimes in equipment (its refusal, conflicts or incorrect work). In these cases, when the blue death screen appears, you need to delete recently installed programs and drivers, as well as disconnect and extract recently installed equipment.

Delete software in safe Windows mode.To do this, when loading the operating system, you need to press the F8 key and select a safe mode.

A common cause of the appearance of a blue death screen is overheating of equipment (components of a computer). In this regard, protection is triggered, which is the cause of the appearance of BSOD. To do this, it is necessary to remove the cover of the system unit and determine the source of overheating, very often such source is a central processor, less often a video card and a power supply unit. If a malfunction is detected, its (malfunction) must be eliminated, then the problem of the appearance of BSOD will be eliminated.