The Battery Runs Out Quickly On The Meizu M3 Note

The Battery Runs Out Quickly On The Meizu M3 Note

Modern mobile phones have long ceased to be just a means of communication, and have turned into a full-fledged laptop. However, in addition to the great capabilities of these gadgets, many smartphone owners have come across a fairly common problem. a fairly quick battery drain. The trend of Meizu m5 Note phones towards quick discharge has been increasingly noticed by users of this brand.

This drawback is due to the fact that the multifunctionality of the phones has led to increased requirements for batteries, the resources of which may not always be enough to complete all tasks. In addition, there are many other various reasons that can cause a battery to drain quickly. Let us consider in more detail the possible reasons.

Wireless connections

Perhaps one of the most energy-consuming processes in the phone is to work in a wireless Internet connection using WI-FI or 3G / 4G. Each smartphone user will agree that a large amount of time the phone is used to find on the Internet. In addition, various applications can use the wireless connection for their full work. For example, in just a couple of hours, Meizu u10 is quickly discharged due to the work of geolocation functions. In turn, these functions can use maps, weather widgets, and various programs.

In addition to WI-FI, the phone can be quickly discharged due to the included Bluetooth connection. In just a few hours, it can significantly reduce battery power. To avoid unnecessary energy consumption, the optimal solution would be to turn off Bluetooth and program modes where the GPS option is required. It is rational to include connection data if necessary.


A serious test for each device is work in “extreme” conditions for it, which include low air temperature. Many modern devices have Li-Pol batteries, whose performance deteriorates significantly in cold weather. It is noticed that at low temperature indicators about 30% of the battery capacity is lost, which is why in the cold Meisu are discharged quite quickly.


Another factor that quickly started to drain Meizu is the background work of various applications and programs. To maintain their continuous operation, the phone spends a lot of energy. Such products may include system processes, game applications, instant messengers, widgets, and others. Since they work in the background, it is not always easy for the user to understand which programs load the battery the most.

Quite often, various Google Play services consume a lot of energy. To optimize battery performance, you can try to clear the cache by clearing the device of accumulated old and unnecessary data. It is recommended that this procedure be performed approximately once a month. In addition, you can extend the battery life by reducing the screen time. You can also adjust the automatic brightness control of the screen depending on the light intensity.

In order to find out which applications work constantly and consume a lot of energy, you can look in the application manager on the phone or install special software.


In addition to the above reasons, there may be a problem in the battery, due to which the phone does not work the number of hours set for it. It is necessary to find out if there are any hardware problems with the battery, in particular, with the power controller, loss of capacity.

There may also be problems with the charger. In order to check its serviceability, you can conduct the following check:

  1. See what battery level the switched on phone has and remember the percentage;
  2. Turn off the device;
  3. Connect the charger to the phone and let it charge for 15 minutes;
  4. Turn on the device;
  5. Check if the battery level has changed.

If the percentage of charge has not changed, the charger is faulty.

If it is established that there are no problems with the hardware, then you need to check how correctly the battery consumption is calculated. For example, in the case when the charge level is kept within 1% or less, but the device does not discharge for 5-6 hours, then there is a high probability of problems with the software part. In this case, it is recommended to reset the settings.

Android MediaServer Process

This process scans the phone’s memory (internal drive, external card) for the presence of various multimedia files (audio, photos, files and others). If it works correctly, the Android MediaServer process should terminate after detecting the next file, however, it happens that the process loops. The reason for this phenomenon can be, for example, damage to the media file, because of which the scanning process does not end. In turn, this leads to the fact that the Meizu m3 quickly discharges the battery.

Consider the main recommendations that will help avoid the incorrect operation of Android MediaServer:

  1. To avoid this problem, it is recommended that you safely remove the phone after it is synchronized with the computer. Failure to comply with this recommendation increases the risk of damage to files during their transfer to the phone, due to which Android MediaServer will not be able to scan files correctly and will work without stopping.
  2. Also, it will not be superfluous to use high-quality memory cards that have a high reading speed and do not cause failures in the process of file transfer.
  3. Make sure that your phone is not fully downloaded files. If there are any, then they are best removed.
  4. You can format the memory drives. It is very important to copy all your data to another device before this process. Otherwise, all files will be deleted.
  5. To cope with the endless work of MediaServer will help special utilities that will forcefully close this process.

These recommendations will help optimize the performance of Meizu smartphones and save extra battery power.