The Battery On Lg Quickly Sits Down, Possible Reasons For Extending The Battery Life On Lg

The Battery On Lg Quickly Sits Down, Possible Reasons For Extending The Battery Life On Lg

Why the battery on LG quickly discharges and how to prolong battery life? Such questions are asked by many users of Lji smartphones on android. In this article we will try to consider for what reasons the battery quickly runs out on the phone and how to extend its operation.

Main reasons why quickly get a battery on Algie and how to eliminate them:
1) If you are away from the station, then with a bad signal, more energy will be consumed. If the signal from the station is not available for the phone, then a network search will also quickly drain the battery. If you know that the smartphone will not be able to detect the network signal for a long time, then it is better to turn off the phone or switch it offline.
2) If you did not close, but turned off applications and games in the background and are not going to use them in the near future, I recommend closing them, otherwise they will still consume battery power.
3) If Bluetooth is activated and you do not use it, turn it off.
4) Wi-Fi is turned on or Wi-Fi access point is not used, turn it off.
5) Android live wallpapers are another reason that quickly drains the battery on Lji’s phone.
6) The bright screen backlight contributes to energy consumption, if there is an auto item in the android screen settings, then activate it.

7) Many widgets are installed on LG, this is also the reason for the fast discharge.
8) If data transfer is turned on, but you are not going to go online, it is better to turn off this feature.
9) Social applications networks, instant messengers for communication and calls and others like that that constantly go on the Internet very quickly drain the battery. If you do not use them, then close them.
10) Automatic update of applications. This function constantly checks for updates and consumes battery power and Internet traffic. Disable this feature in the settings. The operating system also checks for updates, it should also be turned off. If necessary, you can check for updates yourself.
11) Many do not know that on android there is such an item as determining the location. You need to disable this feature in the settings, otherwise the phone will constantly try to contact the satellite and calculate your position and thereby quickly discharge your smartphone or tablet LG.
12) Widgets and widgets that constantly check the exchange rate, weather, etc. reduce battery life. If such data is not important to you, then delete it.

If you look at some of the reasons mentioned above, you might think that they will not particularly discharge the battery, but if you combine them all, then this is already not enough. You can see which functions and applications make the most of the energy from the Android Alge battery in the settings in the battery or battery section.

Open quick access to important settings on the Android android and look at the active functions and, if necessary, turn off everything that you do not use.