Take Video From Computer Screen Online

Take From Computer Screen Online

In the article I will tell you where to record from a computer screen online without resorting to unnecessary efforts. Many tools are being developed on the net, and with the advent of the fast Internet, there are many ways to edit multimedia files. Many services will be described in detail.

Acethinker high-quality shooting with sound

Cool script [mask_link] Acethinker [/ mask_link], which allows one button to start recording clips, for example with or without sound. Distributed on the screen records platform.

You have to download the launcher, it starts without installation.

  1. The first time you press “start” or “start” (in different ways), the launch file will load.
  2. Click on “rec”.
  3. Configure the area and parameters of the.
  4. Click rec.

During the process, there is the use of interactive additions: selection, arrows, rectangle stroke. Useful for recording tutorials.

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Now we upload the shot: to the PC, google drive, dropbox, directly to YouTube and other online players. We proceed to the next option.

Record from a computer screen online with screencast-o-matic

Screencast-o-matic will help you record from a computer screen in online mode, it works according to the downloaded file, go [mask_link] to the service [/ mask_link] and load it with a choice of language.

  • Take a picture from a computer monitor.
  • Via the webcam.
  • Combined shooting, both through a webcam and a screen.
  • Configure hotkeys.
  • Fine sound settings.

The only limitation of the free version is a maximum of 15 minutes.

After downloading, run the repository, the site will remember you, and now you can go online and make notes, click on “rec”.

The first option is better, screencast-o-matic has a lot of restrictions on the duration and resolution of the screen, but much faster.

Apowersoft is a great solution without software

Apowersoft is the progenitor of Acethinker, because it uses its API and runs without installing programs on the computer. Use the same way, download the contact application and turn on screen capture.

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The original site offers a download of a desktop program weighing 15 megabytes, but requiring installation on a computer. There is an integration of the service image on third-party resources on the Internet. We go to [mask_link] this page [/ mask_link] we configure:

  1. Appearance.
  2. The inscription to run.
  3. Watch a preview.
  4. We write the code.

My button looks like this and you can also use it right now and record online. Great for windows 7, 8 and 10.

Free google chrome app

The last option is a free extension for the google browser chrome [mask_link] Screencastify. Screen Recorder [/ mask_link], which is included as a standard add-on using the add section.

After the installation procedure, the icon of the film strip appears in the bar for additions, we begin the setup, you must give permission to use your microphone and camera devices (if any). Next, by clicking on the icon, enable the extension.

  • Select “desctop”.
  • Configure the settings.
  • To start the “record” process.
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A control panel will appear below, with some elements, for example, a selection with a pencil, a delay by a timer, an eraser. After graduation, a mini editor will be offered, you can cut, blur and change the.

The article told where to record from a computer screen online, using several resources and one good browser extension. In the next post I will analyze the android application for a similar operation.