Take Multiple Photos In One iPhone

Or we make a summary sheet. Photo gallery for a site using ACDSee

When creating a summary sheet for yourself, for your catalog, it is possible to create a photo gallery for the site by putting just a tick in front of the corresponding inscription. “Display HTML image map”.

The so-called image map will appear in your folder as a web page and will open in your browser for viewing. In order to put this map-gallery on our site, we do this:

  • We upload all the photos to our hosting, taken from lady-win.ru_ taken from la_dy-win.ru you can use any other.
  • Right-click on our web page, select open with notepad.
  • We change the paths to the pictures to those that you received as a result of uploading a photo to the hosting.
  • Copy and then paste the resulting code to our page.

For example code like this:

003.jpg “border =” 0 ″ usemap = “# ACDSeeImageMap”

Everything that is highlighted in red must be changed to your version of the path to the image file. The very first picture, I have it 003.jpg. ours is taken from l_ady-wi_n.ru_ taken from lady-win.ru background blur, blurred background.

as a PDF file

The PDF format has been popular for a long time in many countries taken from lady-win.ru_taken from lady_-win_.ru countries. Safe and easy to create e-books, organizers and catalogs. Therefore, I recommend using this option, especially since our ACDSee photo editor makes it in a matter of minutes.

Select the images in the manager, go “Create” = “Create PDF file”. Next, select the necessary items and click on “next”. Everything is done very simply and quickly.

By clicking on the finished file, Adobe Reader will automatically open it

Versions of the program may differ, but the pages are opened mostly always on the left.

You can flip with the mouse wheel, or you can look at all the pages on the left at once.

A very convenient electronic version of the image catalog.

Simple version of several photos on one sheet

If you do not need to decorate your catalog or have absolutely no time, then you can make a simple summary sheet.

We remove the headers and footers taken from lady-win.ru_ taken from lady-win.ru and signatures, on the right we set the fields to zero, adjust the number of columns and rows according to the principle “if only they entered”.

An example without signatures:

Example with signatures:

Making a beautiful 3D summary sheet

To do this, we only need a background photo with a blur effect. To create such a blurry background in ACDSee, you can use the Vignette effect. We set the parameters approximately, as I have and we get. taken from lady-_win.ru_ taken from lady-win.ru not a blurry small circle in the center))) If it bothers you, you can move it aside, but you can do the following.

Go to “Edit” = “Edit Mode” = “Photo Recovery”. Heal tool = right-click next to the circle, and with the left button held down, paint over the defect. With this tool, you can erase inscriptions and vice versa. draw

After that, in the summary sheet editor, select our blurred background. As a result, we get a beautiful catalog of images in 3D format.

How to print multiple photos. on one sheet

In the manager, select the necessary images and go “File” = “Print”

The “Print” editor window already contains the necessary templates for arranging photos.

But if you select the item “Summary sheet”. you will have all the possibilities that I described above. Borderless printing will be available on the right side of the Page Setup tab if you set all parameters to zero.

Create a composition

How to take multiple photos in one using a home computer?

Collage is an interesting design idea for photographs and other images. Modern technologies make it possible to independently make such beauty for those who are not well versed in complex computer programs. The finished work can be printed and proudly framed or published on a social network. Collages can also be used for printing on different surfaces (making souvenirs) or as greeting cards. Don’t know how to take multiple photos in one yet? Then this instruction is for you.

Selecting images

Several photos in one look better when they are selected according to some meaning. Using a collage, you can visually show how a plant has grown or a person has changed over the years. You can also follow the principle of associations: by combining a photo of a cup of coffee, a landscape outside the window and your breakfast, you can well characterize your own morning. Show your imagination, select the pictures you want. Photos must be clear and beautiful.

Collage in Photoscape editor

“Photoshop” is preferred by people who are at least somewhat fond of creating and processing photographs. It will take a beginner some time to get comfortable with the program and learn how to perform even the simplest actions. For this reason, many tend to choose a limited editor with a simple interface. Photoscape is a good example of programs in this category. How to make multiple photos in one in this editor? In the main menu, select the “combination” function. Next, decide on the option for placing images. the program will offer ready-made templates. After that, you only need to add the necessary pictures and place them to your liking.

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Collage in Photoshop

“Photoshop” is a graphic editor, the name of which has long become a household name. Open the program and create a new file (background) of the required size. If the photos will cover it completely, you can leave it transparent. An alternative option is a colored fill (the corresponding item in the action menu). You can also use some kind of image as a background, the main thing is that it fits in size.

After that, open the required photo files separately. We cut them off and edit them to our liking. When each shot is ready, go to the window with one of them. Select the image around the perimeter, select the “cut” function. Go to the window with the background, select the “insert” action from the menu. After that, the image will appear in this window, over the background. If desired, it can be expanded, moved, enlarged or reduced. We do the same with all other pictures. When our photo collage of several photos is ready, save the result and enjoy our work.

How to take multiple photos in one without special software?

There are a great many online services that allow you to process photos on the network and save them to your computer. The principle of operation is the same for all. To create a photo from several photos, you need to upload the source files to the site, then combine them in one of the proposed templates. The advantages of Internet services are obvious: their menus are very simple and straightforward, there is no need to install software on your computer. Of course, in terms of their functionality, none of these resources can compare with Photoshop. But to create a collage, any of them have everything you need.

How to take a screenshot on iPhone 5 if the Lock or Home button isn’t working?

As with any device, the “apple” smartphone can fail one of the buttons, which is involved in the creation of a screenshot. What should be done in this case? A few simple steps will help you:

  • Go to the “Settings” section. From there to the “Basic”. Then we select the item “Universal access”.
  • In the section “Physiology and motor skills” we find “Assistive Touch”.
  • We activate this function, that is, we transfer the toggle switch to the “On” mode. Then a semi-transparent button will appear on the screen.
  • We click on it. A menu will open, in which we select “Device”, then the item “”.
  • Finally, the “Screenshot” line will be available here. As you may have guessed, you just need to click on it. All screen is done!

How to take a screenshot on iPhone?

You can take a screenshot of the screen on iPhone in just a few seconds. over, you do not need to enter any menus and submenus, activate different modes, etc. Only two buttons are involved, and the user needs to do the following:

You need to turn on your smartphone. Suddenly, for some reason, you have it turned off. To do this, hold down the upper right button for a couple of seconds.

As soon as the device turns on, you need to select a photo or picture, a screenshot of which we will take. If you decide to just practice, you can save a screenshot of your desktop.

After selecting the image that you want to “screen”, press simultaneously the buttons “Home” (on the front panel. in the center at the very bottom under the display) and “Power” (also called the lock button, sleep mode, power supply, etc.). Then we immediately release them. You don’t need to hold it for a long time! It is best to press the buttons with two hands: “Power”. the one in which you hold the device, “Home”. the other.

Have you heard the characteristic sound or click that appears when photographing? And the screen seemed to glow with a flash? So you did everything right. The screenshot will be saved by default in the photo gallery.

The main thing is not to hold the buttons for too long! One second is enough. Otherwise, instead of taking a screenshot, the system will prompt you to restart or turn off the device. In this case, you will have to press the cancellation, and start the whole procedure again.

How to take a screenshot on iPhone 5

A rather useful option, which is supported by almost any smartphone, is the ability to save information from the gadget’s screen as a picture. In this article, we will analyze the question of how to take a screenshot on the iPhone 5.

When you might need a screenshot?

First, let’s talk about why a screenshot may be required at all? The situations are different. Basically, the user, taking pictures of the contents of the screen, wants to share some information or, conversely, save it. For instance:

  • Copy chat conversations with contact details or other information;
  • Save a result or achievement in a mobile game to show off to friends or acquaintances;
  • Create a “save” of your social network page so that you can quickly see the number of friends / subscribers or give a link to your account;
  • Take a snapshot of a web page, pictures from the Internet, postcards, photographs, stills from a movie, etc., and then set them as a screensaver on your desktop.
  • Capture the system error and then send the screen to Support.
  • As you can see, the screenshot may be needed in different situations. All that remains is to find out how to take a screenshot on the fifth iPhone, including models 5s, 5se, 5c, etc.

Useful Tips

The screenshot turned out. But how to find it? Tap the “Photos” icon. It is located on the main screen. Then go to the item “Camera photo”. Your screenshot should be at the very end of the list. That is, the picture is saved in the same folder with the photos taken by the camera.

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Before taking a screenshot on iPhone, make sure that the battery charge is at least 10-15%. Still, the procedure for taking pictures is energy-intensive. If the battery is at a minimum, then, most likely, the smartphone will simply turn off.

Taking a screenshot on an iphone 5, 5s, se, etc., you take a picture of the entire screen. If you need to “screen” only a certain part, then it is better to use a special program or editor.

Is it possible to somehow edit the screenshot taken on the iPhone? Sure. The image is saved in png format, which allows you to crop the frame, superimpose highlights on it, change the color, etc. You can add various effects using the integrated photo editor or the Screenshot Maker Pro application.

Keep in mind that you won’t be able to take a screenshot on a switched off iPhone. Also, the smartphone does not “screen” in some applications. For example, in the same photo editor.


It is a free photo editor. Supports formats: JPG, PNG, HD PDF. Unfinished projects are saved in the account. Stickers will help bring your photos to life. The application allows you to create collages, holiday cards, high quality posters.

Image color, size and brightness are easily adjusted. Photo effects are added to pictures. In the application, you can modify portraits, removing unwanted moments.

What is it and what is its use

This is a series of images independent from each other, laid out in one picture. A photo collage covers a lot of information. There is no need to present each object separately. A series of shots in one arrangement is as good as a vacation video. Such presentation of material is indispensable in advertising. With its help, collections of shoes or clothes are exhibited.


Images are edited and saved in the online service. The location of the photos is not important. The program is equally good at downloading pictures from a computer and social networks. The application sends the edited pictures to the designated place.

The program will allow you to create amazing collections for Instagram from pictures on a computer, posted on pages in social networks, just taken with a webcam.

How to make a collage on a computer: online services

Some users do not like to work on the phone, but prefer the monitor screen. You can also do quality work on a computer. This will help online editors to create collages. Installing an emulator will help you overcome the limitations in the browser. The application is then installed. The procedure is as follows:

  • install Instagram APK;
  • go to the emulator;
  • use the “open” function;
  • find uploaded data region.

How to create a collage on your phone: top 7 apps

Novice social network users, looking at other people’s pages, are wondering how to make a good collage on Instagram. Applications help you create beautiful photos on your phone. They are downloaded from the AppStore and GooglePlay. The top 7 apps include:

Take Multiple Photos In One iPhone
  • Layout. With this program, photos can be dragged and dropped, easily swapped, enlarged and reduced. Mirror image rotates pictures. The application is downloaded for free.
  • Jane. The program creates grids of images, superimposes one photo on top of another, adds text. Used for posts and stories. The program is paid. The full package costs 350 rubles.
  • Unfold. The app is similar to Jane. It combines photos and videos, adds captions. Disadvantage. most templates have to be paid.
  • Photogrid. The program is suitable for Android and iPhone. The application has a wide range of functions: changing the color and size of frames, text overlay, annotations. Free download.
  • PicsArt. The application is distinguished by a large number of functions: vertical and horizontal grids, division into parts, honeycombs and diamonds. Free to download.
  • PicJointer. Standard yet stylish templates. With their help, they divide the page into parts and lay out the photo in a cube.
  • MixGram. Application for those who love delights. Photos are placed here in hearts, rhombuses, circles. Flowers and crystals are at the service of romantic persons. The program allows changing the axis of the image.


This free photo editor has a large set of tools for creating beautiful photo sets. It doesn’t take a lot of time and effort to resize, get rid of red eyes or add effects. Photo filters and frames will help you create a unique style. The program has built-in Photoshop, with the help of which photos are processed with a brush, an eraser, and other tools are used.

How to create a beautiful collage on Instagram: the best apps

A collage is a group of pictures that are located on one canvas. This design allows you to visually present several products at once. Previously, photos were only inserted into standard squares. Now circles, ovals, triangles are welcome, mixing of figures is permissible. Services in the social network and on third-party resources help to create an attractive Instagram collage.

Best Instagram collage ideas

Collages on Instagram are gaining momentum. They are popular on personal blogs and business accounts. In personal blogs, attention is drawn to themes of interior design, festive events, and travel. Collages like travel notes are interesting. They are created from bright images taken in different parts of the world.

In business accounts, using a selection of photos, they motivate visitors. They are created from a collection of clothes, slim figures, exquisite manicure. A large number of views are collected by zoos. People tend to get distracted from everyday worries, to get a charge of good mood. There are many ideas for collages, the main thing is to take bright pictures and it is interesting to design the page.

Collage is a visual art technique. He saw life in the era of the rapid development of impressionism. The followers of this trend sought to vividly portray reality. Instagram collage is no exception. Its tasks are consonant with the creative direction of the beginning of the last century. He depicts the world in a variety of manifestations on one canvas.

We design a collage: as on one sheet
post some photos

We all love to flip through old photos sometimes and get charged with positive emotions. Pictures from family holidays, holidays with friends, or just a successful photo session. all this is hidden in faceless folders in the computer’s memory. How to bring memories back to life? Try combining a series of digital shots into a colorful collage! It is very easy with the “Photo COLLAGE” program. We will learn how to place several photos from a computer on one sheet so that it looks stylish and original.

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Add effects and frames

The base for the collage is ready! Now let’s work on the details. The program offers many ways to creatively decorate your pictures. Add volume with contour and shadow, use filters, decorate with a frame or apply a mask. The result depends only on your imagination and taste. Let’s make sure of this in practice.

To adjust the outline and shadow, select the photo and double click on it. In the window that appears, find the “Effects” section and check the box next to the desired option. Choose a color and width for the outline, define the length and softness of the shadow effect. Optionally, you can apply both effects at once.

Add volume to the picture by adding a shadow with the editor

Click the Effects & Frames tab. Using the effects in the Filters section, you can age, desaturate, darken, increase brightness or contrast. Select the appropriate option and double-click on it. In the “Filter Settings” window, go to the “Advanced Settings” section and adjust the parameters. For convenience, drag the window to the side. This will make it more convenient to observe the result.

If desired, you can stylize or recolor the picture, adding a twist to it

In the Effects and Frames tab, select a mask or frame for your images. The program has both universal design options and thematic ones. To apply the selected item, simply drag and drop it onto the desired image. Didn’t find a suitable option? Add your file by clicking Create New Frame. Your downloaded materials will be automatically saved in the program memory.

Select a frame from the catalog and drag it to the desired picture

We select the background, upload the photo

Photos on a white sheet are boring. To add some creativity to your watermark, open the Background tab. Select the appropriate type of page design in the list, options. for every taste. Adjust the fill with a solid color or gradient, apply a texture from the program catalog or upload an image from your computer.

The catalog contains universal and thematic pictures that are suitable for backgrounds

The next stage is the most important! It is necessary to fill the background page with pictures. For convenience, select the material for the collage in advance and save it in a separate folder. In the program window, open the “Photos” tab and find the files in the top panel. Adding multiple photos to a sheet is very easy! Just drag and drop the pictures one by one onto the background page. Adjust the size by pulling the edges of the selection. If you want to crop a photo, crop it using the button on the toolbar (see photo below).

Crop all unnecessary in the photo using the “Crop” option

Collage from scratch

To get started, download “Photo COLLAGE” and install it on your PC. Installation takes a few minutes, just follow the prompts of the installation wizard. A few clicks and the photo collage maker is ready to go. Let’s create a collage from scratch. To do this, in the start window, click “Create a new project” and then select the option “Clean project”.

Select the “Clean Project” option to make a collage from scratch

Now you need to determine the size and orientation of the sheet. You can choose a fixed format or set your own parameters. Resolution of 300 dpi allows you to print your collage in excellent quality.

Adjust the page size and orientation to your liking

Clipart and text

For a good collage, it’s not enough just to place several photos on one sheet. Liven up your project with fun captions, shapes, and themed drawings. To do this, go to the “Text and Decorations” tab.

Enter the text, click “Add”. and your inscription will appear on the collage. Click on “Text settings”, in the window that appears, adjust the style and position of the inscription on the sheet. You can use a color, gradient or texture as a fill for the text, you can also add a shadow or an outline.

Add text to the collage, choose a font, size and fill method for it

In the section “Clipart” you will find a large collection of images. Decorate the summer collage with flowers, the festive one with balloons, and the New Year one with snowflakes. Double-click to add a suitable variation. Optionally upload your file by clicking “Create new clipart”. Adjust the added elements to your liking, change the size and position on the page, adjust the transparency and rotation angle. To do this, open “Properties” by double-clicking on the object.

Optionally decorate the collage with a clip art or add your own images

Additionally, you can decorate the collage by adding an object from the Shapes section. Place arrows, circles, stars on the page. just select an element and a fill method. Now it’s done! Let’s evaluate the result.

With the program “Photo COLLAGE” you can achieve a similar result in a couple of minutes

The collage turned out to be romantic and interesting! You can safely save the project or prepare for printing. Now you know how to place several photos on A4 sheet and you can delight yourself and loved ones with colorful works. You can create a stylish collage in the program for March 8 or Valentine’s Day, make a selection of photos for a wedding anniversary or anniversary. An original DIY collage will be a great gift!