Take a picture of the Xiaomi Redmi screen. Conclusion

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How to make a screenshot of the screen on Xiaomi‘s phone

In simple terms, a screenshot is a photograph of what is shown on the smartphone screen. This may be a picture of a text article on the site or an episode from the game, video or movie. You can take such a picture using standard system capabilities, and without the need to install additional applications without the need. However, in addition to a simple method using keys, there are a number of other ways. Let’s take a closer look at how to take a screenshot of the screen on the Xiaomi Redmi Mi phone, step by step by step by step by each of the methods.

Let’s start the article with the simplest way to create screenshots, which is familiar to the practical user of the Android smartphone and which works on Xiaomi phones. To make a screenshot, it is enough to press the power button and the key of the sound volume button at the same time. After this action is performed in the upper right corner of the screen, a screenshot miniature will appear, which will subsequently be saved in the phone gallery.

On old Xiaomi phones, you can go the other way. Its essence boils down to simultaneously press on the volume reduction key and the touch button. The latter is understood as a key that has a icon in the form of three vertical strips or points.

The next option for creating a screen of the screen on the Xiaomi phone is not entirely convenient, but it is suitable for a breakdown of any of the keys. To make a screenshot, we will use the recommendations of the following instructions:

Please note that before starting the creation of the screenshot, you need to go to the right application or service, the photo of which must be saved.

Sometimes some users cannot find the desired icon in the notifications panel. It is possible that she simply was not added. To correct the situation, again, we turn to a step-by-step leadership:

  • We open the notifications curtain.
  • Click on the icon “Sorting”.
  • In the lower part of the menu we find the “screen of the screen” icon and drag it from the gray background to white.
  • In conclusion, we retain the changes by pressing the “Ready” button.

It would seem that you can really somehow take a picture of the screen? And yes, in the firmware of Miui, which is used on Xiaomi phones, an interesting function has been implemented to create screenshots using gestures. The default mode is not activated, so it must be enabled. The following instruction will help you to do everything correctly:

  • We go to the settings.
  • Open the “Expanded settings” tab.
  • We go to the “buttons and gestures” section.
  • We click on the line “Skill’s picture” and go to the page with a huge number of options.
  • Here you independently choose a convenient option for yourself, the most popular of which is a gesture using three fingers.

And finally, we will consider a very convenient method using a sensory assistant. First of all, we activate it in the settings:

  • We go to the “Extended settings” section.
  • Open the “touch assistant” tab.
  • We translate the slider to the right near the paragraph “Sensor Assistant”.

After that, a small black circle will appear on the screen. To create a screenshot, click on it, and then select the scissors icon.

As you can see, the MIUI shell provides a large number of tools to create screenshots. Choose the optimal option for yourself and regularly use it.

How to make a long screenshot on Xiaomi

A long screenshot means the image of a fully loaded web page of the browser. That is, instead of a single element, we get a full.fledged text article in photography format. It’s easier to explain this by example, so for starters we will create a regular picture of the screen using one of the above methods. It is necessary to catch the moment when a miniature appears in the right corner of the display. We quickly press it and select “Scrolling” in the editing menu with editing. And then at the right time, click on the “Stop” button and expect the end of the image processing.

As a result, we get a long picture of the web page, which subsequently can be used for our purposes.

Thus, a screenshot is a photograph of what is currently shown on the phone screen. It can be made in different ways, for example, simultaneously by pressing a certain combination of keys. There are many methods, and each of them has both advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, finding the perfect option for everyone is almost impossible.

Notifications curtain

To create a picture of the screen on the Xiaomi smartphone, it is necessary to open the notification curtain and, if necessary, expand it.

One of the menu items will be a “screenshot”. Click on it and get the desired result.

In the event that it is necessary to send a screenshot by mail or get a picture of a not complete screen, but only part of it, click on the miniature that appeared in the upper right corner (in the picture it is not visible in the article) and select one of the proposed points: send, edit or edit or edit or edit, or edit, edit or edit delete.

Editing allows you to assemble the resulting image to the desired size.

We change the boundaries of visibility and click on the “Full” button. The image will be saved in the memory of a smartphone.


The second method is faster, but not everyone can realize it. All that is necessary to create a picture is to simultaneously pinch the volume reduction key and the button for turning on the smartphone. As in the first method, a miniature will appear with which further actions can be performed.

You can view the pictures obtained using the Gallery application.

Some software developers deliberately block the creation of screen images in their applications. These categories of applications include all kinds of banking utilities, as well as password storage programs. In this case, it will not work to take a screenshot.

How to make a printekrin on Xiaomi

Screenshot of the screen on Xiaomi, Redmi and gene are made using:

The combination of buttons

This method to take a screen picture standard for all devices based on Android.

  • With an unlocked screen, simultaneously click and hold the swing of the volume down and power.
  • After creating the picture, it will be displayed in the upper right corner.
  • If you slip in the image, it is offered to edit, delete or send it to friends.

Regardless of the method of how the screen was made, it will automatically get into the Screenshots folder available for viewing through any gallery.

Special gesture

The function migrated in Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro along with the Miui shell:

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The speed of creating a screenshot depends on the load on the device. Printskrin is created in the games with a delay compared to the desktop or web page.

Fast access curtain

Controlled with Xiaomi Redmi laptop 8t or 8 about one hand, images can be made through the notification curtain:

  • Open the menu with quick access to functions again;
  • Make a swipe from right to left, select in the list “Sorting”;
  • Sweet the page down to the “gray zone”. Click your finger with a label with the image of the scissors and pull it into the first or second line;
  • Now you can capture the image as described above.

Touch assistant

This function is represented by a transparent ball, when activating which the user receives quick access to 5 devices. To activate it:

  • Open the settings of the device. Sweet the list down and go to the “additional functions”;
  • Choose “touch assistant”. Depending on the firmware version, the function can be located in “advanced settings”;
  • Activate the switch next to “Turn on the touch assistant”;
  • A transparent bubble will appear on the screen, click it. access to the list of quick functions will open.

In the tab used to activate the assistant, it is allowed to change the method of calling a quick panel, add other shortcuts and so on to the list.

How to make a long screenshot on Xiaomi Redmi

Long. this is a picture of the screen that captures its entire area along with the buttons of quick access. Useful function for many users who want to fix the lower part of their smartphone.

For example, a person wants to scatter any text, viewing it on the Internet, a social network. The text is long and is not completely placed on the display. A long screen in this case will record the entire text, and the user will not have to move the article, taking several pictures.

A long screen can also be done when viewing documents on the phone itself.

In general, the algorithm for performing a long screen looks as follows:

  • Make a simple, short screenshot using any of the methods considered above.
  • Click on the preserved image. Usually it moves in a reduced form to the right upper angle of the screen.
  • Next, click on the “Scroll” button.
  • Automatic scrolling out information in the screenshot will begin. This is a long picture. Then it can be viewed in a saved place.
  • During scrolling, the user can always click on the “Stop” button to stop this process.

Where the screen images are stored

Saved screenshots on any Xiaomi Redmi model are placed in the gallery. They can also be quickly viewed through the file manager. It is enough to perform the following manipulations:

  • Go to the “Gallery” application by clicking on the appropriate icon on the gadget’s desktop.
  • Next, move to the “Album” tab.
  • Click on the line “Fameling of the screen”.
  • Now you also need to go to the file manager of your mobile device.
  • Go to the “Images” section
  • Click on the SCRENSHOTS tab.

The names of the tabs in the galleries and the file manager may vary depending on the specific model of the Redmi phone.

Interactive assistant

Active printer users can take pictures through a pop.up assistant.

  • By analogy with the tuning of the gesture, go to the “Settings”, from there to “Expanded Settings” and select “touch assistant”. The item can be moved to the “Special Opportunities” section, the “Additional Functions” tab.
  • Turn on the assistant by slipping down the toggle switch on top.
  • Go to the “Labels Functions”, change one of the interactive keys to the “picture”, if there is no one in the list initially.
  • Tap in a circle posted on the left or right of the screen. Choose the image of the scissors.

Screenshot of the screen with three fingers Xiaomi Redmi.

As a rule, having bought a new phone, this function has already been automatically turned on. You just, in an important place for you, need to draw through the phone screen three fingers as shown in the image below. However, if such a function is disabled, it can be turned on:

  • Open the settings.
  • “Expanded settings” / “Additionally”;
  • Buttons;
  • Screenshot.

We take a screenshot with three fingers Xiaomi Redmi

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picture, xiaomi, redmi, screen, conclusion

Screenshot of the screen with tape.

Imagine that you need to make a screen of a very long correspondence. Take a whole gallery of pictures for a long time, and then get to get confused. We were given a wonderful opportunity to make a screen screen with a tape. To do this, we open correspondence from the moment where you need to take a screenshot. We make a screen convenient for you.

picture, xiaomi, redmi, screen, conclusion

Perhaps you will be interested to see the full passage of the game 12 castles part 1, as well as 12 castles part 2

We choose the standard (first method). As soon as the screen is ready, you will have a mini image of the screenshot and two buttons “Scroll” and “Send” in your right corner. Select scrolling and twist to the right moment you need. Next, click the stop button and the screenshot is automatically stored with one file with a long ribbon in the gallery.

This is what a screenshot looks like a ribbon on Xiaomi Redmi


You can take a screenshot by running three fingers on the screen. This function is included in the settings.

Go into extended settings, repeating p.1-2 methods 3. Find the Option “Sensor Assistant”.

Expand the item and translate the switch to the right.

Return to the home screen and check the appearance of an unfolding icon. When opening the icon, the following options appear: “Skill’s picture”, “Turn off the screen/blocking”, “menu”, “home screen”.


In some applications, a call “Acceleration of games” is available, with which you can make both a video and a picture. This menu is noticeable along a small white strip at the edge. To cause additional options, draw a finger from the left edge of the screen to the center. Then it remains just to touch the image indicated in the image below the button.

Turning off menu

On some smartphones, the screenshot can be made in another standard way by pressing the shutdown button to open a special panel and selecting the corresponding “screenshot” icon. This method is not available on all phones, but at the same time applies to many other devices besides Xiaomi.

Android smartphones below the ninth version and with the installed custom membrane can also be equipped with a similar possibility. The only differences are the location and design of the panel, while the opening of the menu is always reduced to pressing the shutdown button on the case.

After clicking on the icon with the signature “Screenshot” or “Scue”, the final file will be created automatically with a hidden shutdown panel and placed in the internal memory of the phone. Subsequently, it can be found in the folder from the previous section of the article.

“Subject of Light”

If you can not use the standard products of the proprietary shell for one reason or another, you can resort to special applications from the Google Play Market like “Light screenshot”. A similar method is especially relevant when using an uncertified smartphone.

  • Open the page on the link and set the application using the corresponding button. After that, run it from the same page or touching the icon on the home screen.
  • When the main menu appears, it will be possible to choose a method of capture activation by adding a special icon on the screen or limiting himself to a standard combination of buttons on the case. Here it is worth paying attention not only to the starting page with parameters, but also to other options.
  • For example, we will use the “offering icon”, after the activation of which you need to click the “Start capture” button. The correct work on the right work can be found on a new icon on the screen displayed on top of any open applications.
  • Click on the specified icon with the image of the camera to take a picture of the screen. By default, each screenshot remains along the path of SDCARD/PICTURAS/ScreENSHOTS and is also available inside the application.
  • Each time after creating a screenshot for several seconds, it will be possible to go to the editor of the finished image. There are all the main tools such as pruning, allowing you to bring the picture to the final state.
  • At the end of the edit, click on the saving icon on the top panel and wait for the completion of the processing. As a result, the file will be saved in the phone’s memory and displayed on the screen.

Note: the final version of the image after editing and the picture of the entire screen is preserved.

We demonstrated only one program as an example, since the options have a minimum number of differences, in connection with which this application should be enough to implement the task. In this case, in the event of difficulties from the software, you can resort to analogues, for example, Screener and Touchshot are an excellent alternative.

The methods we have presented will allow you to easily create a screen of the screen on the Xiaomi smartphone, regardless of the installed version of the Android operating system. Do not forget about many alternative solutions available for downloading in Google Play Market and a sufficiently large number of standard means.