Sync Apple Watch With Iphone 8

Syncing your iPhone with a Mac or PC is basically the same as syncing with your computer. If you are a PC user, this process will be very easy and simple to do. But it’s not so difficult, even for those who have never used an iPod. Follow these steps to sync your new iPhone to iTunes.

Download the latest version of iTunes

Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes before you start synchronizing your phone. You may need to download iTunes before starting the synchronization process, especially if you are using a PC.

Open iTunes and connect your phone

Open iTunes and plug the cable that comes with the mobile into the USB port on your computer and the other end into the dock connector on the bottom of the mobile.

Sync Apple Watch With Iphone 8

Wait management page come up

The first screen you will see is the iPhone control screen. It offers a basic overview about the phone. You see different tabs at the top of the screen, which will lead you to the various functions of your phone.

Sync contacts, email, calendar to mobile

Information tab. Here you can manage the synchronization settings for contacts, calendars and email accounts. Choose to synchronize all contacts and / or calendars or just separate groups. Here you can also decide which email accounts should be synchronized with your mobile.

Application sync

On the Apps page, you can control how which applications are synchronized with your mobile, as well as how you want to organize applications on the phone screen. The left side of the screen are all the applications that you downloaded to your computer. Check the box to the left of the app to sync it to your mobile. Check the Automatically sync new applications option if you want newly downloaded applications to always be synchronized.

Sync music to mobile

The Music tab gives you a number of options for controlling what music is synced to your mobile and how.
) Sync Music
Check it out in order to sync music to your mobile.
b) All Music Library
This will sync all your iTunes music to your mobile, but your phone should have more memory than your library.
c) Featured playlists, artists, and genres
This will allows you to decide what music should be downloaded to your mobile.

Sync movies to mobile

On the Movies tab, you can control the synchronization of movies.
) Movies Sync
this check box if you want to sync movies or others from computer to mobile.
b) automatically turn on
Click this you want iTunes to automatically sync movies by default.
c) All or Other Options
Your options here include the most recent movies added to the iTunes library, and whether you have watched them or not.

TV show sync

You can sync entire seasons of TV or individual episodes to the TV show tab. “Series Synchronization” box in order to synchronize TV shows.

Sync Podcasts

Podcasts have the same synchronization options as in movies and TV shows. You can choose not to sync any or all of the podcasts. If you want to synchronize the selection of podcasts, select “Selected Podcasts,” and then select the ones you prefer.

Sync Ibooks

On the book screen, you can manage how Ibooks files, PDFs and audio books are synced to mobile. You can synchronize all or selected books and sort titles by type, title or author.

Sync photos

The iPhone can sync its photos with your photo management software library. Choose what photo library, if any, to sync with mobile on this tab.

Syncing your iPhone with a Mac or PC is actually easy. Just connect your phone to your computer with a USB cable. Once you have connected it, you will see the control screen within the iTunes software. On this screen, you will be able to control various functions and features related to your mobile. Going through different tabs, you can synchronize contacts, music, movies, podcasts and much more.