Supports Lee Honor 10 Lite Fast Charge

Does Honor 7c / 8s / 8x / 9/9 Lite / 10 / 10i / 10 Lite / Play / 20 / P20 Lite / 20 Pro and Huawei P Smart 2020 / Mate 20 / P20 Pro / P30 Lite / P30 support wireless charging? These are not all the models that are asked on the forums, in the technical support service and on the Internet. In order for users to understand which devices are adapted to the contactless charging option and which are not, we have compiled a list of gadgets. And also. created an accessible description of the function.

What is wireless charging

Wireless memory for the phone is a method that allows people to abandon the usual cables and forget about their loss or breakdown. And also. this is an opportunity to no longer worry about whether there is a socket nearby. The only thing required of the owner is to put his back cover on a special station. The process of charging the device starts and ends automatically, and alerts about this process are displayed on the phone screen almost instantly.

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Wireless charging is based on the recently introduced Qi standard. It was developed and implemented 10 years ago. The technology allows you to transfer energy at a distance of up to four centimeters. The principle is based on the usual phenomenon of electromagnetic induction.

How it looks: this is the panel on which the smartphone is placed. Through the hidden port, the same contact appears, and the phone receives power. With the naked eye you will not find the receiver on the phone, even if it is. Often this module is hidden under the body, and you can only recognize by disassembling the device. If this type of charging is supported, then the manufacturer introduces this into the technical specifications and affixes the appropriate marking.

The advantage of this method is mobility and versatility, you do not depend on cables and sockets, and calmly use such equipment on the road. Minus. to recharge the charge requires more time.

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If you purchased the device under warranty, save the box and receipts.

Supports Lee Honor 10 Lite Fast Charge

Which Honor and Huawei phones support wireless charging

Devices with the function of contactless replenishment of power are divided into groups:

  • modern 10 Lite, Mate 20, P20 Pro, 20, P20 Lite, 20 Pro, Huawei P Smart 2020;
  • from the Light series: P30, 9
  • Medium. Play, P30;
  • the earliest. 7c, 8s / x, 10 / 10i.

To check if the smartphone is equipped with charging technology without cable, check the Qi marking. If it is, then the device supports the function. If you do not find your device in this list of Honor and Huawei phones that support wireless charging, do not rush to be upset. After all, this is not a complete list of gadgets with such technology. The manual on how to find out whether a contactless charger works is worth starting with a comparison with the cost. As a rule, there is no such module on inexpensive phones, but only a standard USB connector. If the flagship was purchased in 2018 and later, and its price is average or higher than average, then the probability of availability is greater.

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To understand exactly, go to the official website of the phone’s developer, find the Products section, and see what variations of smartphones are registered with wireless charging. You can also simply write a name in the search bar and search manually.