Stoloto Check By Phone Number

Recently, all kinds of lotteries from the Stoloto lottery supermarket are becoming more and more popular, and one of the reasons for this popularity is the way with which you can check your ticket in Stoloto.

The circulation of each new issue is becoming more and more.

Stoloto Check By Phone Number

The fact is that this lottery supermarket has an official website where you can make a ticket purchase online and, accordingly, check your winnings by number.

It is very convenient for any modern person.

Indeed, before all these operations were carried out in kiosks or booths at train stations, in post offices and just on the street, where many simply did not want to go. Now everything has changed.

Therefore, it would be useful to consider how the verification of winnings by ticket number on the official Stoloto website occurs and what else can be done with this useful resource.

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Ticket check

So, the Stoloto lottery supermarket has an official site, the link to it looks like this: stoloto.Ru.

To check the winnings by number, you just need to find your lottery, click on it, then go to the verification page, and then enter the number and draw.

We will analyze this process in more detail using the Housing Lottery as an example.

The win verification process is carried out using the following steps:

  • On the main page of the official website all state lotteries that this supermarket provides are presented. There you need to find the Housing Lottery page.

No. 1. The official page of the Stoloto lottery supermarket and a list of available lotteries

No. 2. Stoloto Russian Lotto search results with Google

  • We click on the inscription “Housing Lottery” and get to the page of this service.
  • On the page in the top menu we find the inscription “Check ticket” and click on it.

Number 3. The inscription “Check ticket” on the Housing Lottery page

  • Enter the number of the circulation and the number of the ticket in the appropriate fields highlighted in figure 4 by a green frame. After that, click the “Check” button (highlighted in red).
    It is important to remember that the check button will become available only after entering the correct circulation and ticket numbers. If there is any error in these fields, the button will not become available.
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Number 4. Housing Lottery Checkout Page

There is a shorter way.

If you immediately go to the ticket check page (for example, and select any other lottery there in the selection menu highlighted in Figure No. 5, then you can skip the main page and not look.

The only problem is that this method does not always work and the site sometimes does not correctly perceive this method. But you can try.

No. 5. Selection menu on the win check page

As you can see, there is absolutely nothing complicated in checking the ticket number. Exactly the same algorithm is suitable for other lotteries from Stoloto.

In addition to Housing, “Russian Lotto” and “Golden Horseshoe” are very popular here.

On the page of each lottery there is the same menu, similar to that shown in Figure No. 3, so going to the ticket check page will not be difficult.

Now let’s talk about why the Stoloto site is so good and why users from all over Russia like this lottery supermarket so much.

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Other features and capabilities of the Stoloto site

Among the most important advantages should be highlighted the possibility of buying a ticket.

This operation occurs using the following actions:

  • On the main page of the official website of Stoloto again you need to go to the page of some lottery. For example, again select the Housing Lottery.
  • On the page that opens, you need to select not the “Check ticket” item, but “Bet”.

No. 6. “Bet” item on the Housing Lottery page

  • After that, the user will be taken to a page where you can place a bet. Its appearance differs depending on the selected lottery. For the Housing Lottery, it looks like shown in Figure 7.
    Here, to purchase a ticket, you need to choose one of the options for its appearance, then select a payment method in the menu on the right and pay for the ticket by receiving its number.

Number 7. Housing Lottery Ticket Purchase Page

For Gosloto 6 out of 45, the purchase page is slightly different. Here you just need to select the numbers. After this action, the same ones. Choose a payment method, pay and get a ticket number.

No. 8. Ticket purchase page for Gosloto 6 of 45

Thus, another important advantage of the Stoloto website is the ease of buying a ticket.

The main other benefits are:

  1. The presence of a personal account where the user can view the archive of previously made bets and purchased tickets, deposit a cash reserve for future purchases and perform other actions.
  2. The presence of a convenient mobile application where you can work with registration and, accordingly, the presence of a personal account, and without it.
  3. The ability to bet on SMS.
  4. A huge number of various lotteries. Everyone will find what he likes the most.
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Of course, there are also disadvantages. The main one has already been mentioned above. Incorrect site operation in some options. It happens very infrequently, but still it happens.

Many users on the forums wrote that they sometimes could not even make a ticket purchase.

So be careful when working with the Stoloto website.

In any case, adhere to the following safety rules:

  1. Do not restart the computer while using the site;
  2. Do not close the page when buying a ticket;
  3. Do not open other browsers while the Stoloto site is open.
  4. Sometimes it helps to disable the firewall.

The presentation of the Stoloto website can be seen below.

Features of the site www.Stoloto.Ru

The Stoloto website has many features that are convenient to use. Start winning now!

Log in to your Stoloto account

  • Login to your Stoloto account
  • Registration in the online account
  • How to recover a password from LC Stoloto
  • Mobile app
  • Online consultation on the site

Stoloto is a company that sells lottery tickets for the Housing Lottery, Russian Lotto and other state lotteries over the Internet.

It is not necessary to go to the nearest lottery kiosk to buy tickets and receive winnings. This can be done using the functions of your personal account on the Stoloto website.

Login to your Stoloto account

Login to your personal page is available only to registered users. To enter Stoloto’s personal account on the official website, you must:

  • Open the browser address stoloto.Ru;
  • On the left panel of the main page, click the “Login” button;
  • Enter the login selected during registration in the system or the email address that is associated with the account;
  • Enter the password from your personal account and press the login button.

Logging into Stoloto’s online account by phone number does not work. It is used only to identify participants for crediting funds won.

And also it will not work to use a unique key for authorization, which is written on the Stoloto lottery tickets.

Registration in the online account

Creating a Stoloto account is easy. To do this, select the “Registration” link, which is located in the left panel under the link to the login to the user account.

To register in Stoloto’s personal account, you need to enter a name, email address and phone number in the corresponding fields of the registration window.

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After entering personal data you need:

  • Mark the check box, indicating that you are already 18 years old;
  • Press the button to confirm acceptance of the terms of the contract;
  • Enter verification code;
  • Wait for the arrival of a letter automatically generated by the system;
  • Follow the link in the letter to activate the Stoloto account.

You can use the alternative option of registering in your account using social network and mail service accounts for authorization. The Stoloto site supports login using Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yandex, Mail.Ru, Odnoklassniki and VKontakte accounts.

How to recover the password from Stoloto’s personal account

Password recovery of the Stoloto LC is done by clicking on the “Remind password” link, which is located at the bottom of the authorization form in the system.

After clicking on the link, a window will open with an input field for the email address that was associated with the account. There you must enter the code with captcha, and then click “Continue“.

In addition to the email address, you can enter the account login or phone number specified when registering your personal account. In the latter case, an email will be sent to your phone number with a code to reset your password. After entering it in the appropriate field, you can enter a new password for the account.

Mobile app

Owners of tablets and smartphones running iOS and Android can install a mobile application that simplifies access to the functions of your personal account.

You can download and install the program for the iPhone through the App Store, and the application for Android. On the official website page, following the instructions.

For authorization in the application, you must enter a username and password or use the credentials of supported mail services and social networks. The functionality of the program is fully consistent with your account on the official website. It is possible to find out the results of the draws, view the history of all the draws in which they took part, buy tickets and withdraw cash prizes.

Online consultation on the site

Every day from 9:00 to 21:00, authorized users can access online chat, through which you can write a question to a consultant in writing and quickly get an answer to it. And you can also use the services of support services in the social. Networks or connect telegram-bot.