Steelseries headset pads. Can Headphones Really Dent Your Head

Can Headphones Really Dent Your Head?

Find out if constant headphone use can cause permanent damage to your skull and what to do to avoid headphone dents.

If you wear headphones daily, you might have noticed the headband-shaped dent on your hair after taking them off.

This may just be an aesthetic concern for you, but what happens when you notice a slight skin indentation on the area where your headband was? It can be alarming to see dents on your head because of headband use. And the anxiety gets worse when, after a while, the dent is still there!

At this point, you may be wondering, “Did my headphones really cause a dent in my skull?”

Well, that’s what this article is for. We’ll discuss if using headphones can actually cause a dent in your head and what you can do to prevent headphone dents. Let’s get right to it!

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Can Headphones Dent Your Head?

No, headphones can’t dent your head. A study reports that it takes at least 135 Kg to cause a minor fracture to the skull. It’s safe to assume the clamping force of your headphones won’t cause any harm.

However, there have been viral posts on Reddit every so often that make fun of streamers’ ‘head dent’ after wearing them for hours.

One of the most well-known cases is Tyler1’s head dent. When this League of Legends streamer took off his headphones, a crease on his head was visible on camera. Mizkif’s headset dent is another similar clip. He had the same headband crease happen to him after streaming for a few hours.

Another streamer, curtosslive, recently found out he has a headphone dent while shaving his head for charity. This sparked new discussions on the topic, with people sharing their own experiences and fears, especially when PopTingz featured him in a tweet.

If headphones can’t dent your head, then why do these streamers have an apparent crease on their head after wearing them? There are two possible reasons for this:

Headphone hair

Headphone hair happens when your headphones’ headband exerts pressure on the top of your head over a prolonged period of usage, flattening the hair. If the headband is tight enough, it may also leave a temporary crease on your scalp.

You don’t need to worry about it since headphone hair won’t cause any permanent damage. So, your hair will gradually return to its original shape in a few minutes. But if the crease ticks you off more than it should, check how to get rid of the headphone dent.

This is similar to the mark that your pair of eyeglasses sometimes leaves on your face after a whole day of wearing them. They’re apparent at first, but they slowly fade away after a few minutes of not wearing the glasses.

How to Get Rid of Headphone Dents on Your Scalp or Hair

The headphone dent on top of your head will eventually go away. But if you have to get rid of it this very minute, here are some methods you can try:

Massage or rub the area

Gently rubbing the headphone dent and the surrounding area might improve blood flow. As a result, this can help your skin return to its original shape faster.

Wet hair or have a hot shower

If you have headphone hair, a few water splashes are all you need to sort out the crease or dents. But if you have a crease on your scalp, a hot shower may help to expand the skin, returning it to its original shape.

Take periodic breaks from wearing headphones

The most effective way to avoid headphones dent is to take them off every hour or so. Not only will it save you from headphone dent, but this will also prevent sore ears that often happen along with it.

What Do Dents on Your Skull Mean?

If you have an actual dent on your skull, it’s more likely to be caused by a pre-existing medical condition than your headphones. Headphone dents typically last only a few minutes to a few hours. So, if they stay for more than a day, you should get them checked out by your doctor.

If you’re positive you have a dent in your skull, it’s best to seek help immediately. You should take indentations on the skull seriously. Common indentation causes are genetic or congenital diseases that require immediate intervention.

In any case, several conditions may cause an indented skull. For example:

Congenital skull indentation

Also called Craniosynostosis, congenital skull indentation is a disease that often happens to fetuses and newborns.

Newborns have fibrous joints called sutures that separate the plates of bone on the skull, allowing the brain to expand as they grow. When these sutures close too early, the brain and skull’s growth could cause a dented shape to the skull.

Paget’s disease of the bone

In Paget’s disease of the bone, the body generates new bones faster than the normal rate. This could cause the body to produce bones that are weaker than normal. As a result, bone pains, fractures, and even deformities are more likely to happen. This disease commonly occurs to elderlies and is rarer for people below 50 years old.

Gorham’s disease

Gorham’s disease, or phantom bone disease, is a rare condition with no known cause. This disease causes bone loss due to the abnormal proliferation of vascular or lymphatic channels within the bone.


Trauma refers to a serious injury to the body. In some cases, severe injury to the head can cause a fracture to the skull, leading to a dent on the head. And a dented head requires immediate medical attention. Usually, this means that a piece of the skull may be pointing toward the brain, which may cause more damage.


Bone cancer happens when unusual bone cells grow out of control, destroying the bone tissue. It’s rare, but some types of bone cancer, like multiple myeloma, have been reported to cause bone depression and irregularities.

Can Headphones Change Your Ear Shape?

There’s no evidence or reports of cases where prolonged use of headphones can deform your outer ear lobes. So, no need to worry about headphones changing the shape of your ears.

Your ears develop fully by the time you are 7-8 years old. Consequently, their structure cannot be changed, at least under normal circumstances. By now, your ears should be developed enough that even friction and pressure caused by headphones usage won’t affect them.

Your auricles (outer ears) usually develop days after conception and can only be molded within the first few weeks of infancy.

So, why does it seem like the shape of your ears is changing?

The thing is, with constant headphone use, you keep pushing your ears close to your face.

Normally, your ears will return to their original position after a few hours of not wearing headphones. But, if you use your headphones all the time, you won’t give your ears time to revert to their original position. That’s why it seems like your ears are changing shape, even if they aren’t.

What to Do if Your Headphones Are Uncomfortable or Too Tight

When you wear headphones, the most common cause of discomfort and skin dents is that they are too tight and press too hard on your head and ears. To avoid these issues, you’ll need to prevent your headphones from exerting too much pressure on your head or ears.

The pressure can be even worse if you are a spectacled person. If this is the case, you should check out our guide on how to wear glasses with headphones.

Wear your headphone at the back and not the top to relieve pressure

You can place your ear pads comfortably on each ear first. Then, place the headband behind your head. This method allows for a secure fit for your ears and less pressure on your head. No more worrying about headphone dents!

If your headphones don’t feel comfortable this way, consider switching to earbuds or true-wireless ones like Airpods. In addition, you can also check our list of the most comfortable headphones for more recommendations.

Wear a cap or beanie under your headphones

You can use a cap, beanie, or hoodie under the headphones to serve as padding to mitigate the pressure on your head. This way, the force from your headphones is spread more evenly across your head.

Simply wear a comfortable cap or beanie before you put on your headphones, as usual. You should also adjust your headband to accommodate the extra width of the beanie or cap.

If you wear your headphones to sleep, your head might get too warm with a hoodie or beanie. In that case, check our list of best headphones for sleeping.

Be mindful of the clamping force

Clamping force is necessary to keep the headphones secured on your head. However, if the clamping force is too strong or too weak, it can make your experience terrible. Here’s how that happens:

Too-tight headphones

When your headphones’ clamping force is too strong, it can feel too tight on your head. As a result, this might cause a headphone dent or headphone hair. In addition, headphones with too much clamping force may also cause external-compression headaches.

Most modern headphones have an adjustable headband that you can adjust the fit to your head. But if yours still feel too tight even with the loosest setting, here’s what you can try:

  • Get a box or pillow that’s slightly wider than your head.
  • Place your headphones over it.
  • Let them stay for 24 hours and see if you can feel them getting looser.

Be careful not to use an object that’s too big. It may over-stretch the headband, resulting in a weak clamping force.

Too-loose headphones

If the clamping force is too weak, your headphones may end up resting their entire weight on your head to stay in place. As a result, your headphones will still end up pressing on your head, ultimately causing a dent.

To tighten loose headphones, here’s what you can do:

  • Look for a box or pillow that’s slightly narrower than your head.
  • Clamp your headphones on the object, then secure it with a rope or cord.

For more information, you may check out this article to learn what to do if your headphones hurt your ears in any way.

Add more padding

High-quality paddings can make a massive difference to the comfort of your headphones. Cushiony paddings can help to decrease the pressure exerted by your headphones by distributing their weight more evenly, making headphones dent less likely to happen.

You can either make a DIY headphone padding or buy a ready-made product like the TXEsign headphone padding.


Well, there you have it! As you can see, using headphones can’t damage your skull forever–it can only cause dents on your head temporarily, but it’s not a major cause for concern.

Still, there are many ways you can take to avoid that slight indentation on your head after using headphones for a long time. Follow these tips, and you won’t have to worry about headphone dents anymore!

Find these tips helpful? Drop us a comment and let us know what you think!


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Steelseries Siberia X100 Review – Xbox One gaming headset

Good caps on your head, that is essential if you want to enjoy gaming with good sound. Fortunately, Steelseries meets the need with the Steelseries Siberia X100 gaming headset. Specially designed for the Xbox One. You can read our verdict in the Steelseries Siberia X100 review!

A decent headset can cost a lot of money. Certainly the hardcore gamer will not be surprised if a headset costs a few hundred euros. Yet you also have cheaper headsets, including this Steelseries Siberia X100 gaming headset. 77.99 is the price on and for that you get a lot of value for your money.

Sits comfortably on the head

The headset supports 7.1 virtual surround sound and that’s pretty neat for this low price. Although there are headsets with a better audio sound, the Steelseries Sibera X100 gaming headset excels in one area in particular: wearing comfort.

Where many other headsets sit tight on your head and you actually already have annoyances after an hour, the Steelseries Sibera X100 gaming headset dances on your head. Really, as if the thing dances and there are only occasional light touches. In short, even after a few hours of gaming you don’t realize that there is a headset on your head all the time!

Easy to install and use

This is due to the excellent fit and the wonderful cushions. The ear cushions are fairly large, lightweight and soft, so they never press over your ears. They are super nice! Whether you want to play Call of Duty for hours on end or just want to watch a movie in the middle of the night without waking up an entire household: your ears won’t bother you for a moment. Rarely have we had such a wonderful headet on our head!

Connecting is also super convenient and contains a lot less bells and whistles than headsets from Turtle Beach, for example. In this case, it’s just taking the headset out of the box and plugging it into the bottom of an Xbox One controller. The headset has a universal 3.5 mm plug, so it can also be used for PC, Mac and mobile devices. It is therefore made for the Xbox One, but can be used more widely, and that is quite handy.

The manual is very concise

The only thing that could have been done better is to provide a decent manual, one with text. Because now there is only a tiny booklet with a few pictures on it. And those pictures should make it clear what the buttons are for exactly. You’ll figure it out, because it’s not all that difficult, but it’s not very user-friendly either.

We can imagine that if someone has never bought a headset for a console, they don’t immediately know what the buttons are for. In any case, you have a few buttons under your controller: you can control the sound, mute the mic and switch between in-game sound or not. So suppose you’re playing a game of co-op and you want to FOCUS on the voice chatting and not so much the sound of the game itself, you can. But vice versa too. The options are not extensive, but just enough to satisfy.

The microphone is not doing its job very well

Although we are very enthusiastic about the headset, there is one downside, and that is the quality of the headset’s microphone. Where normally a microphone is not placed directly in one of the earphones, but you have a microphone hanging in front of your mouth, it is built in with the Steelseries Siberia X100.

It ensures that you are literally further away from the microphone with your mouth, which means that the receiver cannot understand you as clearly as with some other headsets. Now you can adjust a few things via a Push button on the left ear and it is all doable, but somewhere the sound with voice chat leaves something to be desired. For example, we heard the other say several times: ‘You sound really far away. Like you’re in a bathtub.’

Steelseries Siberia X100 Review – A good headset for a nice price

That is why this headset is not recommended for real voice chatting during co-op, for example. On the other hand, it is recommended if you just want to play a game or watch a movie or series on Netflix without disturbing others. And again: you can do this for hours without hurting your ears.

The price-quality attitude is fine. For 78 euros you get a nice headset that offers a few excellent options. Just keep in mind that it is not very suitable for many voice chats. On the other hand, the wearing comfort is very high and we still recommend this headset.

The pluses and minuses

  • Wonderful wearing comfort
  • Offers enough options
  • Simple to connect
  • Lower quality voice chat

The best PS5 headsets you can buy: HyperX vs. SteelSeries

You need top-quality equipment to compete on Playstation 5. We found the best PS5 headsets to can give you an extra edge with 3D audio.

Josh is a senior at Randolph-Macon College in Ashland, Virginia. He is a sports junkie but loves writing as he is a Communications major and Journalism minor in school.

Josh is a senior at Randolph-Macon College in Ashland, Virginia. He is a sports junkie but loves writing as he is a Communications major and Journalism minor in school.

Until the release of the PS5 and Xbox Series X, console gaming in 4K was impossible. But now that the graphics are so advanced, you need a pair of headphones to get the sound quality to match the quality of your display.

steelseries, headset, pads, headphones

The best gaming headsets: Immersive sound for an extra edge

Whether your game on a console or PC, a headset can elevate your play.

Depending on what kind of headset you have, your gaming experience could seriously lack. For the best experience, any gamer will say you need over-ear headphones with a closed back to avoid external noise distractions. With 3D audio being one of the major upgrades on PS5, the need for a great pair of gaming headphones has never been more important.

Below you will find some of the best headphones for PS5 from brands like HyperX, SteelSeries, Turtle Beach, and more. You can find headphones that fit your style based on our categories, making the process easier for you to find the best pair.

SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Wired Gaming Headset

Best PS5 headset overall

  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Comes with GameDAC Gen 2 equalizer
  • AI noise-cancelling microphone

Tech Specs: Weight: 298g | Driver size: 40mm | Battery life: N/A | Compatibility: Playstation, PC | Frequency Range: 10Hz- 44kHz

Personally, I’ve never see a gaming headset that comes with its own equalizer.- but here we are. This SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro is easily the top pick when it comes to headsets for PS5 based on it’s incredible design, AI microphone noise-cancellation, and comfortable fit.

With SteelSeries’ GameDAC Gen 2, you have full control over your audio experience because it offers almost 80% purer sounded over its predecessor. On the hub, you can connect multiple platforms and switch back and forth between them with a press of a button. But the stellar audio doesn’t stop in the speakers; the microphone features AI noise-cancellation so your friends won’t hear your clunky keyboard, squeaky chair, or the high-speed fan.

Compatibility with the PS5’s Tempest 3D Audio allows users of this headset to put themselves in the game, elevating their performance. Although this headset has a steep price, the customizable experience it provides is unmatched amongst the competition.