Statement of removal printing printer does not print. You can use three solutions:

What to do if the printer does not print from the computer, but puts it in line and writes “Error

When trying to print something from the computer, the document falls into the queue. And already from there begins to be read by a printing device, after which printed sheets of paper are obtained at the output.

In a normal situation, after sending a print assignment, the printer starts the mechanisms within a few seconds and begins to transfer the information to paper. But sometimes for some reason the printer puts in line, but does not print. The task freezes, the seal does not start, and the document error occurs in the queue.

Lack of printing when finding a document in the queue may be for various reasons. The problem is relevant for all stamps of printers: HP, Canon, Epson, Brother, Kyocera and others. It occurs on all operating systems: Windows 7, 8, 10 and even the old version of XP.

Check the availability and correct connection

The most banal reason, if the printer refuses to print, is the lack of communication between the computer and the printing technique.

Connection can be physical life (wired using a USB cable) or wireless (Wi-Fi connection through a router). In the first case, check the connection cord. There should be no visible damage, severe excesses. If the printer is connected via Wi-Fi, you must verify a stable signal.

In both cases, in the menu of the “Device and Printers” panel menu, the device must be active. If the printer icon is muddy, there are any preventive icons nearby, then there are problems.

Sometimes the most stupid situation happens. The user simply forgets to turn on the printer. Or the device goes into sleep mode and cannot get out of it itself. Then you need to click the power button on the apparatus case and try to start the seal again.

The cancellation button

There is always a button on the printer case or multifunctional device, the direct purpose of which is to stop printing. Indicated by a cross, a triangle in a circle, in the word “stop”, “cancellation” or “stop” depending on the manufacturer and model of printing equipment. If the panel is in English, then the button will subscribe to “Cancel”, “Stop”, “Clear” or there will be one letter “C”.

When the seal is already launched, just click the button and the printout process will be canceled. Depending on the size of the task for a stop, it may take some time.

The button is definitely on the Canon, Epson, HP, Samsung, Kyocera and other printers models.

A slightly different situation with Brother printers, in which there is only a GO button (start).

In this case, in order to cancel the printing, the “GO” should be squeezed for 4 seconds until the Ready and Error indicators are blossomed. And if you need to refuse all tasks received on the apparatus, then after the start of flashing the bulbs, you should click “GO” once. Indicators will blink while cancellation.

The described method through the button is the most correct and cannot in any way violate the operation of the printer or computer from which the task was given.

Will it turn out to be canceled on a computer

Before familiarizing all the following methods, it is worth understanding that it will not be possible to cancel the completely hit on the printing device from the computer. When the process starts, the current task can only be canceled on the printer. Therefore, use a method with a button.

But when the task is still in line, but it has not yet begun to be printed, you can refuse to print from the computer any method below. This is especially true when many documents were sent to the press. Then part of the tasks can be easily removed from the queue.

Cleaning the queue

When a command is submitted for printing, the document is immediately placed in the buffer and is located in the equipment “View Printing Establishment” window. If you get to the desired window, you will get to remove everything or one specific document from the line, thereby stop the seal.

To perform the operation, you will have to use the computer.

In the latter case, if the points are inactive, then in the free area of ​​the windows press the PKM and select “Open the rights of the administrator”, and then try to clean again.

If after the start of printing there is no icon in the tray, then you can go into the equipment in another way:

The instruction works for Windows 10 and earlier versions of the operating system.

Canceling the program

Make a cancellation allows for printing software. So, when you set up printing parameters, and then start the process, a small dialog box must appear, where the cancellation button will be. It can disappear too fast, so be careful.

Stopping printing service and cleaning the folder on the computer

“Windows” when printing creates files in which it stores information about print tasks. Stop the printer so that it does not print, you can if you delete the system files of the print. But for this, you first need to turn off the service that is responsible for printing.

Shutdown through the command line

Run the line through the Start menu in one of the standard folders or write down the “CMD” command in the “Perform” window (Winr).

Next, you should alternately perform a set of four teams. The process will fulfill the same task as manual deleting SPL and ShD files.

In the following order, enter the following commands, and after each be sure to press Enter:

When copying commands, do not forget to remove the dividing signs (point and point with a comma) at the end.

According to the instructions in the previous section of the material, you can open the directory on the computer and make sure that it is completely empty.

Cancel the queue “BAT”

To cancel the hanging tasks for the printout, it is not necessary to interfere in the computer file system and open system tools to work with the seal.

You can use the file below. Launch the file on behalf of the administrator and the printing of the following tasks will be canceled.

Service stop and cleaning the Printers folder

Windows has a special service responsible for printing documents (called the “print manager” or “spool”).

So, if you stop its work, then it will be possible to “manually” delete all the files that were sent to print. Actually, below will be shown how to do it.

1) First you need to open a list of services. To do this, click the combination of Winr buttons. And enter the Services command.MSC. An example below (works in all versions of Windows).

Services.MSC. We open a list of services in Windows

2) Next, find in the list the service with the name “Print Manager” or “Spooler”. you need to stop it. Cm. on the screen below.

3) After the service stop, go to the folder: C: \ Windows \ System32 \ Spool \ Printers

4) In this folder you need to delete all files with extensions.SPL and.ShD (I have this folder on my computers is generally empty. ).


If suddenly the files are not deleted, use the recommendations from this article.

5) enable the “Print Manager” service (which before that was turned off) and check the printer’s operation. The problem should be solved.

using command line

In some cases, previous methods may not work, for example, when the conductor freezes. In this case, everything can be done on the command line in a few steps.

1) the first thing to do is open a command line on behalf of the administrator. To do this, open the task manager (combination of CtrLaltDel or Ctrlshiftesc) and click the “file/new task”. Enter the CMD command and put a checkmark that the task should be on behalf of the administrator. An example below.

Launching command line on behalf of the administrator

2) Next, enter the Net Stop Spooler command and click Enter. The press service must be stopped (see. An example below).

3) After entering two teams sequentially:

After the entry of each. Press Enter. Thanks to these commands, temporary files for printing will be deleted from the Printers system folder (they are present in the print line).

Temporary files sent for printed were deleted

Please note that after entering each team, nothing should be written in response (this means that the team is completed successfully).

Unfortunately, even in a combination of such advanced devices as a printer and a computer, many problems arise. The most relevant is the refusal of the printing device to convert electronic documents to paper media. The reasons for such problems can be the most unusual.

Perhaps the power supply has turned off or the cartridge has ended. The main thing is that any problem associated with the printer’s refusal to reproduce the seal is solved.

And you can fix most of the mistakes of the work without calling the master.

Often, the system service “Dispatcher of the Printing Print” system service is responsible for the press failure. Methods and methods of solving this issue were presented above. You can use the “Task dispatcher”, and if it does not work out, make full cleaning through PC administration.

However, before climbing inside the computer’s operating system, you should try several other miraculous methods that are also able to help.

Reason: There is no paper or missing

A very common reason for the printer failure to print a document is the lack of paper in the tray. It would seem an obvious fact, but often many are in no hurry to open the tray and check: is there any paper.

By the way, an important point!

Some printers have several trays for paper (for example, under A3 and A4). If the paper ended in at least one of them, then the printer refuses to print.

A more unpleasant moment. paper in the printer can be hesitated. In this case, you can see a warning in Windows, or on the printer itself: if it has a digital window where you can set the parameters and receive notifications.

  • If you see a jammed sheet and you can grab it, then carefully and slowly pull it on yourself. The main thing: do not tear or pull the sheet, just pull slowly. Believe me, if the sheet breaks and there are shreds of paper on drums. in some cases you have to disassemble half the printer mechanism!
  • If the sheet is not visible: try to take out the cartridge (in many models of laser printers, it is after it that a sheet of paper for printing passes). If you see a sheet, also try to pull it and slowly free it from under various rollers;
  • If part of the sheet you took out. And part of the pieces hesitated on the rollers: most likely you have to disassemble the printer. In some cases (if you can crawl), try to hook a piece with a tweezer.
  • The most common cause of jamming is the use of re-paper (or generally some torn old printouts). In general, it is ideal to install new paper from a standard classic pack A4. At least if without re.use of paper in any way, then choose only even smooth sheets that were not dented;
  • Set up the correct guides for paper: they must “tightly” cover the sheet, but not squeeze it. Ideally, if there is a very small gap;
  • If the jamming occurs constantly from time to time-perhaps you have a problem with the mechanics in the printer: for example, some kind of video was damaged and now it is incorrectly directing the paper. By the way, they can often be damaged if you pull a stuck or a noisy sheet.

Typical printer design. Paper guides

Reason: the paint ended in the device (or not the native cartridge is used)

In some cases, the printer failure can be printed due to the fact that the paint has ended. over, for example, many jet printers may not print black and white text, even if color paint has ended! How it is related to each other. I, frankly, do not really understand.

Many printer models have a monitor to view the amount of paint in real time (often this monitor can say how many sheets you can print).

To open it, usually, just look at the icon next to the clock (where it appears in the vast majority, after installing the drivers). An example below is shown for the Epson printer. apparently, the paint with excess.

Note! The fact that the paint ends, you can notice on the white empty sheets that leave after printing. Or by heterogeneous color when printing: one half of the sheet can be bright, the other is dim.

How many paint is left. Epson Monitor

Another point: after refueling the cartridge, or its replacement, the printer often reports that the cartridge is not “native”, and that it can cause a deterioration in print quality (note: the thing is that the native cartridge from the printer manufacturer costs as much as it costs as much as a new printer, so many refill, or buy similar cheaper cartridges).

The printer in this case asks to confirm the permission of the use of a non.native cartridge. We just agree and continue to print.

Confirmation of the use of a non.native cartridge


To extend for some time the ability to print on a laser printer. take out the cartridge from it and slightly shake it so that the toner (powder) is evenly located inside it.

Then install again in the printer. This procedure gives more to print, on average, 20-100 pages of text.

It is not possible to remove the print task in Windows 10? Try these solutions

One way to solve the problem with the printer’s queue on your computer is to clean the queue manually. To do this, manually disconnect the service of the print line of the print and delete files from the queue. This is easier than it seems, and you can do this by performing the following actions:

  • First, turn off the printer.
  • Press the Windows 10 Cortana button and enter “Services” in the search field.
  • Now you can choose “services” to open the window shown below.
  • Scroll down until you go to the dispatcher of the print line. Then the printer fuss. To open his window.
  • To turn off the print line dispatcher, press the stop button.
  • Press the “Explorer” button on the Windows 10 Tasks Panel.
  • Now go to C: \ Windows \ System32 \ Spool \ Printers in the conductor. A folder with a journal of open and unprintable documents in line for printing will open.
  • Hold the Ctrl key and select all files in the folder. Then click the X button REMENT ON THE UNDERTION OF THE CONDITIONA.
  • Then again open the dialog box of the properties of the dispatcher of the Print queue. Press the Start button in this window to turn on the print line dispatcher again.
  • Now turn on the printer and print something.
  • Read also. What to do if the printer driver for Windows 10 is not available

Clean the print queue using the command line

You can also clean the print queue on your PC directly from the command line. This is a slightly advanced solution, but it is also the fastest, because you can fulfill it by simply completing a few commands:

  • First press the Win X hot key to open the Win X menu.
  • Now select the command line (administrator). To open the window right under it.
  • Enter Strong Net Stop Spooler ‘on the command line and click Enter to turn off the print fooler.
  • Then enter the Strong Del% Systemroot% \ System32 \ Spool \ Printers \ /Q ‘Team Branch and press the Return key. This will lead to the removal of the dependent line of the printer.
  • Enter Net Start Spooler ‘to restart the Printing line.
  • Turn on the printer and start printing.

Possible reasons

In many cases, the printer failure is not related to the breakdown of the printer or the computer itself. There may be several reasons. Conventionally, they are divided into 2 categories: technical and software. The former are related to the cable and equipment, the second. with. over, the problem can be different.

Often the printer does not print a document/picture from a computer/laptop, but puts it in the print. In some cases, he does not see the printing device at all. Program errors are related to Windows, drivers and applications. With hardware, the problems of devices, food, paper and ink/powder are noted.

Among the most common reasons, there are several:

  • There is no connection between the computer and the PU;
  • there was a freezing of the print line;
  • The desired printer is not selected for printing;
  • There was a conflict of drivers;
  • drivers are installed incorrectly or not installed at all.

In addition, the printer sometimes refuses to print due to malfunctions with cartridge, jerking paper, and printing malfunctions. Software is responsible for setting the printer in Windows OS. Sometimes security policy simply prohibits access to printing. Breakdown of OS elements, driver errors, viruses infection belong to difficult cases.

The network printer does not want to print Word, PDF files, texts of Internet pages, photos, if its port is blocked on the remote PC, the wrong network path is selected, the network access data is incorrectly indicated.

First of all, it is necessary to figure out whether the problems of the printer are related to the work or the problem lies in the computer.

What to do

The instructions under consideration are suitable for printers of different companies (for example, Canon, HP Epson, Brother, Ricoh, Samsung) working on Windows from 7 to 10. The solution to the problem depends on its type. It is relevant for local connection, and for network. PC can see a printer, give a message about readiness for printing. Sometimes he even takes the first trial page on her.

It happens that the device does not respond to commands, issues a message “There was a problem with the configuration”. It happens that All-in-One Printer hangs right in the process of printing. In other cases, the device gives empty sheets, prints not at all what was needed. Consider the ways of solving in different cases.

With problems in the installation and operation of the printing system

Initially, check whether a computer/laptop, a printer to an electric network, are connected. When the computer is turned on, but the printer is not, a message may appear that the document is not printed.

It is useless to re.send a document or a picture for printing. you need to check the connection.

  • It is necessary to check whether the food wire is included in the outlet;
  • If the cord is connected, but the device does not work, it is necessary to check the degree of adjustment of the plug to the port;
  • If the contact has departed or the cable is interrupted during sloppy circulation, you will have to replace the USB cable;
  • In order for a network printer to work, you need a local network. the device is connected via USB to the desired PC;
  • The classic reloading of the printer/computer will help to quickly solve the problem.

When the printer is turned on on its front panel, LED indicators light up. Determine the readiness for printing is easy. If everything is in order, the indicator burns green. When something is wrong, the red button lights up.

Checking the device connection

When the printer is installed correctly, it is in the list of those devices that are on PC. You can check this according to this scheme: “control panel”. “equipment and”. “devices and printers”. When the tab opens, it will be seen whether the printer is connected or not. If there is a connection, a green checkmark is visible on the icon, the status of “Ready” appears.

To quickly open the desired tab, hold Windows and R simultaneously, then enter “Control Printers”. After that, select the desired sample in the list that opens. In the event that it is not, it means that it was not loaded on PC. Thus, installation is needed. After that, both devices must be reloaded.

The wrong selection of the printer

Windows can have several printers. However, before sending a document or photo to print, you need to choose a specific device. Not everything from the list of the list is related to the existing printing device. To correct the error, you can make the default installation.

To do this, open the “control panel” tab, switch to “equipment”, then click on “devices and printers” and call the context menu, pressing the icon with the image of the printer. In the window that opens, a checkmark is placed opposite the “use by default” item.

If several printing devices are connected to the computer (laptop), you will have to choose the right one every time you need to print.

The turn of the print freezes

Almost every PC user is faced with the fact that the file sent for a long time hangs or is not printed at all. Repeated attempt to send for printing is also unsuccessful. The reason for this is in the failure of the program, and the more attempts to print, the more documents will be in line. When the connection of the printer-computer is local, this rarely happens. In the case of network equipment, they are constantly faced with this. You have to resort to cleaning this very turn.

You need to remove all the documents without exception from the list. In the control panel select “Devices and Printers”. Having caused the context menu of an active printer, they press “View the Printing Establishment”.

In the opened dispatcher, the print queue is cleaned. You can do this in two ways. For example, you can highlight the desired document and click on the category “cancel”. In the second case, select the category “Clean the Printing Queue”. After pressing, all the documents standing on the list will be removed. After that, the device should work as usual without failure.

Often, for the correct and uninterrupted operation of the PU, you have to resort to the restart of technology. If the service continues to freeze, it comes as follows: open the control panel through administration (“Properties”. “Print Manager”), In the window, the “Stop” item is found, the files from the System32 \ Spool \ Printers \ catalog are deleted in Windows folder in the Windows folder.

Correction 3: Set up a package file to clean the print line

To clean the deferred print queue using a package file, follow the following actions:

  • Turn off your printer.
  • In the Cortana search field, enter the “Notepad” and click the keyboard on the keyboard.
  • Copy the text below and insert into the notebook:
  • @Echo off
  • Echo stop the dispatcher Printing Print
  • Echo
  • Net Stop Spooler
  • Echo Erasing Temporary Junk Printer Documents
  • Echo
  • Del / Q / F / S “% Systemroot% \ System32 \ Spool \ Printers \
  • Echo launch of the show dispatcher
  • Echo
  • Pure initial queue
  • Go to the file save how. In the window, under the maintenance as a type in the opening menu, select all files.
  • Delete TXT in the file name and enter Printer Queue.BAT (you can save a file with any name. But whatever it is, Bat should be at the end).
  • Click to save. Pay attention to the folder in which the file is saved.
  • Open the command file. To start it, click the package of the print line.
  • Turn on your printer. Try to print the document.

These three quick corrections are effective for the print queue that is not cleaned in Windows 10.

What to do if my turn is not cleaned?

If you often get files in the print queue that are not printed or not cleaned, it may be a problem of compatibility with data that needs to be printed. This is a common occurrence when you are trying to print a web page with fonts or styles that your printer cannot identify or convert into printed text. The corrections described above must solve the problem.

However, in any case, if you tried to no avail preliminary ways to eliminate problems and all three corrections that were provided, most likely, you have outdated printer drivers. Fortunately, you can easily fix this with Auslogics Driver Updater.

Configuration problems can also cause a failure in the queue of tasks for printing. for example, when you are trying to perform a network print on the absent IP address. Remove and reinstall the printer software to fix this.

Another variant. Launch a means of eliminating the Windows printer. This will correct any mistake that can delay the performance of your print tasks, or provide you with information about the most likely reasons.