Sound settings Mi Box S. How to install applications and games?

Connection and configuration of the Xiaomi Mi Box S TV settings

TV box on the Android TV 8 operating system.1 is an excellent alternative to the Smart TV and allows you to significantly expand the functionality of the TV, turning it into a real home multimedia center with the ability to work on the Internet. One of the best Smart TV prefixes is Xiaomi Mi TV Box S (this is the international version of Mi Box 4).

Boxing 2018 with Android TV support, voice control and the possibility of playing 4K HDR is highly performance. The device works on a 4-core processor, in the presence of 2 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal memory, this is enough to complete the tasks for which the equipment is designed.

The prefix Xiaomi Mi Box S, in addition to viewing TV, makes it possible to work with various networks and resources of the network, and allows, including playing, for which many need prefix. Inte Weights, Services, Software, Management, etc. In the Android TV OS are sharpened for use on TVs, for this reason many were attracted by this model of the device. At the same time, in order to use the capabilities of Smart settings, it is important to correctly configure it.

How to connect to TV

Xiaomi Mi Box S media player is equipped with a control panel, power adapter and HDMI cable. The device also includes instructions with illustrations, but there is no explanation in Russian, so many will come in handy for the additional guide for the connection and setting of the prefix.

Connecting the prefix to the television receiver is carried out by means of an HDMI cable, the corresponding connector should be present on the TV. If the device does not have an HDMI port, it is necessary to take care of the purchase of an HDMI-AV converter (the device is not provided for in the configuration for this media player model).

Consider step by step how to connect Mi Box S to the TV:

  • Both devices should be de.energized (we take out all the forks from the outlets).
  • Connect the coaxial cable from the SMART setting kit Mi Box S. We insert one end of the cord into the appropriate port on the media player, the other into the HDMI connector on the TV.
  • In the event that the television receiver is old and does not have a HDMI connector, you can use the HDMI-AV converter. Then, using the “tulips” we connect the adapter, then by means of an HDMI cable we connect the prefix.
  • Turn on both devices. A welcome screensaver will appear on the screen.

For the functioning of the equipment, it is necessary to provide communication not only between the media player and the TV, you should also provide the prefix with access to the network using the wired or wireless method of connection (this LAN separation model is absent, but if you wish, you can connect the cable using the USB-LAN adapter ). For the remote control, you need to purchase batteries or batteries, since the remote control device will be required during the work.

How to connect?

Xiaomi Mi Box S connects to the TV using HDMI cable. This means that there should be an HDMI input on the TV. It is even on relatively old TVs. All we need to do is connect the cable (it is included) to the HDMI output on Mi Box and in the HDMI input on the TV. As a rule, if there are several inputs on the TV, then they are numbered. Remember the port number in which you connected the cable. We also connect the power adapter to the console and include it in the outlet.

If necessary, the prefix can be placed behind the TV. It is not necessary to leave it in a prominent place. Many people ask whether the remote control will work, if there is no direct visibility, he will work. The remote control is connected to Xiaomi Mi Box S Bluetooth.

If the image on the TV screen did not appear, then perhaps in the settings of the TV as a signal source you need to select an HDMI input in which we connected our Smart prefix Xiaomi. This is usually done as follows: on the console from TV, click on the “Input” button, or “sources”. In the menu, select the HDMI port into which the prefix is ​​connected (I have it HDMI 4).

And if the prefix is ​​connected to the power, then a window with the box loads should appear on the TV screen, or connect the remote control with the offer (if your box has not yet been configured).

How to connect Xiaomi Mi Box S to an old TV?

In this case, “Old TV” is a TV without HDMI input. If there is no HDMI, then there should be a RCA connector (tulip). And here you can’t do without an adapter.

Unknown TV Display Settings | Android TV Box 2021 | Mi Box S | Xiaomi Mi TV Stick | ycbcr

Is it possible to connect to the monitor?

Can! If the monitor has an HDMI input (and it is on almost all monitors)-Mi Box connects to the monitor without problems.

Only the question remains with the sound. Since not all monitors have speakers, you may need to connect external speakers to Xiaomi Mi Box S. On the cable (the console has an audio output 3.5 mm jack). or via Bluetooth you can easily connect any headphones, column, soundbar.

Setting Xiaomi Mi Box S

After connecting and turning on the console, an instruction will appear on the screen where it will show how to insert batteries into the remote control and how to connect the remote control to the prefix.

To connect, press the central button. After the remote control is connected to Mi Box via Bluetooth, you need to choose the tongue.

Further, the system will offer us to configure Mi Box 4 using the phone.

You can either choose this method, or let it down and set up in normal mode.

I missed the setting with the help of the phone and went in the usual way. In the next step, you need to install the connection to the Wi-Fi network. Of course, this can be done later in the settings, or not to connect the prefix to the Internet at all (though it is not much of use then). but I recommend immediately installing the Internet connection.

Just select your Wi-Fi network from the list. If you have a two-band router, then it is better to connect Xiaomi Mi Box S to a Wi-Fi network at a frequency of 5 GHz.

Enter the password from the selected wireless network.

There should be a message that the Internet connection has been successfully installed. Then we are waiting a little, and we see the proposal to enter the Google account.

This is necessary in order to be able to install applications from Google Play. Plus, automatic will be entered into the YouTube account and other services from Google.

If you do not have a Google account (Gmail, YouTube mail). then I recommend creating it and fulfill it in the settings process, or later in the SMART box settings. But how the account was fixed is there, so we enter. There are two options: “Use a phone or computer” (which is connected to the same router and on which you went into your account). or “use the remote control” (enter the login or phone number and password manually).

If you select “Use a phone or computer”, then on one of your devices in the browser you need to go to and enter the code that will be displayed on the TV screen.

After entering the code, the entrance to your Google account on Mi Box 4 will be automatically executed.

I chose “use the bullet du”. Further manually introduced his username (mail Gmail).

Turn on, or disconnect the transmission of geodata.

And we allow or forbid the Smart prefix to send data to Google, which will help the company improve Android.

The system will offer us to install several additional applications. I did not install. Then they can be installed from the application store.

Next, several information slides will appear with information that Mi Box 4 works on Android TV, you can install applications from Google Play and broadcast photos, videos and music from phone to Smart prefix using Chromecast technology. Then the start screen will appear.

All! The prefix Xiaomi Mi Box S is tuned and ready to work!

If during the setting process you did not connect the prefix to Wi-Fi and did not enter the Google account

If you have not connected Mi Box to the Internet, then there is nothing special to do on it, except that the films from the flash drive. The same with entering the Google account. If you do not go, then Google Play (Application Store) will not work. If at the first turned on you missed the connection to the Wi-Fi network and the entrance to the account, then this can be done in the settings. To open the settings, select the gear icon.

You can connect the prefix to the wireless network in the section “Network and the Internet”.

There you just need to choose your network and enter the password. There should be no problems with the connection. If you can’t do something-ask in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. After connecting to the Internet, we enter the account in the “Accounts and Entrance” section.

How Xiaomi Mi TV Stick works and why it is needed?

First of all, to watch different media content on the screen of your TV (with a resolution until 1920×1080). The prefix is ​​connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi, after which we can watch movies, TV shows, TV channels via the Internet. To do this, you can use different online cinemas (their provisions). Such as: Netflix, IVI, MeGOGO, AmediaTeka, Start, Amazon Prime Video and T. D. Almost all of them work by paid subscription. Very often these prefixes are used to watch video on YouTube. You can listen to music and radio through individual applications. It is possible to install applications and games from Play Market. If you get confused a little, you can install applications through.APK file. For example, HD Video Box, Wink and watch different films, TV shows and TV channels for free (or almost free). You can configure viewing torrents (online without loading them).

Since Mi TV Stick has Bluetooth, you can connect wireless headphones, Bluetooth column, mouse, keyboard, etc. D. In more detail, I wrote about this in the article how to connect a Bluetooth device to Xiaomi Mi Box S, TV Stick or another Android TV prefix.

The prefix on Android TV, which means that the voice search and the Chromecast function work great in it, with which you can broadcast the image to the TV from mobile devices, or computer. Through Chromecast you can only broadcast photos, videos and music from applications that support it. For example, from the YouTube application on your phone. Or through Chrome browser on a computer. If you want to completely duplicate the screen of your phone (on Android or iOS). you will have to install a separate application on Mi TV Stick. For example, AIRSSREEN.

From Play Market, or through.APK file file you can install a browser to view sites. I wrote about this in the article how to install a browser on Xiaomi Mi Box S or another Android TV prefix. Two good browsers are available in the official application store on Android TV: Puffin and TVWeb Browser.

It is possible to configure management from the phone. You can also use the phone to install applications on the console (to transfer files). Since there is no USB in this version, then throw.APK file can be either through a cloud or via a phone on a local network.

Comparison with Xiaomi Mi Box S

Xiaomi Mi TV Stick compared to Mi Box S less productive and cheaper model. The main differences between the senior model Mi Box S:

  • Support 4K Ultra HD (3840×2160) HDR.
  • There is a USB port.
  • 2 GB of RAM.
  • Format: Mi TV Stick is more compact, in the form of a stick, and Mi Box S as a separate device. Well, more in size.
  • Power only from the outlet.

According to the intense and functionality, these are almost two identical devices. Both consoles work on Android TV 9. But I used to call two models, and I can confidently say that Mi Box S is faster compared to Mi TV Stick. This is manifested in everything: loading (cold start is 10-15 seconds faster). Navigation by menu, launching applications, transitions between different elements in applications. On the senior model, the Interais draws faster and more smoothly. This is noticeable even when moving along the settings menu.

I can’t say that Mi TV Stick works very slowly, freezes, etc. D. If I used only this prefix, I would probably be pleased with the speed of her work. But if you compare these two models, then the difference in the speed of work is noticeable. All the same, 1 GB of RAM in the older model makes itself felt. But I even launched the Asphalt 8 game on Mi TV Stick and it is quite playable.

What to choose?

If you have HD or Full HD TV, you don’t need USB (connecting flash drives and hard drives) and you want to save when buying a Smart TV console, then choose Mi TV Stick. Somewhere in the country, in the old TV in the kitchen, etc. D. Generally a great option.

If you have a 4K TV, you plan to connect USB devices (drives, mice, keyboard). Or the difference in price 15-20 for you is insignificant-take Mi Box S. In principle, it is just like TV stick can be hidden behind the TV. The only thing is to power the Mi Box S from the TV USB port will not work. Only from the outlet. Otherwise, it is better.

Why Bluetooth device does not connect? Error “failed to connect

It happens that when connecting near the device, he writes “failed to connect”.

This error appeared for me when I did not confirm the connection of headphones within a few seconds (I need to click “OK”). But at the next connection and quick confirmation, everything connected without errors.

  • If you are faced with this problem, try connecting the device again.
  • In the event that a request of the PIN code appears, but you do not know it (in the instructions for the device it is not indicated). Try to specify standard: 1111, 1234, 0000.
  • You can also reset the settings on the device. As a rule, for this you need to click and hold 15-20 seconds, hold the connection mode activation button or shutdown button.
  • Perhaps Android TV does not support the device that you are trying to connect.

If Xiaomi Mi Box S does not see the Bluetooth device, then most likely it is not in connection mode. Connected to another device. This is very often the case when connecting wireless headphones. This applies to all Smart prefixes.

Interference when playing sound in the youtube application through headphones

The Комментарии и мнения владельцев began to appear that the sound in the YouTube application via Bluetooth headphones on Mi Box S (Mi TV Stick is most likely the same problem) is reproduced with interference, stutter. Checked at home. the same problem. At the same time, in other applications, everything is fine, and through the speakers of the TV sound in YouTube normal. I tried several solutions (turned off Wi-Fi and connected the Internet through the cable, tried to update YouTube), nothing helped.

But one solution all the same worked. You need to go into the settings settings, in the “Applications” section. Next, select YouTube in the list of applications. There you need to “delete data” and “clean the cache”.

There were questions? Ask in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Share your experience using different Bluetooth accessories paired with your Smart prefix. What are you connecting? What is your prefix?



From the settings

Go to the “Settings” on your Mi Box S and select the “Main screen” option. Then click configure the channels. Here, go to the application whose channels you want to configure and enable / disable in accordance with your preferences.

From the main screen

Scroll down on the main screen and click configure the channels. You will fall into the option “Channel Settings”, as indicated above. Turn on / disable channels here.

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Sound settings Mi Box S

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sound, settings, install, applications

General characteristics

The prefix in the classification of Xiaomi is designated as MDZ-16-AB. For its class, it has a powerful Amlogic S905X-H, consisting of 4 Cortex-A53 cores with a frequency of 2 GHz. The graphics are provided by the MALI-450 video processor, which is which 4K standard is available with a resolution of 2160p.

The DDR3 generation RAM is 2 GB, but taking into account the main purpose of the console (viewing video content and television programs) this is enough for the comfortable operation of the gadget. To turn on the box, a power supply of 5.2 V is used and the maximum consumption current of 2.1 A.

First inclusion

Before us is a model with Litera S, which means that this is the international version of the Xiaomi prefix, which means that services from Google are installed “out of the box” on it.So, you successfully unpacked and connected your Android TV. When you first turn on, you will need to choose the integse language, connect to the Wi-Fi network (enter the password using a virtual keyboard) and connect with the necessary Google account. The last procedure occurs in automatic mode, you only need to confirm the entrance from you. The remote control is also a kind of check. following the prompts on the screen, you will need to press the buttons several times.When the base setting is over, you get to the home screen of the console. Using the Joystic buttons, you will move between available services and installed applications. The first line at the same time is the chosen ones, where you can make the most popular sources. You can control the TV prefix from a smartphone, for this you need to install Android TV on the smartphone. the name speaks for itself.What is interesting, despite the fact that formally the prefix is ​​tied to a specific Google account, all devices in the same Wi-Fi network can use it. True, in a slightly limited format: you can put a reproduced video for a pause or turn off the sound, you can also send a video from a smartphone to a large screen. The remaining actions are attached to the previously introduced account.

Support Mi Box S (Instruction, FAQ, Video)

Xiaomi Mi TV Box S 4K Global International Version media player is the latest Smart TV prefix, with 4K support, which replaced Mi Box 3. Price. about 60. S/N MDZ-22-AB GLOBAL, MDZ-21AA (Mi Box 4).

document: the size: format: download:
Official guide of the user EN 0.94 megabyt PDF instruction Mi Box S from Gadgetpage ru one.36 megabyt PDF

Having studied the operating manual, you know how. Instructions in Russian are compressed and adapted for reading on all personal devices. Easily downloaded in 1 click, without additional actions. Of the 2 proposed documents, you will learn:

  • equipment and technical characteristics;
  • illustration of ports and which wires where to connect;
  • how to connect to an old TV without an HDMI partition;
  • how to synchronize the console remote control;
  • how to set up a prefix with a phone, a remote control;
  • how to connect to the Internet via the RJ-45 cable (you need to buy a USB-LAN adapter);
  • how to use Mi Box S 4K through the remote control;
  • How to connect a USB drive.

How to download the guide for use

Xiaomi Mi Box S Instruction in Russian is easily downloaded on our website. In the table at the beginning of the page, find the “Download” button and click on it 1 time. In the new tab of your web browser, a PDF document that you can, if desired, can be preserved on your personal device. The file is quickly downloaded, without registration and other actions.

How to install and connect mi box s

You need to install the prefix near the TV on a flat horizontal surface. Please note that the length of the cable is only ~ 110 centimeters. And if you are worried about whether the remote control will work if the prefix is ​​hidden for the TV, the answer is yes, it works using Bluetooth wireless technology. And connect the network adapter 220V to the console.

The connection is carried out through the HDMI-HDMI cable, if you have an old TV, then in PDF instructions from Gadgetpage there is an explanation of how to connect to an old TV via tulip (RCA).

Often there are several HDMI ports on the TV, remember the port of the port into which you inserted the cable. Turn on my box and TV if the picture does not appear, click on the remote control to the Input TV, or Sources to select the corresponding HDMI port.

How to configure the prefix Xiaomi Mi Box S

After connecting and turning on the prefix TV, an illustrated instruction will appear on the screen, where it will be shown how to insert batteries into the remote control and how to connect the remote control to the prefix.

To synchronize the media player and the remote control and hold the central button. Upon completion of synchronization, you will continue the list of languages ​​to choose from. Choose the Russian language. Next, you will be offered to configure through Android a phone or continue with a remote control.

If you select through the smartphone, you need to perform the following: Mi Box S setting in the standard way:

  • Turn on Wi-Fi and select your network, if you have a modern Wi-Fi router, then choose 5 GHZ and pass authorization.
  • After a successful connection, offer you to log in to the Google account, perform the required actions. Required to download programs with Google Play and authorization in Google services.
  • We follow the Google dialog windows, and perform the proposed actions.

Next, several information pictures will appear with information that Mi Box S works on Android TV, and you can download and install applications from Google Play and broadcast photos, videos and music from the phone to the TV using Chromecast technology. After them, the start screen will appear.

Congratulations! Xiaomi Mi Box S media player is configured and ready to work!

If you still have questions or not everything is clear, you can read more details here: https: // Help-Wi-Fi.COM/Pristavki-Smart-TV/Xiaomi-Mi-Box-S-Kak-Podklyuchit-K-Tlevizoro-I-Nastroit/

How to use the prefix

Management intuitively understandable. Video, films and TV shows can be watched at YouTube. For convenience, it is recommended to buy a paid subscription at the online cinema to watch movies conveniently, without advertising in good quality.

You can listen to music through Spotify, Deezer and other music services.

Games are also installed with Google Play, or you can manually download the file through a flash drive or Internet.APK. It is not safe if the download source is not official.

Android has a weak sound or not at all: how to return to normal?

One of the problems that the Android console can “give out” on YouTube is a weak sound. In such circumstances, there are a number of difficulties with watching films, clips and other files with musical accompaniment. Below, consider what the problem can be due to, as well as give recommendations for its decision.

What to do

Normalization of sound on Android console is a process aimed at diagnosing and setting the correct equipment settings. To obtain the normal level of audio in YouTube, act from a simple complex.

Restore the device

If the sound on the Android prefix suddenly disappears, it is too weak, or other difficulties in the operation of the device arose, start with the usual restart. In many cases, such actions make it possible to return the previous performance. For reliability, take out the device out of the outlet, withstand 20-25 seconds, and then feed again.

Check the settings

Many complain, they say, on YouTube is a faint sound, but at the same time forget to look in the settings of the console with Android. The choice of volume using the remote control does not always give a result, so go into the mood section, and then go to the Sounds category.

Please note that all existing toggle switches are in the maximum position. After that, check the audio in YouTube. If the sound setting on the Android prefix has no result, proceed to the next stage.

Use special programs

If you don’t like the weak volume when working with YouTube, try to solve the issue using special programs. Today in the Play, a market can be found a lot of software that allows you to solve the issue with the volume, including Android consoles. Consider several options:

  • Volume Booster Goodev. This is a small application that allows you to increase the volume to the devices with Android. If you don’t like the weak sound of YouTube on the prefix, install the program. Keep in mind that after installing the software will be turned off. You need to enter the program and activate the desired mode. When setting the maximum parameter, be careful, because a more powerful sound can lead to damage to speakers and hearing.
sound, settings, install, applications
  • Volume amplifier from Soulapps Studio. This is a universal software that allows you to solve the issue with a weak sound on the Android console on YouTube, fork player and other applications. Features. stereo sound, systemic volume amplifier, fast setting, lack of requirements for root. The advantage of the application is that it processes audio even before it enters the “iron” device. If desired, you can increase the volume several times.
  • Sound Booster. Another Android program that allows you to solve issues with audio. If you are not satisfied with a faint sound on YouTube, install software on the prefix and turn on the amplification option. Advantages by the Improved Design and Visual Inteideis.

Keep in mind that not all applications for increasing audio on YouTube are suitable for consoles with Android. Try to put programs alternately and make sure their effectiveness. Ideally, they should solve the issue with a weak sound.


One of the explanations why there is no sound on Android or it is too weak, there may be problems with the firmware. In such circumstances, you can try two solutions. First, update the software to the latest version. Perhaps this step will solve the problem that has arisen. If this did not help, use modified versions of Android programs with a loud audio.

To solve the issue, PC with access to the network, a firmware program (for example, RCB Tools), drivers for TV settings, software and USB cable. Windows OS should be installed on the computer, and the tuner includes USB debugging.

  • Download the firmware file and download it to the memory card.
  • Turn on the tV console android in the outlet, but do not start.
  • Insert the flash drive into the device.

Best Apps for Mi Box S (5 Apps Every User Should Have)

If the device does not support the memory card, you can use another method:

  • Disconnect the console with Android, on which you do not like the faint sound in YouTube.
  • Connect it to PC via USB wire.
  • Squeeze the power button and volume increases.
  • Wait for the drivers to set and the appropriate notification will appear.

Another way is the firmware using the RCB Tools program. The algorithm here is this:

  • Connect the device with a quiet sound via OTG (do not let go).
  • Release the key when the RCB Tools indicator will change color.
  • Indicate the path to the firmware.
  • Update by.

Reset the settings to factory

If the Android console on YouTube is a faint sound, there may be malfunctions. Try to reset the settings to the factory to return the device to the original parameters. Before performing the work, make a backup and save useful information on a remote medium (if necessary).

You noticed a faint sound on YouTube on the Android console. start by checking the volume level on the remote control and in the OS settings. If this did not help, restart the device and check the system for viruses. In extreme cases, you can drop the settings to factory or even reflash the prefix. You can also use a remote amplifier, but here you need to look at the expediency of such a step. Perhaps it is easier and cheaper to change the TV setting itself.

sound, settings, install, applications