Sound Recorder App for Android

There are many reasons why you might need to record audio with your smartphone, and there are even more apps for this purpose. Lifehacker offers a selection of the best of them.

The official Sony Audio Recorder app. One of the easiest options for recording voice. Despite this, it supports binaural recording in high quality if you connect a headset or microphone, but only for Sony Xperia devices that support suitable audio jacks. Has all the basic functions: recording, saving, uploading to different platforms.

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Voice Memo (iOS)

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Before you download third-party apps, pay attention to the built-in programs. They are often just as good, if not much better. The app is pre-installed on all iOS devices, and it has features most users will need. Voice Memo can also record audio in the background (if the display is off), which is great for long recordings.

Voice Recorder

Voice Recorder closes the feature hole left by the previous program. All of the features described above are here, but there is more. There are settings for the sensitivity of the recorder, support for an external microphone, recording in MP3 format with improved sound quality.

Especially noteworthy is the editing of recordings. Voice Recorder allows you to cut the tracks, copy parts of them, insert third-party parts and delete unwanted parts right in the application. You can listen to the final version before saving.

The disadvantage is that there is no function to automatically upload recordings to cloud storage. But you can always do it manually. No PMR support, but WAV is supported. The app comes for free and is supported by advertising. Voice Recorder offers all or nearly all of the features you need. Special attention should be paid to various options of editing records.


Now let’s solve the following problem: when the button is pressed it is visually unclear if the recording is going on and how loud it is. Let’s create the handleVolume method. which reacts to the volume and changes the size of the button. The View has many ways to animate, the simplest is animate. that allows you to set simple animations very easily.

How much should the button be turned up? MediaRecorder returns the volume value as a 16-bit int with the maximum value 32767. Let’s calculate how far we are from this limit to increase the button proportionally:

Interestingly, this animation works automatically: if we run animate several times in a loop. then there will be no overlap, each new animation will complete the previous one. Just don’t forget to terminate the recording and animation in the onDestroy or onPause methods in case the screen turns or other Activity related events.

For more lively animation, let’s use OvershootInterpolator ‘s, it allows you to go beyond the available range: the button will seem to pulsate, briefly going beyond the upper limit:

It’s easy enough. You can draw a volume histogram or whatever else you or your designer can think of instead of resizing

Can my phone record sound?

If you have an Android phone, there is a built-in app for recording sound on your phone, which is easy to use and will record sound of decent quality.Here’s how to record audio using the built-in Recorder app on your Android phone.

Starting with Android 7.0 Nougat, Google has disabled the ability for apps to record your internal sound, which means there’s no baseline method for recording sounds from your apps and games while recording screen.


This recorder for Android is one of the most user-friendly apps that has a well-organized interface and high speed. Although it is a small voice recorder, it supports a couple of real microphones that can record great sound for Android. Recording with high fidelity and 3D effect actually appeals to many of you. It also allows you to share and upload them to some platforms including cloud storage.

Lightweight Voice Recorder

Easy Voice Recorder strives to live up to its name, and that’s a good thing. If you are a green hand at recording sound on Android, this Android voice recorder is your best choice. You can easily press the microphone button to start recording and then share or save as needed. It has a status bar to help you manage your recording with ease. It also has some extra feature such as the ability to change the type of file you record to. In addition to the free version, you can get a paid version to get more features. It supports stereo recording, Bluetooth microphone and more.

RecForge II

If you are looking for a recorder to record longer voice for music or some lecture recordings, RecForge II can largely meet your needs. This is a powerful sound recorder for Android that has many features, including pitch control, gain control, tempo control and so on. Otherwise, it also has a built-in editor to clip or edit your recordings. And it supports in-depth recording with some additional features such as scheduling recordings, bright and vivid recording interfaces.


Price: free / 3.99 per month / 5.99 per month

You may be familiar with Evernote as a note-taking app. But there is a sound recording function. This is especially useful for students who want to record the Android voice in class or some literary works, and then take notes around it. And you can easily save them to your Evernote account. Otherwise, you can quickly access your notes on other platforms like PC, Mac and Linux. And these features are available in the free version. It had two other versions that will give you many features.

Google Keep

Google Keep. Another note taking app that also supports audio recording on Android. While voice recordings may not be overly long and ornate, it’s still a good option if you need simple and easy to use. Like Evernote, Google Keep also supports cross-platform PC / Linux / Mac support with Google Drive. So you can easily access your sound recordings on any device at any time. You can also add text notes, image annotations if you want. And completely free to download and use.

Smart Voice Recorder

Smart Voice Recorder. Is an Android sound recorder that is specifically designed for long term recording. You can use it when you want to record the sounds you are sleeping, or when you are lecturing at school. Otherwise, it has the amazing ability to automatically skip long periods of silence so you can directly get the bulk of. Other features such as setting recordings as ringtone, microphone calibration tool and others are also available in this program.


This free sound recorder for Android that offers you some basic features. You can easily record the sound you like on Android and download them if you need. In addition, you can manage these files at your discretion. And it also offers you some other features, including sound quality selection, choice of recording duration, and a noise reduction filter. What’s especially important is that Snipback can recover up to 30 seconds of audio before recording begins. And you need to make sure the app opens if you use it.

Voice Recorder

Unlike its simple name, Voice Recorder is a full-featured sound recorder for Android. It supports various formats including PCM (Wave), AAC and AMR when you record audio on Android. What’s more, its user-friendly interface makes it easy to use and manage your files. And it allows you to record phone calls if your devices are supported.

Hi-Q Recorder

Hi-Q. A great choice among various Android voice recorder apps. It records in Mp3, so you can open it on almost any device. What’s more, it can help you automatically upload it to DropBox after you finish recording. And you can also choose which microphone you want to use if you have multiple devices installed. Otherwise, it supports built-in Wi-Fi transmission, gain control and other functions. And you can purchase the paid version to get more features.

Top 6: Recorder. QuickRec. Popular Android Voice Recorder

Recorder. QuickRec. A really popular recorder for Android, which has been downloaded more than 100 million times worldwide. It is an attractive and functional software. It plays an effective role in voice recording.

You can download a profile that allows you to automatically download settings for recordings. In addition, this software can also independently enable the fight mode, which can block calls from interrupting the recording.

How to recover lost Android data

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Step 2 Enable USB debugging mode after detecting the connected Android device.

Step 3 Root your Android phone with onscreen instructions. (Instead, you can use a third-party Android root app.)

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Note: Once Android Data Recovery process ends, you can get a pop-up folder with all recovered files.

In general, you can easily record voice on Android here. But if you want screen recording on Android, you should not miss FoneLab Screen Recorder.

If you have any questions or recommendations, just contact us.

FoneLab Screen Recorder allows you to capture video, audio, online lessons, etc. Д. On Windows/Mac, and you can easily adjust the size, edit video or audio and more.