Sound Problems On Samsung Smart TV

Greetings, dear readers of the blog! Let me begin this article with thanks. Indeed, despite the fact that the site has not been working very well lately, you still come here, as traffic does not drop.

Now move on to the topic of the article. And today it will sound like this: 5.1 sound check when connecting speakers or a home theater to a TV Samsung Smart TV, as well as any other media devices:

Sound Problems On Samsung Smart TV

If you remember, earlier we have repeatedly talked about multichannel sound in the format “smart” TVs. But judging by the comments of users, many even after connecting can not understand whether everything works correctly.

That is, it turns out that the person is at a loss as to what kind of sound comes from the speakers: surround, or the usual two-channel stereo. Therefore, now we will deal with this matter in order to be sure of everything.

The content of the article:

But before checking 5.1 sound, you need to properly connect a speaker system with support Dolby digital to the tv. This whole process is described in great detail in an article about watching 5.1 movies online.

If you have not read it, be sure to read it to understand the basics and essence of the issue. But in the event that your music scheme does not have a Samsung Smart TV and you just need to check 5.1 on other equipment, skip it.

So, we will assume that at this step everything is correctly connected and configured for you. Let’s go directly to the system performance test. But how to do it? you ask. Yes, very simple, see for yourself:

To do this, we need only one small special file, which can be downloaded from the link here. Then you need to copy it to a USB flash drive and run it on the playback device.

In the case of using Smart TV (our profile), you can do without a flash drive using a media server. That is, they downloaded the file to their computer and started to view it from it. Agree that is very convenient.

I will cite the further course of events using “smart” 2012 Samsung E-Series TV. Open on TV our test file. Now you will see and hear in what order the 5.1 schematic system shown in the plays:

Here in the same sequence should play yours. That is, the sound in the and in reality must be identical. First, the front speakers will lose, and then the rear and subwoofer.

At the end “the movie”, in your house the real artillery cannonade will break out. For a few seconds, all the speakers will sound and you will understand what the real sound around is:

Thanks to such a 5.1 check, it immediately becomes apparent whether your speakers are correctly connected to the head unit (receiver, subwoofer), whether the necessary sequence is observed, and so on.

By the way, for Samsung Smart TVs, be sure to follow the path at the very beginning of playback “Menu-Sound-Advanced Settings-SPDIF Output”:

And make sure that here you have selected “Dolby digital”, since the default parameter may be “RSM”And this is only two-channel stereo sound:

Well, at this step we can say that the 5.1 sound check has been completed successfully. Your home theater is now ready for use. So hold on to poor neighbors. # 128578;

In general, I gave you tips here on how and what to set up, but for myself such a system temporarily gathers dust on a shelf in inaction. Here’s a sad picture:

And all because my little son (a year and two months) has already begun to reach for the TV screen and pretty much press on him. Therefore, in order not to get on the broken pixels, I had to remove the subwoofer in order to further push the telly.

But while I was happy with my witty decision, he still managed to reach the column that hung on the wall and here is the result:

In short, I tell you 5.1 sound check at this age stage of the son, while I only dream. Well, you do not get lost, configure everything according to the article and go. If you have any difficulties, welcome in the comments. That’s all for now!