Sound Enhancement On Iphone 7

Learn how to set and change the alarm time, ask Siri to set an alarm and track your sleep time.

The Clock program allows you to use your iPhone as an alarm clock. Just open the Clock program from the Home screen or through the Control Center. You can also ask Siri to set an alarm.

Sound Enhancement On Iphone 7

Alarm Setting

  1. Open the Clock program and go to the Alarm tab.
  2. Click the icon.
  3. Set the time for the alarm. You can also select one of the following options.
    • Snooze: Tap to set a repeating alarm.
    • “Label”: click to set a name for the alarm.
    • Sound”: press to select the sound to play when the alarm goes off.
    • “Later”: turn on to display the option “Later” when the alarm goes off.
    • Click “Save.”

    Setting the alarm volume

    Go to the Settings menu “Sounds, tactile signals.” In the Call and Alerts section, drag the slider left or right to change the volume. As you drag, a beep will sound and you will hear a volume level. To adjust the alarm volume using the volume buttons on the device, you need to enable the “Change buttons.” Learn what to do if the alarm volume is set too low or high.

    How to ask Siri to set an alarm

    The following are some examples of how this can be done.

    • “Wake me up tomorrow at 6:30.”
    • “What alarms are set?”
    • “Set the alarm “Work””.

    How to change or delete an alarm

    To change the alarm, follow these steps:

    1. Open the Clock program and go to the Alarm tab.
    2. Select the Edit option in the upper left corner.
    3. Select the desired alarm, make changes and click the “Save” button.

    To delete an alarm:

    • Swipe the alarm clock to the left and click the “Delete” button.
    • Select the “Edit” option and then the “Delete” option.
    • Select the “Edit” option, then the alarm and “Delete alarm”.

    Sleep time tracking

    “Sleep mode” allows you to set the number of hours of sleep that you need every night. The Clock program will remind you to go to bed and wake you up in the morning.

    Help with using alarms

    The Do Not Disturb mode and the Ring / Silent switch do not affect the sound of the alarm. If the switch is set to Silent or the Do Not Disturb mode is turned on, the alarm will still sound.

    If the alarm does not sound, the signal is too quiet, or the iPhone is only vibrating, follow these steps:

    • Set the volume level on your iPhone. If the alarm is set too low or high, adjust it using the volume up and down buttons. You can also go to the “Settings” menu. “Sounds, tactile signals” and drag the slider in the “Call and Alerts” section.
    • If the alarm clock only vibrates, make sure that “No” is not selected for the sound of the alarm clock. Open the “Clock” program, go to the “Alarm clock” section, and select the “Edit” option. Tap the desired alarm, then tap Sound and select a sound.
    • When using iOS 11 or later, if headphones or speakers are connected to the iPhone, the alarm sounds through the iPhone’s built-in speaker at a given volume level, as well as through wired headphones or speakers. The alarm is not heard through wireless headphones or speakers.

    Setting the iPhone time manually in the Settings section to change the behavior of programs (for example, timers in games) is not recommended and may affect alarms.