Sound disappears Xiaomi Note 5

Sound disappears Xiaomi Note 5

Sound gone on xiaomi redmi note 5, after installing the mixer program, music for ringtones. I deleted it, after that I did not recover, and in the settings everything is at maximum.

After listening to music on headphones on Hiaomi redmi note 5. Sound gone in the player. When connecting headphones, it works only in them. And the icon is lit on the display, even if they are not connected.

There is no sound in Xiaomi, after he fell into the water. The speaker wheezes and the sound is barely audible, with an incoming SMS.

I don’t hear the interlocutor on the speakerphone. Telephone Xiaomi note 5. How to fix it?

What to do if there is no sound on xiaomi redmi note 5.

If you encounter a problem when no sound music on xiaomi redmi note 5. Then you need to find the cause of the problem to fix it. As a rule, in most cases typical problems arise, one of which are:

Violations of the installed software. Glitch, often appears after installing the device firmware.

In order to repair your phone as quickly as possible in time. You will need to consider the main malfunctions that can cause the smartphone to malfunction. Most often with users smartphones Typical failures are observed that can be quickly repaired.

Hardware breakdown

The situation is such that speaker The device is defective. Identifying such a breakdown is very simple. Most often, at the very beginning of crashes, tracks are played, but with low quality and hindrances, and then completely disappears. To solve the problem, you need to replace the speaker.

Software crashes

Malfunctions Xaomi, associated with violations of existing system software, you can clean yourself. There are several universal options for solving such difficulties. Which are very effective and allow you to quickly eliminate the resulting breakdown when playing back the sound of a track:

  • Restarting the installed mobile application.
  • Reset everyone settings.
  • Cleaning connector for headphones.

These methods very often help to solve the difficulty with sound, but there are other system errors, which are very difficult to determine.

There is no sound after flashing the device.

Many people indicate that after installing applications on xiaomi redmi note 5 does not work sound on the sms. To resolve this issue, open “Settings“And select”Resolution“. After that we open “Messages»And check the box next to the specified command. If it didn’t appear, then most likely you accidentally forbade the application to play sound files, so you will need to enable this option on your the telephone.

The phone fell into the water what to do, see here!