Sony xperia phone does not turn on. What to do if your Sony phone hangs through a conflicted application

Sony phone stops charging

Hi guys! Today we want to tell you how to fix the problem when Sony Xperia does not turn on and does not charge. Xperia does not turn on or does not respond when you press the power button? It doesn’t charge when the phone is plugged in? Resetting the system and battery can solve the problem.

Before you start, make sure your Sony Xperia has enough charge to turn on. Try charging the phone and press the power button. If the phone does not turn on, follow the instructions.

Looking for the reason why your Sony shuts down

So, if your Sony periodically shuts down for an unknown reason, you can start the search with the battery. The battery may be faulty by itself (out of service life, for example), and then you stop at the first version.

If after checking it was still very good, then pay attention to her contacts. The battery contacts may be dirty or bent, which usually results in a bad connection. In a similar situation, this is the reason why your Sony phone shuts down on its own. If the problem is in the contacts, you will have to thoroughly clean them of dirt and oxidation.

If the contacts are okay, move on in your search. We began by checking the battery, in the case if your phone Sony has not fallen, and it did not get wet. After all, if the device fell and hit the pavement, or you spilled a cup of coffee on it, then everything is clear. phone goes straight to the service center.

Mechanical damage, as well as trapped moisture is the culprit for damage to the circuit board, and therefore the situation in which the phone Sony itself turns off. By the way, this version can be checked by pressing (of course, hands) on the device. If the device is disconnected. It’s the faulty printed circuit board. In the workshop you can easily replace this and other non-working components.

If mechanical damage is not involved, perhaps a software failure makes the mobile device shut down. It happens very rarely, but such cases do occur. So we do not exclude this reason. Qualitative software update phone Sony corrects the situation.

If you own a Sony phone type slider or clamshell, the reason that your phone Sony itself turns off, may be the wear and tear of the display module. You would need to replace it.

If you decided to apply to the service center, you made the right decision! Diagnostics at the service-center will confirm or refute your guesses and speculations. Comprehensive diagnostic survey with 100% accuracy will answer why your Sony phone turns off by itself. And our skilled craftsmen will quickly and efficiently fix any problems.

Hello! Help, what to do? The phone shuts down on its own when the charge is 87 to 98%. The phone doesn’t even have time to boot up and shuts down when turned on! If I charge it with 10-5% and it goes down to 0% and shuts down, what’s the reason?

Hello! Most likely the battery is faulty, the replacement cost from 2000rub, diagnostics is free, availability of spare parts is necessary to clarify by phone service.

Phone turns off by itself, after switching on it switches off immediately. Sometimes it doesn’t turn off, but as soon as you start messing with the phone it immediately turns off. The battery is charged though, and it charges well. What may be the reason?

Hello! Probably a faulty battery, may also be faulty motherboard microelements, or software failure, repair costs from 1000rub, diagnosis is free.

Phone turns off by itself, can only be turned off by the CU. Turns off well all the time. On any charge. When you connect it to a power bank, the charge is not dropping, everything was okay, but it disconnects. Unplugged, but disconnected again after a while.

Afternoon! Most likely, the battery is out of order, the cost of replacement is roughly 2500rub with the original spare part, diagnosis is free.

Hello! Phone turned off by itself at a mechanical impact (took in hand, put in my. etc.) turn it on if you bend it in different directions.e) can be turned on if only a little bend it in different directions. Phone does not drop, do not pour water. Checked the contacts, everything is okay. And recently the connection is lost (SIM card sees, but no connection).

Hello! Chances of a malfunction in the motherboard microelements, you need diagnosis, the cost of repair from 1000rub, diagnosis is free.

sony, xperia, phone, does, turn

Ruslan, Sony Xperia Z1 Compact D5503

Phone turns off at 95-97%. It used to turn off at 60, now it turns off at 95-97, I do not understand what the problem is, what to do?

Hello! Most likely faulty battery, the replacement cost of approximately 2000rub with the original spare part.

Hello! It is possible software malfunction, the repair cost is from 1000rub, diagnosis is free of charge.

Hello Hello, the phone does not understand why it heats up very strongly when charging, turned off and does not turn on again, when you connect the phone to the charger does not give signs of life, what can it be

Good day! There may be an energy surge, malfunction in the power supply circuit, you need diagnosis, the cost of repairs to 1000rub, diagnosis free of charge.

I turn on several programs, it shuts down, can run for a day and does not turn off, what is the reason, it got water in it.

Hello! The reason is water damage, probably the cost of repair from 1500rub.

Almost every minute the phone reboots!Says: Restart! SIM-card is deleted! Restarted! And turns off and then turns on again! It’s like this all the time!

sony, xperia, phone, does, turn

Hello! Probably a software failure, the cost of repair from 1000rub, diagnosis is free.

Turns off by itself, I noticed that it turns off when I’m at home, and in other places all is well.

Good afternoon! Perhaps the memory is full and the phone can not cope, try to remove unnecessary files, photos, etc., if the problem persists, bring it to the diagnosis, we will try to help, diagnosis is free, the cost of repair of 1000rub.

I turn on the camera and my phone turns off. 2. No front camera icon.

Hello! Need diagnosis, it is possible progammny failure, you must also determine whether there has been a moisture, shock, fall, etc., the cost of repair from 1000rub, diagnosis free.

In principle, there are no problems with the phone, but as soon as you leave the home region, the phone shuts down. The power button does not respond until I put it on charge, but the battery is full. After such glitch, date and time are reset while switching on the phone (Automatic date and time are disabled).

Hello! Need diagnosis, probably malfunction in the software, the cost of repair of 1000rub, diagnosis is free.

sony, xperia, phone, does, turn

The power button broke

The simplest reason is that the power button is broken. This happens because of mechanical damage or liquid on the device. In one case or another, you will have to replace the key or make diagnostics of the phone in the service center.

Failure of software leads to slow Sony Xperia smartphone, periodic reboot or refusal to turn on. You only need to reinstall the software or return to the factory settings. A sign of this malfunction. after turning on the smartphone freezes or constantly asks for the phone code.

Why does the Sony malfunctions?

The reasons why Sony does not turn on, but the charge goes, can be numerous:

  • Battery breakage;
  • Dead battery;
  • Failure of the touch screen;
  • Defects of the electronic “stuffing”;
  • Loops or contacts replacement is required;
  • Software failures.

Regardless of what exactly caused the failure of the phone, its repair in any case should not try to perform their own hands and improvised tools. Repair the gadget should be entrusted to experienced professionals who, with the help of highly sensitive equipment will exactly find out the problems of the device failure and be able to restore it to full life.

We diagnose the problem

First the master will check it with the help of computer diagnostics. If this does not help. Specialist proceeds to disassemble the device. You can not do it at home. Without special tools and conditions there is a high probability of damage, dust and dirt particles may get under the housing. Depending on the nature of the malfunction, consider the main causes, which can reveal the diagnosis.

Damage to the phone: bumps, falls

If the phone was dropped, it could be damaged contacts, loops. The battery could be loose. It all depends on how strong the blow was. With damage of this nature could break the power button, its contacts. In some situations, the internal parts of the Sony Xperia Z5 are also affected by severe impacts. So you need to disassemble and check everything.

Power problem

The battery may have failed. It happens if you get a factory defect. It may also not charge due to malfunctions in the charging jack. Other reason. The charger itself, which has failed.

Liquid. the main enemy of electronics

Frequently there are situations: the smartphone is spilled with liquid, dropped in water, used in the rain. The easiest way for water to get in is through the main holes. speaker, microphone. Then the destructive processes begin, the main enemy. Oxidation. So you need to dry the smartphone immediately, this should be done by a master (the device is disassembled and dried from the inside in a special way).

Problems with the software

There could be serious problems with the firmware. This happens in situations when the user is trying to flash the smartphone by himself and some carelessness is allowed (lack of power, interruption of the operation etc.).). There are also problems because of using unverified applications and programs. They have a negative impact on the operation of the device.

Disconnection of the battery cable

Lack of response to charging the device can be caused by the detachment of a special element that connects the battery and the rest of the components of the smartphone. If it is only a little bent or loose, you can try to straighten it or insert it into the port yourself with a thin plastic or wooden stick. If that didn’t help, you should call for service.

Your phone won’t turn on or reboots at a time that’s only convenient for it, the sound fails, and the software is starting to let you down more and more often. Well, in the near future you will either want to regain power over your phone, or it will force you to do so. I do not recommend to take it to the second option, because if you are not prepared for this moment you will have to say goodbye to a lot of data, contacts and other things.

In any case, if the phone still turns on. save everything you can and where you can (of course the priority is the memory card, contacts on the SIM card and cloud storage).

You have saved or resigned to the fact of data loss? Then let’s continue and start with the preparation. first of all it is a full charge of the battery. as reconfiguration procedures are very sensitive to a possible power outage, and possible interruptions can finally kill the device, making it unusable even for further repair. Then remove the battery for 20-30 seconds from your smartphone (if your model allows it).

Oddly enough, but even simply removing the battery can save you a lot of trouble. so check the relevance of doing with your phone what we plan to do in the continuation of this article.

Sony Ericsson phone does not turn on

The main causes of failure, in which the phone Sony Ericsson does not turn on, can be as mechanical damage to the components of the device, as well as a failure in the software.

If you haven’t dropped your cell phone lately, haven’t bathed it or flashed it, then the following will definitely help you: connect your phone to a charger, wait a while, and then press “Volume down” “Camera” “Power on”. If this manipulation still does not help and your phone still does not show signs of life, it is worth to show your mobile device to a qualified professionals.

Bring your phone to the “Smart Center”, where our craftsmen will hold a thorough diagnosis of the device and determine the reason why your phone Sony Ericsson does not turn on. Maybe it’s because your phone is empty and you just need to charge it more. Maybe the problem is in the failed battery or one of the microchips, and then you need to replace faulty components.

If your phone has been in the water only specialists will help you to eliminate the consequences of interaction with liquids: they will dry out and clean your device from corrosion, perform other necessary procedures.

Another reason for this malfunction may be mechanical damage. Quite often after dropping the phone or hitting it against a hard surface the device may stop turning on. In this case only a professional can figure out what part is broken and make a replacement or repair it.

Also we service the devices after the failed firmware. If after updating software Sony Ericsson phone does not turn on, then bring your device to us. In the shortest time we will perform reflash Sony Ericsson and return the previous functionality of your cell phone.

It is worth noting that we provide a long-term warranty on all kinds of services rendered.

The charger broke

A common reason that your smartphone does not work is a broken jack for the power cord. The socket loosens after a while, the contacts oxidize and do not conduct electricity.

Check the breakage of the charger is simple. Connect to your phone Sony Xperia other charger and if the charging process begins, then it is working. The problem is solved by buying a new power supply.

If Sony Xperia does not turn on, the first thing to do is to identify the true causes of the problem. It is difficult to perform this procedure by yourself, so it’s better to contact the service center. Which staff is guaranteed to make a diagnosis on the day of treatment. Repair procedure is carried out with the help of special tools and professional equipment. Specialized Quality Control Department tests the phone before returning it to the owner.