Sony Xperia How to Sync Contacts Android

I recently bought an Androydophone and I had a problem transferring contacts from my old Sony Ericsson. In this article I will tell you how to transfer all your contacts to Google account.

Sony Xperia How to Sync Contacts Android


Yes, there is such a point in all or almost all of the Sonariks. It allows you to connect to the server and export or import information from there, and in particular the list of contacts. Let’s configure it:

Go to Menu. Organizer. Sync. New Account. Server Address: Username: Your google inbox (e.g. Password: (password from the box). You choose the connection as for the browser (for example, MTS GPRS or TELE2 INTERNET). Applications (in this section you select Contacts and, if necessary, something to your taste). Contacts. Database name contacts (username and password can be left blank).

All, now you can click OK and in Sync click on the Start. If everything was done correctly, then the countdown should go 1/115 (where 115 is the number of contacts). The speed depends on the bandwidth of the channel.

Go to the “Google Mail”, then to the tab contacts, there should be our entire imported contact list from the phone. We edit, if necessary, delete unnecessary, add dates of birth and other information. If you continue to use the old phone, you can set scheduled synchronization (Synchronization. Your profile. change. sync interval. select the desired value).

To avoid confusion, I deleted all the contacts in the new phone from the SIM card, now there are only those in the googl’a account.

Mission accomplished. Tested on Sony Ericsson C702 and Sony Ericsson Elm phones.

Possible problems

Synchronization may not occur, but in most cases the case is decided by flashing to a newer version. Or is solved with the help of MyPhoneExplorer

In addition to the C702, I have an even older, but very strong K750i, however, I still could not install the driver on Windows 7 in it. And I just could not configure the synchronization on it.

Driver installation k750i on the Windows 7.

Download the archive from the site
Unpack to the folder. Go to the device manager (My computer. Properties. Device Manager. we find there objects with a yellow exclamation mark (this means that there are problems with it). press the right button. update driver. select the folder where the archive was unpacked. Then several more such objects will appear, the actions are the same.

We go in MyPhoneExplorer

We connect the phone and synchronize the contacts, everything is simple there. Contacts can be copied from profile to profile. So I copied the already edited contacts from my Optimus One to the K750i. Now you can live!

I hope these instructions come in handy.

Update: In the comments, Sergei Sigailov suggested that there is another way: “On the SE joystick down, contacts will come out / additionally / transfer all / select bluetooth. Confirm and wait for the transfer of contacts on the android. On the android, select import / export of contacts, choose where to import from, select the.vcf file, wait a few seconds, and you’re done. Specifically, I’ve just done everything from SE k750i on the MTS smartphone 975. “