Sony Xperia Disconnected Sim Card

If the Sony mobile phone does not see the SIM card, there may be several reasons for this situation. Some of them can be solved independently, and the rest. only by contacting the Sony Service Center. We will deal with each situation in order.

  • Defective SIM card;
  • Damage to the card holder;
  • Reader malfunctions
  • Recommendations of the Service Center.

SIM card defective

Do not rush to scold the manufacturer. sometimes the failure is caused by malfunctions in the SIM card. You can identify this problem by rearranging the SIM card to another smartphone. If in this case there are problems in the operation of the device, then you need to replace the SIM card that the phone does not see with a new one.

You can wipe the SIM card with alcohol to clean the contacts from oxides. As a rule, they appear due to increased humidity or walking in the rain. The consequence is the appearance of corrosion or oxidation.

Card Holder Failure

If moving the SIM card to another device showed that it is working, then the problem may be with the malfunctioning reader. This is caused by moisture entering the internal structure of the Sony mobile phone.

The mechanical effect on the smartphone also affects after which the fragile frame holding the SIM card stops dealing with the assigned functions. This malfunction is easy to diagnose on your own. the holder does not stay in the slot and backlash. Do not fix the damage on your own. you need to disassemble the Sony smartphone, which in the case of some models of the Xperia series cannot be done without specialized equipment.

Reader Problems

Another failure, because of which the phone does not see the SIM card. This malfunction cannot be fixed without involving Sony Service Center. Diagnostics and repair of smartphones require the use of specialized equipment. Various factors can cause a failure:

  • closure of the binding elements of the circuit of the card reader;
  • violation of soldering;
  • mechanical damage to capacitors.

Faults occur after the unit falls. Inaccuracy also affects when changing SIM cards.

Service Center Recommendations

If the reason why the Sony smartphone does not see the SIM card is because of it, you can solve this problem by contacting your service provider. Other questions require intervention in the device, so entrust Sony engineers to troubleshoot the problem.

Sony Xperia Disconnected Sim Card