Sony Xperia Can’t See Sim Card

Very often, phone owners face troubles in which Sony Ericsson does not find a sim card. If you have a similar situation, please contact us! We will promptly, efficiently and reliably fix this problem. Do not delay the solution of such failures, since operation of the device with a breakdown leads to a deterioration in its condition. As you know, early diagnosis of the problem makes it possible to significantly speed up the repair process and make it more affordable. Therefore, do not take risks and put off a trip to the workshop Sony Ericsson “Tomorrow”, and at the first sign of malfunctioning (in particular, if Sony Ericsson does not see a sim card) immediately go to us!

By external signs of a problem. Sony Ericsson writes insert a sim card, It can be assumed that the device does not have a SIM card, or you incorrectly inserted it. If this is not so, then you should resort to diagnosis. You can do the initial diagnosis yourself under the guidance of our masters by phone or entrust it to professionals. After all, our diagnostics are absolutely free!

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Sony Xperia Can't See Sim Card

Why Sony Ericsson does not see a sim card?

With the naked eye, faced with a problem such as Sony Erickson doesn’t read the SIM card, several assumptions can be made.

  1. You have malfunctioning contacts of the reader. Such a breakdown in most cases is the result of moisture entering the middle of the cell. From this comes the oxidation of contacts. You can try to clean them yourself. But you must be extremely careful. Since damage to them may cause the need for a replacement reader in the future. And this operation is much more expensive and takes more time.
  2. Also Sony Ericsson does not see the sim card in case of malfunction of the reader itself. This can happen both when the same moisture drops, and when it falls, bumps, or jolts. To restore your phone to normal operation Sony Ericsson, In this situation, the defective component will need to be replaced.
  3. The reason that Sony Ericsson does not detect a sim card at the same time, there may be a breakdown of the SIM control chip. She is very vulnerable even to minor mechanical and physical influences. If it breaks down, it is necessary to replace it to eliminate the existing problem.
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As you understand, any mechanical and physical effects can damage various internal components in the middle of the mechanism. Therefore, to determine exactly why Sony Ericsson does not accept a SIM card, You need to contact a service center.

With us you can make free diagnostics. Thanks to modern special equipment, this procedure takes a minimum of time, is performed in the presence of the owner and gives an accurate answer, why the Sony Ericsson phone does not see a SIM card.

After the repair, we perform free quality control, and therefore we give a guarantee for the entire device, and not for its individual components. This operation allows us to diagnose many problems at the developmental stage!

Making replacements, we use exclusively original parts. Therefore, after our repair, your Sony Ericsson phone will look and function as good as new!

It is very important as soon as possible after you have noticed that Sony Erickson does not recognize the SIM card, contact the workshop.

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After the first repair, you will receive a vip client card, which allows you to enjoy a discount on all our services in the amount of 10 to 40%.

In a word, if Sony Ericsson loses a sim card, contact a specialized service center. And our masters will quickly, and most importantly, qualitatively restore the reliable, uninterrupted operation of your phone!

The best conditions of service only in our service!