Sony Vaio Brakes Laptop

Your laptop began to brake terribly, although this was not the case before? Are they terribly slow on games on a laptop? Is the internet slow? In today’s article, we will consider the reasons why a laptop can slow down, as well as ways to solve them.

Reasons why a laptop may slow down

Sony Vaio Brakes Laptop

  • They are divided into internal ones. i.e. iron problems.
  • External. the laptop slows down due to installed software

1.1 Faulty laptop hard drive

When their hard drive goes out, it begins to be felt almost immediately. The computer is terribly slow. Programs or windows can open for several minutes, the operating system itself takes an unusually long time to load. This happens due to the fact that the read / write operations on the hard drive last a very long time, or the OS cannot read the information at all. You can check the surface of the hard drive using the Victoria or MHDD programs. A large number of unreadable sectors, or sectors that are read extremely slowly, can significantly slow down the laptop.

1.2 Laptop overheating

Any laptop, an extremely capricious device, in addition, the laptop cooling system is quickly clogged with dust. When the processor temperature is close to maximum, then throttling is triggered to protect against overheating. The essence of which is a significant (up to 50%) decrease in its performance. This is done so that the processor does not fail due to an increase in its temperature. Therefore, make sure that the temperature of the laptop does not exceed the norm, perhaps the brakes appeared precisely because of its overheating.

Typically, laptop cooling systems need to be cleaned once a year. For HP laptops, this is a must, because coolers clog there very quickly.

You can check the processor temperature with AIDA

1.3 The fall of the laptop, or flooding it with water

If you ever dropped your device, or poured it with liquid, it can also slow down. As a result of damage to the printed circuit board on the motherboard, or corrosion from liquid. It is extremely difficult to identify this defect, and it is almost impossible to fix it. damage may be hidden.

2.1 Computer viruses and adware software

Computer viruses can also greatly slow down a laptop, even the most powerful one. Dozens of programs, such as Bitcoin miners, loading the processor will bring any laptop to its knees. If suddenly the laptop began to slow down, be sure to check the system for viruses. For example, the trial version of Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 will work for 45 days in a fully functional mode, this will be quite enough to check and treat any laptop from viruses.

In addition, I recommend cleaning the PC with such programs as Adwcleaner, Hitman Pro. I wrote more about them here. It helps to remove ads from browsers. Especially if you Internet slows down.

2.2 Not all drivers installed

Be sure to, after you reinstall Windows, you must download from the site of the manufacturer of the laptop all the necessary drivers for the equipment. Anyone who neglects this rule may be faced with the fact that he generally games do not start or slow down.

For example, a hybrid card is installed in your laptop: for desktop applications it is Intel HD, for 3D games it is nVidia GeForce GT650M. If drivers for nVidia Optimus are not installed, the system will not know that in games you need to switch to the nVidia adapter. 3D graphics will be processed on a low-power Intel HD, respectively, games will greatly slow down, for example, everyone’s favorite World of tanks.

Without fail, after each reinstallation of the system, go to the manufacturer’s website, where using the model search, download drivers for your OS (observing bit depth).

2.3 Many programs at startup

Another reason why a laptop often slows down, even the newest one, is when a lot of programs load in place with the system. Some laptop manufacturers (like Sony Vaio) like to shove just an insane amount of standard software into their laptops. Together with the installed antivirus, as well as various Amigo browsers (which also prescribe themselves at startup) and similar junk, waiting for the laptop to load can be painful.

To remove all unnecessary from startup is quite simple. Here are the instructions for Windows 7 and Windows 10. G8 users can follow a similar pattern.

To rid your laptop of brakes, do the following:

  • check hard drive
  • check the temperature is different from normal
  • scan your computer for viruses and adware
  • install all drivers
  • clean startup

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