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How to update sony smartwatch 2

Sony SmartWatch 2 received a major update.

Last year, Sony introduced the second generation of its own smart watch. Today, owners of Sony SmartWatch 2 have started receiving a major system update to firmware version 1.0.B.4.152 / 1.0.A.4.11. The update is distributed over the air using the smartwatch 2 watch management software. The update brings with it many innovations and changes.

  • clock builder: now you can create your own style of the clock interface using templates and special plugins;
  • detailed information about the weather using a special plugin;
  • the ability to change the background of the main screen;
  • the ability to disable plugins and open their settings on the phone remotely;
  • redesigned notification panel;
  • added the “Tap to turn on” function, in which the screen turns on the backlight when the watch vibrates or is strongly shaken;
  • several new built-in applications such as Calculator, etc.;
  • improved watch stability and added compatibility with some devices.

If you are the owner of the smartwatch data and have not yet installed the update, below is a quick guide to installing it.

  • Connect watch to phone.
  • Go to Google Play and update the SmartWatch 2 SW2 app;
  • In the column “About the program” select “Update accessory”. After a few minutes, the program will install the new firmware on your device.

SONY has rolled out a major update for smartwatches SONY SmartWatch 2.

  • Waking up with a double tap
  • New clock faces with the ability to customize
  • Drag and drop items both from your mobile device and from the smartwatch itself
  • Six beautiful wallpapers for your desktop
  • Calculator application
  • Updated Gmail apps and with better syncing
  • New setting to enable or disable vibration when connecting or disconnecting Bluetooth devices

According to SONY, this is the least it can, and there will be even more major updates in the future. Unfortunately, it is not known how soon the next update will be released, but, as rumors began to spread on the world wide web, the wait will be incredibly unbearable, which means that users will have something truly amazing. By the way, what is the expectation. so is the result.

“Smart” watches Sony Smart Watch 2 received an update.

To update, download this utility, run it, select SW2, after the offer to connect the accessory, turn off the watch, connect the cable and immediately press the power button.

We remind you that in June this year, Sony updated its line of “smart” watches with the release of SmartWatch 2, designed to compete with the then-upcoming Samsung Galaxy Gear.

It is worth noting that the company does it very well, because the new product from Sony allows you to work without recharging from 3 to 7 days, has a dust and moisture resistant case, an NFC chip, a more user-friendly interface and a starting price of 5,990 rubles, which is three times cheaper than Gear.

Specifications Sony Smart Watch 2:

Dimensions: 42 x 9 x 41 mm Weight: SmartWatch 2 wrist strap (included): 122.5 grams

  • SmartWatch 2 SW2;
  • Wrist bracelet;
  • USB— Micro USB charging cable;
  • Documentation.

Compatibility: The Bluetooth watch is compatible with any smartphone running Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or later.

  • With rare use. 7 days;
  • Normal use 3-4 days.
  • Bluetooth standard version: 3.0;
  • Android version: 4.0. and later;
  • Charging via Micro USB;
  • Waterproof (in accordance with IP57 standard).
  • Smartwatch;
  • 1.6-inch touchscreen display;
  • Materials: aluminum case and silicone or stainless steel wrist strap;
  • Display resolution: 220 × 176 pixels.
  • Call handling (accept, reject, mute, volume control);
  • Missed call notifications;
  • SMS / MMS;
  • Email;
  • Gmail;
  • ;
  • ;
  • Remote control of music playback;
  • The calendar;
  • Slide show.
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How to Connect Sony Watch to Samsung Phone

In this article, we asked the wizard to answer the question: “How to connect a Sony watch to a Samsung phone?”, And also give useful recommendations. What came of it,

Sony was practically the first to release a mass version of smart watches, despite the fact that they were not yet popular. The rest of the manufacturers later picked up the baton, so today there are already many wearable electronics that not only show the time, but also perform other functions that help to lead a healthy lifestyle. The very first Sony SmartWatch received its logical development in the second version. Sony SmartWatch 2 SW2, an overview of which you can read here.

  • touch display with a diagonal of 1.6 inches has a resolution of 220 × 176 pixels;
  • there are Bluetooth 3.0 and NFC modules;
  • the standard of protection of the case against dust and moisture corresponds to IP57;
  • the second version of SmartWatch is compatible with any smartphones on Android version 4.0.

The creators traditionally do not report about the processor and the amount of RAM, but this is not important. The priority for all “smart watches” is convenience, practicality and battery life. Sony SmartWatch 2 has no problems with this, because the watch can work for 5 days or more, which for such devices can be called a very worthy indicator.

Sony Smart Watch Pairing & Installing Apps using Smart Phone

Not all users know how to connect Sony SmartWatch 2 to a smartphone. It’s easy to do:

  • install Smart Connect if it is not already there;
  • turn on bluetooth;
  • press the start button on the watch;
  • go to the Bluetooth settings and find your gadget there;
  • press the green check mark on the watch and the pairing button on the smartphone;
  • install the proprietary Sony SmartWatch 2 app and start using the watch.

There are many videos on the web showing the capabilities of the Sony SmartWatch2. There are a variety of applications for this watch, but the most popular are the following:

  • Gmail for email notifications;
  • “Messages” (allows you to read incoming messages);
  • “Call control” (allows you to accept or reject an incoming call, mute the sound on your smartphone, etc.);
  • “Music player” (allows you to manage tracks, pause playback, etc.);
  • “Calendar”, “Weather”, “GPS-map”;
  • “Remote Widget” (displaying widgets on the clock screen);
  • “Toggles” (control of smartphone functions) and others.

Of course, if you don’t have a smartphone, all these apps are useless. However, Sony SmartWatch 2 has applications that can be used without a smartphone: actually, a watch (initially about 10 different dials are available), a flashlight, an alarm clock, a timer, notifications and settings.

Sony SmartWatch 2 SW2 is compatible with absolutely all smartphones on Android version 4.0. If the version of the operating system is earlier, the clock will not work, but with later ones (for example, 4.4) the gadget interacts.

The Sony SmartWatch 2 is a very interesting and useful device. Perhaps someone may not like the simple design, but in other respects, Sony’s creation is doing well, and excellent autonomy is a serious trump card against competitors.

How to connect a Sony SmartWatch if they are not supported on your smartphone You bought yourself a watch like me. but it doesn’t work? / DO NOT HURRY TO DELIVER THEM TO THE STORE. First, try to connect them with my method!

Our digital magazine:’s-it-%2F-life-style-blog-bz8fnU

The application was removed from Google Play, but it can still be found on the Internet, it is called: “Bluetooth Pairing”. developed by FIXA Inc. Miracle link: Google Play. (Now only those who have purchased Bluetooth can download it directly from Google Play Pairing until it is removed from public access. download is from the “Purchases” section)

links to apps for sony smartwatch so you don’t have to look for the right software to connect again:

SmartWatch (software for managing the watch). Smart Connect (LiveWare Mgr) [software for connecting the watch with a smartphone]. https: // There is no way to upload new videos A message has come that the channel will be closed if there are more complaints. I can’t “protect” myself. If there are any videos that you added to your favorites, then download them. Soon they will become unavailable. Here is the whole essence of the problem:—BPYZtyNEkD-pxsIqA. OUR SECOND ALTERNATIVE CHANNEL ON WHICH WILL BE VIBLED BY NEWS

Group: Friends Posts: 561 Registration: 06/22/11 Apple iPhone 6s

On Sony smartphones, the function works out of the box. When there is an incoming call, there are buttons for accepting and rejecting the call.

The easiest and most effective way for phones not Sony. install the Call Handling Pro plugin (also available in the header in the plugins section), after removing the native plugin from Sony “Call Handling”.

To make the call button work on non-Sony devices (if, of course, it does not work for you), you only need 2 things: Modified.APK Call control (Thanks to GeminiX) Root. Before installing, remove the standard Call Control plugin if you downloaded it from the market. Then install the modified.APK and be sure to make it system, that is, transfer it to the system / app folder with the rights rw-r — r-Check the functionality. Many thanks for the method found mickles

Temporarily remove this plugin from the system and then reinstall it.

Install programs with ES File explorer.

Press the power button 2. Tap twice on the screen (double tap on the strap or on the body also works) 3. Shake your hand vigorously 4. Turn the watch to face (only works with the latest watch face) 5. Click twice with the fingers of the hand on which the watch is worn.

Full compatibility: All functions of this product work with the below listed smartphones.

Partial Compatibility:Most of the features of this product work with all the phones listed below. They all fully support Bluetooth technology

No compatibility: None of the features of this product work with the smartphones listed below.

Acer liquid mini e310 (latest stock RU Android 2.3). not compatible Aigo D1. full compatibility Asus TF 101 (latest firmware). almost full compatibility Asus Padfone 2. partial compatibility, some plugins crash with an error Cube A5300. full compatibility Fly IQ450 Quattro. full compatibility Fly IQ451. full compatibility Hero H2000. full compatibility Highscreen Alpha GTX. full compatibility Highscreen Explosion (sink 4.1.1). full compatibility Highscreen Jet Duo. full compatibility Highscreen Strike. full compatibility Highscreen Yummy Duo. no compatibility HTC Butterfly S (901s, stock 4.2.2). Full compatibilityHTC Incredible S. Full compatibilityHTC One. Full compatibilityHTC One Google Edition. Full compatibilityHTC One X (MIUI V4). Full compatibilityHTC One X. Full compatibilityHuawei Ascend Mate. Full compatibilityHuawei Ascend P1 XL. Full compatibilityHuawei Honor. Full compatibilityJiayu G3S. Full compatibility Lenovo A660. Can’t Connect Lenovo A6000. Fully Compatible Lenovo A820. Fully Compatible Lenovo A850. (Android 4.2.2). Fully Compatible LG G2. Fully Compatible LG Nexus 4 (Android 4.2.2, 4.3, 4.4). Fully Compatible LG Optimus 3D MAX. Fully Compatible LG Optimus Black (stock). full compatibility LG Optimus G Pro. full compatibility LG Optimus L7. full compatibility Megafon Login. full compatibility Philips W732. no compatibility Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos. full compatibility Samsung Galaxy Nexus. full compatibility Samsung Galaxy S II. full compatibility Samsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note (Android 4.3). full compatibility Samsung Galaxy Note II. full compatibility Texet TM-3204R. full compatibility ThL W11. full compatibility Umi X2. full compatibility Xiaomi Mi2. full compatibility ZOPO ZP910. partial compatibility, connection is lost if the watch has widgets ZOPO ZP950. full compatibility ZTE Skate (CM7). full ZTE compatibility V790. full compatibility HTC Desire X full compatibility on off.firmware 4.1.1 HTC Sensation full compatibility on cyanogenmod 10 Highscreen spark. full compatibility MTS 970H partial compatibility (more details) MTS 960. no compatibility Lenovo P780. full compatibility

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Photo comparing the readability of the image in the sun and in the shade. How to get a paid plugin from Google Play for free? Instructions on how to remove captions for plugins’ icons. If you have any problems with connection, plugins, etc. First of all, try to reset the clock completely. What to do if some applications are not displayed? Instructions for disassembling (not completely complete, the person did not get to the board) and restoring the battery that stopped charging Instructions for the watch in Russian: userguide_RU_MN2_1258_0297.1.pdf ( 1.06 MB)

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SmartWatch 2 has limited functionality and in fact is just a continuation of the smartphone. The device does not have its own memory, it does not have a slot for a memory card and a SIM card, as well as additional sensors, GPS and a 3.5 mm headphone jack. MicroUSB is only used for charging.

The watch sends notifications from a smartphone, is able to control the player, with its help you can answer SMS using templates, as well as dial a number and answer a call if you are using a wired headset. For this, vibration is used, which will even wake up the dead.

When you turn it on for the first time, you need to find your SmartWatch 2 in the list of Bluetooth devices on your smartphone and connect to it by entering the pairing PIN. If there is an NFC module, then it is enough just to bring the device to the clock. Then you need to install Smart Connect and SmartWatch2 applications on your smartphone.

After that, an icon with the designation of the clock will appear in the mobile notification line. Any smartphones and tablets with Android 4.0 or higher are supported.

The SmartWatch 2 interface is as simple as possible. To unlock, you need to press the hardware button twice, or once the power button and swipe the clock from top to bottom / press “Home”.

Pre-installed alarm clock, timer and stopwatch, as well as a flashlight. There are settings where you can change the time, set protection, select the locked state dial, set brightness, vibration and connection.

Other applications need to be installed using a smartphone. Present Gmail, music player, messages and call management, calendar and even Smart Camera. All of them send notifications to the watch, and also allow you to control your mobile device using SmartWatch 2. And the camera application even displays a picture from the module in real time. In addition, Sony offers a Pro version of the Runtastic fitness platform that supports the device. than 150 apps for this smartwatch can be found on Google Play.

Without a smartphone or tablet, the device works like a regular clock with an alarm clock and a timer.

SmartWatch 2 will easily last 3 days with active use. And if you don’t receive calls too often, check your mail and turn off automatic updates and. the watch will easily last 6 days without recharging


The 1.6-inch screen has a resolution of 220 x 176 pixels. The matrix is ​​made using TFT technology, so it has good, but not maximum viewing angles. On the other hand, the visibility in the sun is almost perfect. When the backlight is off, you can easily check the time.

The sensor supports multi-touch and perfectly responds to touches. Everything is like modern smartphones.

Review of smart watches Sony SmartWatch 2 SW2: the perfect complement

Unlike the market for smartphones and tablets, the wearable electronics segment is not yet full. There are not so many smart watches and other similar devices. Nevertheless, some manufacturers have already released several generations and have shown entire lines of such devices. The same goes for Sony, which recently updated its Smartwatch. It was the second version of the gadget that came to our editorial office.

Unlike the market for smartphones and tablets, the wearable electronics segment is not yet full. There are not so many smart watches and other similar devices. Nevertheless, some manufacturers have already released several generations and have shown entire lines of such devices. The same goes for Sony, which recently updated its Smartwatch. It was the second version of the gadget that came to our editorial office.

Design and ergonomics

The design of Sony’s mobile devices last year was so successful and memorable that there was no point in using other designs to create the SmartWatch 2. Its aluminum, slightly angular body looks very cool. The watch is not flashy, more classic compared to competing devices.

The almost square (42 x 41 mm) is incredibly light and relatively thin at just 9 mm. In addition, like the latest smartphones with the company’s tablets, it is protected from water and dust according to the IP57 standard (resistance to splashes, as well as immersion up to 1 meter for a short time).

Smart watches are made of practical materials. the metal is pleasant to the touch and has a matte finish, and the bracelet is made of silicone with a velvet texture.

The front panel is covered with damage-resistant glass. The gadget comes in black, but the manufacturer offers a good selection of brightly colored straps, including leather. In addition, you can use any other 24 mm wide wrist strap you like.

On the right side of the device, there is one single hardware button that is responsible for turning on. Made of metal and styled with Sony branding.

On the opposite side, behind a dense flap, there is a microUSB port.

The display is surrounded by a frame on which a light sensor is placed, as well as touch buttons “Back”, “Home” and “Menu”.

Thanks to the materials used, light weight and thoughtful design, the watch is incredibly comfortable.

You get used to them so quickly that after just one day of use, SmartWatch 2 will become as necessary as a smartphone.


The waterproof Sony SmartWatch 2 is the perfect continuation of your smartphone, no frills or bells and whistles. All important notifications are displayed on them, so it is very difficult to miss an incoming call. And to answer SMS you don’t have to pull your phone out of your The watch is so comfortable and practical that you don’t want to part with it, even to recharge it. On the other hand, during normal use, they will have to be connected to charging three times less often than your smartphone. Great remote control for Android devices.

  • Model Sony SmartWatch 2 SW2
  • Dimensions 4.2 x 4.1 x 0.9 cm
  • Weight 42 g
  • TFT display, 1.6 ʺ, touch
  • Resolution 220 x 176 pixels
  • Bluetooth 3.0, NFC, microUSB for charging
  • Autonomy up to 7 days
  • Additionally moisture and dust protection IP57
  • Compatible Android 4.0 and above

Review of smartwatches Sony SmartWatch 2: the best smartphone assistant

Design and Ergonomics The angular, aluminum watch case with a diamond-cut mirror metal edge looks very cool and modern. At the same time, the device turned out to be not too catchy, more classic than most competitive solutions.

The small square is very light and quite thin. only 9 mm. Of course, compared to conventional analog watches, Sony Smartwatches look a little bulky, remotely resembling a miniature smartphone fixed on the wrist. But the model is protected from water and dust according to the IP57 standard. resistance to splashes and any weather, as well as immersion to a depth of 1 meter for a short period of time.

In the manufacture of the device, only high-quality, expensive materials were used. the pleasant-to-touch metal is complemented by a matte finish, and the strap is made of silicone with a velvet texture, which does not irritate the skin. The screen is covered with scratch and damage resistant glass. The watch is available in black and silver colors with the possibility of independent replacement of the strap with any other with a width of 24 mm.

From the control elements on the right side there is a hardware power button, and under the display there are three touch buttons.

We add that the watch is incredibly convenient in everyday use. You get used to them literally in a day, so the SmartWatch 2 is as essential as a smartphone in your

Display The 1.6-inch screen has a resolution of 220 x 176 pixels. It boasts good viewing angles with perfect sunlight readability and good color reproduction. The display is supplemented with a touch layer for control and adjustment.

Of course, the watch does not have the ability to play video on the built-in screen. But the high picture quality ensures the best experience when operating and using the device.

Functionality At its core, SmartWatch 2 is a continuation of the smartphone, a kind of remote control without unnecessary and unnecessary functions. Their main task is to send notifications from the phone, control the player, quickly answer an SMS or call when using a headset, as well as all kinds of additional applications and functions. A powerful vibration is used for the notification, which will easily wake the user up when the alarm rings.

A Bluetooth module is used to connect to a mobile device. NFC is also supported for quick pairing. And to manage, synchronize and configure, you need to install the Smart Connect and SmartWatch2 apps. It’s nice that the watch works with any smartphones and tablets based on Android 4.4 or newer.

Interface and software The appearance of the software shell of the device is as simple as possible, it is not overloaded with unnecessary inscriptions and pictograms. To unlock, you need to press the power button twice, or once the power button and swipe the screen from top to bottom (press the touch button “Home”).

Pre-installed alarm clock, timer and stopwatch applications, as well as a flashlight. There is also a small number of settings and a choice of locked dials. The rest of the applications are installed using a smartphone / tablet and SmartWatch 2. The list contains clients Gmail, music player, messages, phone book, calendar and camera. They know how to send notifications to the watch and allow you to control your smartphone using SmartWatch2. In addition, there are over 200 different programs and games for Sony smartwatches on Google Play.

Operating time Despite its enviable compactness, the watch can easily work for 3 days in active use. And if you turn off unnecessary notifications and auto-update of social network clients, the built-in battery will last for 6-7 days without recharging.

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Conclusions: Smart watch Sony SmartWatch 2 can become an ideal continuation of a smartphone. They are practical, comfortable and waterproof, display all notifications and allow you to control your smartphone without taking it out of your or bag. A miniature remote control for your Android device.

How to Pair Sony SmartWatch 2 With Your Android Phone & Install Apps on it

  • Model Sony SmartWatch 2 SW2
  • Color options black, silver
  • Dimensions 4.2 x 4.1 x 0.9 cm
  • Weight 42 g
  • TFT display, 1.6 ʺ, touch
  • Resolution 220 x 176 pixels
  • Bluetooth 3.0, NFC, microUSB for charging
  • Autonomy up to 7 days
  • Additionally moisture and dust protection IP57
  • Compatible Android 4.0 and above


Smartwatch connects via Bluetooth just like any other device

If the consumer leaves the range of Bluetooth-communication, the watch informs about it with a single vibration signal. When reconnected, the gadget generates a triple short vibration signal. It is worth noting that there are no sound signals in SmartWatch 2, however, the vibrating alert is very powerful, no matter where the watch is. on the hand or on the table. the user will surely hear a vibrating alert.

In the settings of the Sony SmartWatch 2 there is an analogue of the “airplane mode”, which is here called Do Not Disturb

“Filling” SmartWatch

Smart watches from Sony come with several preinstalled applications: alarm clock, timer, calculator, flashlight (in this mode, the display just glows white, which allows you to illuminate, say, a keyhole). But the main advantage of SmartWatch 2 is that the consumer can additionally install applications according to their tasks, “pumping” the device with the necessary functionality.

There are many apps on Google Play specifically for SmartWatch 2

Many software developers have already released software specifically for the SmartWatch 2, which can be found on Google Play. It has fitness apps, programs for smartphone remote control, social networking software, e-mail control software, tools for daily tasks, and even entertainment apps.

The most interesting and useful, of course, are applications that require pairing with a smartphone. Among these, we should mention the missed calls service and the Messaging application for broadcasting SMS to SmartWatch 2. The utility allows you to read messages directly on the watch display, which is very convenient when your hands are busy (for example, while driving), or if your smartphone is hidden in back or backpack. Smart watches serve as a separate independent message store, which is not synchronized with the SMS database on the smartphone. That is, deleting an SMS on a smartphone does not delete this message on a Smart-watch, moreover, reading an SMS on a Smart-watch does not change the status of a message on a smartphone to “read”. To delete messages and other personal data in your smartwatch, you must execute the Reset SmartWatch command. By the way, in order to protect personal data from prying eyes in case of loss of the gadget, it is possible to set the PIN-code input when unlocking.

A useful and functional application. Call Handling for managing phone calls. During an incoming call, the watch vibrates, and the display shows the caller’s number and his name in the contact list (if there is one). Then the user has three options: reject the call, turn off the call on the smartphone and the vibrating alert on the Smart-watch, without rejecting the call, or reject the call by sending a template SMS like “I’m busy, call later”.

Smart watch display during an incoming call

But the option of receiving a call is not here, which is somewhat strange, because the dialing function from the Smart-watch is present. Call Handling allows you to view your contacts or history and select the desired contact to call. You can also dial the subscriber’s number manually on the corresponding number panel directly on the watch display. After pressing the button with the handset, the call will go.

The subscriber’s number can be dialed manually using the dial pad directly on the watch display

With Sony SmartWatch 2, you can view your phone call log

The question may arise: why call from a Smart-watch, if you still have to take out a smartphone to talk? Provided the consumer is using a headset, this approach can be much more convenient than calling from a smartphone, especially when the hands are full. You can also end a phone call using the Call Handling application on your smart watch. during a phone conversation, the number of the called subscriber and the red end-of-call button will always light up there.

But even if you do not use a headset, sometimes it is more convenient to dial the number from the SmartWatch 2 keyboard, then take out the smartphone and continue the conversation in the traditional way. After all, many users lock their smartphones for security purposes, and in order to make a call, you first have to unlock the device: enter a PIN-code or a geometric figure, etc. If you are driving or your hands are busy, it is much more convenient to make a call from a Smart-watch: a smartphone this will automatically unlock, and you can continue talking on the phone. The only drawback is that the watch lacks the option to select the desired SIM card when using smartphones with two SIM cards. That is, the call will go from the default SIM card.

Your SmartWatch 2 can be equipped with fitness apps that calculate your daily physical activity: Runtastic and WalkMate. The analysis of statistics is carried out through a similar application on a smartphone. However, the accuracy of their work is questionable.

You can track your physical activity with the smart watch

In addition, utilities are available for Sony SmartWatch 2 to view messages in. and Instagram, viewing Gmail emails, controlling the smartphone camera and music player, reading the weather forecast, and more.

Sony SmartWatch SW2 test. “smart” way to find out what time it is

Wearable electronics are gaining popularity: Smart watches, Smart bracelets, Smart glasses Should you change traditional mechanical or electronic watches to “smart” ones, or should you limit yourself to a fitness bralette? Sony SmartWatch SW2 test showed that it is impossible to give a definite answer to this question.

The development of wearable devices is an extraordinary work that requires engineers to solve many different and opposite tasks in terms of their conditions: how to place a high-capacity battery in a miniature case for maximum autonomy, is it worth integrating the functionality of a mobile phone into a watch, etc. the developers coped with the tasks brilliantly, with others. so far not particularly.


The operating time of the Smart-watch leaves much to be desired. 5-6 days, depending on the load. In fact, SmartWatch 2 can turn off at the most inopportune moment, and this is not only a gadget for controlling a smartphone, but also a device for keeping track of time. Recharging is carried out via the MicroUSB port, it takes about an hour to fully charge the battery.

The battery icon in the upper left corner allows you to keep track of the current battery charge

Interface customization

A significant advantage of “smart” watches in comparison with traditional mechanical or electronic: the ability to change their appearance at any time. The device offers several options of ready-made electronic watch faces that can be selected with one touch. over, there is a constructor with which you can create your own dial design. For example, you can specify what data should be placed there (time, date, day of the week), choose the appearance, etc. This is quite convenient, especially if you use Smart-watches mainly for time control.

The device offers several options for ready-made watch faces

Some consumers do just that: turn off the Bluetooth connection to reduce the power consumption of the device, and use a “smart watch” as a regular one, without any additional functions. Although, the key advantages of the SmartWatch 2 are not in the interchangeable dial, but in the many different “smart” functions that the device has.

With the constructor, it is easy to create your own dial design


The appearance of Sony SmartWatch 2 can be described as “sports-computer”. The body is made of metal, the back cover is made of plastic, the glass of the square transflective LCD is resistant to mechanical stress. The strap is made of rubber, which emphasizes the “sportiness” of the device. This material was not chosen by chance. the watch is protected from water and dust penetration in accordance with the requirements of the IP57 standard. over, SmartWatch 2 can stay in water for some time (provided that the cover of the Micro USB connector is tightly closed).

“Don’t be afraid”: Sony SmartWatch 2 is protected from water and dust in accordance with the requirements of the IP57 standard

On the right side face there is an activation button, on the left. a Micro USB connector. On the front panel under the display there are 3 standard Android buttons: Home, Back and Options. Unfortunately, these buttons are not highlighted.

The device is charged via the Micro USB port

Thanks to the special design of the screen, all content is clearly visible even on a bright sunny day. In standby mode, only the time is shown on the display, the backlight is turned off. To find out what time it is, you need either external lighting, or you have to press the activation button once to turn on the internal lighting.

What to choose. a smart watch or a fitness bracelet? Despite somewhat similar functionality, they have completely different tasks. The first device has a much wider set of functions (which, by the way, can be constantly increased), moreover, it can be used independently, without being tied to a smartphone, although this is not particularly justified. But Smartwatches are more bulky, do not require round-the-clock wear, and, moreover, require regular recharging every 5 days. In turn, the Sony fitness bracelet, which we tested a month ago, is mainly intended only for collecting fitness statistics, but it needs to be recharged much less often, and you can wear it around the clock, since the gadget is miniature and waterproof.

The conclusion is the following: a fitness bracelet is more optimal for tracking physical activity. If you spend a lot of time driving or engage in other activities in which your hands are busy, but there is a need to actively use your smartphone and all related services, then the Sony SmartWatch 2 smart watch is the most suitable device for you.

Smart watch Sony SmartWatch

However, under the influence of the news about the release of the second version of this watch, I tracked down a Sony SmartWatch, charged it, updated the firmware and looked at what they are now. It turned out that they fixed the most egregious glitches; the clock, in general, could even be used (another question. Is it necessary), so I decided to do a review of this device, because:

  • the second version, judging by the description, will not differ too much from the first;
  • this watch quite clearly demonstrates the current development trends of android watches. with all their rare advantages and numerous disadvantages;
  • well, I have long promised to tell the readers what I think about this particular watch, but better late than never.
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So, “smart” watches from Sony on the Android operating system.

Includes: watch, strap, aluminum insert, special charging cable, instructions.

The straps, by the way, come in different colors. so that you can change the look of the clock.

The appearance of the gadget, to be honest, is very so-so. Looks like a toy watch for children. In some reviews about this watch, I met phrases like “Sony has not forgotten how to do stylish things.” and was perplexed for a long time. Because the style is in this watch. about the same as in a teddy bear. Even iPod nano, which can be used as a watch, looks much more stylish.

Case size. 3.61 x 3.61 cm, w. 137 grams.

The watch has a large and more or less reliable plastic spring clip on the back, thanks to which the watch is attached to the strap, or shoulder strap of the bag.

Display diagonal. 1.3 “, resolution. 128 × 128 pixels. The quality of the display, of course, is awful, plus it has a minimum brightness, which in good lighting just goes to zero. You can use the watch outdoors only at night or in very bad weather. the dial cannot see anything.

The watch is compatible with all android smartphones and tablets. To connect and set up your watch, you first need to install the SmartWatch app from Google Play on your smartphone / tablet.

After that, add a watch to the smartphone, which by default goes into pairing mode, like a normal BT device.

After connecting, in theory, you need to launch the SmartWatch application. However, oddly enough, it is not found in the list of applications, but only appears in the notification area when the watch is connected.

If the watch has outdated firmware, you will be prompted to update it.

Calling SmartWatch from the notification area.

Customize the look of the clock. the most, in general, the main thing.

As you can see, there are not so many options. There is a clock that turns on when you double-tap on the screen, there is a clock that works when it tracks movement, there is a clock that kind of turns on when you bring your hand to your eyes.

So this is what I will tell you about the practice of using this watch. When brought to the eyes, they turn on once in ten to twenty, so in the firebox. They work well with the motion sensor, but this means that the watch will be on all the time, which, in turn, means that on one battery charge it will not even live until the evening. verified.

Double tapping on the screen is also very bad. Because the sensor is disgusting here, it tracks touches poorly, so one out of five or ten pressures is also triggered, which is a disgrace. It remains only to turn on the economy mode, but at the same time, to see the time, you need to press the button. Do you need a watch like this? To me. definitely not needed. By the way, I had the same problem with iPod nano. you have to press the button to look at the clock.

Well, it is very surprising that during the year of the device’s existence, only two or four skins per mode were made for it. For example, I did not find an option at all that would suit me. precisely, I would be satisfied with the last option (with bringing the clock to my eyes), but, unfortunately, it does not work a damn thing.

Next item. applications. It is understood that the main charm of this watch. all kinds of applications that reflect data from a connected smartphone. Applications here are quite expected: weather messages, mail, calendar, player, phone and so on.

There are also widgets, but there are only three of them. events in /, player and weather. You can also change their order.

From more or less non-standard applications. Endomondo: calculating distance and pace while running, plus all sorts of other features.

Now let’s see how it all looks on the clock.

Basic mode. time display. The options, as I said, are oddly few. Well, and the only practically available mode. economical when the time is turned on with a button. You can also turn on the clock by tapping on the screen, but then you have to pretend to be a woodpecker and hammer until this creature deigns to turn on. Seriously, it gets scary.

When you double-click on the clock, a line of three widgets appears: notifications. player, weather.

When you double-click on the widget, enter the swipe mode: for example, notifications.

To go back to the top menu of widgets, you need to make a collecting gesture with two fingers.

Player widget. It shows what is currently playing in the smartphone, and can primitively control playback: skip forward and backward on a track, pause and adjust the volume. Perhaps the only useful function. However, the iPod nano is much better, because the iPod nano is itself a player.

Weather widget. Shows the temperature in the selected city.

That’s all the widgets. If you slide the top widget menu up, the application menu appears. The deep difference between applications and widgets is only that nothing happens on the application icon. In this case, the same player, weather, and so on call the corresponding widgets.

Here is a complete list of installed applications (I just did not set an e-mail due to its complete unsuitability for use on such a display).

Launch of Endomondo. In general, it works. counts the distance traveled and the speed. But the steps do not count, unfortunately.

SMS messages. You can of course scroll from last to first.

Phone finder application. On startup, the phone starts playing the specified melody.

Phone contacts (favorites). When pressed, the phone starts calling the corresponding subscriber. (This is useful when using a headset.)

Now about the features of use. For all these widgets and applications to work, the watch must be in close blue-tooth connection with the smartphone. As soon as contact is lost (for example, you left your smartphone in another room), the gadget switches to the most commonplace clock mode. over, in the old firmware, he still often lost the set time, so I didn’t even want to write about him. In the new firmware, this bug was overcome: when the contact with the smartphone is lost, the watch does not lose time.

Also, in the old firmware, when it got into the BT range of the smartphone, the watch did not always restore Connect and had to be connected manually: you probably can imagine how many bitter words I said to Sony about this. But now we have also overcome this bug: within about 10-15 seconds, Connect is restored automatically.

To work, it all works: messages from come, the clock informs about incoming SMS, incoming or missed calls, and so on.

But in general, of course, it all looks like a perfect toy. And the point is not even that the design of the watch. below the plinth. The point is the disgusting work of the “clock” application itself, and, of course, the battery. Does the manufacturer promise 2-3 days of work in active mode and 4-5 days in not very active mode? Spit in their eyes with a Sony reader! In active mode, even when the clock is turned on with a button (I hate it!), It didn’t live to see the evening. In active mode, with a clock switched on by a motion sensor, sometimes they did not even live until lunchtime. So, in reality, this watch can only be used if you carry a couple of spare external batteries with you and you constantly recharge the watch. By the way, they take a really long time to fully charge. more than one hour. And the solution with this artsy charging cord. frankly stupid: the connector often does not fit tightly to the contacts, as a result of which the watch stops charging. Also, many users complained that after a couple of months of use, the plug was completely loose.

Now about the SmartWatch2 SW2 model. The design seems to have been worked on after all. the clock has become like a clock, and not like a piece from the children’s designer “Collect daddy’s stool from a bundle of firewood”.

However, these are all still pictures, but it will be necessary to see what is there live.

The display is now 1.6 “, the resolution is 220 × 176. Well, at least something. It is also promised that it will not fade much in the sun. This should be checked.

The watch bracelet will now be made of metal, and the watch has been made splash-proof. (But you can’t swim with them.)

Duration of work is promised 3-4 days, but who’s stopping you. and you say. However, if they still live to the end of the day. this is already good.

Charging was done via microUSB. really thought of.

Otherwise, apparently, nothing else has changed much. I hope that they brought the display sensor to life, added watch skins and worked out the mode of automatically turning on the time display.

But even if all the jambs of the previous model have been corrected, will I buy the new model? No, I will not. It is, of course, cool to receive notifications on the watch when an SMS has come to a smartphone, but the smartphone itself informs me about this. I don’t need notifications from any on my watch. I don’t get them on my smartphone. Apparently, I can’t wait for a normal clock from them, not to mention the duration of work on one battery charge. Well, why then? It turns out that there is no need. We bought it, played around, then put on a normal watch, and this toy, like mine, will gather dust in the corner for a long time and sadly.

(Sighing) And I keep waiting for a long-playing watch with replaceable skins. I don’t need any “Android” in them and no. Make me only replaceable skins, backlighting and so that this watch can live on one charge for at least a couple of days. I will buy such a watch right away!

How to Pair SONY SmartWatch2 with Smartphone. Connect Device

Upd: To be fair, I must note that for some other users this watch survived a couple of days even in active mode. Some even lived for 2-3 days, provided they were turned off at night. So it is quite possible that my battery just got hooked while lying on the stove. But at the same time, I saw a lot of mentions that the clock did not live up to the end of the day: however, it is quite possible that these users, like mine, lay in the corner for a long time. But in any case, this does not change the essence of the matter: short battery life. far from the only problem with this gadget.