Sony Playstation 4 Which Is Better

Even those who are far from the game industry and have never held a joystick in their hands, no doubt have heard of such a game console as Sony PlayStation.

If you still think that games. these are games only for schoolchildren or not very busy people, we will say that according to the authoritative game developer Wargaming, in Ukraine there are more than 14 million people who can be safely called gamers. It is not surprising that Sony sold 67.5 million PlayStations 4 over 4 years, which is more than half the population of Ukraine.

We will tell you about the most popular game console in the world. PlayStation 4, namely its two modifications:

Compare them and help you decide which one is best for you.

Playstation 4 slim. Design

The first thing that can be appreciated even without including the prefix is ​​the design. The PS4 Slim case can be called elegant through its sharp corners and the matte color of the case. The device is harmoniously combined in an interior with the TV of a similar color.

In the middle of the case there is a kind of groove where the USB ports are hidden, as well as a Blu-ray drive, on the opposite side there are other outputs for connecting other devices. In the older Pro model, the case is not divided into two, but into three parts, so visually distinguishing the console is very simple.


The performance of the Slim model, in comparison with the original PS4 model, has not grown and has the following indicators:

  • AMD Jaguar octa-core processor (1.6 GHz);
  • 8 GB of memory;
  • The card chipset is Radeon with a performance of 1.84 TFLOP;
  • Playback Resolution. 1920 × 1080 (HD);
  • HDD. 500 GB (there is a version with 1 TB).

At the time of the release of the PS4, it was more powerful than Microsoft’s main rival Xbox One. If on the fourth PlayStation almost all games can be played in the extension of 1080p, then the competitor has only 900r. Slim is only more powerful than the Pro version and the latest Xbox One X, although the latter is not officially sold in Ukraine.

What has changed in Slim compared to the original PS4?. Dimensions

Compared to the first version of the PS4, Slim has become 30% less, but its performance has not decreased. The compactness for the game console, which must be connected to the monitor, is an important advantage.

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Due to the reduction in size, the weight of the device has become less by 16%. What does it give? With such dimensions and weight, the console fits perfectly in a laptop bag with a screen diagonal of 15.6 ’. Therefore, if one of your friends has a cool monitor, then you can pay a visit to them with your prefix and have a good evening at your favorite games.

Energy efficiency and noise

In addition to new dimensions and weight, the game console began to consume 28% less energy, and the noise level that occurs during operation has also decreased. In addition, the Slim version boasts that it heats up to 7 degrees lower than previous models. Experienced PS4 users note that the Pro version is louder than Slim.

Also until Slim benefits before the previous version include:

  • two USB 3.1 ports (in the previous version there was USB 3.0);
  • Bluetooth 4.0 (in previous Bluetooth 2.1);
  • Wi-Fi a / b / g / n / ac (in previous Wi-Fi b / g / n).

If your router supports “AS” WiFi standard, then the download speed of games and patches to them will increase significantly.

Playstation 4 pro

PlayStation 4 Pro is the latest version of the game console from Sony. And unlike the Slim version, there really have been improvements in terms of power compared to the base version of the PS4.

Graphics chip and processor

The pro version has a more powerful graphics chip than in previous versions. If the predecessors had its performance at the level of 1.84 TFlops, then in the Pro version the GPU performance is 4.2 TFlops, and accordingly the game process will be smoother.

The processor has 8 cores, as in previous versions, but its frequency has increased from 1.6 GHz to 2.1 GHz. GDDR memory in PS4 Pro as in previous PS4. 8 GB The bandwidth has increased from 176 GB / s to 218 GB / s, and this will allow you to load new locations in games faster.


If in simpler versions of PS4 it is possible to choose the amount of HDD memory, 500 GB or 1 TB, then the Pro version has only the option with 1 TB of memory.

Image quality

There will be no exclusives on the PS4 Pro (games that are exclusively for a certain generation of consoles within the same manufacturer). There will not be them, because the Pro version is not a radically new device, but only a modification of the fourth generation of game consoles from Sony. Games that run on Pro will work just as well on the base PS4 and Slim version.

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If you switched from Slim to Pro, then you just need to log into your account on the new console and at your service will be all the games that you previously purchased for the PS4 or PS4 Slim.

Then the whole thing is in the hands of game developers. They release special patches that can on the Pro version:

  • increase the frame rate where it is less than 30 FPS;
  • increase detail;
  • improve visual effects;
  • add new modes.

7 PlayStation 4 Pro chips:

  • Share play. In this mode, friends can play your games in FullHD-quality, even those that they don’t have, but for this a PlayStation Plus subscription must be activated. To activate Share Play, just press the SHARE button on the controller;
  • Remote play. You can stream the game to compatible devices in 1080p;
  • Wifi. You can select the frequency range: 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz, which will be appropriate for the connection speed;
  • Smoothing. Thanks to the sharpness of lines and the sharpness of the corners, the realism of the game increases;
  • Render distance. Increased clarity of objects at a great distance;
  • Deep shadows. Dark and clear shadows over long distances add a realistic sense of depth to games.
  • Texture sharpness. Large details become brighter, which has a positive effect on realism.

Comparison of PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro features

Comparing the technical characteristics of both devices, we see that the Pro version is more powerful, but if compactness plays a decisive role for you, then it is better to choose Slim. It is smaller in size and weight.

Four reasons to sign up for a PlayStation Plus:

The PlayStation Plus subscription mentioned above is optional, but it offers four interesting benefits:

  • Online game. You can play along with thousands of gamers around the world;
  • Games of the month. While your subscription is active, each month you will receive two games for PS4;
  • Discounts. PlayStation Plus subscribers get exclusive discounts on the PlayStation Store.
  • 10 GB cloud storage. You can save your achievements on the PS4 and continue to play from where you left off, even if you played on a friend’s console or on your own, but different version: Pro or Slim.

PS4 Pros:

  • Multiplayer game. The console is designed not only for “solo” game, as well as games for 2-6 people. There are many social games on the PS4, such as Just Dance or PlayLink games.
  • Easy to replace HDD. To do this, remove the special plug and unscrew one screw and you can put a larger drive or even replace it with an SSD. For comparison, in the Xbox game console from Microsoft, to replace the HDD you need to disassemble almost the floor of the device.
  • Easy to connect. In order for the console to fully work, you need to do only three steps:
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1. Connect the HDMI cable to the monitor.

2. Connect the power cable to the console.

3. Press the start key.

  • Intuitive interface. Even if you started the console for the first time, a few minutes will be enough to figure it out.
  • Compact and comfortable due to its small size and weight. In addition, you do not need to install any drivers or operating system.
  • Price. A computer that “pulls” the same games as on a PS4 will cost several times more.

Cons PS4:

  • Paid Online. To play online, you need a PlayStation Plus subscription for every month;
  • Cost of games. They are significantly more expensive than on a PC.
Sony Playstation 4 Which is Better

Who is the PlayStation suitable for?

If you are a seasoned gamer, then whether to buy a PS4 is not a question at all, because this is the most popular game console in the world, and accordingly it is the most interesting for game developers. For you, the Pro model will be the best choice, in the coming years to be in the trend of all the chips that come into the game industry, such as: HDR technology, 4K, and the like.

If you don’t belong to the category of gamers, but to play high-quality “toys” in your free time is the greatest pleasure for you, then the Slim model of 500 GB is best for you.

If your PC is designed to work, and for games you want to have a separate device, while you do not want to overpay for fashionable chips that are in new versions, and for games you want to have a separate device, while you do not want to overpay For fashionable chips that are in new versions, the base PlayStation 4 will be the best choice.

Gamers with experience do not recommend buying the Pro version if there is no 4K TV, because you can’t feel all the advantages of the image on a regular FullHD screen.

If you want to equip your gaming space at full power, we recommend that you pay attention to 4K TVs and choose your Sony PlayStation 4.

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Author: Nazar Savchuk