Sony Playstation 4 Registration

Many users want to buy games through the Playstation Store, but do not know where to start, and the steps for registering with the Playstation Network are still not obvious. To facilitate the initial registration of the PSN account, we created these instructions.

So, we have a great desire to register a Playstation Store (PSN) account and two devices: a personal computer and a set-top box, most likely a PS4.

Immediately draw your attention to the fact that we recommend registering in PSN on a personal computer, as this will save you a lot of unnecessary actions to enter text from the joystick. Using the keyboard, the PS Store account registration process will be much more reasonable, more familiar and much faster. However, in this instruction we will consider both methods.

Register a Playstation Store (PSN) account on a personal computer, tablet, etc.

As we already said, the easiest way to create a Playstation Store account on a computer is because will have less to print with the joystick consoles. In order to register a Playstation Store account, follow this link and fill in all the required fields. Please note that after the initial registration with Sony Entertainment Network, you will need to continue filling in the data on the following page:

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Mail confirmation. open in a new window and click the mail confirmation button. A unique link will come to your email, click it to bind mail to your account.

Add. Information. !DO NOT IGNORE THIS ITEM! if you skip filling out the forms in this section, you will still be asked to fill out them on the console. Believe us, you do not want to do this with the joystick 🙂 Better do it with a PC! The page with additional information looks like this:

After filling in all the points in the indicated sections, the registration of the PSN account can be considered completely completed. Now you can log in with him on your console.

Register a Playstation Store (PSN) account on a Playstation:

Go to the console’s dynamical menu and use the joystick to find the Playstation Store icon:

To register a new PSN account or to log in under an existing one, select “Yes” and confirm with the X button. The following menu opens:

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Choose “Create New Account” and confirm the selection with the same X button. The following window will open:

Sony Playstation 4 Registration

Click continue with the same magic button X. The following menu opens:

If you register a Russian account, check the corresponding items. It’s better to indicate your date of birth or one that will allow you to buy and play games with a age limit of 18 🙂 Click “Continue”, we get to the following steps for registering a PSN account:

The standard request is to indicate the mail and come up with a password. Please note that the password must contain 8 characters without sequences like ABC, 123, etc. Press “Continue”go to the next screen:

Network identifier. This is your unique nickname in the Playstation Network. it is under it that your friends or enemies will see you online and in games. Come up with? We hammer in the field and click “Continue”. For some time, the system will check if there is such a nickname, and if not, skip on:

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Fill in the data, click “Continue”, we get to the following screen:

We fill in the required fields, we cope with the index using a search in Yandex or Google, if you don’t remember yours. Click “Continue” and we get to the desired page for successful registration in the Playstation Store:

Congratulations! You now have a PSN account and you can buy games and replenish it using payment cards: