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Playstation 4 at Gamescom 2014: New Unique Features and Exclusive Games

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PlayStation 4. Review

Games were presented both from internal studios, SCE Worldwide Studios (SCE WWS), and from third-party developers, as well as announced a software update for the Playstation 4 System Software Update 2.0, which will add a number of new useful features.

Share Play, a key change in the system, will allow players to invite friends to participate in games that they may not yet be able to play, for example, to complete a difficult episode or to play together in multiplayer mode.

The exhibition showcased new exclusive games for Playstation 4, including first-person horror Until Dawn ™, where players can create a unique interactive story, and the open-world adventure game WiLD, from the new studio Michel Ansel Wild Sheep Studio. Also featured were exclusive games such as The Tomorrow Children ™ from industry veterans. Q-Games, Alienation from Housemarque, Tearaway ™ Unfolded, an updated version of the award-winning Playstation®Vita (PS Vita) game, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter from The astronauts, two games Hollow Point and Rune Master from Paradox Interactive, Hell Blade from Ninja theory and PT from 7780s.

In addition to plans to update the catalog of games, the company SCEE also announced the start of sales of Playstation®TV, which will start in Europe from November 14 at a price of 99 euros.

Much of our own press conference SCEE was dedicated to reaching out to players. So, in addition to demonstrating the latest moments from games on the Playstation 4, the topic of creating games was touched upon. Jim Ryan, President and CEO SCEE, began his presentation like this: “We at Playstation have always taken the European market very seriously and admired the ability of Europeans to embrace the most original, unusual and amazing games.“.

Playstation’s enthusiasm for new content was shared by both third-party developers and publishers, who introduced games like Destiny from Bungie and Activision, Day Z from Bohemia Interactive, Shadow of Mordor from Warner Bros. Interactive and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain from Konami Digital Entertainment.

Playstation Conference at Gamescom 2014. Synopsis

Since the focus of Playstation is on the players, at the very beginning of the press conference, information on the most anticipated games from SCE WWS, coming in the next six months:

  • Cinematic masterpiece Ready at dawn. “Order: 1886”.
  • LittleBigPlanet ™ 3. great creativity from SackBoy ™ and his new friends.
  • And the highly anticipated Bloodborne ™ game from the industry legend Hidetaki Miyazaki and his studios FROM Software.

Playstation has once again showcased the imagination of developers around the world, highlighting their willingness to harness the potential of Playstation 4, expand horizons and offer new experiences.

Dylan Cuthbert from the illustrious studio Q-Games kicked off its presentation of a whole line of exciting games, showing the first trailer for the new fantastic game The Tomorrow Children:

  • The game takes place in a superbly drawn world of the future, which appeared as a result of a failed experiment carried out in USSR in the 60s.
  • Players must explore, defuse and detonate mines, create new tools and confront each other in order to restore the former might of the human race.
  • The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is a story-driven detective game dedicated exclusively to exploration.
  • Opening the secrets of another world, you can forget about everything. for a complete immersion in the plot, the game is played in the first person.
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The Disappearance of Ethan Carter Trailer

Mike Bitell, Independent developer and creator of the critically acclaimed game Thomas Was Alone, has released a new video of his latest work, Volume, which is coming to Playstation 4 this year:

  • Volume is a stealth action game about being overheard. This is a variation on the legend of Robin Hood, which takes place in the near future, with the participation Danny Wallace and Charlie McDonnell.
  • It was announced that two new games from the studio Paradox first for Playstation 4: Hollow Point and Rune Master.
  • Dean Hall from the studio Bohemia Interactive Announced Zombie Survival Game Day-Z Coming To Playstation 4.
  • Hell Blade from Ninja theory also coming to Playstation 4 first.
  • A new trailer for the RIME game from Tequila Works, capturing the audience with gorgeous graphics and mysterious atmosphere.

Eight more indie games will also premiere on Playstation 4. SCEE demonstrated the fruits of cooperation with a wide variety of companies in the games industry:

  • Eric Hirschberg, CEO of the company Activision Publishing and Jonty Barnes from the legendary studio Bungie presented the latest trailer for Destiny, where the multiplayer mode of the game was shown in all its glory.

Destiny Multiplayer Trailer

  • A promising partnership with Warner Bros. Interactive will allow Playstation 4 users to access exclusive content in the Shadow of Mordor action-adventure game, which will be released later this year.
  • Alex Hutchinson, creative director Ubisoft, Demonstrated the powerful new features available to users using the Keys to Kyrat feature that will appear in Far Cry 4.
  • Hideo Kojima, Director Kojima Productions, presented a video with an unusual take on the upcoming blockbuster Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.
  • Now, exclusively on PS Store, you can also download a playable teaser for PT.

As the heart of the Playstation system, the social features of the Playstation 4 could not fail to be mentioned during the conference. SCEE announced a software evolution that introduces revolutionary new ways to interact with the community of players around the world:

  • System Software Update 2.0, which will take place in the fall, is the addition of new features designed to take the interactive experience of the system to a whole new level.
  • The key change is the addition of the Share Play function; a revolutionary innovation that will allow players to invite friends to participate in the game, even if they do not own it.
  • With Share Play, you can ask a friend to help you through a particularly difficult episode of the game or join the fun process in multiplayer mode.

The following feature was also announced:

  • The ability to upload game videos directly to YouTube and even watch them using the dedicated Playstation 4 YouTube Player app.
  • And many others, which will become known a little later.

SCEE She also spoke about her plans to expand the Playstation family in European markets in the coming months:

Top 5 Features of PlayStation 4!

  • It was announced that the Playstation TV will arrive in Europe on November 14 for a price of just 99 euros, with three digital games included.
  • Playstation TV is an entertainment system that uses the remote play feature to play your favorite Playstation 4 games on a separate screen.
  • Playstation TV gives gamers access to a wide range of classics for PS One, PSP and PS Vita, complementing the amazing remote play experience of Playstation 4.
  • Project Morpheus, first unveiled to the public at GDC, reflects Playstation‘s commitment to delivering the ultimate immersion in Playstation 4 gaming on a hitherto unknown level.
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Senior Vice President SCE WWS Michael Denny Introduced new exclusive first-person games for Playstation 4:

  • Designed from the ground up with all Playstation 4 features in mind, Until Dawn is a next-generation horror game that lets players create a unique interactive world through their own actions.
  • Paul Ruschinsky of Evolution Studios showcased the social capabilities of DRIVECLUB, a game that could redefine the racing genre.
  • It has been announced that the thrilling adventure platformer Tearaway will arrive on Playstation 4 as a brand new version of the PS Vita hit, Tearaway Unfolded. The game has been completely rebuilt to take full advantage of the Playstation 4 and the DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller.

presentations Michael Denny talked about two new games developed in Europe that will be released exclusively on Playstation 4:

  • Alienation from Housemarque, creators of the hit RESOGUN for Playstation 4.

Also at the conference in the mode live Introduced a survival / adventure game WiLD, which offers players unlimited online interactive experiences in a vast Celtic landscape 10,000 years ago.

  • Participants in this modern adventure game will have to tame the pristine beauty and conquer the cruel, destructive natural world and all its inhabitants: this world is alive, and another player may be hiding behind each character or animal of the new game.
  • WiLD game developed by Wild sheep, a completely new European studio, based on the core principles of the Playstation 4 philosophy: power and sharing.

Playstation 4 neo

The processor in this modification will be more powerful and maintain a clock speed of 2.1 GHz, which will speed up the console by a third. The power of the graphics core has more than doubled, and its clock frequency has increased by more than a hundred megahertz. In addition, the throughput of the RAM was increased by a quarter, which is also important. Plus, an additional 512 MB of memory was allocated for games. All this made it possible to raise the image resolution to full-fledged 2160p. The updated console is scheduled for release in October 2016.

User reviews

Playstation 4 Pro

  • Full 4K support. Now the graphics of the games will be impressive.
  • Hard disk increased to terabyte.
  • The graphics core has been improved more than 2 times to expand the graphics capabilities of games.
  • Full 1080p resolution.

As you can see, there are enough changes. If we compare the standard set-top box and the Playstation 4 Pro, the characteristics of the latter are significantly higher than the original, especially the visual component. In addition, the pro version boasts an additional USB port on the back. The new console is scheduled for release in November 2016.

Differences from previous versions

In addition, the new joysticks are different. An important update was the appearance of the Share button, which makes it possible to share the best moments of your game with friends and acquaintances or stream the game in real time.

Key features of the console

Let’s take a closer look at the console: what is the Playstation 4? The characteristics of the new console correspond to all modern realities and even slightly exceed them. Here are the basic data:

  • The new console is equipped with an x86-64 AMD Jaguar processor, which is not inferior in power to the best computer counterparts and has 8 cores.
  • For video playback, the graphics core from AMD is responsible, issuing 1.84 teraflops
  • RAM is 8 GB, GDDR5 generation.
  • The total amount of memory is 500 GB, if desired, the hard disk can be replaced.
  • From the input-output devices, a full-fledged 6xCAV Blu-ray drive can be distinguished, as well as the presence of USB 3.0 and AUX outputs.
  • The console can be connected to the network via Ethernet supporting 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T protocols, wireless systems supporting IEEE 802.11 b / g / n and Bluetooth 2.1.
  • The set-top box has HDMI, digital and analog outputs.
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In short, the new console has everything that even the most sophisticated and demanding player needs.

The Playstation 4 comes with an updated Playstation 4 Eye camera with external dimensions of 186 x 27 x 27 mm. Its characteristics are also quite worthy of respect:

  • It can shoot video at a resolution of 1200 x 800 pixels and 60 frames per second in video formats such as RAW and YUV. There are also shooting modes with a resolution of 640 x 400 at 120 frames per second, 320 x 190 at a rate of 240 frames per second, which allows you to choose the optimal quality, which is convenient for you.
  • The camera is equipped with dual lenses with a fixed focus and a capture range of 30 cm.
  • The review of the updated video camera is 85 degrees, which, you see, is a lot.
  • The camera has a four-channel microphone that picks up even the quietest sounds.
  • The camera is connected to the console via AUX. The cable is two meters long, so you can place the camera wherever you like.

And this is not all the innovations, there are incredibly many of them. If you list them all, then this article is not enough. You can learn about additional innovations of the software plan in the second half of the article.


If you want something special, then today there is a fairly large number of various customized models of consoles, among which you can choose any, everything depends on what you like best.

Playstation 4: features and capabilities. Reviews and photos

After the resounding success of the Playstation 3, which was released by the world famous Japanese company Sony back in 2007, everyone was waiting for the continuation. And now, after six long years of waiting, the Japanese gave birth to a novelty. the fourth generation Playstation 4. The characteristics of this model exceeded all expectations, and at the time of its release the console had no analogues or competitors. This allowed sales of the set-top box to skyrocket to unprecedented heights, which brought serious profits to the manufacturer.

Console modifications

Today there are several different modifications of the Sony Playstation 4, the characteristics of which are slightly different. Today, the largest population is used by modifications such as Neo, Slim and Pro. Each of them has its own characteristics.