Sony Ericsson Z310i Not Working Display

Emotional products have significantly expanded the Sony Ericsson product line. Before the advent of the Z610i model, the company’s portfolio was mainly based on technological bestsellers (the same K750i, for example), which had a very indirect relation to the fashion segment. The few women’s devices of the concern were more like unisex. Now the situation has changed radically, design has become one of the development priorities of this manufacturer. Even devices that are not related to the new fashion idea follow the latest market trends in performance (for example, the thickness of the upcoming W880i is less than a centimeter).

Z310i. a new embodiment of the concept of emotional products Sony Ericsson, now for a reasonable price

Z310i. a new embodiment of the concept of emotional products Sony Ericsson, now for a reasonable price

At the moment, in design, Sony Ericsson competes primarily with Motorola, known for its stylish models (the same Z610i is a direct opponent of the MOTOKRZR K1), partly with Samsung (for example, E790), but even they have no analogue to the new solution of the Swedish-Japanese alliance. Sony Ericsson Z310i. The device belongs to the middle class, and against the background of price competitors this is a unique offer. A stylish solution for those who are financially constrained and simply do not want to spend a lot of money. A kind of low-cost alternative to the Sony Ericsson Z610i, Motorola MOTOKRZR K1, Samsung E790 and other telephone “DSLRs”.

Color solutions Sony Ericsson Z310i. Jetset Black, Lush Pink, Brush Bronze

Color solutions Sony Ericsson Z310i. Jetset Black, Lush Pink, Brush Bronze

A stylish mobile phone for a reasonable price is the formula for the success of many middle-class solutions. However, even in this highly saturated segment, the new Sony Ericsson Z310i stands out. The “mirror” design is the most noticeable trump card of the model, but not the most important.

Hardware Sony Ericsson Z310i is less interesting than externally. The “filling” of this model is remarkable except for the rich set of wireless communications (Bluetooth infrared port) and support for MP3 tunes (a serious argument against the nearest Samsung E420). For the rest, this is a well-balanced offer of a specific price segment, nothing more. An extraordinary design solution, as well as a combination of stylish design and affordable price, is more interesting. This Z310i has no equal at the moment, the model is unique. You can recall Motorola W375 and Samsung E420, however, these are indirect alternatives. on the comparison with them we will stop a little further.

Experts of the Russian retail expressed their views on the model specifically for readers: How popular will the Sony Ericsson Z310i be in the Russian market, in your opinion, which models will become its main competitors for us, what is the potential audience of the device?

Moskaleva Tatyana, PR-director:

We believe that the device will have good sales for several reasons.

  1. Inexpensive. 5,000 rubles at the beginning of retail sales.
  2. Functionally rich enough for its class.
  3. Interesting design.

Since the phone will initially appear in two colors. bronze and pink, we can say that the device is aimed at girls under 25 years old. With the advent of black, perhaps the Z310i will also interest the male part of youth.

It is difficult to name a direct competitor. most likely, these will be budget (up to 5000 rubles) “clamshells” by LG and Samsung. The most massive sales of this model will begin after the retail price drops to 4,500 rubles or less.

Sony Ericsson Z310i Not Working Display

Mikhail Vorontsov, Purchasing Manager:

The budget novelty Z310i from Sony Ericsson, at first glance, has all the signs to become a very popular phone, like any previous inexpensive clamshell from this manufacturer. This is an interesting design, and sufficient functionality for this segment, etc. However, the lack of conservative colors when launching the model will not allow for a decent level of sales, and pink and bronze colors will be focused mainly on women. Also, the initial retail price in the region of 5,000 rubles looks very unpromising. The most interesting thing is that the main competitor of the Z310i, with a high degree of probability, will be the phone of the same manufacturer Z530i. It is planned that the retail for these two models will be close, and the functionality of the last device looks more powerful. We will wait until the Z310i color gamut is more balanced, and the retail price approaches 3 500 rubles, and we will see how the phone can rightly be called popular.

Nadezhda Vinnikova, Specialist, PR and External Relations Department:

An unusual budget model, the main advantage of which is a stylish, one might even say glamorous design, not typical for this price category. Extraordinary color solutions and a “mirror” surface take this phone to the top of the mobile fashion. The model is perfect for the female half of the mobile audience, but the device in black colors will look good in male hands. There are no competitors in the phone as such, except that some female Samsung models can be noted as rivals. In our opinion, the Z310i, due to its successful design solution and low price, will undoubtedly be a success and will demonstrate good sales.

Dmitry Berezin, PR-manager:

The phone can be attributed to the class of low-cost fashion phones, aimed primarily at young people. Of course, the target customer will be attracted by the stylish design of the device and the interesting functionality of the handset. It has everything that a modern young man needs. Therefore, we forecast good demand for this model. In addition to the attractive design, the wide communication capabilities are also impressive. for example, EDGE support can be called unusual for phones of this price category. The competitors of the new items for sure include the Motorola W375 and Samsung E420.

Roman Malyshev, head of the technical department:

Nice “clamshell” for those who are not particularly important advanced features. In conjunction with the high popularity of the Sony Ericsson brand and an adequate price, it will be interesting to a wide range of users. Competitors of the model can serve as Samsung phones. for example, E420.