Sony death stranding. Death Stranding Reportedly Gave Sony ‘Record-Breaking Sales’

Death Stranding Reportedly Gave Sony ‘Record-Breaking Sales’

Kojima Productions‘ Death Stranding achieved ‘record-breaking sales’ for format holder Sony Interactive Entertainment, according to the LinkedIn profile of former Sony Worldwide Studios director of visual arts, Michael Mumbauer.

A new update to his LinkedIn profile mentions a number of games that Mumbauer has worked on, with Death Stranding mentioned alongside other ‘record-breaking’ titles including God of War, The Last of Us and Marvel’s Spider-Man.

It’s through his pioneering of technologies for real-time storytelling in the areas of photo real digital characters, real-time cinematography, advanced performance capture and feature film quality animation that franchises like “Uncharted”, “The Last of Us”, God of War”, “Marvel’s Spider-Man” and “Death Stranding” achieved record breaking sales and international acclaim for Sony.

Death Stranding was released for the PlayStation 4 in November 2019 and was made available for the PC last year. You can read our review of the game here.

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TeamKill Media has cancelled the PlayStation 4 version of Quantum Error, after the team decided it could not create a PlayStation 4 version without “too much downgrading.”

Playstation recap: Death Stranding 2 seemingly leaked, discrimination lawsuit against Sony continues

And Playstation is really bad at handling political matters.

A lack of game announcements and releases hasn’t stopped Playstation from finding itself in the center of news lately. May seems to be all about Sony saying all of the wrong things, even when its studios want to speak out for what’s right. The gender discrimination lawsuit against Sony, which was dismissed last month, is also back in a new form. Between that and Norman Reedus possibly leaking Death Stranding 2, it hasn’t been a good month for Playstation.

However, we also got a good look at Playstation’s plans over the next few years ahead of a State of Play on June 2. Let’s take a look.

Playstation does not know how to handle Roe v. Wade

Playstation’s Jim Ryan could have said a lot about the potential overturning of Roe v. Wade in America, and somehow he ended up saying the absolute wrong thing in an email to employees. According to Bloomberg, Ryan told staff to that we owe it to each other and to Playstation’s millions of users to respect differences of opinion among everyone in our internal and external communities. Respect does not equal agreement. But it is fundamental to who we are as a company and as a valued global brand.”

He then decided, for whatever reason, to lighten the mood by talking about his cats’ birthdays and how his family wants to get a dog. If there was ever a case of failing to read the room and being completely tone-deaf, it’s this.

After the uproar on social media, Insomniac decide to donate 50,000 to the Women’s Reproductive Rights Assistance Project (WRRAP), with Sony allegedly planning to match the donation, according to the Washington Post. Interestingly, Sony has allegedly forbade its studios and employees from speaking about the matter publicly.

In an internal email, Insomniac founder Ted Price told employees, [Sony Interactive Entertainment] will not approve ANY statements from any studio on the topic of reproductive rights. We fought hard for this and we did not win.”

Good on Insomniac for doing what’s right. Playstation? Do better.

But Bungie does know what to say

Kudos to Bungie for taking a stand. After the leaked Supreme Court draft that indicated there was enough support to overturn Roe v. Wade, a landmark decision that protects women’s privacy and their right to choose to have an abortion without government interference, Bungie came out swinging with a statement on its website that left no room for argument.

sony, death, stranding, reportedly, gave

At Bungie we believe that everyone has a right to choose their own path and that freedom is expressed across all facets of life. The leaked draft decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade represents a blow to freedom in America and is a direct attack on human rights.

By creating a divide between those who possess the fundamental right to make healthcare decisions that are right for them, and those who do not possess that same freedom, this decision, should it become final, will have far-reaching consequences that will be felt for generations across socio-economic lines.

Though Bungie was acquired by Sony, the acquisition hasn’t been finalized, which means it’s likely not under any order from Sony not to speak up publicly.

For those worried this might change when the acquisition is complete, Bungie senior community manager dmg04 said on. I’m confident in the following: we are, and will continue to be, Bungie. There will never be a ‘muzzle’ big enough to stop us from standing up for what’s right. To which Bungie CEO Pete Parsons simply responded, Yes.

Continuing to lead by example, Bungie spoke out again this month after a white man drove to a Black neighborhood in Buffalo, N.Y., and killed 10 people out shopping for groceries. While Playstation continues to stay silent, Bungie had a statement.

Bungie and the Black at Bungie inclusion club have worked together to respond to this tragedy. We are currently showing our “Be Heard” Pin on the front page of the Bungie Store. Starting today, and for at least one year, all profits from this pin will be donated to the Southern Poverty Law Center, a charity whose work includes monitoring hate groups and other extremists throughout the United States and exposing their activities to the public, the media, and law enforcement. In addition, our studio is committed to supporting the success of our IDE initiatives for 2022 and beyond. We understand the fight for equality and equity is not easily won but is a constant effort by all people.

Bungie’s going two for two this month

Norman Reedus accidentally reveals Death Stranding 2

It’s the time of the year formerly known as E3 season, now taken over by Summer Game Fest, and that means it’s time for actors to start accidentally revealing unannounced games in interviews. Norman Reedus evidently didn’t get the memo that this is something he shouldn’t do, because he seemingly confirmed Death Stranding 2, stating we just started the second one.

It took me maybe two or three years to finish all the MoCap sessions and everything. It takes a lot of work, Reedus told LEO Edit. And then the game came out, and it just won all these awards, and it was a huge thing, so we just started part two of that.

As busy as this time of year can be, I honestly love waking up to random leaks like this. I can’t help but be amused at the whole situation.

Sony hit with second gender discrimination lawsuit

Back in April, Emma Majo’s class-action lawsuit against Sony was dismissed by a federal judge as it lacked specifics regarding the case. The lawsuit, which saw at least eight other former employees come forward, alleged that Sony tolerates and cultivates a work environment that discriminates against female employees. Majo has now filed another lawsuit against the company, this time pursuing it in California.

According to Axios, this new lawsuit is much narrower in scope, only seeking damages for women who worked at Playstation’s California offices and only those below a vice president level within the company.

Because of Sony’s systemic pattern and practice of gender discrimination, the plaintiff and members of the proposed class have suffered harm including lost compensation, back pay, employment benefits, and emotional distress.

Hopefully, this one doesn’t get dismissed out of court.

God of War Ragnarok will have a suite of accessibility options

Playstation Studios has worked hard over the years to keep in mind accessibility options at the very beginning of production, often leading to games like The Last of Us Part 2, which had some of the best accessibility features in the business. That trend is set to continue in God of War Ragnarok.

The company recently revealed that Ragnarok would have over 60 accessibility options, some of which build upon those in previous first-party titles.

Sony detailed these features in a blog post, and they range from subtitle and caption improvements to controller remapping and traversal assistance. Sony Santa Monica notes that there are more to come with combat/aim assists, puzzle/minigame assists, HUD adjustments, camera tuning, auto pick up, and much more.

It’s easy for accessibility discussions to devolve into arguments surrounding easy modes in games, but this is a great reminder that there is much more to accessibility than that. Nothing is ever one size fits all so giving players more customization options is better for everyone.

Playstation Studios looks to grow with mobile, live service, and VR

During Sony’s latest investor presentation, the company reiterated its commitment to mobile and live service titles, planning to invest more heavily in them in the coming years. This should come as no surprise considering its investment in Bungie and previous Комментарии и мнения владельцев about its desire to bring its AAA franchises to mobile devices.

This expansion doesn’t mean it’s getting rid of its console division. Sony just realizes that it can’t put all of its eggs into one basket, and there’s plenty of money to be made in the mobile and live service space.

sony, death, stranding, reportedly, gave

Playstation CEO CEO Jim Ryan also shared that PS VR2, Sony‘s next-gen virtual reality system for the PS5, will launch with over 20 games. These are expected to be a mix of first- and third-party titles. So far we know that Playstation is working on Horizon: Call of the Mountain, a spin-off to Guerrilla’s popular Horizon series. We expect to have a better idea of what’s to come after June’s State of Play.

Playstation Productions picks up with projects based on Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War, and Gran Turismo

In addition to shows based on The Last of Us and Twisted Metal, Playstation Productions is very busy mining its IP for the small screen. Sony revealed in its investors meeting that TV adaptations of Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War are in the works, along with a Gran Turismo movie. It looks like Netflix will be the home of Horizon while God of War goes to Amazon. We don’t know anything about the Gran Turismo film, but the company is eyeing District 9’s Neill Blomkamp to direct.

Personally, I trust Netflix with Horizon given its track record with The Witcher, Castlevania, and Arcane, but it will be interesting to see whether it ends up being animated or live-action. God of War could also turn out really well if done right, especially if it adapts the latest Norse saga. Gran Turismo is one I’m not too sure about. Something like the Fast Furious franchise could be cool, but I’m not too keen on anything like a hardcore drama.

Gotham Knights skips PlayStation 4 while The Callisto Protocol goes last-gen

It’s been a weird couple of years with cross-generation releases, especially in Sony’s case, but now it seems that even third-party developers are looking to leave the PlayStation 4 behind.

Gotham Knights was originally announced for both PS5 and PlayStation 4. However, Warner Bros. Interactive revealed that the last-generation versions on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One had been canceled. When Gotham Knights arrives on Oct. 25, 2022, it will land on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC only.

Given that supply constraints are still limiting the amount of PS5 consoles out in the wild, this was likely a difficult decision to make, In the end, I think it was the right one. I want to see games start to take full advantage of newer hardware, and it’s difficult to maintain parity when the PlayStation 4 is aging.

That’s not to say that PlayStation 4 games perform or look bad; just that it’s about time we leave that generation behind.

On the flip side, The Callisto Protocol seems to be taking the opposite approach. Though it was announced as a current-gen title for PS5 and Xbox Series X, it looks like it will release for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One after all. I don’t necessarily think this is the way to go, but this should expand its market, seeing as it’s a more niche horror game.

Sony needs to get its act together

I’d usually take this time to talk about the possible game announcements we’ll be seeing over the summer, but I can’t get over my disappointment in Sony lately. Nothing to do with its games — I’m still looking forward to God of War Ragnarok — Playstation just needs to step up, take responsibility for its actions, and speak out for what’s right. Silencing its studios and sweeping accusations under the rug is not it.

That being said, we also don’t know much about what to expect in terms of reveals this summer so stay tuned.

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Reviews are in for the biggest Playstation 4 game of the year, but critics can’t agree if it’s good or not

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  • Death Stranding is due out on November 8, and it’s the biggest Playstation 4 exclusive of 2019.
  • Sony and Kojima Productions have been teasing details about Death Stranding for more than three years, but early reviews are starting to dispel some of the mystery.
  • Death Stranding is a single-player exploration game starring The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus as a courier traveling across post-apocalyptic America.
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Kojima Production’s Death Stranding has all the makings of a video game blockbuster. It’s an experience three years in the making, the product of a visionary director launching a new franchise from an independent studio.

But after three years of mounting anticipation, it’s still not totally clear what players can expect from Death Stranding. Sony gave critics an early chance to dive in and see what Death Stranding is about, and the reviews have brought back rather mixed opinions.

There’s no question Death Stranding is a clear departure from Director Hideo Kojima’s last game, Metal Gear Solid V. While Metal Gear Solid is a military-focused franchise starring a super soldier, Death Stranding puts you in control of a lone deliveryman in a desolate, post-apocalyptic that’s wide open for exploration.

Norman Reedus of The Walking Dead plays the game’s protagonist, and a handful of recognizable actors offer photo-realistic performances for the game’s cinematic cut scenes. The story wasn’t particularly celebrated among reviewers, though some said the cutscenes were well-acted.

Reviewers ultimately found that the experience would vary depending on the player, since Death Stranding takes dozens of hours to complete. Critics noted that the game’s first 10 hours can be particularly challenging or outright boring depending on your play-style, but the game changes rather dramatically after the long introduction.

Last year’s best-selling game, Red Dead Redemption 2, had a similar reception — the game’s campaign took 40 or more hours to complete and left reviewers with a mixed impression of the game’s massive open world. Red Dead Redemption 2 was still well received by fans for its immersive gameplay and thoughtful storytelling.

Here’s what critics are saying about Death Stranding so far:

The visuals of Death Stranding are impressive by any standard.

So much work has been poured into every inch of every model and it’s almost unbelievable to see this much detail. even in an era where most games already feature highly detailed characters. Put simply, the bar has been raised. — John Linneman, Digital Foundry

‘Death Stranding’ is more about survival and exploration than action and combat.

There’s no automatic parkour or physics-defying cliff climbing here. Every step I take needs to be intentional, or I might end up taking a serious tumble. When I overload my pack I have to use the left and right triggers to balance my weight, or else I risk falling over, damaging my goods.

It’s equally engaging and frustrating as I topple over after twisting my ankle, forcing myself to restack all my belongings. Death Stranding is a walking simulator in the truest sense. — Russ Frushtick

Exploring doesn’t mean you’ll always be alone though.

Violence is a last resort, and ‘Death Stranding’ is best experienced in a careful and stealthy fashion, but when the time comes for the silence to break and explosions to ring out, it’s powerful. — Heather Alexandra, Kotaku

Death Stranding is a long game that requires a personal investment from its players.

It’s not a game that makes itself easy to enjoy. There are few concessions for uninterested players. It’s ponderously slow, particularly in the early chapters, which largely consist of delivering packages over staggering distances. Early conversations are filled with phrases and words that will be incomprehensible to the uninitiated — and, honestly, much of it remains a mystery after the credits roll. — Andrew Webster, The Verge

‘Death Stranding’ left many critics excited for the game’s release so they could compare their experiences with other players’.

I came away from the game exhilarated, confused and wanting to find others who have played it not only to put together the missing pieces but to commiserate about the experience. In a clever meta twist, Kojima has created a game that begs for a larger discourse, a connection for all those who have played it to share. — Kahlief Adams, The Hollywood Reporter


Please make sure you purchase right version of DEATH STRANDING DIRECTOR’S CUT.

If you already own DEATH STRANDING then you can upgrade your version of the game to DEATH STRANDING DIRECTOR’S CUT for a lower price. Please purchase the DEATH STRANDING DIRECTOR’S CUT UPGRADE. You must have previously purchased DEATH STRANDING on this platform, and have it installed on your system.

If you have not purchased DEATH STRANDING then you may purchase DEATH STRANDING DIRECTOR’S CUT at the stated full price.

We recommend you do not remove DEATH STRANDING from your PC until you have completed the download of DEATH STRANDING DIRECTOR’S CUT and you have transferred your save files to DEATH STRANDING DIRECTOR’S CUT.

Об этой игре

Легендарный творец Хидэо Кодзима представляет окончательную версию DIRECTOR’S CUT знаковой для жанра игры.

Таинственное событие, известное как Death Stranding, в будущем открыло дверь между миром живых и миром мертвых. Как результат, уродливые потусторонние твари отправились бродить по падшему миру, в котором почти не осталось людей.

Действуя от лица Сэма Бриджеса и объединяя последних выживших на территории Америки, вам предстоит возродить надежду человечества. Удастся ли вам шаг за шагом воссоединить разрушенный мир?

DEATH STRANDING DIRECTOR’S CUT на PC обеспечивает ВЫСОКУЮ ЧАСТОТУ СМЕНЫ КАДРОВ и предоставляет ФОТОРЕЖИМ и ПОДДЕРЖКУ СВЕРХШИРОКИХ МОНИТОРОВ. Также включает в себя перекрестный контент из серии HALF-LIFE корпорации Valve и Cyberpunk 2077 от CD Projekt Red. Оставайтесь на связи с игроками по всему миру с помощью Social Strand System™.

Все копии игры также будут содержать: Цифровую книгу Selections From The Art of DEATH STRANDING (изд. Titan Books). Исправления в ранце Особый костюм команды доставки Бриджеса (Золото) Настройки капсулы ББ (Хиральное золото) Силовые перчатки (Золото) Особый костюм команды доставки Бриджеса (Серебро) Настройки капсулы ББ (Омнирефлектор) Силовые перчатки (Серебро)

Описание контента для взрослых

Разработчики описывают контент так: This Game may contain content not appropriate for all ages. General Mature Content

Системные требования

  • 64-разрядные процессор и операционная система
  • ОС: Windows® 10
  • Процессор: Intel® Core™ i5-3470 or AMD Ryzen™ 3 1200
  • Оперативная память: 8 GB ОЗУ
  • Видеокарта: GeForce GTX 1050 4 GB or AMD Radeon™ RX 560 4 GB
  • DirectX: Версии 12
  • Место на диске: 80 GB
  • Звуковая карта: DirectX compatible
  • Дополнительно: AVX instruction set required
  • Рекомендованные:

  • 64-разрядные процессор и операционная система
  • ОС: Windows® 10
  • Процессор: Intel™ Core i7-3770 or AMD Ryzen™ 5 1600
  • Оперативная память: 8 GB ОЗУ
  • Видеокарта: GeForce GTX 1060 6 GB or AMD Radeon™ RX 590
  • DirectX: Версии 12
  • Место на диске: 80 GB
  • Звуковая карта: DirectX compatible
  • Дополнительно: AVX instruction set required

© 2022 Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. / KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS Co., Ltd. / HIDEO KOJIMA. PC version published by 505 Games. 505 Games and the 505 Games logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of 505 Games SpA or its affiliates in the U.S. and/or other countries. DEATH STRANDING is a trademark of Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC.